List of new CPAN distributions – Feb 2023

dist author abstract date
ANSI-Palette LNATION The great new ANSI::Palette! 2023-02-19T08:11:12
Acme-Matrix LNATION Heavenly digital rain 2023-02-16T16:53:43
Acme-MetaSyntactic-newsradio PERLANCAR Characters from the sitcom Newsradio (1995-1999) 2023-02-18T10:26:03
Alien-CPython3 ZMUGHAL Find or build Python 2023-02-14T09:03:20
Alien-Deno ZMUGHAL Find or build Deno 2023-02-14T09:43:22
Alien-Go ZMUGHAL Find or build Go 2023-02-14T09:22:54
Alien-LLVM ZMUGHAL Find or build LLVM 2023-02-14T09:20:09
Alien-Nodejs ZMUGHAL Find or build Node.js 2023-02-14T09:41:20
Alien-OpenJDK ZMUGHAL Find or build OpenJDK 2023-02-14T09:06:06
Alien-Rust ZMUGHAL Find or build Rust 2023-02-14T09:39:53
Alien-Zig ZMUGHAL Find or build Zig 2023-02-14T09:21:35
Alien-innoextract ZMUGHAL Find or build innoextract 2023-02-16T05:03:53
App-APA RWP Access APA News via RSS 2023-02-16T11:39:42
App-AdditivesUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to food additives 2023-02-05T09:40:33
App-BPOMUtils-Additives PERLANCAR Utilities related to food additives in BPOM 2023-02-05T00:05:16
App-BPOMUtils-RPO-Checker PERLANCAR Various checker utilities to help with Processed Food Registration (RPO – Registrasi Pangan Olahan) at BPOM 2023-02-11T04:07:22
App-BPOMUtils-Table PERLANCAR Some utilities providing table data related to BPOM 2023-02-05T00:37:21
App-BPOMUtils-Table-FoodAdditive PERLANCAR List additives in BPOM processed food division 2023-02-13T13:26:53
App-BPOMUtils-Table-FoodCategory PERLANCAR List food categories in BPOM processed food division 2023-02-13T13:27:04
App-BPOMUtils-Table-FoodIngredient PERLANCAR List ingredients in BPOM processed food division 2023-02-13T13:27:15
App-BPOMUtils-Table-FoodType PERLANCAR List food types in BPOM processed food division 2023-02-13T13:27:37
App-BPOMUtils-Table-MicrobeInput PERLANCAR List of microbe specification in BPOM processed food division 2023-02-13T13:27:48
App-BPOMUtils-Table-RegCodePrefix PERLANCAR List known alphabetical prefixes in BPOM registered product codes 2023-02-13T13:27:59
App-ChemistryUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to chemistry 2023-02-19T00:05:51
App-FoodAdditivesUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to food additives 2023-02-05T09:42:10
App-Greple-tee UTASHIRO module to replace matched text by the external command result 2023-02-19T11:20:41
App-HTMLUtils-Grep PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to grepping HTML files 2023-02-08T14:24:26
App-KBLIUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to chemistry 2023-02-14T13:21:56
App-Toot BLAINEM post a status to Mastodon 2023-02-05T15:50:14
App-financeta-new VIKAS App::financeta is a Technical Analysis GUI 2023-02-28T03:05:45
App-lastaccess TULAMILI 現行ディレクトリの下のファイルを、最後にアクセスされた順で網羅的に表示する。 2023-02-27T05:05:45
App-madeafter TULAMILI 各ファイルの3個の日時情報が、現在から何秒前であるかを、表形式で表示。 2023-02-27T07:47:16
App-samesize TULAMILI 現行ディレクトリにある全く同じバイトサイズのファイルを一覧にする。MD5ハッシュ値を使うオプションもある。 2023-02-27T06:09:10
App-sponge PERLANCAR Soak up standard input and write to a file 2023-02-14T08:46:33
Bencher-Scenario-Regexp-Assemble PERLANCAR Benchmark Regexp::Assemble 2023-02-05T00:05:27
Bencher-Scenario-Regexp-IPv4 PERLANCAR Benchmark Regexp::IPv4 2023-02-12T00:05:47
Bencher-Scenario-Regexp-IPv6 PERLANCAR Benchmark Regexp::IPv6 2023-02-19T00:06:02
Bencher-Scenario-Regexp-Pattern-Git PERLANCAR Benchmark patterns in Regexp::Pattern::Git 2023-02-26T00:05:41
Blockchain-Contract-Solidity-ABI REFECO Contract ABI utilities 2023-02-02T17:17:21
Chrome-Policy RWP Chrome Policy class 2023-02-04T01:26:12
DBIx-Class-CryptColumn LEONT Automatically hash password/passphrase columns 2023-02-08T00:42:46
DBIx-WithClass GEEKRUTH DBIx::Class, with more class! 2023-02-12T22:01:18
Data-Resolver POLETTIX resolve keys to data 2023-02-05T09:58:58
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-RWP RWP Add [@RWP] plugin bundle into dist.ini 2023-02-04T19:09:32
Env-Assert MIKKOI Ensure that the environment variables match what you need, or abort. 2023-02-15T13:52:04
Env-Dot MIKKOI Read environment variables from .env file 2023-02-19T11:46:01
File-Copy-clonefile SKAJI call clonefile system call 2023-02-16T17:05:15
File-Find-IncludesTimeRange VVELOX Takes a array of time stamped items(largely meant for use with files) returns ones that include the specified time range. 2023-02-27T05:35:02
File-Meta-Cache DRCLAW Cache open file descriptors and stat meta data 2023-02-27T08:03:49
File-Text-CSV JV Easy access to CSV data files 2023-02-23T13:44:17
Future-AsyncAwait-Hooks PEVANS scoped hook blocks that run extra code around await expressions 2023-02-12T00:37:10
GetoptLongWrapper NGABRIEL A wrapper for the Getopt::Long module 2023-02-05T06:47:44
Graph-Geometric MERKYS create and work with geometric graphs 2023-02-08T13:27:29
Image-Magick JCRISTY objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick. Use it to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images from within a Perl script. 2023-02-04T03:49:48
Insight-Scriptures LNATION The great new Insight::Scriptures! 2023-02-10T23:04:34
LWP-UserAgent-msgraph ESTRELOW 2023-02-16T21:21:09
Manipulator LNATION manipulate data structs via codeblocks 2023-02-11T17:15:13
Math-Formula MARKOV Expressions on steriods 2023-02-24T14:21:13
Mockery LNATION Mock objects for testing purposes 2023-02-11T01:17:45
Mojolicious-Plugin-Passphrase LEONT Securely hash and validate your passwords. 2023-02-12T22:20:19
Mojolicious-Plugin-PrometheusTiny JAVIER Export metrics using Prometheus::Tiny::Shared 2023-02-05T08:03:15
MooX-Keyword-Chain LNATION Subroutine chains 2023-02-06T01:48:54
MooX-Keyword-Random LNATION return a random result! 2023-02-07T17:26:06
Music-Chord-Progression-T GENE Generate transposed chord progressions 2023-02-02T04:08:04
Music-Chord-Progression-Transform GENE Generate transformed chord progressions 2023-02-02T12:36:42
Music-CreatingRhythms GENE Perl from the C code of the book 2023-02-26T16:55:23
Netkit RHYSADAMS create netkit labs with code. 2023-02-26T20:21:37
NetworkManager-Strict RWP NetworkManager strict settings class 2023-02-12T13:56:23
PDF-Collage POLETTIX PDF manipulation with scissors and glue 2023-02-12T18:53:40
RT-Extension-7zDownload LENDL RT-Extension-7zDownload Extension 2023-02-21T17:19:52
Redis-Cluster-Fast PLAIN A fast perl binding for Redis Cluster 2023-02-02T19:14:20
Regexp-N_Queens ABIGAIL Abstract 2023-02-17T18:46:26
Reply-Plugin-Prompt FREED reply plugin for powerlevel10k style prompt 2023-02-26T13:37:11
SMS-Send-IN-Textlocal INDRADG Regional context SMS::Send driver to send messages via Textlocal's India service ( ) 2023-02-14T16:07:26
SPVM-File-Copy KIMOTO Copying and Moving Files 2023-02-09T05:35:31
SPVM-File-Find KIMOTO Short Description 2023-02-23T02:12:56
SPVM-File-Glob KIMOTO The glob Function 2023-02-16T01:35:58
SPVM-File-Path KIMOTO Creating and Removing Multi-Level Path 2023-02-15T01:07:08
SPVM-File-Spec KIMOTO foo 2023-02-03T22:32:02
SPVM-File-Temp KIMOTO Short Description 2023-02-21T05:37:07
SPVM-FindBin KIMOTO Locate Directory of Original Program 2023-02-07T01:12:58
SPVM-Resource-RE2 KIMOTO Google/RE2 Resources 2023-02-28T00:56:16
Sah-Schemas-Array PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to array type 2023-02-12T00:05:58
Spreadsheet-Edit JIMAVERA Slice and dice spreadsheets, optionally using tied variables. 2023-02-08T02:01:32
Sub-Middler DRCLAW Middleware subroutine chaining 2023-02-27T08:32:56
Sys-GetRandom MAUKE Perl interface to getrandom(2) 2023-02-10T00:59:26
TableData-Chemistry-Element PERLANCAR Chemical elements 2023-02-05T09:40:44
TableDataBundle-Business-ID-BBIA PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules related to BBIA (Balai Besar Industri Agro) 2023-02-20T12:01:10
TableDataBundle-Test PERLANCAR Collection of more TableData::Test::* modules for testing 2023-02-11T04:09:32
TableDataRole-Spec-TableDef PERLANCAR Role to require methods related to TableDef 2023-02-25T01:28:01
Task-BeLike-RWP RWP Perl modules bundle to install from CPAN 2023-02-12T18:05:20
Terse-Es LNATION Terse Elasticsearch. 2023-02-02T21:50:50
Terse-Plugin-CHI LNATION Terse response cache 2023-02-03T19:28:57
Terse-Plugin-Glitch LNATION The great new Terse::Plugin::Glitch! 2023-02-12T06:02:32
Terse-Plugin-UA LNATION Terse LWP::UserAgent plugin. 2023-02-01T17:48:15
Terse-Runtime LNATION Terse Runtime 2023-02-17T22:52:09
Test-Builder-SubtestSelection SVW Select subtests by name or by number 2023-02-23T17:20:32
Test-NoTty NWCLARK 2023-02-26T10:37:32
Test-cpan-versioning KARASIK Testing how CPAN uploader treats non-standard version 2023-02-10T08:51:01
Text-Wrap-NoStrip PERLANCAR Line wrapping without stripping the whitespace 2023-02-18T10:27:29
Thread-GoChannel LEONT Fast thread queues with go-like semantics 2023-02-24T16:34:05
Tie-Indirect JIMAVERA tie variables to access data located at run-time. 2023-02-07T23:45:20
Tk-PopList HANJE Popping a selection list relative to a widget 2023-02-28T17:37:58
Weather-Meteo NHORNE Interface to for historical weather data 2023-02-28T16:13:50
Weather-WeatherKit DKECHAG Apple WeatherKit REST API client 2023-02-22T00:05:38
WebService-IdoitAPI MAMAWE a library to access the i-doit JSON RPC API 2023-02-17T14:37:36
Workflow-Inotify BIGFOOT Linux::Inotify2 wrapper 2023-02-09T19:50:39
Wrapper-GetoptLong NGABRIEL A wrapper for the Getopt::Long module 2023-02-08T04:50:45
XS-Parse-Keyword-FromPerl PEVANS drive XS::Parse::Keyword directly from Perl 2023-02-16T23:33:53


Number of new CPAN distributions this period: 109

Number of authors releasing new CPAN distributions this period: 42

Authors by number of new CPAN distributions this period:

No Author Distributions
5 RWP 5
6 GENE 3
17 MAUKE 1
18 LENDL 1
24 VIKAS 1
28 SVW 1
29 FREED 1
30 PLAIN 1
32 HANJE 1
36 JV 1
38 SKAJI 1

List of new CPAN distributions in 2022

dist author abstract date
AI-ParticleSwarmOptimization-MCE STRZELEC Particle Swarm Optimization (object oriented) with support for multi-core processing 2022-10-07T09:33:25
AI-ParticleSwarmOptimization-Pmap STRZELEC Particle Swarm Optimization (object oriented) with support for multi-core processing 2022-10-07T09:33:36
AI-TensorFlow-Libtensorflow ZMUGHAL Bindings for Libtensorflow deep learning library 2022-11-25T16:46:41
API-Eulerian-API-Eulerian MJONDET Sample EDW script for querying through REST and get a CSV file 2022-06-08T14:26:06
API-Eulerian MJONDET Sample EDW script for querying through REST and get a CSV file 2022-02-03T14:19:23
API-MailboxOrg PERLSRVDE Perl library to work with the API for the API 2022-03-18T05:54:17
API-Octopart EWHEELER Simple inteface for querying part status across vendors at 2022-08-06T00:46:46
Acme-CPANModules-Dead PERLANCAR List of dead (no-longer-updated, no-longer-buildable, no-longer-working) modules 2022-09-25T00:06:21
Acme-CPANModules-DiffingStructuredData PERLANCAR List of modules to diff structured data 2022-11-13T00:05:05
Acme-CPANModules-DiffingStuffs PERLANCAR List of modules/applications to diff various stuffs 2022-11-20T00:06:02
Acme-CPANModules-Foozilla PERLANCAR Ideas for module/script/project name using 'zilla' 2022-02-13T00:05:09
Acme-CPANModules-Interop-Ruby PERLANCAR Modules/applications that help interoperate with the Ruby world 2022-01-23T00:05:37
Acme-CPANModules-KitchenSinks PERLANCAR Kitchen sink libraries 2022-01-23T00:05:48
Acme-CPANModules-Parse-HumanDate PERLANCAR Modules that parse human date/time expression 2022-02-20T00:05:20
Acme-CPANModules-RenamingFiles PERLANCAR List of Perl modules (and scripts) to rename multiple files 2022-11-20T00:06:13
Acme-CPANModules-SQLite PERLANCAR List of modules related to SQLite 2022-03-27T00:06:07
Acme-CPANModules-Set PERLANCAR List of modules that deal with sets 2022-04-03T00:05:16
Acme-CPANModules-Symlink PERLANCAR List of modules that deal with symbolic links (symlinks) 2022-04-10T00:05:21
Acme-CPANModules-WordListBundle-Proverbs PERLANCAR All proverbs WordList modules (in all languages) 2022-08-28T00:06:18
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithCSV PERLANCAR Working with CSV (comma-separated value) data in Perl 2022-10-02T00:06:11
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithXLS PERLANCAR Working with Excel formats (XLS, XLSX) or other spreadsheet formats like LibreOffice Calc (ODS) 2022-10-30T00:05:04
Acme-CPANModules-WrappingText PERLANCAR List of modules and utilities to wrap text 2022-11-24T14:03:50
Acme-Cavaspazi PROCH a simple function to remove spaces from strings or lists of strings 2022-12-07T19:45:44
Acme-Color-Rust PLICEASE Color example class using Rust + FFI 2022-10-15T21:01:48
Acme-DOBBY-Utils DOBBY The great new Acme::DOBBY::Utils! 2022-09-08T02:48:14
Acme-FSM WHYNOT Pseudo Finite State Machine 2022-12-29T21:53:47
Acme-Inabajun-Utils INABAJUN The great new Acme::Inabajun::Utils! 2022-04-06T10:16:59
Acme-Mitey-Cards TOBYINK demo of Mite 2022-06-22T12:05:29
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-Misc PERLANCAR Test various things 2022-05-08T12:18:13
Acme-Signature-Arity TEAM find out how a piece of code expects to be called 2022-01-16T13:02:32
Addr-MyIP STEVEB Get your public facing IPv4 or IPv6 address 2022-05-17T15:23:48
Affix SANKO A Foreign Function Interface eXtension 2022-12-07T00:32:12
Algorithm-Graphs-Reachable-Tiny AAHAZRED Compute rechable nodes in a graph. 2022-08-05T15:00:32
Algorithm-Graphs-TransitiveClosure-Tiny AAHAZRED Calculate the transitive closure. 2022-01-13T16:23:37
Algorithm-LCS-XS JOESUF Fast (XS) implementation of the Longest Common Subsequence (LCS) Algorithm 2022-09-05T13:22:10
Algorithm-QuadTree-XS BRTASTIC XS backend for Algorithm::QuadTree 2022-05-30T20:11:00
Alien-7zip ZMUGHAL Find or build 7-Zip 2022-03-22T00:09:12
Alien-Bazel WBRASWELL Find or build bazel 2022-10-05T19:38:00
Alien-Boost-Headers CONTRA Find or build Boost Headers 2022-12-14T23:21:55
Alien-Boost-ProgramOptions CONTRA Find or build libboost 2022-12-13T21:57:23
Alien-Brotli RRWO Download and install Brotli 2022-06-15T14:19:36
Alien-Build-Plugin-Download-GitLab PLICEASE Alien::Build plugin to download from GitLab 2022-09-23T22:12:00
Alien-Build-Plugin-Fetch-HostAllowList PLICEASE Require that Alien::Build based aliens only fetch from an allow list of hosts 2022-08-28T18:13:02
Alien-Build-Plugin-Fetch-HostBlockList PLICEASE Reject any Alien::Build fetch requests going to hosts in the block list 2022-08-28T18:38:33
Alien-CFITSIO DJERIUS Build and Install the CFITSIO library 2022-06-15T15:09:25
Alien-CSFML SANKO Build and provide access to the official binding of SFML for the C language 2022-10-19T02:14:19
Alien-DjVuLibre SKIM Find or download and install DjVuLibre 2022-05-04T23:23:11
Alien-Font-Uni LICHTKIND provide Unifont trutype file or location 2022-11-16T14:30:40
Alien-LZ4 ZMUGHAL Find or build LZ4 2022-05-12T15:49:47
Alien-Libdogecoin CHROMATIC Discover or download and install libdogecoin 2022-08-12T02:18:16
Alien-Libtensorflow ZMUGHAL Alien for Libtensorflow machine learning library C API 2022-09-11T23:43:01
Alien-OpenCV ZMUGHAL Find or build OpenCV computer vision library 2022-05-10T03:24:15
Alien-SWIG4 ZMUGHAL Find or build SWIG v4 C/C++ interface generator 2022-03-16T04:17:41
Alien-Tar-Size GAHAYES tar LD_PRELOAD hack to compute size of tar file without reading and writing, provided as Alien package 2022-07-11T17:29:52
Alien-bc-GNU SKIM Find or download and install GNU bc 2022-09-02T21:18:06
Alien-ed-GNU SKIM Find or download and install GNU ed. 2022-09-04T12:01:45
Alien-ghostunnel PLICEASE Find or install ghostunnel TLS proxy 2022-10-04T18:23:13
Alien-libFLAC GAHAYES find or build and install libFLAC with development dependencies 2022-07-11T17:30:03
Alien-libui SANKO Build and Install libui: A portable GUI library 2022-11-06T04:45:41
Alien-patchelf SLAFFAN Alien package for the patchelf utility 2022-03-31T09:13:03
Alien-psl EGOR Discover or download and install psl (Public Suffix List Library) 2022-11-23T22:15:29
Alien-zlib ZMUGHAL Find or build zlib 2022-05-15T01:21:31
Alien-zstd ZMUGHAL Find or build zstd 2022-05-11T18:28:00
Alt-Lexical-Var-ButSupportModernPerl TOBYINK alternative distribution of Lexical::Var, with support for more modern versions of Perl 2022-09-16T12:59:27
Amazon-SecretsManager BIGFOOT AWS Secrets Manager 2022-01-24T00:26:00
Amon2-Plugin-Web-CpanelJSON KFLY Cpanel::JSON::XS plugin 2022-06-03T13:26:02
AnyEvent-SNMP-TrapReceiver NABOJ SNMP trap receiver by help of AnyEvent 2022-07-04T00:30:08
AnyEvent-Sway JOHNMERTZ communicate with the Sway window manager 2022-05-11T21:43:12
App-Angle2Zodiac SKIM Base class and script for angle2zodiac conversion. 2022-09-10T10:27:12
App-BPOMUtils-NutritionFacts PERLANCAR Utilities related to BPOM nutrition facts 2022-12-21T15:32:07
App-CSV2LaTeXTable RENEEB Generate LaTeX table from CSV file 2022-12-11T18:22:05
App-Changelord YANICK cli-based changelog manager 2022-07-25T18:02:12
App-Cheats TIMKA Cheatsheet 2022-05-13T16:19:39
App-DesktopOpenUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Desktop::Open 2022-01-02T00:05:39
App-FizzBuzz TTKCIAR Maximally codegolfed FizzBuzz 2022-04-21T03:33:26
App-FontUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related fonts and font files 2022-08-30T01:59:00
App-GUI-Cellgraph LICHTKIND draw pattern by cellular automaton 2022-11-01T20:56:17
App-GUI-Harmonograph LICHTKIND sculpting beautiful circular drawings 2022-09-11T19:47:30
App-Games-Keno TYUPYRCML Plays Keno 2022-08-26T12:52:00
App-Gimei YOUPONG CLI for Data::Gimei 2022-05-31T03:58:43
App-Git-Perl NHRNJICA adds custom git command "git perl" to make it easier to monitor latest changes in perl modules, and make you collaborate faster. 2022-07-02T20:25:26
App-Greple-frame UTASHIRO Greple frame output module 2022-02-28T04:37:11
App-Greple-git UTASHIRO Greple git module 2022-04-28T10:52:45
App-Greple-jq UTASHIRO greple module for jq frontend 2022-01-31T05:57:28
App-Greple-subst-desumasu UTASHIRO Japanese DESU/MASU dictionary for App::Greple::subst 2022-04-22T00:35:02
App-Greple-type UTASHIRO file type filter module for greple 2022-09-13T16:21:40
App-Greple-update UTASHIRO Greple module to update files 2022-09-10T01:59:50
App-Greple-wordle UTASHIRO wordle module for greple 2022-02-25T06:13:02
App-ISBN-Format SKIM Base class and script for ISBN formatting. 2022-02-01T15:50:44
App-InvestSim MATHIAS Simulateur d'investissement locatif 2022-08-15T15:39:12
App-JYJ INGY Convert JSON to YAML to JSON to… 2022-07-15T14:22:55
App-KamstrupKemSplit HOLLIE Helper functions for the Kamstrup KEM file splitter application 2022-07-24T13:29:20
App-Keno TYUPYRCML Plays Keno 2022-08-26T00:30:06
App-ListUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to lists in files 2022-09-01T03:01:21
App-MARC-Count SKIM Base class and script for creating of some MARC field value unique count. 2022-05-16T20:05:32
App-MARC-Filter SKIM Base class and script for filter MARC records. 2022-05-17T12:27:03
App-MARC-List SKIM Base class and script for creating of some MARC field value unique list. 2022-05-18T20:17:59
App-MHFS GAHAYES A Media HTTP File Server. Stream your own music and video library via your browser and standard media players. 2022-07-11T17:26:04
App-OpenMbox HENRYR The methods for email management used in 2022-11-21T11:54:51
App-OpenMbox-Client HENRYR A perl client to send simple email via OpenMbox's smtp server 2022-12-06T03:27:50
App-OpenMbox-Test HENRYR Auto delivery test for 2022-12-08T03:32:14
App-PDF-Overlay JV pdfolay – insert a PDF document over/under another document 2022-04-19T17:29:28
App-ParseCommandLineUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for parsing command-line 2022-11-04T12:56:34
App-Perl-Module-Examples SKIM Tool for creating examples from Perl module POD documentation. 2022-08-02T23:33:02
App-PerlNitpick GUGOD change-suggester about insignificant details. 2022-03-13T11:12:28
App-PerlReleaseUtils PERLANCAR Collection of utilities related to Perl distribution releases 2022-01-30T00:06:05
App-Pod TIMKA The great new App::Pod! 2022-05-18T10:31:53
App-RunStopRun GRAY limit CPU usage of processes 2022-04-29T18:29:10
App-Schema-Data SKIM Script for Schema data manipulation. 2022-09-07T23:48:16
App-Schema-Deploy SKIM Base class and script for Schema deploy. 2022-08-26T08:23:37
App-SeismicUnixGui GLLORE A graphical user interface for Seismic Unix 2022-10-13T21:57:29
App-StringQueryToRegexpUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for String::Query::To::Regexp 2022-11-04T12:56:45
App-TextWrapUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to text wrapping 2022-11-24T14:04:01
App-Timer MANWAR Timer for your application. 2022-04-27T22:52:19
App-UniqUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to unique lines and/or Unix uniq utility 2022-10-23T00:05:40
App-WebSearchUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilites related to searching with search engines 2022-10-10T14:43:32
App-Yabsm NHUBBARD a btrfs snapshot and backup management system 2022-10-03T16:29:27
App-denomfind TULAMILI 下記の2個のコマンドとその機能を提供する。 2022-10-12T07:16:00
App-diff2vba UTASHIRO generate VBA patch script from diff output 2022-07-08T05:28:30
App-dirdim TULAMILI 2022-04-25T13:45:21
App-dufolder TULAMILI 2022-04-26T02:59:25
App-easyDifferentialGeneCoexpressionWrapper AALAMEER easyDifferentialGeneCoexpressionWrapper is a wrapper program for the easyDifferentialGeneCoexpression.r R script (developed by Davide Chicco). 2022-02-12T19:12:19
App-expskip TULAMILI To see a large text file, 1st, 10th, 100th, 1000th .. lines are shown to see fewer lines. Output lines can be specifed by the options. 2022-10-26T09:50:25
App-filedays TULAMILI 2022-04-24T13:07:29
App-ipchgmon DAVIES Watches for changes to public facing IP addresses 2022-10-08T14:21:56
App-numero2bgc TULAMILI Put colors on the background of each number from input text. 2022-10-29T12:50:11
App-numseq PERLANCAR Generate some number sequences 2022-02-06T00:06:12
App-optex-pingu UTASHIRO optex make-everything-pingu filter 2022-06-19T09:51:29
App-orgadb PERLANCAR An opinionated Org addressbook tool 2022-06-13T00:15:18
App-perlvars OALDERS CLI tool to detect unused variables in Perl modules 2022-02-17T23:35:30
App-pltest PFEIFFER Swiss Army Knife of Perl One-Liners 2022-04-30T15:02:29
App-pod TIMKA The great new App::pod! 2022-05-18T10:22:26
App-pq SYMKAT pq is like jq and gq, but with Perl 2022-04-29T21:56:00
App-remotediff KALDOR remote diff over rsync 2022-10-21T17:12:31
App-sizecheck TULAMILI 2022-01-20T14:10:52
App-tarweb PLICEASE Open an archive file in your web browser! 2022-09-04T21:40:05
App-timestamp TULAMILI 2022-02-23T09:48:38
App-vcardtidy MLAWREN tidy up VCARD files 2022-04-10T13:13:06
App-winmaildat2tar UTASHIRO Convert winmail.dat (TNEF data) to tentative archive 2022-05-12T11:19:44
App-wsgetmail BPS Fetch mail from the cloud using webservices 2022-01-28T20:56:54
App-zipdetails PMQS display the internal structure of zip files 2022-04-10T15:17:41
Archive-BagIt-Fast ART A module to use IO::AIO to get better performance 2022-01-28T17:36:32
Archive-BagIt-Plugin-SHA256 ART The role to load the sha256 plugin 2022-01-04T14:55:15
Array-Sample-SimpleRandom PERLANCAR Sample elements randomly (with or without replacement) 2022-05-22T00:06:20
Array-Sample-WeightedRandom PERLANCAR Sample elements randomly, with weights (with or without replacement) 2022-05-29T00:05:27
Array-Shuffle PERLANCAR Shuffle an array 2022-07-17T00:05:32
Array-Util-Shuffle PERLANCAR Shuffle an array 2022-07-19T00:05:54
ArrayData-Lingua-Word-EN-Enable PERLANCAR The Enable word list (English) 2022-03-14T00:05:29
ArrayData-Lingua-Word-EN-Medical-Glutanimate PERLANCAR Medical word list (English) 2022-10-09T00:06:05
ArrayData-Lingua-Word-EN-Wordle PERLANCAR Wordle words (English) 2022-03-13T00:05:40
ArrayData-Lingua-Word-ID-Wordle PERLANCAR Alias for ArrayData::Lingua::Word::ID::Katla 2022-03-20T00:05:39
ArrayData-Word-EN-Enable PERLANCAR Indonesian words from Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia 2022-02-27T00:06:06
Audit-Log TEODESIAN auditd log parser with no external dependencies, using no perl features past 5.12 2022-01-17T23:48:31
Authen-Pluggable EBRUNI A Perl module to authenticate users via pluggable modules 2022-05-23T11:00:08
Authen-WebAuthn MBESSON A library to add Web Authentication support to server applications 2022-02-02T10:04:48
Author-Daemon DAEMON daemon's helpful creations 2022-05-09T14:21:16
Author-Daemon-DockerMetaBundle DAEMON A meta bundle that is used in the creation of a docker image. 2022-07-02T20:32:04
Author-Daemon-Site-Ptr-Bond DAEMON turns baubles into trinkets 2022-10-10T00:52:48
Begin-Eval-Env PERLANCAR Take code from environment variable(s), then eval them 2022-02-13T00:05:20
Begin-Eval-FirstArg PERLANCAR Take code from first command-line argument, then eval it 2022-02-20T00:05:31
Bencher-Scenario-Data-Cmp PERLANCAR Benchmark Data::Cmp against similar solutions 2022-04-17T00:06:02
Bencher-Scenario-Data-Undump PERLANCAR Benchmark Data::Undump against eval() for loading a Data::Dumper output 2022-04-24T00:05:44
Bencher-Scenario-Digest-MD5 PERLANCAR Benchmark Digest::MD5 against md5sum utility 2022-05-01T00:05:28
Bencher-Scenario-Digest-SHA1 PERLANCAR Benchmark Digest::SHA1 against Digest::SHA 2022-05-08T00:06:19
Bencher-Scenario-File-Which-Cached PERLANCAR Benchmark File::Which::Cached 2022-05-15T00:06:08
Bencher-Scenario-Hash-Unique PERLANCAR Benchmark Hash::Unique 2022-06-12T00:06:01
Bencher-Scenario-IPC-System-Options PERLANCAR Measure the overhead of IPC::System::Options's system()over CORE::system() 2022-05-20T10:28:17
Bencher-Scenario-List-MoreUtils PERLANCAR Benchmark List::MoreUtils::PP vs List::MoreUtils::XS 2022-05-20T10:41:43
Bencher-Scenario-List-Util PERLANCAR Benchmark List::Util (XS) vs PP implementation(s) 2022-06-19T00:06:16
Bencher-Scenario-Module-Path-More PERLANCAR Benchmark Module::Path::More vs Module::Path 2022-06-26T00:05:41
Bencher-Scenario-PERLANCAR-Tree-Examples PERLANCAR Benchmark PERLANCAR::Tree::Examples 2022-07-03T00:06:09
Bencher-Scenario-shuffle PERLANCAR Benchmark various algorithms & implementation of shuffle 2022-07-24T00:05:32
Bencher-Scenarios-Array-Sample-WeightedRandom PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark Array::Sample::WeightedRandom 2022-07-10T00:05:56
Bencher-Scenarios-ArrayData PERLANCAR Scenarios related to ArrayData 2022-02-27T00:06:17
Bencher-Scenarios-Crypt-Diceware-Wordlist PERLANCAR Benchmark Crypt::Diceware::Wordlist modules 2022-05-20T10:28:28
Bencher-Scenarios-Data-Walk-More PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark Data::Walk::More 2022-08-21T00:05:07
Bencher-Scenarios-Games-Wordlist PERLANCAR Benchmark startup overhead of Games::Word::Wordlist::* modules 2022-04-23T14:47:13
Bifcode2 MLAWREN simple serialization format (version 2) 2022-01-17T21:58:45
BmltClient-ApiClient BMLT a Moose role for the BMLT 2022-10-24T15:43:02
Browser-Find-Windows PERLANCAR Find available browser on Windows 2022-04-21T08:34:23
Bundle-DadaMail-IncludedInDistribution JJSIMONI CPAN Bundle of modules used in Dada Mail that are included within the distribution. 2022-08-16T04:34:20
Bundle-Graphics-ColorNames LICHTKIND all color scheme modules with english names 2022-10-31T17:38:53
Business-PagOnline ARTHAS Perl library for Unicredit's PagOnline payment system 2022-11-11T11:11:33
C600 XYF Wrap of C600 2022-12-16T08:31:04
CBI-Wrapper RESSAM Handle the Italian CBI fixed length file format. 2022-01-21T14:14:57
CDS LOCHMATT 2022-01-17T15:42:31
CGI-Application-Plugin-RunmodeParseKeyword RHESA Declare cgiapp runmodes with keywords 2022-05-02T10:58:51
CGI-Carp-WarningsToBrowser DEENEWCUM A version of CGI::Carp's warningsToBrowser() that displays the warnings loudly and boldly 2022-06-09T21:47:07
CLI-Popt FELIPE Parse CLI parameters via popt(3) 2022-11-21T00:42:14
CPAN-Smoker-Utils ARFREITAS Set of CLI's to manage a Perl CPAN smoker machine 2022-09-03T22:17:52
CPAN-Test-Dummy-Perl5-MakeMakerBadName MIYAGAWA Bad NAME in Makefile.PL 2022-05-10T03:47:15
CWB-CL SCHTEPF Perl interface to the low-level C API of the IMS Open Corpus Workbench 2022-01-09T14:36:43
CWB-CQI SCHTEPF launch private CQPserver on local machine 2022-01-09T14:36:54
CWB-Web SCHTEPF A simple shared cache for CQP query results 2022-01-09T14:38:32
CWB SCHTEPF Perl toolbox for the IMS Corpus Workbench 2022-01-09T14:37:05
CXC-Exporter-Util DJERIUS Tagged Based Exporting 2022-04-23T20:23:24
Cache-CodeBlock LNATION caching via a code block 2022-08-29T09:44:47
Callable ALTOMRU make different things callable 2022-01-26T23:01:16
Carp-Patch-Verbose PERLANCAR Set some Carp variables so stack trace is more verbose 2022-02-06T00:06:23
Catalyst-Model-MetaCPAN-Client LNATION Catalyst Model for MetaCPAN 2022-05-19T15:20:24
Catalyst-Plugin-CSRFToken JJNAPIORK Generate tokens to help prevent CSRF attacks. 2022-05-07T22:13:29
Catalyst-Plugin-SocialMeta LNATION Generate social media meta tags for your catalyst application. 2022-05-15T14:32:35
Catalyst-View-BasePerRequest JJNAPIORK Catalyst base view for per request, strongly typed templates 2022-05-26T12:10:29
CatalystX-ControllerPerContext JJNAPIORK Map body and data parameters to a model 2022-07-21T16:25:43
CatalystX-RequestModel JJNAPIORK Map body and data parameters to a model 2022-07-21T00:23:13
Changes JDEGUEST Changes file management 2022-12-07T11:52:05
Check-Fork SKIM Check fork functionality. 2022-08-18T10:50:55
Check-Socket SKIM Check socket functionality. 2022-08-18T11:56:49
Chemistry-File-CML MERKYS CML reader 2022-08-19T12:58:08
Chemistry-File-OPTIMADE MERKYS OPTIMADE reader 2022-10-17T14:50:10
Class-Generic JDEGUEST Class Generic 2022-03-07T14:20:12
Class-Plain KIMOTO a class syntax for the hash-based Perl OO. 2022-09-22T01:19:44
Class JDEGUEST A Generic Object Class to Inherit From 2022-03-05T05:46:25
Clearbuilt-Excelerator CLEARBLT Write XLSX files in a Clearbuilt-standard way 2022-11-21T17:34:47
Complete-Random PERLANCAR Complete from a list of random string 2022-11-27T00:05:42
Console-Blackjack GDONALD A console-based implementation of Blackjack 2022-05-21T23:20:20
Console-ProgressBar OAUVERLOT A simple progress bar for Perl console applications 2022-01-24T20:15:26
ControlBreak PUCKERING Compare values during iteration to detect changes 2022-08-28T20:24:42
Cron-Sequencer NWCLARK show the sequence of commands that cron would run 2022-05-16T10:24:10
Crypt-CPace ABBYPAN CPace protocol 2022-03-25T19:30:50
Crypt-Cipher-Vigenere BOREKL 2022-01-26T14:46:40
Crypt-Digest-Scrypt GUL Scrypt key derivation function 2022-01-31T09:08:45
Crypt-Noise ABBYPAN Noise protocol 2022-05-16T15:26:36
Crypt-OPAQUE ABBYPAN OPAQUE protocol 2022-04-17T19:04:16
Crypt-OPRF ABBYPAN Oblivious Pseudorandom Functions (OPRFs) using Prime-Order Groups 2022-04-05T18:58:01
Crypt-OpenSSL-EVP-MD ABBYPAN OpenSSL EVP_MD 2022-03-22T15:19:11
Crypt-OpenSSL-Hash2Curve ABBYPAN OpenSSL hash to curve 2022-03-24T17:39:55
Crypt-PK-ECC-Schnorr GUL Public key cryptography based on EC with Schnorr signatures 2022-01-31T09:03:17
Crypt-SIGMA ABBYPAN SIGMA protocol 2022-04-13T15:15:50
CryptoTron ZTENRETEP Perl extension for blah blah blah 2022-10-28T09:37:41
CryptoTron-AddrTools ZTENRETEP Perl extension for blah blah blah 2022-08-22T13:58:37
CryptoTron-GetAccountJsonStr ZTENRETEP Perl extension for use with the Tron blockchain 2022-10-29T12:46:12
CryptoTron-GetAccount_JsonStr ZTENRETEP Perl extension for use with the Tron blockchain 2022-10-29T11:16:02
CryptoTron-JsonHttp ZTENRETEP Perl extension for use of with the Tron blockchain 2022-10-30T09:09:56
CryptoTron-JsonRpc ZTENRETEP Perl extension for use with the Tron blockchain 2022-10-29T13:23:27
Cucumber-Test-Release-Automation CUKEBOT Dummy project for testing release automation 2022-08-16T06:58:00
DB-SimpleKV YHPENG Simple k/v interface to text configuration file 2022-10-10T04:46:21
DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn-Crypt-Passphrase-Argon2 GENE Crypt::Passphrase::Argon2 backend 2022-12-22T06:44:46
DBIx-Class-EncodedColumn-Crypt-Passphrase-Bcrypt GENE Crypt::Passphrase::Bcrypt backend 2022-12-22T04:09:05
DBIx-Class-PseudoEnum GEEKRUTH Schema-based enumerations independent of database 2022-11-13T17:45:32
DBIx-Class-ResultClass-TrackColumns JJNAPIORK Track changed columns original storage value 2022-10-01T23:02:49
DBIx-Class-TemporalRelations GEEKRUTH Establish and introspect time-based relationships between tables. 2022-05-15T16:08:29
Dancer2-Plugin-Auth-Extensible-Provider-DBIxClass GEEKRUTH authenticate via the Dancer2::Plugin::DBIx:Class plugin 2022-05-14T12:37:50
Dancer2-Plugin-CSRFI ALEXPAN Dancer2 CSRF protection plugin. 2022-06-12T08:14:42
Dancer2-Plugin-CryptPassphrase SYSPETE Crupt::Passphrase plugin for Dancer2 2022-01-15T19:19:33
Dancer2-Plugin-DoFile PERO A file based MVC style plugin for Dancer2 2022-06-01T21:20:17
Dancer2-Plugin-FormValidator ALEXPAN Dancer2 validation framework. 2022-03-29T21:06:59
Dancer2-Plugin-FormValidator-Extension-DBIC ALEXPAN Dancer2 FormValidator extension for checking field present in table row using DBIC. 2022-04-06T12:12:54
Dancer2-Plugin-FormValidator-Extension-Password ALEXPAN Dancer2 FormValidator extension for validating passwords. 2022-04-05T20:08:10
Dancer2-Plugin-RPC ABELTJE Namespace for XMLRPC, JSONRPC2 and RESTRPC plugins 2022-06-24T12:18:02
Dancer2-Plugin-RPC-RESTISH ABELTJE Helper Test module that imports useful stuff. 2022-10-03T17:39:08
Dancer2-Plugin-ViewCache CLEARBLT Create a code for a guest user to use to view a page 2022-11-21T16:26:19
Dancer2-Template-Obj2HTML PERO Temnplating system based on HTML::Obj2HTML 2022-06-02T18:02:43
Data-Combination DRCLAW Hash and Array element combination generator 2022-10-23T10:59:55
Data-Commons-Image SKIM Data object for Wikimedia Commons image. 2022-10-11T19:13:42
Data-DPath-Flatten RBWOHLFAR Convert complex data structure into key/value pairs 2022-02-22T15:55:04
Data-Dumper-Interp JIMAVERA Data::Dumper optimized for humans, with interpolation 2022-03-13T23:03:09
Data-Gimei YOUPONG a Perl port of Ruby's gimei. 2022-01-11T08:31:47
Data-HTML-Button SKIM Data object for HTML button element. 2022-09-12T15:21:18
Data-HTML-Form SKIM Data objects for HTML form. 2022-09-12T14:16:32
Data-HTML-TreeDumper TAKEASH dumps perl data as HTML5 open/close tree 2022-12-14T18:11:44
Data-Image SKIM Data object for image. 2022-10-11T19:00:53
Data-Localize-YAML BRTASTIC Acquire Lexicons From .yml Files 2022-12-17T06:08:25
Data-Page-Nav LUCAS Module for pages navigation 2022-10-15T16:40:47
Data-Password-Top10000 PERLSRVDE Check if a given string is in the Top 10000 list of common passwords 2022-03-12T07:11:43
Data-Record-Serialize-Encode-csv DJERIUS encode a record as csv 2022-09-03T14:33:54
Data-Sah-FilterBundle-Phone PERLANCAR Sah filters related to phone numbers 2022-08-14T00:06:19
Data-Sah-FilterBundle-Regexp PERLANCAR Sah filters related to regular expressions 2022-12-18T00:05:46
Data-TableData-Pick PERLANCAR Pick randomly one or more table rows, with some options 2022-06-05T00:06:11
Data-Trace TIMKA Trace when a data structure gets updated. 2022-09-29T08:57:13
Data-ULID-XS BRTASTIC XS backend for ULID generation 2022-12-01T07:27:26
Data-Validate-OpenAPI MERKYS Validate and untaint input parameters via OpenAPI schema 2022-10-28T11:12:23
Date-Holidays-BQ WATERKIP Bonaire's official holidays 2022-08-09T20:37:46
Date-Holidays-US MRDVT Date::Holidays Adapter for US Federal holidays 2022-08-20T03:21:38
DateTime-TimeZone-Catalog-Extend JDEGUEST Extend DateTime::TimeZone catalog 2022-11-29T02:06:20
Debug-CodeBlock LNATION Add DEBUG codeblocks to your code. 2022-05-21T16:34:10
Devel-Cover-Report-Cobertura JEFFCPAN Backend for Cobertura reporting of coverage statistics 2022-12-31T05:58:29
Devel-Deprecations-Environmental DCANTRELL deprecations for your code's surroundings 2022-11-04T21:27:40
Devel-DieHandler-DumpDieArgs PERLANCAR Dump content of die arguments 2022-10-27T09:18:11
Devel-MAT-Tool-Future PEVANS analyse Future logic 2022-08-30T14:47:31
Devel-MAT-Tool-Object-Pad PEVANS extend Devel::MAT to analyse Object::Pad-based programs 2022-04-02T17:00:06
Devel-PatchPerl-Plugin-Darwin-getcwd SKAJI a workaround for getcwd in macOS 2022-02-11T07:26:52
Device-Chip-Si5351 PEVANS chip driver for Si5351 2022-04-19T20:36:06
Device-Serial-SLuRM PEVANS communicate the SLµRM protocol over a serial port 2022-10-07T18:56:48
Digest-BLAKE3 BLGL Perl extension for the BLAKE3 hash function 2022-07-04T21:23:06
Dipki DAVIDI Perl extension for CryptoSys PKI 2022-03-30T13:24:27
Dist-Util-Current PERLANCAR Guess the current Perl distribution name 2022-11-06T00:05:11
Dist-Zilla-PERLSRVDE PERLSRVDE The plugin bundle we use at 2022-01-29T12:18:59
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Authors JOENIO Build AUTHORS file from Git history 2022-07-31T16:40:04
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Data-Sah PERLANCAR Plugin for building Data-Sah and Data-Sah-* distributions 2022-01-09T00:05:27
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PruneAliases AJNN Prune macOS aliases from your dist 2022-07-03T14:22:54
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Prereqs-Latest LANCEW Tests your module has up to date dependencies 2022-11-02T22:28:37
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Upload-OrePAN2 GEEKRUTH Dist::Zilla release plugin to inject into a local OrePAN2 repository 2022-01-24T02:16:56
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-AJNN AJNN Dist::Zilla configuration the way AJNN does it 2022-03-03T15:01:55
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-GEEKRUTH GEEKRUTH Be like GeekRuthie when you build your dists 2022-01-24T00:28:49
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-GEEKRUTH GEEKRUTH Be like GeekRuthie when you build your dists 2022-01-09T04:27:21
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-GitLab GEEKRUTH Access GitLab functionality to maintain distros from Dist::Zilla 2022-01-09T02:56:36
Earth AWNCORP FP Library for Perl 5 2022-07-02T14:47:24
Efl PERLMAX Perl bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 2022-09-12T04:30:23
Electronics-PSU-DPSxxxx PEVANS control a DPS power supply 2022-04-12T22:01:31
English-Name LEONT ${^ENGLISH_NAME} for magic variables 2022-08-27T17:48:07
Etcd-Lock EBRUNI Lock based on etcd 2022-02-14T15:28:50
Excel-ValueWriter-XLSX DAMI generating data-only Excel workbooks in XLSX format, fast 2022-01-14T21:25:55
Excel-Writer-XLSX-CDF MRDVT Generates Excel Document with Continuous Distribution Function Chart 2022-06-07T21:08:41
Excel-Writer-XLSX-Simple-Tabs MRDVT Simple Interface to the Excel::Writer::XLSX Package 2022-05-19T19:59:52
Exception-FFI-ErrorCode PLICEASE Exception class based on integer error codes common in C code 2022-10-05T13:43:01
Experian-IDAutho BINARY Experian's ID Authenticate service 2022-11-09T03:54:48
ExtUtils-MakeMaker-META_MERGE-GitHub MRDVT Perl package to generate ExtUtils::MakeMaker META_MERGE for GitHub repositories 2022-05-19T19:28:02
FFI-Platypus-Lang-Zig PLICEASE Documentation and tools for using Platypus with the Zig programming language 2022-10-28T04:03:27
Factory-Sub LNATION Generate a factory of subs 2022-06-01T14:11:15
Feature-Compat-Class PEVANS make class syntax available 2022-08-27T15:57:20
File-Find-Fast LSKATZ 2022-02-23T15:59:19
File-KDBX CCM Encrypted database to store secret text and files 2022-05-01T03:16:09
File-KDBX-XS CCM Speed up File::KDBX 2022-05-01T01:42:57
File-KeePass-Agent-KDBX CCM A KeePass 2 agent 2022-05-01T05:14:34
File-KeePass-KDBX CCM Read and write KDBX files (using the File::KDBX backend) 2022-05-01T03:49:47
File-Process BIGFOOT File processing utiltiy 2022-03-23T13:20:03
File-TypeCategories IVANWILLS Determine if files match a specific type 2022-01-01T22:45:34
Filesys-Notify-Win32-ReadDirectoryChanges CORION read/watch directory changes 2022-10-02T07:08:10
Filesys-Restrict FELIPE Restrict filesystem access 2022-12-21T18:37:11
Finance-Dogecoin-Utils CHROMATIC Libraries and Utilities to work with Dogecoin 2022-12-11T23:53:48
Finance-Exchange DERIV represents a financial stock exchange object. 2022-10-14T08:51:18
Finance-Libdogecoin CHROMATIC Use the libdogecoin shared library from Perl! 2022-08-14T22:15:42
Finance-MIFIR-CONCAT DERIV provides CONCAT code generation out of client data according to MIFIR rules 2022-10-25T07:01:15
Finance-SEC-EdgarData TRSKI scraping edgar for fun and profit 2022-12-11T21:23:32
Finance-YieldCurve DERIV Handles interpolation on yield curves for interest rates and dividends 2022-10-25T07:19:03
Firewall-Config CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-06-01T14:08:04
Firewall-Config-Connector CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T12:21:54
Firewall-Config-Content CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T13:41:01
Firewall-Config-Dao CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T14:36:05
Firewall-Config-Element CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T23:47:18
Firewall-Config-Parser CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-31T14:37:42
Firewall-Controller CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-31T23:46:55
Firewall-DBI CARELINE turns baubles into trinket 2022-05-29T09:50:03
Firewall-FireFlow CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-06-01T13:50:47
Firewall-FireFlow-Config CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T14:12:52
Firewall-Policy CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-06-11T11:54:15
Firewall-Policy-Designer CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-31T13:59:58
Firewall-Policy-Element CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-30T14:39:21
Firewall-Utils CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-05-29T23:07:55
FirewallController CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-06-01T13:05:43
Food-Ratio JMATES calculate ingredient ratios 2022-11-16T20:35:00
Form-Tiny-Plugin-Diva BRTASTIC Form::Diva integration for Form::Tiny 2022-01-22T19:02:54
Format-JSON-Stream SHLOMIF a stream of JSON data. 2022-10-25T03:23:09
Future-AsyncAwait-Metrics PEVANS report metrics from Future::AsyncAwait to Metrics::Any 2022-11-29T13:27:03
Future-Queue PEVANS a FIFO queue of values that uses Futures 2022-10-17T11:15:02
Future-XS PEVANS experimental XS implementation of Future 2022-08-10T17:22:38
GFX-Tools KOBOLDWIZ several command line graphics tools 2022-10-07T16:07:54
GFX-Tools-Buffer KOBOLDWIZ array code 2022-10-07T16:08:06
GHCN PUCKERING collect station objects and weather data 2022-09-14T04:25:52
Game-CharacterSheetGenerator SCHROEDER a web app to generate character sheets 2022-04-11T10:00:20
Game-Marad JMATES a board game for two players 2022-11-08T04:48:26
Game-NURBS KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for manipulating NURBS curves 2022-10-18T07:46:58
Game-Ninja KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for making ninja games, e.g. beat 'em ups like Double Dragon 2022-10-08T16:02:12
Game-SDL KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for making games with SDL(1) 2022-10-09T12:57:17
Game-TileMap BRTASTIC Representation of tile-based two-dimensional rectangular maps 2022-11-12T09:32:13
Genealogy-AncestorChart DAVECROSS create a table of genealogical ancestors. 2022-02-13T17:19:45
Geo-FIT PATJOL Decode Garmin FIT files 2022-11-20T04:41:43
Geo-LatLon2Place MLEHMANN convert latitude and longitude to nearest place 2022-03-14T03:15:27
Geo-TCX PATJOL Parse and edit and TCX activity and course files from GPS training devices 2022-10-11T01:20:15
Getopt-App JHTHORSEN Write and test your script with ease 2022-04-24T08:21:58
Getopt-EX-RPN UTASHIRO RPN calculation module for Getopt::EX command option 2022-09-28T15:35:20
Getopt-EX-debug UTASHIRO Getopt::EX debug module 2022-02-14T09:08:14
Getopt-optparse MHEARSE optparse style processing of command line options 2022-04-19T10:03:32
Gibbs MHSEABOLT 2022-03-23T02:03:08
Git-Critic OVID Only run Perl::Critic on lines changed in the current branch 2022-01-22T14:31:11
Git-Lint BLAINEM lint git commits and messages 2022-02-26T01:20:07
Git-Nuggit EDELL Git Toolkit for Submodule-Aware workflows 2022-06-28T14:59:22
GitHub-EmptyRepository CONTRA Scan for empty repositories 2022-05-23T05:53:40
GitHub-RSS CORION collect data from for feeding into RSS 2022-03-17T16:15:55
Glitch LNATION The great new Glitch! 2022-08-26T05:22:47
Graphics-ColorNames-Pantone LICHTKIND RGB values of Pantone colors 2022-10-26T18:47:33
Graphics-Layout-Kiwisolver ZMUGHAL API for Kiwisolver constraint solver 2022-11-30T18:44:38
Graphics-Toolkit-Color LICHTKIND color palette creation tool 2022-10-04T11:23:01
Groonga-HTTP HORIMOTO Perl module for sending HTTP requests to Groonga. 2022-02-14T09:45:07
HTML-Blitz MAUKE high-performance, selector-based, content-aware HTML template engine 2022-11-13T20:38:22
HTML-Obj2HTML PERO Create HTML from a arrays and hashes 2022-06-02T17:49:41
HTML-Object JDEGUEST HTML Parser, Modifier and Query Interface 2022-01-16T12:52:17
HTTP-CSPHeader RRWO manage dynamic content security policy headers 2022-04-03T12:27:30
HTTP-Curl KNI HTTP interface for Net::Curl (clone HTTP::Any::Curl) 2022-08-09T03:43:58
HTTP-Promise JDEGUEST Asynchronous HTTP Request and Promise 2022-06-27T14:07:30
HTTP-SecureHeaders KFLY manage security headers with many safe defaults 2022-05-06T10:59:05
HTTP-UserAgentClientHints BAYASHI To Handle User Agent Client Hints 2022-02-12T11:14:30
HV-Monitor VVELOX A generalized module for gathering stats for a hypervisor. 2022-08-02T17:29:05
Hash-Typed LNATION Ordered typed tied hashes. 2022-03-06T13:49:12
Hash-Util-Regexp PERLANCAR Hash utility routines related to regular expression 2022-09-18T00:05:30
Hashest LSKATZ 2022-07-01T16:27:12
Hydrogen TOBYINK utilities for the simplest elements of Perl 2022-08-24T12:01:44
IO-FD DRCLAW faster accept, socket, listen, read, write and friends with file descriptors, not handles 2022-10-08T03:46:23
Image-DecodeQR-WeChat BLIAKO Decode QR code(s) from images using the OpenCV/WeChat library via XS 2022-03-11T15:07:30
Image-GIF-Encoder-PP GAHAYES Pure perl GIF encoding 2022-07-15T00:06:59
Image-PHash DKECHAG Fast perceptual image hashing (DCT-based pHash) 2022-06-22T05:07:18
Imager-File-APNG TONYC APNG image file support for Imager 2022-06-26T01:04:04
Imager-File-AVIF TONYC AVIF image file support for Imager 2022-05-30T03:49:33
Imager-File-QOI TONYC QOI image file support for Imager 2022-04-30T08:49:41
IngyPrelude INGY Ingy döt Net's Standard Prelude 2022-06-29T19:29:44
Irssi-Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable ANEI Run Bot::BasicBot::Pluggable::Module_s in Irssi 2022-05-23T19:46:05
Iss-Ah-Predictor CHRISTOPH ISS AH Predictor 2022-08-04T07:43:08
JSON-Formatter-Align RAJ Formatting for JSON 2022-02-01T11:32:59
JSON-UnblessObject KFLY unbless object using JSON spec like Cpanel::JSON::XS::Type 2022-05-31T23:48:22
Jacode INA Perl program for Japanese character code conversion 2022-01-22T14:09:02
Jacode4e INA program for enterprise 2022-01-26T15:36:48
JavaScript-Embedded CAVAC Perl interface to Duktape embeddable javascript engine 2022-05-21T11:07:05
JavaScript-QuickJS FELIPE Run JavaScript via QuickJS in Perl 2022-03-28T21:11:56
Jenkins-i18n ARFREITAS functions for the jtt CLI 2022-05-01T03:06:48
KCP HOMQYY Perl extension for skywind3000/kcp 2022-12-04T02:23:57
Koha-Contrib-ValueBuilder-RepeatableAutocomplete DOMM Repeatable autcomplete value-builder for Koha 2022-01-24T11:33:44
LWP-Authen-OAuth2-ServiceProvider-MediaWiki SKIM MediaWiki OAuth2 provider for LWP::Authen::OAuth2. 2022-04-06T22:54:32
LWP-Authen-OAuth2-ServiceProvider-Wikimedia SKIM Wikimedia OAuth2 provider for LWP::Authen::OAuth2. 2022-04-06T22:55:58
LWP-Protocol-clipboard PERLANCAR Get/set clipboard content through LWP 2022-10-09T17:25:50
Lang-HEX RAJ Perl extension for blah blah blah 2022-01-12T04:42:02
Lang-HEX-Export RAJ Perl extension for blah blah blah 2022-01-12T04:42:24
Lang-HL RAJ 2022-01-12T16:48:08
Lang-HL-Export RAJ 2022-01-12T16:48:19
Lang-HL-Syntax RAJ Perl extension for blah blah blah 2022-02-05T07:25:59
Language-Eforth JMATES a tiny embedded Forth interpreter 2022-06-01T14:08:15
LaunchDarkly-Server MTIRPAK Perl server side SDK for LaunchDarkly 2022-05-12T16:08:58
LibUI SANKO Simple, Portable, Native GUI Library 2022-12-07T00:37:40
Lilith VVELOX Work with Suricata/Sagan EVE logs and PostgreSQL. 2022-10-31T04:40:58
Linux-FD-Mem LEONT memory file descriptors 2022-02-22T22:11:02
Linux-NFTables FELIPE Perl interface to libnftables 2022-12-23T18:37:29
Linux-WireGuard FELIPE WireGuard in Perl 2022-07-18T13:06:56
Linux-Wireguard FELIPE Wireguard in Perl 2022-07-16T23:09:39
Log-OK DRCLAW Disable inactive logging statements from the command line 2022-04-14T12:01:49
Log-ger-Level-FromVar PERLANCAR Set log level from some variable 2022-02-18T01:15:17
Logic-Expr JMATES logical expression parsing and related routines 2022-03-26T14:33:38
MHFS-XS GAHAYES XS extension module for Media HTTP File Server, for server side media encoding. 2022-07-11T17:30:14
Mac-Alias AJNN Read or create macOS alias files 2022-07-03T14:23:16
Mac-Finder-Tags AJNN Access macOS file tags (aka Finder labels) 2022-03-03T15:11:21
Macro-Simple TOBYINK preprocessor-like macros in Perl 2022-11-05T22:07:01
Mail-Exim-ACL-Attachments VOEGELAS Reject email attachments 2022-01-10T17:43:43
Mail-Exim-ACL-Geolocation VOEGELAS Map IP addresses to country codes 2022-01-10T17:43:54
Map-Tube-Hongkong CYFUNG Map::Tube::Hongkong – interface to the Hongkong MTR map. 2022-05-18T06:53:22
Mardem-RefactoringPerlCriticPolicies MARDEM Some Perl::Critic::Policies to search for needed refactoring 2022-05-13T16:04:47
Markdown-ODF ABEVERLEY Create ODF documents from Markdown 2022-11-04T14:55:58
MarpaX-G4 ZUBEAX Release 0.9 of MarpaX::G4 2022-06-07T17:13:24
Mars AWNCORP OO Framework 2022-07-11T02:38:19
Math-Abacus CYFUNG A toy model of Chinese abacus 2022-07-26T00:19:33
Math-Business-BlackScholesMerton BINARY Algorithm of Math::Business::BlackScholesMerton for binary and non-binary options 2022-11-18T13:50:50
Math-Business-Lookback DERIV The Black-Scholes formula for Lookback options. 2022-11-09T06:37:09
Math-FakeDD SISYPHUS DoubleDouble precision arithmetic for all architectures 2022-05-03T01:28:10
Math-Notation-PostfixInfix CCELSO Perl extension for Math Postfix and Infix Notation 2022-07-31T02:08:10
Math-Numerical MATHIAS Algorithms for numerical functions (root findings, etc.) 2022-10-03T20:54:21
Math-Permutation CYFUNG pure Perl implementation of functions related to the permutations 2022-08-28T21:09:08
Math-Round-SignificantFigures MRDVT Perl package for rounding numbers to a specified number of Significant Figures 2022-05-17T16:58:09
Math-SNAFU TOBYINK decimal to SNAFU converter 2022-12-25T13:25:12
Math-Sequence-DeBruijn ABIGAIL Abstract 2022-02-13T22:24:30
Memcached-RateLimit PLICEASE Sliding window rate limiting with Memcached 2022-10-25T13:33:25
Method-Signatures-Simple-ParseKeyword RHESA Basic method declarations with signatures, without source filters 2022-05-03T10:16:01
Module-ScanDeps-Static BIGFOOT scan modules for dependencies 2022-05-12T14:19:58
Mojo-DB-Role-DBIx-Class SCESANO provides a convenience role creating a DBIx::Class for your Mojo database 2022-09-06T02:33:25
Mojo-DOM-Role-Style SCESANO Adds a style method to Mojo::DOM 2022-09-04T15:54:44
Mojo-Log-Role-Format JHTHORSEN Add sprintf logging to Mojo::Log 2022-10-22T16:05:40
Mojo-Netdata JHTHORSEN plugin for Perl 2022-01-27T02:31:41
Mojo-Run3 JHTHORSEN Run a subprocess and read/write to it 2022-06-10T11:33:46
Mojo-Server-DaemonControl JHTHORSEN A Mojolicious daemon manager 2022-03-21T08:32:33
Mojo-ShareDir JHTHORSEN Shared files and directories as Mojo::File objects 2022-10-22T16:01:39
Mojo-WebSocketProxy-Backend-ConsumerGroups DERIV Class for communication with backend by sending messaging through redis streams. 2022-11-13T01:30:19
MojoX-Log-Rotate XLAT Makes mojolicious log file rotation easy 2022-09-20T18:41:35
Mojolicious-Command-coverage TOBIB Start you mojo app in coverage mode 2022-01-25T15:00:35
Mojolicious-Plugin-Access CARELINE Mojolicious::Plugin::Access Control remote ip access your App 2022-08-31T14:10:59
Mojolicious-Plugin-Geolocation-MMDB VOEGELAS Look up location information by IP address 2022-01-14T07:51:16
Mojolicious-Plugin-HTMX GDT Mojolicious Plugin for htmx 2022-11-05T17:11:29
Mojolicious-Plugin-Logrotate CARELINE Logrotate Mojolicious Application log 2022-09-06T01:37:36
Mojolicious-Plugin-OpenAPI-Modern ETHER Mojolicious plugin providing access to an OpenAPI document and parser 2022-02-16T06:15:36
Monitoring-Sneck VVELOX a boopable LibreNMS JSON style SNMP extend for remotely running nagios style checks 2022-04-24T21:31:31
Monitoring-Sneck-Boop_Snoot VVELOX Boop the Monitoring::Sneck's snoot via SNMP 2022-05-05T05:31:08
MooX-Keyword LNATION The great new MooX::Keyword! 2022-05-20T19:23:31
MooX-Keyword-Factory LNATION Moo attribute factories 2022-06-03T10:52:29
MooX-Keyword-Field LNATION field attributes that cannot be set via the constructor 2022-06-03T11:53:39
MooX-Role-DBIConnection CORION handy mixin for objects with a DB connection 2022-09-12T18:21:30
MooX-Tag-TO_HASH DJERIUS Controlled translation of Moo objects into Hashes 2022-10-06T17:44:28
Mooish-AttributeBuilder BRTASTIC build Mooish attribute definitions with less boilerplate 2022-08-08T20:00:22
MooseX-Extended OVID Extend Moose with safe defaults and useful features 2022-05-24T07:45:34
MooseX-LocalAttribute SIMBABQUE local-ize attributes on Moose-ish objects 2022-06-23T11:35:01
MooseX-Role-WarnOnConflict OVID Warn if classes override role methods without excluding them 2022-05-21T09:31:55
MooseX-ShortHas MITHALDU shortcuts for common Moose has attribute configurations 2022-09-06T09:31:46
MooseX-Types-Parameterized JJNAPIORK Create your own Parameterizable Types for Moose 2022-10-18T21:17:11
Muuse MITHALDU Moose but with less typing 2022-09-06T09:52:16
MyConf CYNOVG package for working with secrets 2022-06-19T09:19:36
Narrator ESALEBU 2022-02-19T13:06:37
Narrator_0-0-1 ESALEBU 2022-02-24T03:51:08
Net-Amazon-S3 BARNEY Use the Amazon S3 – Simple Storage Service 2022-07-16T23:27:58
Net-Async-Blockchain DERIV base for blockchain subscription clients. 2022-11-24T12:30:29
Net-Async-Redis-XS TEAM faster version of Net::Async::Redis 2022-12-01T03:34:11
Net-Async-WebService-lxd DRRHO REST client (asynchronous) for lxd Linux containers 2022-03-17T18:40:07
Net-Connector CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2022-01-23T04:25:07
Net-DNS-Resolver-Unbound RWF Unbound resolver base for Net::DNS 2022-01-11T18:56:58
Net-DynDNS-GoDaddy STEVEB Provides Dynamic DNS functionality for your GoDaddy domains 2022-05-17T15:51:54
Net-FattureInCloud ARTHAS Perl library with MINIMAL interface to use FattureInCloud (FIC) API version 2. 2022-11-10T15:30:28
Net-Fortinet-FortiManager ABRAXXA Fortinet FortiManager REST API client library 2022-01-31T11:56:57
Net-Gemini JMATES a small gemini client 2022-10-25T00:27:13
Net-HTTP2 FELIPE HTTP/2 in Perl, simplified. 2022-10-02T00:15:23
Net-LibNFS FELIPE User-land NFS in Perl via libnfs 2022-07-16T00:11:00
Net-MBE ARTHAS Perl library to access Mailboxes Etc (MBE) online webservices 2022-08-25T15:06:39
Net-MitDK KARASIK perl API for 2022-05-29T20:02:36
Net-MyIP STEVEB Get your public facing IPv4 or IPv6 address 2022-05-11T18:34:37
Net-SMPP-SSL SSTUEHRM SSL support for Net::SMTP 2022-01-17T14:32:18
Net-Twitch-API CLIPLAND Helper methods for Twitch's "new" helix API 2022-03-07T18:43:13
Net-Wait JJATRIA Wait on startup until the specified ports are listening 2022-08-24T20:18:51
Net-mbedTLS FELIPE mbedTLS in Perl 2022-12-21T19:49:27
Newtype TOBYINK Perl implementation of an approximation for Haskell's newtype 2022-12-04T17:46:15
Number-Equation LNATION Track how a number is calculated progamically. 2022-05-11T19:01:25
ODS LNATION Object Data Store 2022-02-15T13:25:03
OPM-Installer PERLSRVDE Install ticketsystem (Znuny/OTOBO) add ons 2022-04-14T11:59:55
OPM-Parser PERLSRVDE Parser for the .opm file 2022-04-14T05:38:42
OPM-Repository PERLSRVDE parse OPM repositories' framework.xml files to search for add ons 2022-04-14T08:17:56
Object-Pad-FieldAttr-Final PEVANS declare Object::Pad fields readonly after construction 2022-02-02T17:41:38
Object-Pad-FieldAttr-Isa PEVANS apply class type constraints to Object::Pad fields 2022-02-02T17:41:49
Object-Pad-FieldAttr-LazyInit PEVANS lazily initialise Object::Pad fields at first read 2022-02-02T17:42:00
Object-Pad-FieldAttr-Trigger PEVANS invoke an instance method after a :writer accessor 2022-02-02T17:42:11
Object-Pad-Keyword-Accessor PEVANS declare lvalue accessors on Object::Pad classes 2022-12-03T17:31:26
Octets-To-Unicode DART модуль утилит для распознавания кодировки текста (в том числе в файлах) и его декодирования 2022-05-04T12:27:50
OpenAI-API NFERRAZ A Perl module for accessing the OpenAI API 2022-12-20T12:16:22
OpenAPI-Modern ETHER Validate HTTP requests and responses against an OpenAPI document 2022-02-16T06:02:29
OpenTelemetry-TraceContext-W3C MBARBON W3C Trace Context implementation 2022-11-20T15:48:46
Optimization-NSGAII DRUBINO non dominant sorting genetic algorithm for multi-objective optimization 2022-08-25T16:55:28
Option-Option LSKATZ 2022-04-16T22:02:00
Org-To-ANSIText PERLANCAR Export Org document to text with ANSI color codes 2022-10-11T03:42:37
PDF-Data DEVEN Manipulate PDF files and objects as data structures 2022-06-24T21:26:24
PDK CARELINE personal perl devkits 2022-09-07T01:30:52
PDL-IO-Touchstone EWHEELER 2022-07-16T00:38:55
PDL-Opt-Simplex-Simple EWHEELER A simplex optimizer for the rest of us (who may not know PDL). 2022-06-13T21:40:38
PINE64-PCF8574 CREDO The great new PINE64::PCF8574! 2022-02-14T23:49:32
POD-Generate LNATION programmatically generate plain old documentation 2022-02-27T18:57:25
Parallel-Manager CARELINE fork threads to run some callback together 2022-09-06T06:51:19
Parse-H BOGDRO A parser for C header files that calls the given subroutines when a symbol of a specified type is encountered. 2022-10-28T09:13:21
Parser-FIT GHANDI A parser for garmin FIT (Flexible and Interoperable Data Transfer) files 2022-02-08T09:37:32
Path-List-Rule DJERIUS Path::Iterator::Rule on an list of paths 2022-11-20T02:13:45
Path-Util PERLANCAR Path functions 2022-01-16T00:05:48
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-Perl PERLANCAR XCompletion routines related to Perl 2022-11-25T00:25:30
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-Riap PERLANCAR XCompletion routines related to Riap 2022-11-25T00:25:41
Perl-Critic-Dancer2 GEEKRUTH A collection of handy perlcritic modules for Dancer2 2022-07-02T21:36:31
Perl-Critic-Mardem MARDEM Some Perl::Critic::Policies to search for needed refactoring 2022-05-22T11:56:26
Perl-Critic-Policy-Modules-RequireExplicitPackage-ObjectPad DERIV Always make the package/Object::Pad class explicit. 2022-08-09T14:29:44
Perl-Critic-Policy-PreferredModules ATOOMIC Custom package recommendations 2022-01-24T16:15:39
Perl-Critic-Policy-Subroutines-ProhibitAmbiguousFunctionCalls DERIV Don't call fully qualified function methods without parens 2022-11-13T06:44:39
Perl-Critic-Policy-ValuesAndExpressions-ProhibitFiletest_rwxRWX WYANT Do not pass capture variables as arguments. 2022-06-23T01:13:10
Perl-Critic-Policy-Variables-ProhibitNumericNamesWithLeadingZero WYANT Don't use numeric variable names with leading zeroes. 2022-08-01T17:07:04
Perl-Dist-APPerl GAHAYES Actually Portable Perl 2022-11-13T22:57:07
Perl-Server LTM A simple Perl server 2022-03-31T19:43:59
Perl5-CoreSmokeDB-Schema ABELTJE DBIC::Schema for the smoke reports database 2022-09-25T18:02:14
Perl5-Dist-Backcompat JKEENAN Will changes to dist/ build on older perls? 2022-01-21T22:00:16
Perlsac-rwsac HIREPLAN a module to read and write SAC file. 2022-12-27T10:14:40
Pg-SQL-PrettyPrinter DEPESZ Pretty printer for SQL queries 2022-10-03T11:01:03
Phone-Valid-International-Loose LNATION loosely validate international phone numbers via a regex 2022-02-19T03:01:37
PickLE NATHANPC An electronic component pick list application and file parser library. 2022-08-16T19:32:32
Plack-App-Data-Printer SKIM Plack Data::Printer application. 2022-04-06T23:00:04
Plack-App-GitHubPages-Faux PLICEASE PSGI app to test your GitHub Pages site 2022-08-31T17:12:42
Plack-App-Libarchive PLICEASE Serve an archive via libarchive as a PSGI web app 2022-09-04T16:35:45
Plack-App-Tags-HTML SKIM Plack application for running Tags::HTML objects. 2022-05-09T21:24:38
Plack-Auth-SSO-OIDC NJFRANCK implementation of OpenID Connect for Plack::Auth::SSO 2022-01-31T09:01:50
Plack-Component-Tags-HTML SKIM Plack component for Tags with HTML output. 2022-02-27T18:55:58
Plack-Middleware-Auth-OAuth2 SKIM Plack OAuth2 middleware. 2022-09-12T21:26:28
Plack-Middleware-CSP ASHLEY Apply HTTP::CSPHeaders to your psgi application. 2022-06-28T17:34:53
Plack-Middleware-EmulateOPTIONS RRWO handle OPTIONS requests as HEAD 2022-09-02T12:25:15
Plack-Middleware-Favicon_Simple MRDVT Perl Plack Middleware to provide favicon 2022-12-26T03:43:25
Plack-Middleware-Greylist RRWO throttle requests with different rates based on net blocks 2022-11-14T13:22:11
Plack-Middleware-Method_Allow MRDVT perl Plack Middleware to filter HTTP Methods 2022-12-26T05:16:46
Plack-Middleware-SecureHeaders KFLY manage security headers middleware 2022-05-06T11:29:38
Plack-Middleware-ValidateJSON MHANDISI Checks validity of JSON POST'd to a Plack app and generates an error response if the JSON is not valid 2022-05-24T20:55:11
PlayStation-MemoryCard GAHAYES Utilities for working with PlayStation memory card and save files 2022-07-20T02:52:14
Pod-L10N-Model ARGRATH Model for Pod::L10N 2022-09-03T06:55:58
Pod-LOL TIMKA Transform POD into a list of lists 2022-05-18T09:48:39
Pod-Query TIMKA Query pod documents 2022-05-18T09:50:06
Podman TSCHAEFER Library of bindings to use the RESTful API of Podman. 2022-01-30T10:58:00
Protocol-Dqlite FELIPE Dqlite in Perl 2022-09-22T12:33:09
REFECO-Blockchain-Contract-Solidity-ABI REFECO Contract ABI utilities 2022-11-13T00:57:11
REFECO-Blockchain-Contract-Solidity-ABI-Encoder REFECO Contract Application Binary Interface argument encoder 2022-10-24T00:17:31
RF-Antenna-Planet-MSI-Format MRDVT RF Antenna Pattern File Reader and Writer in Planet MSI Format 2022-09-19T19:36:03
RF-Component EWHEELER Compose RF component circuits and calculate values from objects (L, C, ESR, etc). 2022-10-20T01:37:35
RF-Functions MRDVT Perl Exporter for Radio Frequency (RF) Functions 2022-09-19T19:01:24
RPC-Switch-Client-Tiny BDZ Lightweight client for the RPC-Switch. 2022-04-11T14:40:42
RT-Extension-BooleanCustomField GIBUS RT-Extension-BooleanCustomField Extension 2022-12-13T14:33:32
RT-Extension-ChangeManagement BPS RT-Extension-ChangeManagement Extension 2022-03-01T13:10:04
RT-Extension-CopySubjectButton AVERKIOS RT-Extension-CopySubjectButton Extension 2022-07-08T13:14:15
RT-Extension-ImportCustomFieldValues ELACOUR Allow to import customfield values from CSV file 2022-02-07T16:40:59
RT-Extension-InlineAudioVideoAttachments GIBUS RT-Extension-InlineAudioVideoAttachments Extension 2022-12-13T15:19:31
RT-Extension-PagerDuty BPS RT-Extension-PagerDuty Extension 2022-06-22T14:31:00
Regex-Object ALEXPAN Solves problems with global Regex variables side effects. 2022-01-10T12:53:57
Regexp-From-String PERLANCAR Convert '/…/' or 'qr(…)' into Regexp object 2022-07-05T12:32:17
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Image-WhatsApp PERLANCAR Image filename saved by WhatsApp 2022-05-08T11:12:56
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Media-WhatsApp PERLANCAR Media (video, image) filename saved by WhatsApp 2022-05-08T11:13:07
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Video-WhatsApp PERLANCAR Video filename saved by WhatsApp 2022-05-08T11:13:19
Regexp-Sudoku ABIGAIL Solve Sudokus with regular expressions. 2022-02-24T22:05:03
Repo-RPM KXRCL perl module to create RPMs requires tree 2022-02-10T16:09:00
Rofi-Script STEWBEEF perl interface to the rofi menu 2022-07-09T07:46:41
Runtime-Debugger TIMKA Debug perl wihle its running. 2022-11-18T15:39:43
SPVM-Cwd KIMOTO get pathname of current working directory 2022-07-05T22:50:56
SPVM-Digest-MD5 KIMOTO SPVM interface to the MD5 Algorithm 2022-07-07T06:26:57
SPVM-Digest-SHA KIMOTO SPVM extension for SHA-1/224/256/384/512 2022-07-14T05:42:45
SPVM-Errno KIMOTO Error Number 2022-07-06T00:22:21
SPVM-IO KIMOTO I/O modules for File, Socket, select/polling. 2022-05-23T06:15:32
SPVM-IO-File KIMOTO File Input/Output 2022-05-10T01:23:51
SPVM-JSON KIMOTO JSON serializing/deserializing 2022-02-01T05:20:34
SPVM-MIME-Base64 KIMOTO Base64 encode/decode 2022-05-10T02:13:22
SPVM-Math-Complex KIMOTO Math Functions 2022-04-19T07:31:15
SPVM-Numpy KIMOTO Numpy is the Python/NumPy porting to Perl/SPVM 2022-11-09T06:29:22
SPVM-Regex KIMOTO Regular expression 2022-06-07T03:41:33
SPVM-Resource-Re2-V2022_06_01 KIMOTO Resource::Re2::V2022_06_01 is a resource of RE2. 2022-06-30T02:02:52
SPVM-Resource-SocketUtil KIMOTO The Resource for Socket Utilities 2022-12-03T23:21:45
SPVM-Resource-Zlib KIMOTO zlib Resource 2022-06-15T08:39:27
SPVM-Resource-Zlib-V1_2_11 KIMOTO zlib v1.2.11 Resource 2022-06-15T08:26:31
SPVM-Sys KIMOTO System Calls such as File IO, User, Process, Socket, 2022-09-13T06:15:38
SPVM-Time-Local KIMOTO Time::Local manipulation 2022-06-16T04:10:33
SPVM-Unicode KIMOTO SPVM Unicode Utilities. 2022-06-07T05:02:12
SQL-Abstract-Plugin-TableAlias LNATION automagical table aliasing 2022-02-23T16:32:24
SQL-Load LTM This module is a simple SQL file loader 2022-11-06T05:55:59
SQL-SimpleOps CCELSO SQL Simple Operations 2022-09-20T23:03:00
Sagan-Monitoring VVELOX LibreNMS JSON SNMP extend and Nagios style check for Sagan stats 2022-05-11T19:57:54
Sah-PSchemas-Re PERLANCAR Various regular-expression (parameterized) schemas 2022-07-31T00:05:19
Sah-Schemas-Data-Sah PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to Data::Sah 2022-10-05T00:20:17
Sah-Schemas-Phone PERLANCAR Schemas related to phones & phone numbers 2022-12-25T00:06:03
Sah-Schemas-Re PERLANCAR Various regular-expression schemas 2022-08-20T11:55:37
ScalarTypes-NumericTypes ZTENRETEP Perl extension for identifyling special types of numbers 2022-08-23T12:15:07
Schema-Abstract SKIM Abstract class for Schema modules. 2022-08-25T16:24:52
Schema-Data SKIM Abstract class for classes for database data. 2022-09-07T23:51:08
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-8_0 EZIMUEL Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 8.x APIs 2022-12-29T12:26:50
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-8_0-Async EZIMUEL Thin async client with full support for Elasticsearch 8.x APIs 2022-12-29T12:27:02
Search-Fzf LIYAO Ported Fzf using perl. 2022-07-18T08:17:56
Set-IntSpan-Util PERLANCAR Utility routines related to integer spans 2022-01-16T00:05:59
Shell-Var-Reader VVELOX Runs a sh or bash script and returns the variables that have been set as well as their values. 2022-10-03T21:00:56
Simple-Filter-Macro ZTENRETEP Perl extension for creating macro modules that are expanding use declarations inline in Perl code. 2022-11-05T15:02:44
Slovo-Plugin-Prodan BEROV Make and manage sales in your Slovo-based site 2022-02-13T20:16:05
Socket-More DRCLAW Interface and scoped passive addressing routines 2022-11-19T05:52:28
Sodium-FFI CAPOEIRAB FFI implementation of libsodium 2022-01-21T03:18:58
Software-Copyright DDUMONT Copyright class 2022-07-22T16:52:11
SpecioX-XS TOBYINK speed boost for Specio using Type::Tiny::XS 2022-10-19T21:33:27
Speech-Recognition-Vosk CORION offline voice recognition using the Vosk toolkit 2022-01-12T21:43:52
Stancer JDASILVA Stancer Perl library 2022-09-26T12:53:50
StandupGenerator JTREEVES Package to create and manage daily standup files 2022-07-05T00:21:58
Storable-Improved JDEGUEST Storable improved with core flaws mitigated 2022-07-23T11:39:56
String-Eertree CHOROBA Build the palindromic tree aka Eertree for a string 2022-01-08T22:45:04
String-Query-To-Regexp PERLANCAR Convert query to regular expression 2022-11-01T14:26:54
String-Tagged-Markdown PEVANS parse and emit text with Markdown inline formatting 2022-12-04T16:07:38
Sub-Boolean TOBYINK make XS true/false subs 2022-11-06T15:49:27
Sub-Remove STEVEB Remove a subroutine from the symbol table and its associated CODE glob 2022-02-21T20:37:39
Subs-Trace TIMKA Trace all calls in a package. 2022-09-29T10:13:39
Subunit CTRLSOFT 2022-11-16T21:56:01
Suricata-Monitoring VVELOX LibreNMS JSON SNMP extend and Nagios style check for Suricata stats 2022-04-20T20:25:26
Syntax-Keyword-Inplace PEVANS syntax for making inplace changes to variables 2022-03-09T18:10:11
Syntax-Operator-ExistsOr PEVANS an infix operator sensitive to hash element existence 2022-12-25T13:29:14
Syntax-Operator-In PEVANS placeholder module for infix element-of-list meta-operator 2022-06-24T22:36:03
Sys-OsPackage IKLUFT install OS packages and determine if CPAN modules are packaged for the OS 2022-05-14T07:25:23
Sys-OsRelease IKLUFT read operating system details from FreeDesktop.Org standard /etc/os-release file 2022-04-26T07:18:04
TableData-Perl-CPAN-Release-Static-2022 PERLANCAR CPAN releases for the year 2022 2022-02-18T06:49:02
TableDataBundle-Business-ID-BPOM PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules related to Indonesia's BPOM (Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan, or the National Agency or Drug and Food Control) 2022-10-27T09:40:06
TableDataBundle-Business-ID-DGIP PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules related to the Directorate General of Intellectual Property 2022-09-02T02:32:15
TableDataBundle-Business-ID-KBLI PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules related to KBLI (Kode Baku Lapangan Usaha, a.k.a. Standard Code of Business Field) 2022-12-04T00:05:54
TableDataBundle-Locale-JP-City PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain list of cities in Japan 2022-08-28T13:59:58
TableDataBundle-Software-License PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules related to software license 2022-12-11T00:06:04
Tags-HTML-Form SKIM Tags helper for form. 2022-09-12T15:22:45
Tags-HTML-Image-Grid SKIM Tags helper class for image grid. 2022-10-14T10:59:32
Tags-HTML-Login-Button SKIM Tags helper for login button. 2022-07-07T20:35:55
Tags-HTML-Pager SKIM Tags helper for pager. 2022-09-19T17:03:45
Tags-HTML-Table-View SKIM Tags helper for table view. 2022-11-09T15:11:36
Task-BeLike-GEEKRUTH GEEKRUTH TIMTOWTDI, but this works for GeekRuthie 2022-01-24T01:07:17
Telebot LIOL The Telebot command system 2022-02-06T17:21:57
Telegram-JsonAPI CINDY Telegram TDLib's JSON API 2022-04-11T18:13:15
Template-Plex DRCLAW Templates in (P)erl using (Lex)ical Aliasing 2022-02-16T07:42:07
Template-Plugin-CGI TODDR Simple Template Toolkit plugin interfacing to the module 2022-04-26T16:04:08
Template-Plugin-TallyMarks CHOROBA Convert numbers to tally marks. 2022-06-01T08:26:43
Term-ANSIColor-Concise UTASHIRO Produce ANSI terminal sequence by concise notation 2022-08-19T12:00:15
Term-Graille SAIFTYNET Terminal Graphics using Braille 2022-07-03T15:36:11
Term-QRCode-Compact CORION create QR codes for display in the terminal 2022-11-06T18:00:10
Term-hr WOLDRICH Color screen output using extended escape sequences 2022-05-08T12:28:46
Terminal-Control ZTENRETEP Perl extension for terminal control 2022-08-27T21:39:24
Terminal-Identify ZTENRETEP Module with methods for the control of the terminal window 2022-09-17T06:56:22
Terse LNATION lightweight JSON APIs. 2022-12-07T08:03:20
Terse-Config LNATION Terse configs 2022-12-13T14:36:32
Terse-Headers LNATION Terse headers 2022-12-13T04:07:39
Terse-Static LNATION Serve static resources 2022-12-12T14:59:02
Tesla-API STEVEB Interface to Tesla's API 2022-03-16T21:08:26
Tesla-Vehicle STEVEB Access information and command Tesla automobiles via the API 2022-03-18T21:14:52
Test-Circle CHYLLI 2022-09-16T09:26:17
Test-Circle2 CHYLLI 2022-09-19T23:38:47
Test-DBIC-Pg ABELTJE Connect to and deploy a DBIx::Class::Schema on Postgres 2022-07-27T14:15:23
Test-File-Cmp AAHAZRED Test routine for file comparison independent of CRLF or LF line endings. 2022-03-06T08:54:06
Test-Instruction LNATION A test framework 2022-06-23T17:33:22
Test-JSON-Type SKIM Test JSON data with types. 2022-07-04T11:19:53
Test-More-Bash INGY Write Perl tests in Bash 2022-07-25T04:32:24
Test-More-YAMLScript INGY Write Perl tests in YAMLScript 2022-07-22T20:22:36
Test-Named AIMASS Perl extension for named tests. Inspired on this: 2022-12-30T12:42:23
Test-Pod-CoverageChange BINARY Test Perl files for POD coverage and syntax changes 2022-08-10T06:02:30
Test-Release CHYLLI 2022-09-26T00:43:28
Test-Release4 CHYLLI 2022-09-26T00:55:03
Test-Sah-Filter PERLANCAR Test Data::Sah::Filter::* modules in distribution 2022-08-07T00:06:09
Test-Spy BRTASTIC build mocked interfaces and examine call data easily 2022-10-16T16:15:37
Test-Subunit CTRLSOFT 2022-11-16T22:00:04
Test-YAFT BARNEY Yet another testing framework 2022-07-05T12:30:50
Test2-Tools-Command JMATES run unix commands 2022-12-30T03:31:24
Test2-Tools-DOM JJATRIA Tools to test HTML/XML-based DOM representations 2022-03-16T18:46:40
Test2-Tools-MemoryCycle PLICEASE Check for memory leaks and circular memory references 2022-09-29T12:34:20
Test2-Tools-Rustfmt PLICEASE Test that bundled Rust code is formatted according to Rust style guidelines 2022-10-25T12:51:17
Text-CSV_XS-Backslash PERLANCAR Set Text::CSV_XS default options to use backslash as escape character 2022-03-06T09:41:28
Text-HyperScript NYARLA The HyperScript like library for Perl. 2022-09-30T05:22:55
Text-Hyphen-PT LEOLCA determine hyphenation positions in portuguese words 2022-01-10T16:55:30
Text-NSR CLIPLAND Read "newline separated records" (NSR) structured text files 2022-03-07T21:56:00
TimTools TIMKA Some common functions. 2022-05-13T13:07:14
Time-Duration-Concise-Localiz BINARY localize concise time duration string representation. 2022-09-30T07:08:04
TimeZone-Solar IKLUFT local solar timezone lookup and utilities including DateTime compatibility 2022-12-06T07:14:07
Tk-FileTree TURNERJW Tk::DirTree like widget for displaying & manipulating directories (and files). 2022-12-02T17:48:33
Tk-GtkSettings HANJE Give Tk applications the looks of Gtk applications 2022-05-16T18:16:34
Try-ALRM OODLER Provides alarm semantics similar to Try::Catch. 2022-07-14T04:16:41
Twitter-ID AJNN Parse the date from a Twitter Snowflake ID 2022-07-25T17:00:56
Type-FromSah TOBYINK create an efficient Type::Tiny type constraint from a Data::Sah schema 2022-09-28T22:32:18
Type-Library-Compiler TOBYINK compile a bunch of type constraints into a library with no non-core dependencies 2022-07-12T22:35:25
Types-JsonCoercions TOBYINK coercions to and from JSON 2022-06-06T11:34:59
Types-Sah-Firefox PERLANCAR Various Sah schemas related to Firefox 2022-09-28T01:06:10
Types-Self TOBYINK provides a "Self" type constraint, referring to the caller class or role 2022-04-21T15:15:36
Types-ULID BRTASTIC ULID type constraints 2022-11-07T19:26:58
UID2-Client JIRO Unified ID 2.0 Perl Client 2022-07-16T06:18:27
UID2-Client-XS JIRO Unified ID 2.0 Client for Perl (binding to the UID2 C++ library) 2022-07-16T06:18:38
UK-Vehicle IGIBBS Perl module to query the UK's Vehicle Enquiry Service API 2022-04-21T15:43:58
URI-PackageURL GDT Perl extension for Package URL (aka "purl") 2022-07-26T12:54:26
URN-OASIS-SAML2 WATERKIP Constants for urn:oasis SAML2 implementations 2022-07-19T21:09:50
UniEvent-WebSocket SYBER Extremely efficient asynchronous WebSocket Client and Server 2022-02-10T14:29:09
Unicode-ICU CPANEL ICU in Perl 2022-03-02T21:13:49
Unidexer LNATION 2022-09-27T14:30:45
VM-Libvirt-CloneHelper VVELOX Create a bunch of cloned VMs in via libvirt. 2022-06-24T18:41:11
Value-Diff BRTASTIC find out the difference between two Perl values 2022-11-24T21:29:13
Venus AWNCORP OO Library for Perl 5 2022-01-02T02:23:40
Voo ECARROLL Run functions at compile time, not runtime! 2022-08-08T00:28:27
WWW-SnipeIT SCOTTH API Access to Snipe-IT 2022-06-01T20:34:20
WWW-Twitch CORION automate parts of Twitch without the need for an API key 2022-03-08T18:16:22
Wasm-Wasm3 FELIPE Self-contained WebAssembly via wasm3 2022-04-11T19:12:57
Wasm-Wasmer FELIPE WebAssembly in Perl via Wasmer 2022-12-21T17:40:09
Weather-GHCN-Fetch PUCKERING Fetch station and weather data from the NOAA GHCN repository 2022-09-15T21:05:53
Weather-GHCN PUCKERING collect station objects and weather data 2022-09-15T20:47:26
WebFetch-Input-Atom IKLUFT get headlines for WebFetch from Atom feeds 2022-07-19T06:56:05
WebFetch-Input-RSS IKLUFT get headlines for WebFetch from RSS feed 2022-07-19T06:57:32
WebFetch-Output-TT IKLUFT save data from WebFetch via the Perl Template Toolkit 2022-07-19T06:57:43
WebFetch-Output-TWiki IKLUFT save data from WebFetch into a TWiki web site 2022-07-19T06:57:54
WebFetch-RSS IKLUFT compatibility mode to access WebFetch::RSS under its previous name 2022-10-26T06:44:08
WebSerivce-SendBird DERIV client to work with SendBird API 2022-11-13T08:17:36
WebService-ADSBExchange TYUPYRCML Interface with the ADSBExchange API 2022-09-15T18:23:24
WebService-Async-CustomerIO DERIV unofficial support for the service 2022-11-13T07:25:33
WebService-Async-Onfido DERIV Webservice to connect to Onfido API 2022-11-13T07:47:13
WebService-Async-Segment DERIV Unofficial support for the Segment service 2022-11-13T07:54:12
WebService-Async-SmartyStreets DERIV Access SmartyStreet API 2022-11-13T08:03:16
WebService-Fastly FASTLY an interface to most facets of the [Fastly API]( 2022-06-29T04:12:56
WebService-GAMSTOP DERIV GAMSTOP API Client Implementation 2022-11-13T08:29:12
WebService-LastFM-TrackInfo GENE Access to the track.getInfo slice of the LastFM API 2022-06-04T01:38:37
WebService-MyJSONs POLETTIX Perl SDK to consume the MyJSONs web service 2022-10-31T18:10:28
WebService-SendBird DERIV client to work with SendBird API 2022-12-20T10:27:55
WebService-SmartRow LANCEW Connect and get data from SmartRow API 2022-03-05T11:10:46
WebService-UK-Parliament LNATION Query the UK Parliament API 2022-02-24T08:41:25
WebService-eBay TYUPYRCML Interface with the eBay API 2022-08-25T21:19:41
Wikibase-API SKIM Wikibase API class. 2022-10-16T16:19:55
Wikibase-Datatype-Print SKIM Wikibase data types print. 2022-10-19T09:11:59
Win32-Elevate SUBJUT Perl module for gaining higher access privilege 2022-09-12T12:48:49
WordList-EN-Medical-Glutanimate PERLANCAR Medical word list (English) 2022-10-16T00:05:49
WordList-EN-Wordle PERLANCAR English word list for Wordle 2022-03-16T00:06:28
WordList-FromFile-Line PERLANCAR Wordlist from lines of file 2022-09-04T00:06:09
WordList-FromFile-Word PERLANCAR Wordlist from words in file 2022-09-11T00:05:47
WordList-ID-Wordle PERLANCAR Alias for WordList::ID::Katla 2022-03-21T00:06:02
WordListRole-Source-ArrayData PERLANCAR Role to use an ArrayData::* module as wordlist source 2022-03-15T00:06:30
XML-Enc TIMLEGGE A toolkit to help encrypt and decrypt XML Digital Signatures. 2022-03-26T14:55:24
XML-LibXML-xmlsec ESTRELOW XML signing/encription using xmlsec library 2022-08-23T16:17:35
XML-LibXMLSec DAKKAR bindings to some of xmlsec1 2022-08-17T14:09:55
XML-XPath-Helper-String AAHAZRED Helper functions for xpath expression 2022-08-12T17:54:13
YA-CLI WATERKIP Do CLI things 2022-06-09T16:38:27
YAML-As-Parsed LNATION Read/Write YAML predictably 2022-02-18T19:19:03
YAML-YAML2ADoc BZP Something like yaml2rst but for AsciiDoc and in Perl 2022-05-09T19:57:22
YAML-yq-Helper VVELOX Wrapper for yq for various common tasks so YAML files can be manipulated in a manner to preserve comments and version header. 2022-10-25T06:12:33
YAMLScript INGY YAML as a Programming Language 2022-07-03T21:49:13
YAMLTest INGY Write tests in YAMLScript 2022-07-24T15:13:43
YAOO LNATION Yet Another Object Orientation 2022-02-13T19:06:12
app-paperback MONACCI imposition of PDF pages for signature printing and bounding 2022-08-20T13:37:31
builtin-compat HAARG Provide builtin functions for older perl versions 2022-07-14T13:36:53
builtins DCONWAY Install all the new builtins from the builtin namespace 2022-07-14T07:48:53
builtins-compat TOBYINK install all the new builtins from the builtin namespace (Perl 5.36+), and try our best on older versions of Perl 2022-07-14T11:26:26
constant-more DRCLAW Assign values to constants from the command arguments 2022-04-14T11:40:42
libreplace ECARROLL Clobber your lib with PERL5LIB 2022-06-24T19:35:07
master AIMASS Perl extension for named tests. Inspired on this: 2022-12-29T14:40:05
module INABAJUN The great new Acme::Inabajun::Utils! 2022-04-06T10:09:11
mro-EVERY LEMBARK EVERY & EVERY::LAST pseudo-packages using mro. 2022-02-19T19:48:44
name GRAF 2022-02-02T17:57:40
oo_sub RWP Enable OOP in Perl 2022-12-12T14:10:56
oop RWP Use object-oriented versions of built-in Perl functions 2022-12-12T13:27:35
pEFL PERLMAX Perl bindings for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries 2022-10-29T13:48:23
perl-Test-Pod-CoverageChange DERIV Test Perl files for POD coverage and syntax changes 2022-08-09T13:56:39
perl-app-paperback MONACCI imposition of PDF pages for signature printing and bounding 2022-08-20T13:10:08
plack-middleware-signposting VPEIL a base class for Plack implementations of the Signposting protocol 2022-06-27T09:31:59
results TOBYINK why throw exceptions when you can return them? 2022-11-30T21:18:45
sealed JOESUF Run Django Templates in Perl 2022-09-01T16:01:26
sms-send-in-nicsms INDRADG Regional context SMS::Send driver to send messages via NIC's SMS Gateway ( ) 2022-10-09T09:21:19
uSAC-MIME DRCLAW MIME Type database with concise lookups 2022-01-12T13:33:17
zipdetails PMQS display the internal structure of zip files 2022-04-09T14:23:04


Number of new CPAN distributions this period: 789

Number of authors releasing new CPAN distributions this period: 252

Authors by number of new CPAN distributions this period:

No Author Distributions
2 SKIM 33
7 DERIV 16
11 FELIPE 12
16 MRDVT 9
18 TIMKA 9
26 INGY 6
31 RAJ 6
34 AJNN 5
38 KFLY 4
44 RRWO 4
45 CCM 4
48 SANKO 4
53 OVID 3
56 TONYC 3
61 PERO 3
64 GENE 3
65 BPS 3
68 ETHER 2
73 RHESA 2
74 INA 2
75 GUL 2
76 PMQS 2
87 RWP 2
90 TEAM 2
94 GDT 2
100 LEONT 2
101 ART 2
103 WYANT 2
106 JIRO 2
108 GIBUS 2
109 LTM 2
110 GRAY 1
116 FASTLY 1
117 DART 1
120 HAARG 1
121 SUBJUT 1
125 TOBIB 1
129 WHYNOT 1
130 BDZ 1
131 RENEEB 1
132 GUGOD 1
135 EDELL 1
140 RESSAM 1
142 ASHLEY 1
143 KNI 1
145 GLLORE 1
147 OODLER 1
148 MANWAR 1
149 LUCAS 1
150 JOENIO 1
152 LIOL 1
153 DEVEN 1
154 SYMKAT 1
161 PROCH 1
162 DAVIDI 1
163 DAKKAR 1
165 HOLLIE 1
166 CINDY 1
168 DOBBY 1
171 BOGDRO 1
172 BZP 1
174 NABOJ 1
175 DAMI 1
176 DRRHO 1
178 HOMQYY 1
182 SYBER 1
184 SKAJI 1
186 JV 1
187 IGIBBS 1
190 KXRCL 1
191 CREDO 1
193 TODDR 1
195 MAUKE 1
197 ZUBEAX 1
198 EGOR 1
201 LIYAO 1
203 BEROV 1
205 LEOLCA 1
207 RWF 1
208 BOREKL 1
209 SCOTTH 1
210 DOMM 1
211 CPANEL 1
216 DAVIES 1
217 TRSKI 1
218 GRAF 1
220 YANICK 1
221 NYARLA 1
222 XLAT 1
223 GHANDI 1
226 BMLT 1
227 ANEI 1
228 YHPENG 1
231 VPEIL 1
237 KALDOR 1
238 BLGL 1
239 DEPESZ 1
240 XYF 1
242 BLIAKO 1
244 CAVAC 1
245 HANJE 1
248 CYNOVG 1

List of new CPAN distributions in 2021

dist author abstract date
0.07-TRIAL2 XMIKEW Parse and format MySQL dates and times 2021-05-21T20:23:49
0.07-TRIAL3 XMIKEW Parse and format MySQL dates and times 2021-05-22T04:57:16
ACME-Dzil-Test-daemon DAEMON Module abstract placeholder text 2021-12-16T19:35:11
ACME-Dzil-Test-daemon2 DAEMON Module abstract placeholder text 2021-12-16T19:51:51
AI-Perceptron-Simple ELLEDNERA A Newbie Friendly Module to Create, Train, Validate and Test Perceptrons / Neurons 2021-08-23T10:44:55
API-Mathpix ERIAM Use the API of Mathpix 2021-11-22T08:07:21
Acme-Automatix CONTRA The great new Acme::Automatix! 2021-03-17T12:12:20
Acme-Brainbuz-markdown BRAINBUZ turns baubles into trinkets 2021-04-24T05:17:05
Acme-CPANModules-BrowsingTableInteractively PERLANCAR Creating a palette of visually distinct colors 2021-04-25T14:01:05
Acme-CPANModules-ContainingJustData PERLANCAR Modules that just contain data 2021-01-04T00:06:26
Acme-CPANModules-CreatingPaletteOfVisuallyDistinctColors PERLANCAR Creating a palette of visually distinct colors 2021-04-11T00:06:07
Acme-CPANModules-Frameworks PERLANCAR List of frameworks on CPAN 2021-03-25T04:15:03
Acme-CPANModules-HTMLTable PERLANCAR Modules that generate HTML tables 2021-05-23T00:06:09
Acme-CPANModules-HaveWebsite PERLANCAR Modules that have their own website 2021-02-16T08:36:11
Acme-CPANModules-ManagingMultipleRepositories PERLANCAR Managing multiple repositories 2021-05-16T00:05:13
Acme-CPANModules-OrganizingCPAN PERLANCAR Efforts to organize CPAN 2021-06-03T07:45:03
Acme-CPANModules-PAUSE PERLANCAR Modules that interact with PAUSE, the Perl Authors Upload Server 2021-09-10T02:56:29
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-Dummy PERLANCAR A dummy Acme::CPANModules list for testing 2021-05-30T00:05:33
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-Forked PERLANCAR List of my modules which are forked from others 2021-01-05T00:06:11
Acme-CPANModules-Parse-UnixShellCommandLine PERLANCAR Modules that parse command-line like Unix shells 2021-10-01T10:13:23
Acme-CPANModules-RandomData PERLANCAR Generating random person (name, title, age, etc) 2021-06-09T04:52:50
Acme-CPANModules-RandomPassword PERLANCAR Generating random passwords 2021-06-09T04:53:01
Acme-CPANModules-RandomPerson PERLANCAR Generating random person (name, title, age, etc) 2021-06-09T04:53:12
Acme-CPANModules-ShellCompleters PERLANCAR Modules that provide shell tab completion for other commands/scripts 2021-12-05T00:06:04
Acme-CPANModules-Sudoku PERLANCAR Sudoku-related modules on CPAN 2021-02-07T00:05:07
Acme-CPANModules-UUID PERLANCAR Modules that can generate immutable universally unique identifier (UUIDs) 2021-01-17T00:05:04
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithURL PERLANCAR Working with URL 2021-12-26T00:05:20
Acme-CPANModulesBundle-Import-DAVECROSS PERLANCAR Acme::CPANModules::* created from DAVECROSS's posts 2021-11-21T00:05:29
Acme-CPANModulesBundle-Import-MJGARDNER PERLANCAR Acme::CPANModules::* created from MJGARDNER's posts 2021-05-19T02:34:54
Acme-CoC-Dice BEDOSHI Dice role module for CoC TRPG. 2021-05-17T18:05:59
Acme-ConspiracyTheory-Random TOBYINK random theories 2021-01-31T21:24:16
Acme-ELLEDNERA-Utils ELLEDNERA Done for the sake of learning 🙂 2021-06-28T06:10:39
Acme-FishFarm ELLEDNERA A Fish Farm with Automated Systems 2021-10-29T18:44:05
Acme-ICan-tBelieveItCanSort SANKO Wait… It Actually Works? 2021-10-08T18:19:02
Acme-Markdown-Embarrassing CONTRA Testing the MetaCPAN Markdown converter 2021-04-11T16:12:21
Acme-MarkdownTest NEILB test module to see how markdown is handled 2021-11-14T12:07:46
Acme-MetaSyntactic-boboiboy PERLANCAR The BoboiBoy theme 2021-06-13T00:06:19
Acme-MetaSyntactic-legodcsupervillains BINGOS LEGO DC Super Villains theme 2021-03-02T20:15:02
Acme-MetaSyntactic-legotheincredibles BINGOS LEGO The Incredibles theme 2021-03-02T19:40:37
Acme-MetaSyntactic-ozark PERLANCAR The Ozark theme 2021-06-20T00:05:54
Acme-PERLANCAR-Dummy PERLANCAR Dummy distribution for various testing 2021-06-06T00:05:52
Acme-PERLANCAR-Dummy-POD PERLANCAR Dummy distribution for various POD testing 2021-07-09T00:25:17
Acme-PodOnly HAARG A distribution that only contains Pod 2021-09-20T14:50:32
Acme-Prereq-C CONTRA Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites 2021-05-15T16:30:18
Acme-Prereq-D CONTRA Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites 2021-05-15T16:31:45
Acme-Prereq-E CONTRA Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites 2021-05-15T16:33:08
Acme-Prereq-F CONTRA Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites 2021-05-15T16:34:41
Acme-Prereq-Itself CONTRA Module for testing CPAN module prerequisites 2021-05-15T17:38:58
Acme-Prereq-Regress CONTRA Module for testing CPAN Pause indexing 2021-05-31T15:29:51
Acme-STEVEB STEVEB One line description 2021-01-01T17:18:48
Acme-Version-Negative CONTRA Module for testing CPAN Pause indexing 2021-06-09T07:54:14
Acme-Version-Regress CONTRA Module for testing CPAN Pause indexing 2021-06-01T08:41:37
Acme-Version-utf8 CONTRA Module for testing CPAN Pause indexing 2021-06-01T08:58:59
Algorithm-Backoff-RetryTimeouts GSG A backoff-style retry algorithm with adjustable timeout support 2021-02-11T22:52:09
Alien-Build-Plugin-Extract-Libarchive PLICEASE Alien::Build plugin to extract a tarball using libarchive 2021-06-23T21:58:49
Alien-LibJQ DONGXU Build libjq library ( 2021-02-23T13:10:06
Alien-Meson ZMUGHAL Find or build meson build tool 2021-11-28T02:34:19
Alien-Ninja ZMUGHAL Find or build Ninja build tool 2021-11-26T16:17:10
Alien-OpenMP ETJ Encapsulate system info for OpenMP 2021-04-17T02:02:29
Alien-PGPLOT DJERIUS Build and Install the PGPLOT library 2021-09-25T03:18:36
Alien-PLplot ZMUGHAL Alien package for the PLplot plotting library 2021-10-21T00:38:03
Alien-PortMidi JBARRETT Install the Mixxx fork of PortMidi 2021-09-14T17:49:08
Alien-RtMidi JBARRETT Install RtMidi 2021-08-31T12:04:32
Alien-SNMP-MIBDEV INPHOBIA Build and install Net-SNMP 2021-06-17T22:14:42
Alien-SWIProlog ZMUGHAL Alien package for the SWI-Prolog Prolog interpreter 2021-11-15T06:52:29
Alien-WCSLIB DJERIUS a really awesome library 2021-05-12T18:58:32
Alien-Wslay EGOR Discover or download and install Wslay 2021-06-17T11:47:10
Alien-libgpiod SACAVILIA Find or build libgpiod (Linux GPIO character device library) 2021-11-15T22:19:17
Alien-libmaxminddb VOEGELAS Find or download and install libmaxminddb 2021-12-28T12:30:12
Alien-libsdl2 SANKO Find or download and install libsdl2 2021-05-18T00:12:58
Alien-libtiff RATCLIFFE Find or build libtiff 2021-05-15T16:33:14
Alien-libvterm PEVANS Alien wrapping for libvterm 2021-08-24T15:20:58
Alien-uPB-Core MBARBON build and find uPB (a.k.a. Unleaded) 2021-03-13T08:34:26
AltaPay_Try MAFEMBRAC 2021-11-16T08:50:30
Amazon-SNS-V4 JWRIGHT Amazon Simple Notification Service with v4 Signatures 2021-02-11T05:27:19
Amp-Client RES Blah blah blah 2021-06-08T12:40:01
Antsy BDFOY Streaming ANSI escape sequences 2021-02-25T20:33:57
AnyEvent-Discord NMELNICK Provides an AnyEvent interface to the Discord bot API 2021-01-28T15:19:18
Apache2-Dummy-RequestRec JFF dummy Apache request record class for testing 2021-12-14T08:34:47
Apache2-RequestData JFF collects all query and post parameters in a hash ref 2021-12-15T09:43:27
Apache2-SSI JDEGUEST Apache2 Server Side Include 2021-01-24T23:04:30
App-BPOMUtils PERLANCAR List food types in BPOM processed food division 2021-08-27T09:48:39
App-Bin4TSV TULAMILI 2021-05-27T10:38:48
App-Bin4TSV-6 TULAMILI pattern searcher given which column to seek together with regular expression 2021-06-09T14:20:57
App-Bin4TSV-8 TULAMILI 2021-06-16T16:32:17
App-Bin4TSV-9 TULAMILI 2021-06-28T16:12:06
App-Bitcoin-PaperWallet BRTASTIC Generate printable cold storage of bitcoins 2021-09-10T12:05:45
App-CPAN-Get SKIM Base class and script for getting of dist from CPAN. 2021-05-18T12:23:00
App-CPANChangesUtils PERLANCAR Parse CPAN Changes file 2021-11-03T00:06:00
App-CPANModuleSite DAVECROSS Automatically create a web site for a CPAN module. 2021-05-05T16:23:48
App-ClipboardUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to clipboard 2021-07-15T11:41:35
App-DataDirUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to datadirs 2021-08-23T03:39:27
App-Device-Chip-sensor PEVANS Base class to build Device::Chip::Sensor-based applications on 2021-01-21T14:55:01
App-Dex SYMKAT Directory Execute 2021-06-10T03:11:42
App-DiffPDFText PERLANCAR Diff the text of two PDF documents 2021-07-13T02:53:52
App-Dusage JV provide disk usage statistics 2021-01-03T21:56:56
App-EPAN POLETTIX Exclusive Perl Archive Nook 2021-06-12T16:04:03
App-Easer POLETTIX Simplify writing (hierarchical) CLI applications 2021-07-06T16:13:18
App-FileModifyUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to modifying files 2021-08-02T04:25:28
App-FilePacker SYMKAT Embed a self-extracting tarball in a Perl module. 2021-02-23T18:31:30
App-GeoCancerPrognosticDatasetsRetriever AALAMEER GEO Cancer Prognostic Datasets Retriever is a bioinformatics tool for cancer prognostic dataset retrieval from the GEO website. 2021-10-03T11:33:51
App-GhostWork INA Barcode Logger(When,Where,Who,What,toWhich,Why) 2021-09-20T04:41:19
App-Greple-ical UTASHIRO Module to support Apple OS X Calendar data 2021-04-24T03:21:45
App-Greple-xp UTASHIRO extended pattern module 2021-01-27T07:04:04
App-IODCounterSimpleUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities for IOD::Counter::Simple 2021-06-22T13:04:27
App-Images-To-DjVu SKIM Base class and script for composing DjVu files from images. 2021-11-13T14:29:36
App-Kramerius-To-Images SKIM Base class and script for creating Kramerius downloader. 2021-10-30T14:14:39
App-Kramerius-URI SKIM Base class and script for creating of Kramerius URI. 2021-10-22T14:16:26
App-Kramerius-V4 SKIM Base class and script for fetching document from Kramerius system, version 4. 2021-10-26T14:46:11
App-MigrateToTest2V0 UTGWKK Migrate your tests from Test::More to Test2::V0 2021-04-18T13:19:01
App-MineralUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to minerals (and mineral supplements) 2021-08-08T16:16:49
App-ModuleFeaturesUtils PERLANCAR CLI Utilities related to Module::Features 2021-07-18T00:05:15
App-PMVersionsUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to PMVersions 2021-06-22T13:04:38
App-PerlNitpick GUGOD change-suggester about insignificant details. 2021-03-15T14:33:25
App-Phoebe SCHROEDER a Gemini-based wiki 2021-08-02T14:22:22
App-ProxyThat SIMBABQUE Proxy an URL from the command line 2021-04-16T14:20:20
App-RcloneUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to rclone 2021-05-09T02:33:02
App-RouterColorizer JMASLAK Colorize router CLI output 2021-08-18T00:29:31
App-SQLiteCounterSimpleUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities for SQLite::Counter::Simple 2021-06-18T10:50:38
App-SQLiteKeyValueStoreSimpleUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities for SQLite::KeyValueStore::Simple 2021-06-18T10:50:49
App-SQLiteUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to SQLite 2021-04-25T00:05:48
App-ShellCompleter-YtDlp PERLANCAR Shell completion for yt-dlp 2021-09-07T14:57:07
App-StatisticsUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to statistics 2021-02-21T00:05:38
App-Stow-Check SKIM Distribution for stow-check script. 2021-06-08T16:31:18
App-Tac_n SHLOMIF tac with line numbers 2021-08-07T07:58:32
App-TaggedDirUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to tagged directories 2021-08-23T06:47:34
App-ThisDist-OnMetaCPAN PERLANCAR this-dist-on-metacpan and some other CLIs 2021-03-07T00:05:34
App-TimeZoneUtils PERLANCAR An assortment of time-zone-related CLI utilities 2021-09-12T00:05:16
App-TypecastTemplates MAMAWE Format records with different templates. 2021-08-10T12:19:15
App-URIInfoUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to URI::Info 2021-11-04T00:05:41
App-XScreenSaver-DBus DAKKAR main application class 2021-05-01T10:19:21
App-achart JHTHORSEN A program to print ASCII charts in the terminal 2021-08-24T07:18:56
App-ansiecho UTASHIRO Command to produce ANSI terminal code 2021-05-19T08:26:05
App-ansiexpand UTASHIRO ANSI sequence aware tab expand/unexpand command 2021-11-19T12:02:32
App-arraydata PERLANCAR Show content of ArrayData modules (plus a few other things) 2021-06-07T14:18:54
App-arxiv2bib SLITTL Extract bibliographic data from the arXiv API 2021-07-01T20:33:13
App-cal-idn PERLANCAR Display Indonesian calendar on the command-line 2021-05-02T00:06:08
App-colgrep TULAMILI pattern searcher given which column to seek together with regular expression 2021-06-06T17:21:44
App-colsummary TULAMILI 2021-06-08T10:14:34
App-cpanm-cpanmodules PERLANCAR Install all modules listed in an Acme::CPANModules::* module 2021-05-22T01:13:35
App-cpanm-task PERLANCAR Install Task modules 2021-05-22T01:26:14
App-crosstable TULAMILI Produce the crosstable from the 2 column data. Can also sum up a additional column by -3 switch option. 2021-06-06T16:50:49
App-csel TULAMILI 2021-06-06T16:15:12
App-dateseq-id PERLANCAR Generate a sequence of dates 2021-03-01T00:06:00
App-dateseq-idn PERLANCAR Like dateseq, but with built-in support for Indonesian holidays 2021-04-18T00:05:21
App-digitdemog TULAMILI 2021-06-13T09:16:49
App-dumpbin SANKO It's a PE Parser! 2021-09-17T18:04:33
App-efm_perl DELPHINUS It's new $module 2021-07-25T12:24:19
App-expandtab TULAMILI 2021-06-10T18:02:19
App-freq TULAMILI 2021-06-06T16:00:23
App-genpw-ind PERLANCAR Generate password from combination of Indonesian words 2021-05-07T02:45:52
App-geoCancerDiagnosticDatasetsRetriever AALAMEER GEO Cancer Diagnostic Datasets Retriever is a bioinformatics tool for cancer diagnostic dataset retrieval from the GEO website. 2021-11-19T16:04:54
App-geoCancerPrognosticDatasetsRetriever AALAMEER GEO Cancer Prognostic Datasets Retriever is a bioinformatics tool for cancer prognostic dataset retrieval from the GEO website. 2021-10-20T19:52:03
App-grep-email PERLANCAR Print lines having email address(es) (optionally of certain criteria) in them 2021-08-02T04:43:29
App-grep-url PERLANCAR Print lines having URL(s) (optionally of certain criteria) in them 2021-07-01T13:35:12
App-idxdb PERLANCAR Import data from IDX and perform queries on them 2021-01-19T14:47:31
App-knradio WOLDRICH interface for knradio, 92,2 FM 2021-03-19T12:45:14
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-borderstyle PERLANCAR lcpan subcommands related to BorderStyle 2021-01-10T00:05:14
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-depsort PERLANCAR More lcpan subcommands related to sorting by dependencies 2021-03-07T02:36:14
App-nioscli SSMN CLI for NIOS 2021-09-08T10:37:55
App-optex-rpn UTASHIRO Reverse Polish Notation calculation 2021-12-01T08:45:44
App-perlimports OALDERS Make implicit imports explicit 2021-04-22T20:14:05
App-podman PEVANS a terminal document viewer for POD and other syntaxes 2021-06-21T17:06:16
App-printenv-perl PERLANCAR Print environment variables as seen by a Perl script 2021-10-10T00:05:11
App-ptimeout DCANTRELL time out a command, reporting errors 2021-12-09T22:54:58
App-quickabspath PERLANCAR Print the absolute path 2021-07-15T01:21:13
App-renlikewd PERLANCAR REName a file so it becomes LIKE the current (Working) Directory's name 2021-11-15T11:17:21
App-sdview PEVANS a terminal document viewer for POD and other syntaxes 2021-06-21T23:11:29
App-seq-intrange PERLANCAR Like seq, but accepts intrange specification (e.g. 1,5-10,15) 2021-07-17T09:45:56
App-seq-numseq PERLANCAR Like seq, but accepts numseq specification (e.g. '1,3,5,…,101') 2021-07-17T09:51:05
App-sitelenmute SCHROEDER a static image gallery creator 2021-05-18T18:52:20
App-streamfinder PERLANCAR CLI for StreamFinder, a module to fetch actual raw streamable URLs from video & podcasts sites 2021-01-02T01:08:31
App-tabledata PERLANCAR Show content of TableData modules (plus a few other things) 2021-06-11T03:19:16
App-timeput TULAMILI 2021-11-13T12:44:23
App-tjoin TULAMILI 2021-11-13T05:14:58
App-traveller SCHROEDER a webserver that serves Traveller RPG maps 2021-06-24T08:37:00
App-venn TULAMILI 2021-06-06T04:25:12
App-zoo CCCACHE print bar, usually 2021-06-09T00:53:57
Archive-Libarchive PLICEASE Modern Perl bindings to libarchive 2021-05-31T00:39:09
Archive-Libarchive-Extract PLICEASE An archive extracting mechanism (using libarchive) 2021-05-31T22:36:46
Archive-Libarchive-Peek PLICEASE Peek into archives without extracting them 2021-05-31T19:10:40
Archive-Libarchive-Unwrap PLICEASE Unwrap files with multiple compression / encoding formats 2021-06-01T00:58:20
Array-Objectify LNATION objectify an array 2021-05-01T15:20:58
Array-Set-Naive PERLANCAR Like Array::Set, but uses naive algorithms 2021-12-05T00:06:15
ArrayData PERLANCAR Specification for ArrayData::*, modules that contains array data 2021-04-14T02:41:26
ArrayData-Lingua-Word-ID-KBBI PERLANCAR Indonesian words from Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia 2021-09-26T02:35:03
ArrayData-Number-Prime-First1000 PERLANCAR List of first 1000 prime numbers 2021-05-10T18:15:45
ArrayData-Word-ID-KBBI PERLANCAR Indonesian words from Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia 2021-05-07T11:40:13
ArrayData-WordList PERLANCAR Array data from a WordList::* module 2021-12-12T00:05:43
ArrayDataBundle-Char-Latin1 PERLANCAR ArrayData::* modules that contain Latin1 characters 2021-05-20T12:13:25
ArrayDataRole-BinarySearch-LinesInHandle PERLANCAR Role to be mixed in by ArrayData::* class that puts the elements as lines in a filehandle 2021-05-07T11:27:14
ArrayDataRoles-Standard PERLANCAR Standard set of roles for ArrayData 2021-04-14T02:41:37
Asm-C PRBRENAN Extract macro values and structure details from C programs. 2021-03-28T22:18:08
Astro-Coord-Constellations DKECHAG Identify the constellation for position (RA, Dec) 2021-04-05T11:47:21
Astro-Coord-Precession DKECHAG Precess coordinates between 2 epochs 2021-04-04T17:21:39
Astro-FITS-CFITSIO-FileName DJERIUS parse and generate CFITSIO extended file names. 2021-06-17T14:39:23
Astro-VEX GSB VEX (VLBI Experiment Definition) file handling module 2021-10-11T18:17:39
Audio-StreamGenerator OELE create a 'radio' stream by mixing ('cross fading') multiple audio sources (files or anything that can be converted to PCM audio) and sending it to a streaming server (like Icecast) 2021-01-10T12:29:18
Audio-TinySoundFont ATRODO Interface to TinySoundFont, a "SoundFont2 synthesizer library in a single C/C++ file" 2021-01-11T05:11:59
Avatica-Client LOGIONIZ Client for Apache Calcite Avatica 2021-12-13T06:43:41
Beekeeper JMICO Framework for building applications with a microservices architecture 2021-04-22T22:09:57
Bencher-Scenario-App-Sorted PERLANCAR Benchmark sorted vs is-sorted 2021-10-21T00:06:10
Bencher-Scenario-Array-Sample-Partition PERLANCAR Benchmark Array::Sample::Partition hash 2021-10-23T00:06:00
Bencher-Scenario-BinarySearch PERLANCAR Benchmark binary searching 2021-11-14T00:06:18
Bencher-Scenario-BinarySearch-File PERLANCAR Benchmark binary searching sorted lines from a file 2021-11-21T00:05:41
Bencher-Scenario-Color-RGB-Util PERLANCAR Benchmark Color::RGB::Util 2021-10-25T00:06:26
Bencher-Scenario-Perl-Startup PERLANCAR Benchmark startup time of perls 2021-06-10T00:38:38
Bencher-Scenarios-Array-Set PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark Array::Set 2021-10-22T00:05:55
Bencher-Scenarios-List-Utils-MoveElement PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark List::Utils::MoveElement 2021-07-23T01:14:07
Bencher-Scenarios-URI-Info PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark URI::Info 2021-11-21T00:05:52
BigIP-REST GROUSSE REST interface for BigIP 2021-04-11T15:01:54
Bin-Data-1D TULAMILI 2021-05-27T08:13:17
Bin-File-Dir TULAMILI 2021-05-26T03:42:12
Bin-File-Time TULAMILI 2021-05-26T02:33:30
Bin-Gen-Rand TULAMILI 2021-05-25T17:48:24
Bin-Li TULAMILI 2021-05-25T09:39:39
Bin-Subtotal TULAMILI Produce the crosstable from the 2 column data. Can also sum up a additional column by -3 switch option. 2021-05-26T16:28:51
Bin-TSV-Conv TULAMILI 2021-05-26T15:06:26
Bin-TSV-Util TULAMILI pattern searcher given which column to seek together with regular expression 2021-05-28T16:09:44
Bin-Text-Color-Plus TULAMILI 2021-05-25T17:04:55
Bio-Epithelium KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for Biology – CS 2021-08-25T10:09:52
Bio-MUST-Tools-Mcl DBAURAIN Scripts for processing MCL clusters 2021-01-17T15:59:01
Bio-MUST-Tools-TreeParsing DBAURAIN Scripts for parsing trees 2021-01-20T09:39:47
Bio-RNA-BarMap FELIXK Parse and query BarMap mappings. 2021-12-22T09:44:06
Bio-RNA-Barriers FELIXK Parse, query and manipulate output of Barriers 2021-12-22T15:42:06
Bio-RNA-Treekin FELIXK Classes for working with Treekin output. 2021-12-22T15:43:33
Book-Bilingual HOEKIT Data structure for a bilingual book 2021-04-16T07:56:58
Book-Collate LEAM Tools to Collate and Report Text Documents 2021-07-06T20:19:01
Boundary KFLY declare interface package 2021-03-03T15:24:06
Bundle-Bin4TSV TULAMILI Bundle related to "Bin4TSV" 2021-05-28T07:55:05
Business-Stripe-WebCheckout BOD Simple way to implement payments using Stripe hosted checkout 2021-04-15T17:44:34
CGI-Tiny DBOOK Common Gateway Interface, with no frills 2021-04-19T04:43:52
CGI-remote_addr GTERMARS Enhanced version of's "remote_addr()" 2021-02-15T18:10:38
CLI-Meta-YtDlp PERLANCAR Metadata for yt-dlp CLI 2021-09-07T14:57:18
CLI-Meta-cp PERLANCAR Metadata for 'cp' Unix commnd 2021-12-01T00:06:09
CLI-Meta-mv PERLANCAR Metadata for 'mv' Unix commnd 2021-12-02T00:05:32
CPAN-02Packages-Search SKAJI Search packages in 02packages.details.txt 2021-02-21T03:02:19
CPANPLUS-Dist-Debora VOEGELAS Create Debian or RPM packages from Perl modules 2021-08-16T15:49:51
CSS-Struct-Output-Indent-ANSIColor SKIM Indent printing 'CSS::Struct' structure to CSS code with ansi color output. 2021-01-29T00:21:47
CSS-Struct-Output-Structure SKIM Indent printing 'CSS::Struct' structure to CSS code. 2021-06-20T08:25:56
CSS-Tidy BKB reformat CSS 2021-01-27T00:52:18
CXC-Number DJERIUS A namespace for modules which deal with numbers. 2021-04-30T23:13:37
Catalyst-Plugin-CachedUriForAction ARISTOTLE drop-in supercharger for uri_for_action 2021-12-24T07:59:42
Catalyst-Plugin-PrometheusTiny SYSPETE Prometheus metrics for Catalyst 2021-06-05T16:42:30
Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-Redis-Fast SPAJAI lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Session/Store/Redis/ 2021-07-06T02:08:32
Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-StrongParameters JJNAPIORK methods for your request object to assist in content negotiation 2021-10-12T14:38:17
Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-StructuredParameters JJNAPIORK methods for your request object to assist in content negotiation 2021-10-15T18:57:37
CatalystX-Errors JJNAPIORK Default Web HTTP Error Pages 2021-01-27T18:00:27
Catmandu-DBI NICS Catmandu tools to communicate with DBI based interfaces 2021-10-11T07:29:14
CeeJay CEEJAY All about me. Cee Jay 2021-08-25T03:00:20
Cfwp-fio CCCACHE 2021-06-09T02:24:40
Cfwp-zoo CCCACHE print bar, usually 2021-06-09T02:31:14
Chess-Plisco GUIDO Representation of a chess position with move generator, legality checker etc. 2021-09-19T13:07:39
Clipboard-Any PERLANCAR Common interface to clipboard manager functions 2021-07-15T11:38:41
Cobol-Compiler KOBOLDWIZ a cobol compiler 2021-02-22T10:24:38
CodeGen-Protection OVID Safely rewrite parts of generated code 2021-04-18T08:02:06
ColorTheme-Distinct-WhiteBG PERLANCAR Pick some distinct colors (that are suitable for white background) for you 2021-01-20T01:46:39
ColorTheme-Search-Light PERLANCAR Light theme for text viewer/search application 2021-06-11T03:21:04
Command-Template POLETTIX A template to build command line arrays, and run them 2021-02-14T23:48:40
Commons-Link SKIM TODO. 2021-11-03T16:26:34
Complete-Finance-SE-IDX PERLANCAR Completion routines related to Indonesian Stock Exchange 2021-03-21T00:05:51
Complete-Rclone PERLANCAR Completion routines related to rclone 2021-05-01T07:04:16
Compress-LZString POPP LZ-based compression library 2021-06-12T13:25:35
Config-XrmDatabase DJERIUS Pure Perl X Resource Manager Database 2021-08-19T19:15:48
Contextual-Diag KFLY diagnosing perl context 2021-05-08T02:03:24
Cookie JDEGUEST Cookie Object 2021-11-18T01:39:59
Cookies JDEGUEST Cookies API for Server & Client 2021-11-14T09:32:02
Crayon LNATION CSS Toolkit 2021-01-25T21:54:30
Crypt-Bcrypt LEONT A modern bcrypt implementation 2021-12-29T00:10:57
Crypt-OpenSSL-Base-Func ABBYPAN Crypt Base Functions, using the OpenSSL libraries 2021-03-02T18:34:42
Crypt-OpenSSL-Verify-TRIAL TIMLEGGE OpenSSL Verify certificate verification in XS. 2021-01-20T02:13:50
Crypt-Passphrase LEONT A module for managing passwords in a cryptographically agile manner 2021-03-07T22:15:34
Crypt-Passphrase-Argon2 LEONT An Argon2 encoder for Crypt::Passphrase 2021-03-07T22:17:01
Crypt-Passphrase-Bcrypt LEONT A bcrypt encoder for Crypt::Passphrase 2021-03-07T22:28:47
Crypt-Passphrase-PBKDF2 LEONT A PBKDF2 encoder for Crypt::Passphrase 2021-03-11T21:06:45
Crypt-Passphrase-Scrypt LEONT A scrypt encoder for Crypt::Passphrase 2021-03-08T17:58:15
Crypt-SPAKE2Plus ABBYPAN SPAKE2+ protocol 2021-08-08T18:56:42
Crypt-xxHash CDN xxHash implementation for Perl 2021-03-17T10:43:30
Crypto-API MICVU Crypto API 2021-04-16T00:23:43
Crypto-Exchange-API MICVU Crypto Exchange API 2021-04-16T00:46:43
Crypto-Exchange-Binance MICVU Crypto Exchange Binance 2021-04-16T09:59:23
Crypto-Exchange-Binance-Spot-API MICVU Crypto Exchange Binance Spot API 2021-04-16T10:43:13
Cucumber-Messages EHUELS A library for (de)serializing Cucumber protocol messages 2021-07-23T10:04:01
Cucumber-TagExpressions CUKEBOT A library for parsing and evaluating cucumber tag expressions (filters) 2021-10-08T18:21:54
D64-Disk-Layout PAWELKROL Handling entire Commodore (D64/D71/D81) disk image data in pure Perl 2021-01-12T06:59:04
DBD-Avatica LOGIONIZ Driver for Apache Avatica compatible servers 2021-12-13T11:04:32
DBD-Phoenix LOGIONIZ Driver for Apache Avatica compatible servers 2021-12-13T10:29:10
DBI-Migration ALEXPAN An easy way to start using migrations. 2021-08-11T20:52:10
DBI-Schema-Migration ALEXPAN An easy way to start using migrations. 2021-08-11T20:58:58
DBIC-Violator VANSTYN Violate DBIC's most private moments 2021-05-11T00:32:36
DBIx-BatchChunker GSG Run large database changes safely 2021-02-17T20:09:21
DBIx-Class-BcryptColumn JJNAPIORK Set a column to securely hash on insert/update using bcrypt 2021-10-24T18:34:03
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-MySQLHacks GSG Useful MySQL-specific operations for DBIx::Class 2021-02-09T19:45:16
DBIx-Class-Schema-ResultSetNames GEEKRUTH Create resultset accessors from table names 2021-02-27T01:44:00
DBIx-Class-Storage-DBI-mysql-Retryable GSG MySQL-specific DBIC storage engine with retry support 2021-05-19T20:37:11
DBIx-Connector-Retry-MySQL GSG MySQL-specific DBIx::Connector with retry support 2021-05-04T16:00:04
DBIx-DBFlow JLMARTIN Database development helpers 2021-11-25T18:03:52
DBIx-DBFlow-Runtime JLMARTIN Runtime utilities for DBIx::DBFlow 2021-11-25T18:04:03
DBIx-OnlineDDL GSG Run DDL on online databases safely 2021-01-05T17:40:46
DBIx-ParseError-MySQL GSG Error parser for MySQL 2021-02-11T22:52:30
DBIx-Schema-Migration ALEXPAN An easy way to start using migrations. 2021-08-11T21:13:16
DBIx-Spreadsheet CORION Query a spreadsheet with SQL 2021-11-20T10:59:15
DNS-NIOS SSMN Perl binding for NIOS 2021-08-20T13:30:54
Dancer2-Plugin-ControllerAutoload GILS Autoload controllers 2021-11-22T16:49:10
Dancer2-Plugin-DBIx-Class GEEKRUTH syntactic sugar for DBIx::Class in Dancer2, optionally with DBIx::Class::Schema::ResultSetNames 2021-02-27T02:48:38
Dancer2-Plugin-PrometheusTiny SYSPETE Prometheus metrics for Dancer2 2021-06-19T18:10:27
Dancer2-Plugin-Syntax-ParamKeywords CROMEDOME Parameter keywords for the lazy 2021-05-13T15:46:42
Data-Dataset-ChordProgressions GENE Provide access to hundreds of possible chord progressions 2021-05-11T10:19:43
Data-Enum RRWO fast, immutable enumeration classes 2021-04-28T22:05:03
Data-FormValidator-Constraints-NumberPhone GTERMARS Data constraints, using Number::Phone 2021-01-18T00:00:20
Data-FormValidator-Filters-WikiTrim GTERMARS Trim filter for wikitext fields 2021-01-18T00:10:55
Data-FormValidator-Multi TRWWW Check multidimensional data structures with Data::FormValidator 2021-10-16T16:49:05
Data-FormValidator-URI GTERMARS URI constraint/filter for Data::FormValidator 2021-01-17T23:38:36
Data-Kramerius SKIM Information about all Kramerius systems. 2021-10-26T08:59:32
Data-Prepare ETJ prepare CSV (etc) data for automatic processing 2021-01-25T01:52:31
Data-QuickMemoPlus-Reader BSHIELDS Extract text from QuickMemo+ LQM export files. 2021-01-31T03:04:54
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_array-From_str-csv_row PERLANCAR Coerce a single CSV row to array of scalars 2021-08-08T00:05:07
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_array-From_str-tsv_row PERLANCAR Coerce a single TSV row to array of scalars 2021-10-17T00:05:05
Data-Sah-DefaultValue PERLANCAR Default-value rules for Data::Sah 2021-11-28T17:37:50
Data-TableData-Lookup PERLANCAR Lookup value in a table data structure 2021-04-10T23:19:44
Data-TableData-Object PERLANCAR Manipulate data structure via table object 2021-04-10T09:32:10
Data-TableData-Rank PERLANCAR Add a rank column to a table 2021-11-16T21:41:51
Data-Text NHORNE Class to handle text in an OO way 2021-09-12T20:44:16
DataStructure MATHIAS Collection of useful data-structures in pure Perl 2021-06-20T21:34:41
Date-ManipX-Almanac WYANT Add almanac date/time functionality (sunrise, etc.) to Date::Manip 2021-07-03T14:22:17
DateTime-Format-JP JDEGUEST Japanese DateTime Parser and Formatter 2021-07-21T15:53:33
DateTime-Patch-AddDowNameToYmd PERLANCAR Make DateTime's ymd() output YYYY-MM-DDXX instead of YYYY-MM-DD, where XX is 2-letter day-of-week name 2021-10-24T00:05:43
Debian-DEP12 MERKYS interface to Debian DEP 12 format 2021-02-18T14:10:35
Decl-Tok MICHAEL Given a line iterator, returns a token stream that tokenizes the lines as first-pass Decl 2021-03-27T23:22:15
Deplide-RFID-EPCISSubmitter AVAJADI Perl extension for blah blah blah 2021-10-26T15:45:46
Desktop-Open PERLANCAR Open a file or URL in the user's preferred application 2021-07-02T11:43:13
Devel-Agent AKALINUX 2021-12-27T04:37:26
Devel-Deanonymize TOBIB A tool do make anonymous sub visible to Devel::Cover 2021-06-24T07:10:22
Devel-GlobalSub ZARABOZO Automagically import a subroutine into all namespaces 2021-04-16T09:41:18
Devel-PatchPerl-Plugin-Darwin GUCCHISK patchperl plugin for darwin 2021-03-06T15:42:35
Devel-Util TDRUGEON a collection of general-utility development subroutines 2021-03-02T14:53:55
Device-Chip-AS3935 PEVANS chip driver for AS3935 2021-05-29T00:32:47
Device-Chip-Adapter-Gpiod SACAVILIA Device::Chip::Adapter implementation for Linux GPIO character devices 2021-11-16T02:08:49
Device-Chip-CCS811 PEVANS chip driver for CCS811 2021-12-22T16:05:33
Device-Chip-MAX44009 PEVANS chip driver for MAX44009 2021-06-04T15:32:50
Device-Chip-OPT3001 PEVANS chip driver for OPT3001 2021-06-04T15:33:02
Dist-Zilla-MintingProfile-AlienBuild PLICEASE A minimal Dist::Zilla minting profile for Aliens 2021-09-23T19:37:39
Dist-Zilla-MintingProfile-FFI PLICEASE A minimal Dist::Zilla minting profile for FFI 2021-10-03T03:21:48
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ArchiveTar PLICEASE Create dist archives using Archive::Tar 2021-08-03T17:20:53
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-BorderStyle PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building distribution that has BorderStyle modules 2021-05-09T00:05:07
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Docker MSCHOUT Build docker image and upload to a docker repository 2021-08-31T20:58:58
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-EnsureMinimumPerl GTERMARS Ensure that you have specified a minimum version of Perl 2021-01-10T20:08:56
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-GitHub-RequireGreenBuild GTERMARS Require a successful GitHub Actions workflow run 2021-01-05T06:35:36
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Libarchive PLICEASE Create dist archives using Archive::Libarchive 2021-08-03T15:30:23
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Module-Features PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Module::Features::* distribution 2021-08-15T00:05:15
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Perinci-CmdLine PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Perinci::CmdLine::* distributions 2021-10-17T00:05:16
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Prereqs-From-cpmfile SKAJI Register prereqs from cpmfile 2021-07-21T03:32:33
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-SignReleaseNotes TIMLEGGE Create and signs a 'Release' notes file 2021-12-07T21:53:19
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-SyncCPANfile PERLSRVDE Sync a cpanfile with the prereqs listed in dist.ini 2021-01-07T14:22:37
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-TableData PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building TableData::* distribution 2021-09-27T16:25:52
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-ASDAGO ASDAGO ASDAGO's Dist::Zilla plugin bundle 2021-06-04T20:46:18
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-DOMM DOMM Dist::Zilla config suiting my needs 2021-01-01T17:49:35
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-VNEALV VNEALV A plugin bundle for distributions config as common dist.ini by VNEALV 2021-06-26T03:12:57
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-DOMM DOMM Dist::Zilla config suiting my needs 2021-01-01T16:56:37
DjVu-Detect SKIM Detect DjVu file 2021-05-30T11:00:15
DuckCurses KOBOLDWIZ Duck Tales game using curses library 2021-02-03T14:59:24
Dyn SANKO dyncall Backed FFI 2021-11-17T04:53:54
ELab-Client AKHUETTEL Access the eLabFTW API with Perl 2021-12-16T13:10:17
End-Eval PERLANCAR Take code from import arguments, then eval it in END block 2021-08-06T11:34:40
End-Eval-Env PERLANCAR Take code from environment variable(s), then eval it in END block 2021-08-06T11:34:52
End-Eval-FirstArg PERLANCAR Take code from first command-line argument, then eval it in END block 2021-08-06T11:35:03
Evo-EA KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for evolutionary algorithms 2021-07-08T06:44:42
Evo-GA KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for genetic algorithms 2021-07-05T07:10:37
Evo-Immune KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for GA for the biological immune system 2021-07-06T11:17:37
Evo-Inference KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for an Inference engine for Evolutionary Algorithms 2021-07-08T09:17:18
Evo-QUIP KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for QUIP (Quadratic Unconstrained Integer Program) 2021-09-02T09:00:12
Excel-Grinder ECHERNOF Import/export plain Excel (XLSX) files as simply as possible. 2021-02-16T05:11:14
FASTX-Abi PROCH Read Sanger trace file (chromatograms) in FASTQ format. For traces called with hetero option, the ambiguities will be split into two sequences to allow usage from NGS tools that usually do not understand IUPAC ambiguities. 2021-11-08T12:37:18
FFI-C-Stat PLICEASE Object-oriented FFI interface to native stat and lstat 2021-05-27T22:42:17
Fancazzista-Scrap AMICELI Scrap websites and reddit posts 2021-01-23T09:16:30
Faster-Maths PEVANS make mathematically-intense programs faster 2021-05-05T16:52:18
Feature-Compat-Defer PEVANS make defer syntax available 2021-08-26T13:44:07
Feature-Compat-Try PEVANS make try/catch syntax available 2021-01-22T14:55:15
File-Codeowners CCM Read and write CODEOWNERS files 2021-04-02T20:07:25
File-Edit HOEKIT A naive, probably buggy, file editor. 2021-04-06T08:17:09
File-Find-Rule-DjVu SKIM Common rules for searching DjVu files. 2021-11-13T11:34:03
File-FormatIdentification-RandomSampling ART methods to identify content of device o media files using random sampling 2021-01-14T14:56:43
File-SortedSeek-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR A fork of File::SortedSeek with some more options 2021-04-25T02:32:01
File-Symlink-Util PERLANCAR Utilities related to symbolic links 2021-12-02T22:17:47
File-Syslogger VVELOX Use POE to tail a file and read new lines into syslog. 2021-11-27T14:59:37
File-Temp-MoreUtils PERLANCAR Provide more routines related to creating temporary files/dirs 2021-07-12T11:48:26
File-Temp-Patch-VarOptions PERLANCAR Allow File::Temp's tempfile() and tempdir() to receive options via package variables 2021-10-31T00:06:12
File-Temp-VarOptions PERLANCAR Like File::Temp, but allowing to set options with variables 2021-11-07T00:05:37
File-TreeCreate SHLOMIF recursively create a directory tree. 2021-08-26T10:59:46
Finance-Alpaca SANKO Perl Wrapper for Alpaca's Commission-free Stock Trading API 2021-04-26T17:44:22
Finance-BankVal-UK UNIFIEDSW A module for controlling REST web service calls to Unified Software's UK bank validation services 2021-07-05T13:11:16
Finance-Dogechain CHROMATIC use the API from Perl 2021-04-18T23:07:46
Finance-ID-KSEI PERLANCAR Get information from KSEI (Kustodian Sentral Efek Indonesia) (Indonesian Central Securities Depository) 2021-02-01T12:41:10
Fork-Utils CDN set of usefull methods to work with processes and signals 2021-04-23T17:01:34
Freecell-Deal-MS SHLOMIF deal Windows FreeCell / FC Pro layouts 2021-12-06T13:14:19
Function-Runner HOEKIT Define functions at a higher level and run them 2021-05-07T14:58:01
Function-Version HOEKIT Define and use different function versions 2021-04-21T10:09:41
Future-IO-Impl-Tickit PEVANS implement Future::IO with Tickit 2021-08-24T13:19:09
Future-IO-Impl-UV PEVANS implement Future::IO using UV 2021-01-22T11:51:40
Future-Timer JKUTEJ timer implemented as Future 2021-07-21T21:43:43
Future-Workflow PEVANS asynchronous workflow management using futures 2021-11-25T11:29:14
GFX-Enhancer KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for enhancing scanned in images 2021-08-16T19:27:59
Game-Entities JJATRIA A simple entity registry for ECS designs 2021-05-28T23:16:08
Game-FaceGenerator SCHROEDER a web app to combina random images into faces 2021-09-18T22:00:32
Game-HeroesVsAliens LNATION A tower defense game. 2021-03-26T17:46:47
Game-HexDescribe SCHROEDER a web app to add random table driven data to map data 2021-09-10T19:00:36
Game-TextMapper SCHROEDER a web app to generate maps based on text files 2021-09-05T20:54:45
Games-Dice-Roller LORENZO a full featured dice roller system 2021-01-12T14:25:14
Games-Simutrans-Pakset WLINDLEY Represents an entire Pakset for the Simutrans game 2021-05-29T00:59:36
Games-TabNoun PERLANCAR Select nouns from list of words, as fast as possible 2021-09-21T01:16:17
Geo-Coder-Mapbox NHORNE Provides a Geo-Coding functionality using 2021-10-05T21:11:06
Geo-GoogleEarth-Pluggable-Plugin-AsGeoJSON MRDVT PostgreSQL ST_AsGeoJSON plugin for Geo::GoogleEarth::Pluggable 2021-10-06T19:52:23
Geo-H3 MRDVT H3 Geospatial Hexagon Indexing System 2021-06-13T06:29:24
Geo-H3-FFI MRDVT Perl FFI binding to H3 library functions 2021-06-12T02:16:04
Geo-LibProj-FFI AJNN Foreign function interface to PROJ coordinate transformation software 2021-03-03T18:42:46
Geonode-Free-ProxyList JULIODCS Get Free Geonode Proxies by using some filters 2021-09-25T18:06:08
Getopt-Auto-Long-Usage KSTRZEROK generate usage strings from Getopt::Long specs 2021-05-24T22:11:44
Getopt-EX-Hashed UTASHIRO Hash store object automation 2021-07-25T15:58:18
Git-Background SKIRMESS Perl interface to run Git commands (in the background) 2021-12-20T20:03:02
GitHub-Actions JMERELO Work in GitHub Actions using Perl 2021-01-14T11:05:32
GitHubDDL MACOPY GitDDL compatibility database migration utility when hosted on GitHub 2021-11-30T04:24:01
GnuCash-SQLite HOEKIT A module to access GnuCash SQLite files 2021-04-06T09:55:19
Go-Tokenize BKB Tokenize Go 2021-03-10T10:12:14
GooCanvas2-CairoTypes ASOKOLOV Bridge between GooCanvas2 and Cairo types 2021-02-19T00:34:37
Google-ISBNNumbers ECHERNOF Retrieve book info by ISBN number 2021-02-25T16:19:40
Google-UULE-Generator FAYLAND Generate Google UULE param 2021-04-12T08:01:13
Graph-Line MERKYS Generate line graphs 2021-02-05T13:25:21
Graph-Undirected-Hamiltonicity ASHWIN decide whether a given Graph::Undirected contains a Hamiltonian Cycle. 2021-09-04T00:25:43
Graphite-Simple CDN 2021-07-23T08:52:20
Grizzly NOBUNAGA Grizzly – A command-line interface for looking up stock quote. 2021-08-28T17:46:27
Gtk2-Html2 XAOC DEPRECATED Perl bindings for the GtkHtml2 Html display widget 2021-01-07T05:47:33
Gtk2-Recent XAOC (DEPRECATED) Perl wrapper to the recent files spec Gtk 2021-01-07T06:08:02
GuacLite JBERGER Toolkit for implementing a frontend server/client the Apache Guacamole system 2021-03-08T16:19:07
Gzip-Libdeflate BKB Perl interface to libdeflate 2021-02-12T14:51:11
Gzip-Zopfli BKB abstract here. 2021-02-24T10:15:14
HTML-Inspect MARKOV Inspect a HTML document 2021-12-08T11:00:05
HTML-Make-Calendar BKB Make an HTML calendar 2021-01-09T16:21:29
HTML-Make-Page BKB Automate making HTML <head> and <body> 2021-01-30T07:42:47
HTTP-Request-Webpush ESTRELOW HTTP Request for web push notifications 2021-02-09T20:31:34
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin-NewestFirefox PERLANCAR Set User-Agent to newest Firefox 2021-08-22T00:06:20
Hash-ExtendedKeys LNATION Hash Keys 2021-04-27T10:15:34
Hash-RestrictedKeys LNATION restricted hash keys 2021-04-29T07:19:00
Hash-Util-Exists-Tiny AAHAZRED Some hash helper functions related to perl's exists function. 2021-11-18T15:32:09
HashData PERLANCAR Specification for HashData::*, modules that contains hash data 2021-05-21T01:39:24
HashDataBundle-CPAN PERLANCAR HashData::* modules related to CPAN 2021-05-21T13:32:16
HashDataRoles-Standard PERLANCAR Standard set of roles for HashData 2021-05-21T10:08:55
Health-SHC TIMLEGGE Extract and verify Smart Haelth Card information 2021-12-26T15:29:22
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-RemoteHealth GSG Get results from an HTTP HealthCheck 2021-11-01T21:29:34
Healthchecks LDIDRY interact with Healthchecks API 2021-08-03T13:34:42
HiD-Generator-BibtexPage BYTERAZOR HiD Bibtex publication list page generator 2021-02-25T18:38:32
Hustle-Table DRCLAW Fast dynamic dispatching to subroutines 2021-06-22T06:07:24
INI-Reader-Regexp RAJ INI Parser 2021-03-30T09:10:48
IO-AIO-Promiser FELIPE Promise interface around IO::AIO 2021-03-24T13:07:17
IO-AsyncX-Notifier TEAM Combining IO::Async::Notifier with Object::Pad 2021-10-24T20:20:52
IO-BufferedSelect2 CDRAKE Line-buffered select interface with stream-reading facility 2021-05-03T14:09:02
IO-FDSaver FELIPE Save file descriptors from Perl’s garbage collection. 2021-03-24T02:19:51
IO-Term-Status PEVANS print log lines to a terminal with a running status bar 2021-09-11T16:04:45
IOD-Counter-Simple PERLANCAR A simple counter using IOD/INI file 2021-06-21T10:38:32
IP-Geolocation-MMDB VOEGELAS Map IP addresses to country codes 2021-12-28T12:55:42
IURL-XS BRDUCH parsing URLs with zero-copy and no mallocs 2021-11-30T04:48:15
Image-Magick JCRISTY objected-oriented Perl interface to ImageMagick. Use it to create, edit, compose, or convert bitmap images from within a Perl script. 2021-05-02T11:53:16
Image-PNG-Data BKB manipulate the image data part of PNGs 2021-02-03T14:25:59
Image-PNG-Util BKB manipulate the image data part of PNGs 2021-01-03T06:15:28
Imager-IMBarcode-JP TANIGUCHI Japan's Intelligent Mail Barcode Generator 2021-06-30T13:34:20
IntRange-Iter PERLANCAR Generate a coderef iterator from an int range specification (e.g. '1,5-10,20') 2021-07-17T01:11:48
Iterator-Breathe GENE Iterate a counter up and back 2021-11-28T16:42:24
Iterator-Flex DJERIUS Iterators with flexible behaviors 2021-10-05T22:06:52
Iterator-Merger TDRUGEON an iterator to efficiently merge sorted iterators 2021-02-25T14:55:57
Iterator-Records-Lines MICHAEL Provides simple record iterators for reading text line by line 2021-03-16T14:06:58
JSON-DJARE-Writer SARGIE Write DJARE files 2021-09-28T15:48:44
JSON-JQ DONGXU jq ( library binding 2021-03-13T15:40:55
JSON-Pointer-Extend VRAG JSON::Pointer extension module 2021-04-05T10:24:25
JSON-Schema-Modern ETHER Validate data against a schema 2021-06-09T02:31:25
JSON-Schema-Modern-Document-OpenAPI ETHER One JSON Schema document 2021-11-10T04:51:41
JSON-Schema-Tiny ETHER Validate data against a schema, minimally 2021-03-30T05:41:01
JSON-Server BKB JSON-only server 2021-01-15T09:31:56
JSONSchema-Validator LOGIONIZ Validator for JSON Schema Draft4 and OpenAPI Specification 3.0 2021-07-21T22:15:36
JSON_minify RCOSCALI minify a JSON and also remove comments 2021-01-23T18:17:33
Jacode4e INA program for enterprise 2021-02-11T06:13:02
Kelp-Module-Raisin BRTASTIC Raisin integration with Kelp 2021-01-16T10:13:53
Kelp-Module-Sereal BRTASTIC Sereal encoder / decoder for Kelp 2021-01-21T16:02:54
LINE-Notify-Simple HOLLY 2021-06-14T15:06:03
LINQ TOBYINK an interpretation of Microsoft's Language Integrated Query 2021-03-25T10:14:20
LINQ-Database TOBYINK LINQ extension for working with databases 2021-04-11T23:32:33
Lagrange KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for Lagrange Theory and Applications 2021-04-12T20:39:07
Lang-Go-Mod BCLAWSIE parse and model go.mod files 2021-07-25T22:31:04
Lib-CPUInfo XSAWYERX Perl interface to PyTorch's libcpuinfo C library 2021-04-10T13:42:38
Lib-PWQuality XSAWYERX Perl interface to the libpwquality C library 2021-04-14T13:37:50
Lingua-Poetry-Haiku-Finder TOBYINK find poetry in the least poetic places 2021-08-17T11:46:55
Lingua-StarDict-Writer NATARAJ A module that allows to create a StarDict dictionary 2021-04-16T10:25:09
Lingua-String NHORNE Class to contain a string in many different languages 2021-01-22T22:00:14
Linux-MCELog ERICLEE Perl extensions to extract memory failure information from MCELog UNIX domain socket on Linux. 2021-04-12T07:03:23
Linux-Sys-CPU-Affinity CDN Perl XS extension for setupping CPU affinity 2021-03-11T16:41:29
List-AllUtils-Null PERLANCAR List subroutines that treat undef as contagious unknown, like null in SQL 2021-04-01T14:10:38
List-GroupingPriorityQueue JMATES priority queue with grouping 2021-03-13T17:45:27
List-Helpers-XS CDN Perl extension to provide some usefull functions with arrays 2021-03-14T15:43:52
List-Keywords PEVANS a selection of list utility keywords 2021-04-27T14:31:07
List-Util-Find PERLANCAR List utilities related to finding items 2021-06-10T02:16:44
List-Utils-MoveElement DSTROMA Move elements of a list, optionally with XS. 2021-07-22T15:27:00
Loctools-Markdown AFAN Localization-focused Markdown parser/generator 2021-01-11T03:37:54
Log-Any-Adapter-Coderef TEAM Provide stacktrace and other information to generic Log::Any handlers 2021-02-16T00:52:15
Log-Any-Adapter-DERIV BINARY one company's example of a standardised logging setup 2021-10-28T06:34:34
Log-Any-Adapter-JSON TONKIN One-line JSON logging of arbitrary structured data 2021-03-03T23:39:46
Log-ger-Format-HashArgs PERLANCAR Log using hash arguments 2021-05-15T00:05:31
Lyrics-Fetcher-LyricsOVH BIGPRESH Get song lyrics from 2021-03-10T22:44:26
MIDI-Bassline-Walk GENE Generate walking basslines 2021-05-17T16:56:01
MIDI-SP404sx RVOSA Convert between MIDI files and SP404sx patterns 2021-04-10T11:44:51
MIME-DB TDRUGEON Media Type Database, a port of the mime-db JavaScript package 2021-03-17T17:51:26
Mail-Exim-Blacklist-Attachments VOEGELAS Blacklist email attachments 2021-12-18T07:39:23
Mail-Exim-Blacklist-GeoIP VOEGELAS Map IP addresses to country codes 2021-12-18T07:48:30
Mail-Exim-Blacklist-Geolocation VOEGELAS Map IP addresses to country codes 2021-12-28T16:03:39
MakeWithPerl PRBRENAN Make with Perl 2021-05-29T01:42:59
Markdown-Compiler SYMKAT Perl Markdown Compiler 2021-08-21T16:28:51
Markdown-Parser JDEGUEST Markdown Parser Only 2021-08-23T05:30:30
Math-Cryptarithm CYFUNG Solving simple cryptarithm. 2021-07-09T08:10:58
Math-LinearApprox ZHMYLOVE fast linear approximation of 2D sequential points 2021-03-19T21:21:54
Math-Random-Free MERKYS Free drop-in replacement for Math::Random 2021-05-11T05:00:29
Math-Ryu SISYPHUS perl interface to the ryu C library. 2021-11-29T11:44:09
Media-Convert WOUTER a Moose-based library to work with media assets 2021-09-21T11:02:47
Minecraft-ServerStatus LDILLEY A Minecraft server status checker 2021-02-21T10:49:15
Minion-Backend-Redis DFUG Redis backend for Minion job queue 2021-04-06T17:15:46
Mock-Data NERDVANA Extensible toolkit for generating mock data 2021-08-26T22:38:58
Module-Abstract PERLANCAR Extract the abstract of a locally installed Perl module 2021-08-27T08:16:27
Module-Features PERLANCAR Define features for modules 2021-02-21T12:56:43
Module-Features-Dummy PERLANCAR Dummy feature set, for testing 2021-06-27T00:05:23
Module-Features-PerlTrove PERLANCAR Put Perl trove classifiers in your module 2021-03-25T04:20:28
Module-Features-PythonTrove PERLANCAR Put Python trove classifiers in your module 2021-03-25T03:09:05
Module-Features-Set PERLANCAR Features of modules that generate text tables 2021-11-28T00:05:43
Module-Features-TextTable PERLANCAR Features of modules that generate text tables 2021-02-25T00:19:48
Module-FeaturesUtil-Check PERLANCAR Check feature set specification and feature declaration 2021-03-26T00:24:55
Module-FeaturesUtil-Get PERLANCAR Get a feature 2021-07-01T00:06:05
Module-List-More-Patch-Hide PERLANCAR Hide some modules from Module::List::More 2021-01-03T00:05:37
Module-Znuny-CoreList PERLSRVDE what modules shipped with versions of Znuny (>= 2.3.x) 2021-10-25T12:33:31
Module-cpmfile SKAJI Parse cpmfile 2021-07-21T02:51:45
Mojo-DOM-Role-Restrict LNATION The great new Mojo::DOM::Role::Restrict! 2021-08-05T17:53:38
Mojo-Darkpan RES A Mojolicious web service frontend leveraging OrePAN2 2021-12-08T16:03:19
Mojo-IOLoop-Delay JBERGER (DISCOURAGED) Promises/A+ and flow-control helpers 2021-02-14T21:26:15
Mojo-Leds EBRUNI Leds aka Light Environment (emi) for Development System based on Mojolicious 2021-07-26T16:02:33
Mojo-OBS-Client CORION Mojolicious client for the OBS WebSocket remote plugin 2021-04-02T19:49:19
Mojo-Reactor-Prima KARASIK Prima event loop backend for Mojo::Reactor 2021-04-21T11:12:02
Mojo-Response-JSON-Path SCESANO use JSON::Path for searching JSON responses 2021-02-10T08:18:15
Mojo-UserAgent-SecureServer JHTHORSEN Secure application server for Mojo::UserAgent 2021-01-12T04:06:48
Mojo-WebSocket-PubSub EBRUNI A Mojolicious publish/subscribe channels based on websocket. 2021-10-04T15:21:13
MojoX-HTTP-Async CDN simple package to execute multiple parallel requests to the same host 2021-11-25T12:35:49
Mojolicious-Matterbridge CORION a simplistic module to connect to chat servers via matterbridge 2021-01-27T20:31:23
Mojolicious-Plugin-CHI-Route AKRON Route Caching in Mojolicious 2021-05-21T20:15:55
Mojolicious-Plugin-Component AWNCORP Module-based Component Renderer 2021-01-06T05:30:09
Mojolicious-Plugin-Export PREACTION Export a Mojolicious website to static files 2021-03-21T20:45:38
Mojolicious-Plugin-Export-Git PREACTION Export a Mojolicious site to a Git repository 2021-03-21T20:42:48
Mojolicious-Plugin-GSSAPI OETIKER Provide Kerberos authentication for incomming https requests 2021-03-22T15:46:28
Mojolicious-Plugin-LinkedContent-v9 EBRUNI manage linked css and js 2021-08-19T13:13:22
Mojolicious-Plugin-Minion-Starter SCESANO start/stop minion workers with the Mojolicious server 2021-02-10T16:38:29
Mojolicious-Plugin-MongoDBv2 EBRUNI MongoDB v2 driver in Mojolicious 2021-07-09T14:57:46
Mojolicious-Plugin-Mongodbv2 EBRUNI MongoDB v2 driver in Mojolicious 2021-07-09T16:13:49
Mojolicious-Plugin-Obrazi BEROV a gallery generator command 2021-06-11T11:37:37
Mojolicious-Plugin-Restify-OtherActions EBRUNI Mojolicious plug-in which extends Restify with more actions 2021-07-19T14:07:34
Mojolicious-Plugin-Route LTM Plugin to loader files of routes 2021-07-16T01:59:44
Mojolicious-Plugin-TagHelpers-ContentBlock AKRON Mojolicious Plugin for Content Blocks 2021-09-07T12:37:39
Mojolicious-Plugin-Text-Minify RRWO remove HTML intendation on the fly 2021-09-09T12:20:00
Mojolicious-Plugin-YamlRoutes HDELGADO Generates routes from a yaml file 2021-11-13T03:04:21
MooX-Clone SIMBABQUE Make Moo objects clone-able 2021-02-20T22:37:01
MooX-MouseTypeConstraints KARUPA Mouse type constraints for Moo 2021-07-30T04:16:43
MooX-Params-CompiledValidators ABELTJE A Moo::Role for using Params::ValidationCompiler. 2021-03-19T03:50:05
Music-Beets-Info WOLDRICH Import data from Beets database into a perl data structure 2021-08-14T07:40:08
Music-Guidonian JMATES a "Guidonian Hand" melodic phrase generator 2021-07-01T18:21:05
Music-RhythmSet JMATES sets of rhythms and various generation functions 2021-03-13T17:46:54
Myriad DERIV async microservice framework 2021-04-16T01:27:23
Nasm-X86 PRBRENAN Generate Nasm X86 code from Perl. 2021-03-30T00:46:17
Neo4j-Types AJNN Common Neo4j type system 2021-01-18T20:04:35
Net-Async-DigitalOcean DRRHO Async client for DigitalOcean REST APIv2 2021-05-03T20:06:37
Net-Async-Spotify VNEALV Interaction with API 2021-06-27T16:20:25
Net-BigIP GROUSSE REST interface for BigIP 2021-05-10T18:46:55
Net-ClamAV-Client BYTERAZOR A client class for the ClamAV clamd virus scanner daemon 2021-09-10T19:32:27
Net-Connection-FreeBSD_sockstat VVELOX Creates Net::Connection objects using sockstat on FreeBSD. 2021-02-08T12:48:53
Net-Curl-Easier FELIPE Convenience wrapper around Net::Curl::Easy 2021-02-17T17:21:47
Net-Dimona GARU acesso rápido à API de print-on-demand da Dimona. 2021-08-25T19:50:48
Net-Google-CivicInformation TONKIN client for the Google Civic Information API 2021-02-06T04:10:25
Net-Libwebsockets FELIPE libwebsockets in Perl 2021-10-17T00:38:26
Net-Magallanes HUGUEI encapsulation of API calls to RIPE Atlas project. 2021-07-15T21:19:27
Net-OBS-Client FSM simple OBS API calls 2021-01-12T20:16:54
Net-Payment-CCAvenue-NonSeamless SHARDIWAL Processing orders using CCAvenue billing page! 2021-06-15T06:37:13
Net-Protocol-OBSRemote CORION event-loop agnostic protocol to control OBS via the WebSocket plugin 2021-04-02T19:43:37
Net-RFC3161-Timestamp AKHUETTEL Utility functions to request RFC3161 timestamps 2021-11-04T19:55:04
Net-SNMP-Mixin-ArubaCX-Dot1qFdb GAISSMAI mixin class for ArubaCX switch forwarding databases 2021-08-24T16:05:25
Net-SNMP-Mixin-ArubaCX-VlanStatic GAISSMAI mixin class for ArubaCX static vlan info 2021-08-28T12:03:05
Net-Silverpeak-Orchestrator ABRAXXA Silverpeak Orchestrator REST API client library 2021-02-18T09:55:01
Net-Telnet2 KARASIK Interact with TELNET port or other TCP ports 2021-05-21T09:23:16
Net-WebSocket-EVx EGOR Perl wrapper around Wslay websocket library 2021-06-17T15:57:22
Netstack CARELINE turns baubles into trinkets 2021-09-28T08:26:25
NumSeq-Iter PERLANCAR Generate a coderef iterator from a number sequence specification (e.g. '1,3,5,…,101') 2021-07-17T09:46:51
Number-Pad PERLANCAR Pad numbers so the decimal point (or "E" if in exponential notation) align 2021-08-01T03:40:40
OEIS ABIGAIL Fetch values from sequences of the OEIS. 2021-04-12T17:47:59
OPM-Maker PERLSRVDE Module/App to build and test OPM packages for Znuny, OTOBO, ((OTRS)) Community edition. 2021-03-13T10:31:42
OPM-Maker-Command-sopm PERLSRVDE Build .sopm file based on metadata 2021-12-19T14:39:30
OPM-Validate PERLSRVDE Validate .opm files 2021-03-14T07:55:29
OTRS-OPM-Validate PERLSRVDE Validate .opm files 2021-01-15T17:28:41
Object-Pad-ClassAttr-Struct PEVANS declare an Object::Pad class to be struct-like 2021-08-08T23:20:58
Object-Pad-SlotAttr-Final PEVANS declare Object::Pad slots readonly after construction 2021-07-29T10:14:26
Object-Pad-SlotAttr-Isa PEVANS apply class type constraints to Object::Pad slots 2021-08-10T10:12:43
Object-Pad-SlotAttr-LazyInit PEVANS lazily initialise Object::Pad slots at first read 2021-08-02T21:03:10
Object-Pad-SlotAttr-Trigger PEVANS invoke an instance method after a :writer accessor 2021-07-29T10:26:14
Object-Util-Stringify PERLANCAR Utility routines related to object stringification 2021-09-28T01:50:09
OpenAPI-Generator DOOJONIO generate openapi definition 2021-04-10T13:06:27
OpenMP-Environment OODLER Perl extension managing OpenMP variables in %ENV within a script. 2021-04-06T16:12:06
OpenSMTPd-Filter ANDREW Easier filters for OpenSMTPd in perl 2021-05-15T18:47:29
Ozeki-Libs-Rest ZUSY You can use this module to send SMS messages with the Ozeki SMS Gateway using Perl. 2021-07-29T11:50:01
PDL-IO-Matlab ETJ Read and write Matlab format data files. 2021-05-01T06:53:41
PDLx-Bin1D DJERIUS one dimensional binning functions 2021-05-07T18:17:08
PERLSDK MAFEMBRAC 2021-11-16T06:48:00
PLS MREISNER Perl Language Server 2021-06-27T23:00:49
POE-Filter-EPPTCP MAT EPP Frame parsing for POE 2021-03-12T15:34:43
POE-Filter-SimpleXML MAT Simple XML parsing for POE 2021-03-12T17:28:28
Package-Checkpoint PLICEASE Checkpoint the scalar, array and hash values in a package for later restoration 2021-04-26T22:44:25
Parse-Lnk ZARABOZO A cross-platform, depencency free, Windows shortcut (.lnk) meta data parser. 2021-05-01T08:41:17
Parse-Yapphp SCHIECHEO A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapphp module 2021-10-05T20:35:07
Passwd-Keyring-Secret UHLE Password storage implementation using the GObject-based Secret library. 2021-09-06T20:55:36
Path-Tiny-Archive-Tar DIONYS Tar/untar add-on for file path utility 2021-03-01T18:43:53
Path-Tiny-Archive-Zip DIONYS Zip/unzip add-on for file path utility 2021-02-18T14:01:09
Paws-Credential-AssumeRoleWebIdentity PRAJITH The AssumeRoleWebIdentity provider is used to obtain temporary credentials with an OIDC web identity token file. 2021-03-07T18:26:12
PensioAPI MAFEMBRAC Integrate AltaPay gateway with Perl projects. 2021-11-16T12:06:40
Pensio MAFEMBRAC Integrate AltaPay gateway with Perl projects. 2021-11-16T09:25:50
Perinci-Manual PERLANCAR Extra documentation for Perinci 2021-02-14T00:06:05
Perinci-Sub-Args-Common PERLANCAR A collection of common subroutine argument specifications 2021-07-04T00:05:45
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-Finance-SE-IDX PERLANCAR Completion routines related to the Indonesian Stock Exchange 2021-03-28T00:06:11
Perl-Critic-Community DBOOK Community-inspired Perl::Critic policies 2021-05-27T06:45:59
Perl-Critic-Policy-InputOutput-ProhibitHighPrecedentLogicalOperatorErrorHandling JONASBN prohibits logical error handling in open statements 2021-05-24T11:09:38
Perl-Critic-Policy-ProhibitImplicitImport OALDERS Prefer symbol imports to be explicit 2021-02-19T22:58:00
Perl-Critic-Policy-RegularExpressions-ProhibitHighPrecedentLogicalOperatorErrorHandling JONASBN prohibits logical error handling in open statements 2021-05-24T10:52:26
Perl-Oberon KOBOLDWIZ an Oberon compiler system written in Perl 5 2021-04-20T10:15:47
Perl-PrereqScanner-Scanner-DistZilla-PluginBundle ASDAGO scan for required plugins in Dist::Zilla plugin bundles 2021-04-26T23:27:42
Perl-PrereqScanner-Scanner-TestNeeds SKIRMESS scan for modules loaded with Test::Needs 2021-07-09T22:17:36
Pinto-Remote-SelfContained ARC interact with a remote Pinto repository 2021-03-06T15:39:43
Plack-App-Redirect SKIM Plack application for redirection. 2021-06-16T15:49:56
Plack-App-WWW LTM Serve cgi-bin and static files from root directory 2021-04-08T03:38:57
Plack-Middleware-TrafficAdvice RRWO handle requests for /.well-known/traffic-advice 2021-06-08T16:15:52
Pod-Coverage-TrustMe HAARG Pod::Coverage but more powerful 2021-04-07T19:47:41
Pod-Modifier VERMAUDH Modify/ add to an existing POD dynamically 2021-01-22T15:12:08
Pod-PseudoPod-Book CHROMATIC manages books written in the Pod::PseudoPod format 2021-06-20T20:52:17
Pod-PseudoPod-DOM CHROMATIC an object model for Pod::PseudoPod documents 2021-06-20T20:05:01
Pod-Reader MONSIEURP curses TUI to read Perl POD from. 2021-08-30T22:07:52
Pod-Simple-Words PLICEASE Parse words and locations from a POD document 2021-06-24T06:38:08
Pod-Thread RRA Convert POD data to the HTML macro language thread 2021-03-28T16:38:11
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-ArrayData PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building ArrayData::* distribution 2021-05-10T18:31:23
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Module-Features PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building distribution that has feature definer or featurer declarer modules 2021-08-01T00:05:07
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Perinci-CmdLine PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Perinci::CmdLine::* distribution 2021-10-24T00:05:55
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-TableData PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building TableData::* distribution 2021-09-27T16:26:03
Pod-Weaver-Role-RequireFromBuild PERLANCAR Role to require() from Dist::Zilla build files 2021-09-27T16:26:25
Promise-AsyncAwait FELIPE Async/await with promises 2021-02-24T02:20:46
Promise-Me JDEGUEST Fork Based Promise with Asynchronous Execution, Async, Await and Shared Data 2021-06-20T02:00:35
Pulsar-WebSocket-Client WESLEY Perl client for Apache Pulsar WebSocket API 2021-01-31T05:33:14
QRCode-Base45 YENYA Base45 encoding used in QR codes 2021-07-12T13:48:54
RT-Extension-AuditLog LENDL RT-Extension-AuditLog Extension 2021-02-16T18:20:05
RT-Extension-FilterRules AJWOOD Filter incoming tickets through rule sets 2021-09-04T09:58:20
RT-Extension-HelpDesk BPS RT-Extension-HelpDesk Extension 2021-03-30T17:44:59
RT-Extension-ReplyWithMail AVERKIOS RT-Extension-ReplyWithMail Extension 2021-11-04T16:34:47
RT-Extension-ShareSearchLink AJWOOD RT-Extension-ShareSearchLink Extension 2021-08-26T17:43:22
RT-Extension-TemplateTickets AJWOOD Designate tickets as templates for new tickets 2021-09-12T18:47:11
RT-Extension-TerminalTheme BPS RT-Extension-TerminalTheme Extension 2021-03-11T15:34:17
RTIR-Extension-MISP BPS RTIR-Extension-MISP Extension 2021-10-08T17:25:23
Rclone-Util PERLANCAR Utility routines related to rclone 2021-05-09T02:33:24
Redis-OpenTracing VANHOESEL Wrap Redis inside OpenTracing 2021-08-26T20:05:25
Regexp-Common-Apache2 JDEGUEST Apache2 Expressions 2021-02-15T10:16:06
Regexp-Pattern-DefHash PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to DefHash 2021-07-22T12:26:36
Regexp-Pattern-Email PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to email 2021-08-02T10:27:47
Regexp-Pattern-IntRange PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to integer ranges 2021-07-17T00:03:19
Regexp-Pattern-URI PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to URI 2021-07-01T13:37:44
Require-Util PERLANCAR Utilities related to require() 2021-06-29T02:59:26
Rex-CMDB-TOML VVELOX TOML-based CMDB provider for Rex 2021-10-20T01:14:24
Rex-Interface-Shell-Idrac4 ALIP Rex module to support iDRAC 2021-03-09T12:53:50
Rex-Interface-Shell-Ilo ALIP Rex module to support iLO 2021-03-09T13:46:29
Rex-Shell-Interface-Idrac4 ALIP Rex module to support iDRAC 2021-03-05T11:05:50
Rex-Shell-Interface-Ilo ALIP Rex module to support iLO 2021-03-05T10:57:57
Rex-Virtualization-CBSD VVELOX CBSD virtualization module for bhyve 2021-10-14T17:43:40
Role-TinyCommons-BinarySearch-LinesInHandle PERLANCAR Provide has_item() that uses binary search 2021-05-07T12:01:53
Role-TinyCommons-Collection PERLANCAR Roles related to collections 2021-04-20T02:54:02
Role-TinyCommons-Iterator PERLANCAR A basic iterator 2021-04-19T06:21:16
RoleBundle-TinyCommons-Collection PERLANCAR Roles related to collections 2021-10-31T00:06:23
RoleBundle-TinyCommons-Iterator PERLANCAR Iterator roles 2021-11-07T00:05:48
RoleBundle-TinyCommons-Tree PERLANCAR Roles related to object tree 2021-11-14T00:06:29
SDL2 SANKO FFI Wrapper for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) Development Library 2021-06-22T14:19:27
SDL2-FFI SANKO FFI Wrapper for SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) Development Library 2021-07-04T06:06:52
SMS-Send-KR-Aligo KEEDI An SMS::Send driver for the SMS service 2021-04-11T13:26:00
SPVM-Math KIMOTO SPVM Math Functions 2021-12-07T07:10:23
SQL-Abstract-Pg SRI PostgreSQL features for SQL::Abstract 2021-02-20T16:53:26
SQLite-Counter-Simple PERLANCAR A simple counter using SQLite 2021-06-18T10:51:00
SQLite-KeyValueStore-Simple PERLANCAR A simple key-value store using SQLite 2021-06-18T10:51:11
Sah-Manual PERLANCAR Documentation for Sah 2021-07-28T03:05:34
Sah-Schemas-ArrayData PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to ArrayData 2021-06-17T10:43:17
Sah-Schemas-Bencher PERLANCAR Sah schemas for Bencher 2021-07-23T00:33:47
Sah-Schemas-BorderStyle PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to BorderStyle 2021-01-25T23:04:51
Sah-Schemas-CPANModules PERLANCAR Sah schemas for Acme::CPANModules 2021-07-21T15:01:14
Sah-Schemas-ColorTheme PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to ColorTheme 2021-01-25T23:08:00
Sah-Schemas-Finance-SE-IDX PERLANCAR Schemas related to the Indonesian Stock Exchange 2021-04-04T00:05:17
Sah-Schemas-IntRange PERLANCAR Sah schemas for various integer ranges 2021-07-16T11:47:58
Sah-Schemas-JSON PERLANCAR Various schemas related to JSON 2021-09-29T01:36:29
Sah-Schemas-ModuleFeatures PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to Module::Features 2021-07-11T00:05:28
Sah-Schemas-NumSeq PERLANCAR Sah schemas for number sequences 2021-07-17T10:24:48
Sah-Schemas-TableData PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to TableData 2021-06-11T03:21:15
Scalar-Type DCANTRELL 2021-05-01T17:56:01
Script-Singleton STEVEB Ensure only a single instance of a script can run 2021-06-28T13:08:21
Search-Typesense OVID Perl interface to Typesense search engine. 2021-03-22T12:25:05
See INA Debug See 2021-04-14T17:27:18
SelectPdf SELECTPDF Get the result of an asynchronous call. 2021-11-12T10:01:15
Selenium-Client TEODESIAN Module for communicating with WC3 standard selenium servers 2021-02-04T17:56:39
Sentry-SDK PMB integration 2021-02-08T22:38:36
Set-CSS SHLOMIF set of CSS classes 2021-12-14T07:13:47
Setup-File-Line PERLANCAR Insert/delete a line in a file (with undo support) 2021-08-02T04:16:15
Simd-Avx512 PRBRENAN Simd::Avx512 – Emulate SIMD instructions 2021-01-25T22:42:25
SmallRegistry-EPP MAT SmallRegistry EPP Server 2021-03-12T14:24:14
Spreadsheet-Compare TOMK Module for comparing spreadsheet-like datasets 2021-03-23T14:47:07
Statistics-Descriptive-PDL SLAFFAN A close to drop-in replacement for Statistics::Descriptive using PDL as the back-end 2021-09-05T07:00:07
Statocles-Plugin-VideoTag GENE Change video file anchors to video elements 2021-01-14T01:13:20
Stats-Fermi KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for Fermi, Boltzmann potentials 2021-04-12T09:58:18
Stats-Hawking KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for a Hawking Boltzmann Model 2021-04-12T18:52:44
Store-Directories CAMTAUXE Manage a key/value store of directories with controls for 2021-01-07T20:15:58
String-Trim-NonRegex PERLANCAR String trimming functions that do not use regex 2021-06-16T14:34:47
String-Trim-Regex MBURGER Trims the spaces off the leading / trailing string. 2021-06-13T17:12:42
Sub-Deprecate ECARROLL Assists in providing deprecation notices to subs 2021-07-01T16:25:59
Sub-Genius OODLER manage concurrent Perl semantics in the uniprocess execution model of perl. 2021-04-27T17:32:06
Sub-Genius-TRIAL OODLER module for managing concurrent Perl semantics in the uniprocess execution model of perl. 2021-04-27T03:41:47
Sub-WrapInType-Attribute KFLY attribute for Sub::WrapInType 2021-03-23T04:20:53
Syntax-Keyword-Combine-Keys LNATION The great new Syntax::Keyword::Combine::Keys! 2021-06-14T22:22:50
Syntax-Keyword-Defer PEVANS add defer block syntax to perl 2021-03-25T14:51:42
Syntax-Keyword-Finally PEVANS add FINALLY phaser block syntax to perl 2021-01-31T19:31:17
Syntax-Keyword-Match PEVANS a match/case syntax for perl 2021-04-14T23:14:12
Syntax-Keyword-MultiSub PEVANS multiple dispatch on subroutines 2021-10-28T20:58:25
Syntax-Operator-Divides PEVANS an infix operator for division test 2021-08-31T17:57:09
Syntax-Operator-Equ PEVANS equality operators that distinguish undef 2021-08-31T17:57:20
Syntax-Operator-Zip PEVANS infix operator to compose two lists together 2021-09-23T21:02:43
Sys-Binmode FELIPE Fix Perl’s system call character encoding. 2021-03-02T15:31:06
TCOD JJATRIA FFI bindings for libtcod 2021-07-08T23:00:54
TOML-XS FELIPE Parse TOML with XS 2021-04-10T23:55:38
Table-Trans BKB simple translations for templating 2021-01-28T23:49:00
Table-Translations BKB simple translations for templating 2021-01-28T14:54:38
TableData PERLANCAR Specification for TableData::*, modules that contains table data 2021-04-11T12:35:35
TableData-CPAN-Release-Static-2021 PERLANCAR CPAN releases for the year 2021 2021-09-28T10:38:14
TableData-Locale-US-State PERLANCAR US states 2021-06-01T15:08:27
TableData-Lookup PERLANCAR Lookup value in a table data structure 2021-01-16T10:12:12
TableData-Perl-CPAN-Release-Static-2021 PERLANCAR CPAN releases for the year 2021 2021-10-07T00:06:28
TableData-Quote-JamesFT PERLANCAR Quotes from JamesFT github repository 2021-06-11T03:21:26
TableDataBundle-CPAN-Release PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain CPAN releases data 2021-09-28T10:36:47
TableDataBundle-CPAN-Release-Static-Older PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain older CPAN releases data 2021-09-27T16:35:39
TableDataBundle-Lingua-Word-EN-Adjective PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain English adjectives 2021-06-01T15:22:26
TableDataBundle-Lingua-Word-EN-Adverb PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain English adverbs 2021-06-01T15:34:14
TableDataBundle-Lingua-Word-EN-Noun PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain English nouns 2021-06-01T15:41:01
TableDataBundle-Perl-CPAN-Release PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain CPAN releases data 2021-10-08T00:05:58
TableDataBundle-Perl-CPAN-Release-Static-Older PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain older CPAN releases data 2021-10-09T00:05:56
TableDataBundle-Perl-Release PERLANCAR Collection of TableData:: modules that contain Perl releases data 2021-10-01T13:17:25
TableDataRoles-Standard PERLANCAR Standard set of roles for TableData 2021-04-11T12:36:08
Tags-HTML SKIM Tags helper abstract class. 2021-10-03T15:37:45
Tags-HTML-GradientIndicator SKIM Tags helper for gradient evaluation. 2021-06-05T22:15:15
Task-AlienDev PLICEASE Task bundle for Alien development 2021-09-23T21:08:03
Task-FFIDev PLICEASE Task bundle for FFI development 2021-10-03T03:51:10
Task-Kramerius SKIM Install modules for Kramerius system. 2021-11-20T14:49:04
Task-Lyrics-Fetcher BIGPRESH install all known-to-work Lyrics::Fetcher fetchers 2021-03-10T23:14:03
Task-OpenTracing SNEZ install all the OpenTracing modules 2021-01-08T17:53:34
Task-PerlCriticAllPolicies GUGOD A Task for installing all Perl::Critic policies at once. 2021-01-30T07:41:09
Template-Plugin-AutoDate NERDVANA Enhance Template Toolkit with easy access to DateTime and DateTime::Format::Flexible 2021-08-13T12:22:27
Template-Plugin-StripComments GTERMARS Template Toolkit filter to strip comment blocks 2021-01-05T06:55:25
Template-Tiny-Strict OVID Template Toolkit reimplemented in as little code as possible 2021-05-01T07:02:49
Test-Archive-Libarchive PLICEASE Testing tools for Archive::Libarchive 2021-05-30T14:31:15
Test-CLI POLETTIX Testing command-line invocations 2021-02-15T21:59:26
Test-Expander JSF Expansion of test functionalities that appear to be frequently used while testing. 2021-11-01T20:22:04
Test-Fixture-Teng MASIUCHI load fixture data to storage for Teng 2021-07-31T12:03:14
Test-HTTP-MockServer-Once IGIBBS Implement a one shot mock HTTP server for use in tests 2021-12-14T10:34:30
Test-Mock-LWP-Distilled SKINGTON make and use LWP mocks, distilled to their essence 2021-09-07T21:43:12
Test-Mock-LWP-Distilled-JSON SKINGTON JSON support for Test::Mock::LWP::Distilled 2021-09-07T22:02:20
Test-Mock-Object OVID Dead-simple mocking 2021-11-12T15:53:01
Test-Module-Features PERLANCAR Test feature set specifications and features declarations 2021-09-05T07:20:43
Test-Mojo-Role-Routes BDIII Write Mojo tests using named routes. 2021-07-08T16:45:10
Test-Prereq-Meta WYANT Test distribution prerequisites against meta data. 2021-02-02T01:41:44
Test2-Plugin-Feature YLAVOIE Plugin to allow testing Pherkin files. 2021-02-21T21:27:50
Test2-Plugin-pgTAP YLAVOIE Plugin to allow testing pgTAP files. 2021-02-21T21:57:17
Test2-Tools-Process PLICEASE Unit tests for code that calls exit, exec, system or qx() 2021-03-26T22:18:45
Text-ANSI-Tabs UTASHIRO Tab expand and unexpand with ANSI sequence 2021-09-03T10:21:27
Text-BibTeX-Validate MERKYS validator for BibTeX format 2021-01-29T06:31:58
Text-HumanComputerWords PLICEASE Split human and computer words in a naturalish manner 2021-06-24T02:01:51
Text-LooksLike BKB make guesses about snippets of text 2021-01-13T06:58:11
Text-Match PRBRENAN Match text question against possible answer strings 2021-02-21T11:43:16
Text-PO JDEGUEST Read and write PO files 2021-07-24T08:52:56
Text-Sparkline PETDANCE Creates text-based sparklines 2021-03-27T04:55:19
Text-Table-More PERLANCAR Generate text table with simple interface and many options 2021-02-20T04:22:19
Text-Table-Read-RelationOn-Tiny AAHAZRED Read binary "relation on (over) a set" from a text table. 2021-05-19T13:52:00
Text-Table-Span PERLANCAR Text::Table::Tiny + support for column/row spans 2021-02-14T15:57:47
Text-Table-TickitWidget PERLANCAR View table data on the terminal using Tickit::Widget::Table 2021-04-25T13:43:04
Text-Table-Tiny-_ModuleFeatures PERLANCAR Features declaration for Text::Table::Tiny 2021-03-14T00:06:20
Text-TokenStream ARC lexer to break text up into user-defined tokens 2021-03-05T10:53:38
Text-Tree-Indented NEILB render a tree data structure in the classic indented view 2021-05-02T20:33:17
Text-Unmunch ELIONORA 2021-01-19T20:19:16
Text-Wrap-OO ASDAGO an object oriented interface to Text::Wrap 2021-06-04T20:50:27
Text-YAWikiFormater NEVES The great new Text::YAWikiFormater! 2021-02-22T11:20:34
Thread-Csp LEONT Communicating sequential processes threading for Perl 2021-12-29T14:21:12
Tickit-Widget-Entry-Plugin-Completion PEVANS add word-completion logic to a Tickit::Widget::Entry 2021-08-27T23:15:55
Tie-Array-IntSpan PERLANCAR Tied-array interface for Array::IntSpan 2021-08-29T00:28:05
Time-Local-ISO8601 PERLANCAR Compute time (Unix epoch) from YMD/ISO8601 sting 2021-12-19T00:05:11
Time-Local-More PERLANCAR More functions for producing Unix epoch timestamp or localtime/gmtime tuple 2021-06-17T08:46:41
ToolSet-Math GLAI Bring in common math functions and constants. 2021-06-28T00:12:13
Trav-Dir BKB Traverse directories 2021-02-17T13:04:57
Tree-Bulk PRBRENAN Bulk Tree operations 2021-02-26T23:32:40
Tree-From-ObjArray PERLANCAR Build a tree of objects from a nested array of objects 2021-05-06T13:02:37
Tree-Multi PRBRENAN Multi-way tree in Pure Perl 2021-06-01T14:10:25
Tree-RB-XS NERDVANA Red/Black Tree object withthe compatible API to Tree::RB 2021-11-12T20:03:25
Tree-Serial SLITTL Perl module for deserializing lists of strings into tree-like structures 2021-06-24T23:27:57
Tree-Term PRBRENAN Create a parse tree from an array of terms representing an expression. 2021-06-30T04:58:44
Tree-Trek PRBRENAN Trek through a tree one character at a time. 2021-04-25T04:24:22
Trim PRBRENAN Trim various things by removing leading and trailing whitespace. 2021-04-01T13:12:59
Type-Tie-Aggregate ASDAGO like Type::Tie, but slower and more flexible 2021-06-04T20:53:16
Types-QuacksLike HAARG Check for object providing all methods from a class or role 2021-07-14T14:44:55
UI-Various DORNER graphical/non-graphical user interface without external programs 2021-12-15T14:00:00
URI-Info PERLANCAR Extract various information from a URI (URL) 2021-11-28T00:05:54
URI-Router SYBER highest performance powerful URI router (URI path to value lookup) for HTTP frameworks 2021-11-09T20:01:49
URL-XS BRDUCH Parsing URLs with zero-copy and no mallocs 2021-12-07T08:02:52
USCIS-Case ERICLEE Perl extensions to check USCIS case status. More features would be added in the future. 2021-01-11T08:35:30
UUID-Random-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR Another implementation of UUID::Random 2021-03-07T00:05:45
UUID-Random-Secure PERLANCAR Like UUID::Random, but uses Math::Random::Secure for random numbers 2021-02-28T00:05:37
UUID-Tiny-Patch-UseMRS PERLANCAR Make UUID::Tiny use Math::Random::Secure's rand() 2021-01-24T00:06:08
UniEvent-HTTP SYBER extremely fast sync/async http client and server framework 2021-05-14T13:11:45
UniEvent-HTTP-Manager SYBER extremely fast asynchronous preforking / threading event based web server 2021-05-23T00:18:14
UniEvent-Socks SYBER Socks support for UniEvent's tcp handles. 2021-04-09T22:25:45
Unicode-Confuse BKB abstract here. 2021-04-14T04:26:22
Unisyn-Parse PRBRENAN Parse a Unisyn expression. 2021-08-03T04:00:18
Unit-Duration GRYPHON Work-time unit duration conversion and canonicalization 2021-02-24T22:49:26
Util-H2O-More OODLER like if bless created accessors for you. Intended for hash reference-based Perl OOP only. This module uses Util::H2O::h2o as the basis for actual object creation; but there's no reason other accessor makers couldn't have been used or can be used. I just really like h2o. 🙂 2021-12-12T04:32:12
Valiant JJNAPIORK Validation Library 2021-02-25T17:30:04
WHO-GrowthReference-GenChart PERLANCAR Create WHO growth chart () 2021-01-10T05:40:59
WHO-GrowthReference-GenTable PERLANCAR Add WHO reference fields to table 2021-01-10T13:28:51
WWW-ClickSource HOREA Determine the source of a visit on your website : organic, adwords, facebook, referer site 2021-05-25T09:06:47
WWW-KeePassHttp PETERCJ Interface with KeePass PasswordSafe through the KeePassHttp plugin 2021-11-17T00:15:21
WWW-LinkRot BKB check web page link rot 2021-03-08T13:52:32
Web-PageMeta JKUTEJ get page open-graph / meta data 2021-02-21T22:25:16
Web-Solid-Auth HOCHSTEN A Perl Sold Web Client 2021-02-26T15:15:27
WebService-Postex WATERKIP A Postex WebService implemenation in Perl 2021-01-15T13:46:44
WebService-WsScreenshot SYMKAT API client For ws-screenshot 2021-11-20T21:10:18
WebService-YTSearch GENE Search YouTube 2021-11-16T21:50:01
WebSocket JDEGUEST WebSocket Client & Server 2021-10-16T09:55:15
Win32-Console KUERBIS Patch for RT33513. 2021-01-01T03:57:48
Win32-Symlinks ZARABOZO A maintained, working implementation of Perl symlink built in features for Windows. 2021-04-24T20:52:02
Wireguard-WGmeta TOBIB An approach to add metadata to the main Wireguard config 2021-01-20T10:32:52
WordList-ArrayData PERLANCAR Wordlist from any ArrayData::* module 2021-12-19T00:05:22
WordList-EN-ColorName-WWW PERLANCAR Color names from Graphics::ColorNames::WWW 2021-01-29T00:06:02
WordList-EN-ColorName-X PERLANCAR Color names from Graphics::ColorNames::X 2021-02-01T00:05:58
WordList-EN-StopWords PERLANCAR English stop words 2021-07-25T00:05:33
WordList-ID-AnimalName-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of animals in Indonesian 2021-03-14T00:06:42
WordList-ID-ColorName-HTML_ID PERLANCAR List of color names from Graphics::ColorNames::HTML_ID 2021-01-31T00:06:20
WordList-ID-ColorName-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of color names in Indonesian 2021-02-02T00:05:35
WordList-ID-FruitName-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of fruit names in Indonesian 2021-05-18T00:06:17
WordList-Special-Stdin PERLANCAR Wordlist from STDIN 2021-12-26T00:05:31
WordLists-EN-Adjective PERLANCAR Collection of English adjectives 2021-09-26T00:05:38
WordLists-EN-Adverb PERLANCAR Collection of English adverbs 2021-10-03T00:05:18
WordLists-EN-Noun PERLANCAR Collection of English nouns 2021-09-19T00:05:33
XML-SAX-SVGTransformer ISHIGAKI SVG transformer 2021-12-05T10:45:37
XML-eXistDB MARKOV eXistDB interface over XML-RPC 2021-02-25T12:50:24
XS-Parse-Keyword PEVANS XS functions to assist in parsing keyword syntax 2021-04-14T23:14:23
YAML-PP-Ref TINITA Generated Reference Parser backend for YAML::PP 2021-12-28T00:01:57
Yancy-Plugin-OpenAPI PREACTION Generate an OpenAPI spec and API for a Yancy schema 2021-10-31T21:01:09
YuiRestClient QEYAST Perl module to interact with YaST applications via libyui-rest-api. 2021-05-06T14:23:15
Zapp PREACTION Plan building, job creating web app 2021-05-20T15:40:45
autocroak LEONT Replace functions with ones that succeed or die with lexical scope 2021-09-29T22:26:22
bin4tsv TULAMILI Produce the crosstable from the 2 column data. Can also sum up a additional column by -3 switch option. 2021-05-16T18:29:27
cfwp-fio CCCACHE 2021-06-08T07:38:06
custom-failures-x-alias DJERIUS export aliases for custom::failures 2021-06-24T13:40:31
fka9sxOL SEGOMOS 2021-09-14T20:51:52
idi GENE Easy Command-line MIDI 2021-12-26T23:29:38
lib-archive TOMK load pure-Perl modules directly from TAR archives 2021-01-30T13:59:02
mb-Encode INA provides MBCS encoder and decoder 2021-06-26T13:25:12
mb-JSON INA a simple JSON parser for multibyte string 2021-09-18T05:53:37
namespace-allclean KFLY Avoid imports all subroutines into your namespace 2021-02-27T03:11:38
oCLI SYMKAT Opinionated Command Line Interface 2021-08-21T16:01:56
p5-GFX-Enhancer KOBOLDWIZ Perl extension for enhancing scanned in images 2021-02-02T07:05:07
p5-Paws-Credential-Webidentity PRAJITH The AssumeRoleWebIdentity provider is used to obtain temporary credentials with an OIDC web identity token file. 2021-03-07T18:15:48
perleasyfail PERLANCAR A collection of cases where core Perl fails its "easy things should be easy" mantra (plus their remedies) 2021-06-10T01:59:47
pmbtest PMB Blah blah blah 2021-02-08T21:05:11
qq RAJ command line journal app 2021-12-22T07:08:25
rename PEDERST renames multiple files using perl expressions 2021-03-19T21:14:04
require-relative BARNEY like require for relative paths 2021-11-14T16:37:13
uHTML OKELLO 2021-05-21T11:33:35


Number of new CPAN distributions this period: 876

Number of authors releasing new CPAN distributions this period: 269

Authors by number of new CPAN distributions this period:

No Author Distributions
5 SKIM 16
6 BKB 15
11 GSG 8
12 LEONT 8
14 SANKO 7
20 CDN 6
22 GENE 6
28 INA 5
29 SYBER 4
30 KFLY 4
44 MICVU 4
45 ALIP 4
46 OVID 4
48 ETHER 3
51 MRDVT 3
52 ETJ 3
55 RRWO 3
58 MAT 3
60 BPS 3
61 HAARG 3
64 SKAJI 3
72 ARC 2
76 DOMM 2
77 NEILB 2
92 RES 2
96 TOMK 2
98 XAOC 2
100 WYANT 2
101 PMB 2
102 RAJ 2
103 JKUTEJ 2
104 SSMN 2
105 JFF 2
106 AKRON 2
107 AJNN 2
109 TOBIB 2
110 TEAM 2
111 LTM 2
114 DAEMON 2
115 EGOR 2
117 DONGXU 2
123 SLITTL 2
124 DBOOK 2
128 GUGOD 2
131 AFAN 1
134 FSM 1
139 ATRODO 1
141 BDFOY 1
145 ANDREW 1
149 CYFUNG 1
155 ERIAM 1
157 MACOPY 1
158 VRAG 1
160 LDIDRY 1
161 WOUTER 1
164 HUGUEI 1
166 DERIV 1
168 ART 1
169 JV 1
172 DFUG 1
173 DAKKAR 1
175 RVOSA 1
179 TINITA 1
183 WESLEY 1
184 TRWWW 1
185 MAMAWE 1
186 KARUPA 1
189 CCM 1
192 POPP 1
193 DORNER 1
195 LEAM 1
196 GILS 1
198 QEYAST 1
200 SPAJAI 1
201 CEEJAY 1
204 BINARY 1
206 LENDL 1
207 JMICO 1
208 UHLE 1
209 BEROV 1
212 YENYA 1
213 CDRAKE 1
214 IGIBBS 1
216 EHUELS 1
218 PROCH 1
219 GSB 1
220 BDIII 1
221 SNEZ 1
222 KIMOTO 1
223 GLAI 1
226 BARNEY 1
229 HOLLY 1
230 OKELLO 1
232 SRI 1
238 HOREA 1
239 JSF 1
240 UTGWKK 1
241 GUIDO 1
243 NEVES 1
244 ASHWIN 1
246 DRRHO 1
248 OELE 1
251 RRA 1
253 BOD 1
254 ZUSY 1
258 KEEDI 1
260 DRCLAW 1
261 SARGIE 1
262 GARU 1
267 NICS 1

List of new CPAN distributions in 2020

dist author abstract date
API-GitForge SPWHITTON generic interface to APIs of sites like GitHub, GitLab etc. 2020-02-16T23:21:52
AWS-ARN JWRIGHT Dumb module to parse and generate ARNs 2020-12-01T22:16:49
AWS_SES_Signature PARTHA Perl extension for blah blah blah 2020-07-18T17:27:20
Acme-AutoLoad BBB Automatically load uninstalled CPAN modules on the fly. 2020-08-12T04:00:19
Acme-BayaC BAYASHI one line description 2020-02-01T19:47:06
Acme-CPAN-Testers-DevelCheckOS PERLANCAR Show Devel::CheckOS results on CPANTesters machine 2020-10-19T02:09:21
Acme-CPANAuthors-Slovak SKIM We are Slovak CPAN authors. 2020-03-10T12:08:13
Acme-CPANModules-BrowserUtilities PERLANCAR Utilities for web browsers 2020-06-03T01:50:04
Acme-CPANModules-CPANModules-API PERLANCAR Acme::CPANModules modules relating to API 2020-02-06T05:14:34
Acme-CPANModules-CalculatingDayOfWeek PERLANCAR Modules to calculate day of week 2020-02-02T00:06:01
Acme-CPANModules-ColorThemed PERLANCAR Modules that has color theme support 2020-11-21T04:22:38
Acme-CPANModules-ColorThemedModules PERLANCAR Modules that has color theme support 2020-06-09T10:41:47
Acme-CPANModules-ConvertingRadix PERLANCAR Convert the radix (base) of a number from one to another 2020-07-19T00:05:40
Acme-CPANModules-DescribeAModuleBadly PERLANCAR The Acme::CPANModules::DescribeAModuleBadly namespace 2020-02-23T05:21:35
Acme-CPANModules-DescribeAModuleBadly-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR PERLANCAR describing modules badly 2020-02-23T05:53:27
Acme-CPANModules-DiffWrappers PERLANCAR Wrappers for the diff Unix command 2020-08-22T12:23:37
Acme-CPANModules-DumpingDataForDebugging PERLANCAR Some modules and tips when dumping data structures for debugging 2020-02-06T23:27:27
Acme-CPANModules-Getopt PERLANCAR Modules that parse command-line options 2020-11-21T04:26:48
Acme-CPANModules-GetoptModules PERLANCAR Modules that parse command-line options 2020-04-16T14:17:00
Acme-CPANModules-GrepVariants PERLANCAR Grep-like CLI utilities available on CPAN 2020-08-09T00:05:39
Acme-CPANModules-HashUtilities PERLANCAR Modules that manipulate hashes 2020-04-15T00:06:11
Acme-CPANModules-ListsOfWordsAndNames PERLANCAR Modules that contain lists of words and names 2020-05-10T00:05:02
Acme-CPANModules-MockModules PERLANCAR Modules that mock other modules 2020-04-19T00:06:13
Acme-CPANModules-ModuleAutoinstallers PERLANCAR Modules that autoinstalls other modules during run-time 2020-02-06T05:14:46
Acme-CPANModules-ModuleAutoloaders PERLANCAR Modules that autoload other modules 2020-02-06T05:14:57
Acme-CPANModules-ModulesThatJustContainData PERLANCAR Modules that just contain data 2020-11-22T00:05:41
Acme-CPANModules-NewDistributions-202001 PERLANCAR List of new distributions in Jan 2020 2020-02-06T05:15:08
Acme-CPANModules-OneAndTwoDecimalDigitsVersionTrap PERLANCAR Chronicles CPAN distributions which have been trapped by the one- and two decimal digits versioning scheme 2020-01-02T11:37:54
Acme-CPANModules-OneLinerTools PERLANCAR Modules to make your life easier when writing perl one-liners 2020-02-06T05:15:19
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-InfoFromCPANTesters PERLANCAR Distributions that gather information from CPANTesters 2020-10-10T00:12:27
Acme-CPANModules-PodConverters PERLANCAR Modules to convert POD to/from other formats 2020-04-26T00:05:59
Acme-CPANModules-PortedFrom-Clojure PERLANCAR Modules/applications that are ported from (or inspired by) Clojure 2020-02-07T00:07:09
Acme-CPANModules-PortedFrom-Go PERLANCAR Modules/applications that are ported from (or inspired by) Go 2020-02-07T00:07:20
Acme-CPANModules-PortedFrom-PHP PERLANCAR Modules/applications that are ported from (or inspired by) PHP libraries 2020-02-07T00:07:42
Acme-CPANModules-ReadingFilesBackward PERLANCAR Reading files backward (in reverse) 2020-03-01T00:05:20
Acme-CPANModules-Roles PERLANCAR Doing roles with Perl 2020-08-16T00:05:33
Acme-CPANModules-RsyncWrappers PERLANCAR Wrappers for the rsync command 2020-08-22T12:26:31
Acme-CPANModules-SExpression PERLANCAR Working with S-expression in Perl 2020-07-26T00:05:17
Acme-CPANModulesUtil-Misc PERLANCAR Various utility functions related to Acme::CPANModules 2020-03-01T04:47:11
Acme-Ford-Prefect2-FFI PLICEASE FFI test module for Alien::Base 2020-02-02T13:34:45
Acme-Hospital-Bed LNATION The great new Acme::Hospital::Bed! 2020-03-19T20:27:40
Acme-Marvel-CinematicUniverse-Characters TOBYINK example of distributing instance data on CPAN 2020-11-21T17:54:37
Acme-MetaSyntactic-gavan PERLANCAR The Space Sheriff Gavan theme 2020-05-17T00:05:15
Acme-MetaSyntactic-id_beverages PERLANCAR The Indonesian beverages theme 2020-05-17T00:05:26
Acme-MetaSyntactic-id_dishes PERLANCAR The Indonesian dishes theme 2020-05-17T00:05:37
Acme-MetaSyntactic-metal_heroes PERLANCAR The Metal Heroes series theme 2020-05-17T00:06:00
Acme-MetaSyntactic-unyil PERLANCAR The Unyil theme 2020-05-17T00:06:11
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-Dependency-One PERLANCAR Test dependencies 2020-05-13T02:00:53
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-Dependency-Three PERLANCAR Test dependencies 2020-05-13T02:01:05
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-Dependency-Two PERLANCAR Test dependencies 2020-05-13T12:11:55
Acme-Study-Perl STIGTSP 2020-07-24T15:57:41
Acme-TOMOYAMA-Utils TOMOYAMA The great new Acme::TOMOYAMA::Utils! 2020-11-06T02:56:07
Acme-ZydecoTesting-App1 TOBYINK test packaging a Zydeco app 2020-09-12T08:20:22
Acme-ful RWILLIS A nifty "find upper lib" pragma 2020-06-12T17:35:59
Algorithm-Diff-JSON DCANTRELL find the differences between two lists and report on them in JSON 2020-11-06T21:56:32
Alien-Adaptagrams ZMUGHAL Alien package for the Adaptagrams adaptive diagram library 2020-10-17T08:18:10
Alien-Boost CONTRA Find or build libboost 2020-07-17T14:28:01
Alien-Build-Plugin-PkgConfig-PPWrapper SLAFFAN Alien::Build plugin to wrap the pure perl pkg-config script under windows 2020-09-03T01:45:28
Alien-Graphene ZMUGHAL Alien package for the Graphene graphics math library 2020-10-17T05:52:58
Alien-Kiwisolver ZMUGHAL Alien package for the Kiwi C++ implementation of the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm 2020-10-17T05:12:01
Alien-LibCIAORegion DJERIUS Find or build the CIAO Region library 2020-02-21T15:49:24
Alien-MUSCLE KIWIROY Discover or easy install of MUSCLE 2020-04-14T10:57:48
Alien-Plotly-Kaleido SLOYD Finds or installs plotly kaleido 2020-10-03T11:55:53
Alien-boost-mini SYBER C++ Boost library (no perl interface). 2020-01-25T14:45:26
Alien-cares SYBER c-ares C library (alien, without perl-adapters). 2020-01-25T15:30:14
Alien-castxml PLICEASE Find or build castxml 2020-06-26T17:09:18
Alien-catch SYBER Catch test library 2020-01-24T15:25:30
Alien-help2man PLICEASE Build or find help2man 2020-02-21T06:54:23
Alien-libavro_c HUGMEIR libavro_c, with alien 2020-11-23T10:39:42
Alien-libbrotli DMOL Brotli compression library. 2020-01-24T14:55:54
Alien-libdwarf DMOL DWARF debugging information 2020-01-25T08:52:26
Alien-libgeos DMOL geos C++ library (alien, without perl-adapters). 2020-01-25T09:57:02
Alien-libgraphqlparser HUGMEIR libgraphqlparser, with alien 2020-11-20T23:35:56
Alien-libjansson HUGMEIR libjansson, with alien 2020-11-22T17:17:22
Alien-libmariadbclient HUGMEIR libmariadbclient, with alien 2020-11-30T13:34:52
Alien-libnewrelic PLICEASE Alien to download and install libnewrelic 2020-05-14T19:00:57
Alien-libpanda SYBER panda::lib C++ library (alien). 2020-01-24T16:14:02
Alien-libpcre PLICEASE Find or download and install libpcre (The "Perl Compatible" Regular Expressions library) 2020-05-15T12:58:18
Alien-librdkafka HUGMEIR librdkafka, with alien 2020-11-23T10:39:53
Alien-libsnappy HUGMEIR libsnappy, with alien 2020-11-22T21:36:15
Alien-libtiff SLAFFAN Alien package for libtiff 2020-05-03T22:10:28
Alien-liburing SIMCOP Alien wrapper for liburing 2020-02-05T21:06:20
Alien-libzookeeper HUGMEIR libzookeeper, with alien 2020-11-22T10:24:07
Alien-uv SYBER libuv shared library (alien, without perl-adapters). 2020-01-25T14:58:23
Alien-wasmtime PLICEASE Find or download wasmtime for use by other Perl modules 2020-04-08T22:28:42
Alt-App-makepatch DJERIUS create script to update a source tree 2020-02-19T20:57:26
Alt-Syntax-Kamelon-RT129134 CXW List of available syntaxes 2020-02-01T02:36:40
Alt-Tickit-Widgets-ObjectPad PEVANS a collection of Tickit::Widget implementations (using Object::Pad) 2020-03-05T16:58:56
Amazon-SNS-V4 JWRIGHT Amazon Simple Notification Service, V4 Signatures 2020-11-28T07:24:41
Amon2-Auth-Site-LINE TANIGUCHI LINE integration for Amon2 2020-11-21T06:34:32
Anonymous-Object LNATION Generate Anonymous Objects 2020-10-03T04:33:01
Ansible-Util GRAVATTJ Utilities for interacting with Ansible. 2020-11-06T17:45:11
AntDen LIJINFENG A is a general computing platform 2020-07-03T04:32:38
AnyPAN KARUPA CPAN Mirror and DarkPAN merging toolkit 2020-12-10T17:45:30
AnyPAN-Storage-S3 KARUPA AnyPAN storage plugin for Amazon S3 2020-12-10T17:48:20
App-ArgUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to command-line arguments 2020-08-26T13:59:55
App-BorderStyleUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to border styles 2020-06-11T07:12:18
App-BrowserUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to browsers, particularly modern GUI ones 2020-03-23T00:16:32
App-CekBpom PERLANCAR Check BPOM products via the command-line (CLI interface for 2020-09-02T00:23:14
App-ChromeUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Google Chrome browser 2020-03-15T00:05:36
App-Dazz WANGQ Daligner-based UniTig utils 2020-10-25T13:13:19
App-Device-Chip-UI PEVANS Tickit-based UI for Device::Chip drivers 2020-11-13T16:14:43
App-DiffDocText PERLANCAR Diff the text of two Office word-processor documents (.doc, .docx, .odt, etc) 2020-08-22T12:17:58
App-DiffXlsText PERLANCAR Diff the text of two Office spreadsheets (.ods, .xls, .xlsx) as two directories of CSV files 2020-10-26T13:27:36
App-DumpVivaldiHistory PERLANCAR Dump Vivaldi history 2020-08-01T00:05:08
App-DuplicateFilesUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to duplicate files 2020-05-28T09:05:14
App-FfmpegUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to ffmpeg 2020-06-03T05:17:11
App-FileRemoveUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to removing/deleting files 2020-05-30T14:03:21
App-FileRenameUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to renaming/moving files 2020-05-30T03:39:21
App-FilenameUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for Filename::* 2020-10-20T12:11:16
App-FirefoxMultiAccountContainersUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on 2020-05-24T16:12:06
App-GhaInstall TOBYINK provides the gha-install command 2020-11-16T11:55:54
App-GhaProve TOBYINK provides gha-prove app 2020-11-13T17:05:38
App-GrepUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to the Unix command 'grep' 2020-11-08T01:10:34
App-ImageMagickUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to ImageMagick 2020-12-20T00:05:38
App-LibreOfficeUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to LibreOffice 2020-08-21T10:35:42
App-MSOfficeUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Microsoft Office 2020-08-21T10:35:54
App-ManagePoolStyleRepo PERLANCAR Manage pool-style repo directory 2020-04-10T04:13:36
App-MediaInfoUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to getting (metadata) information from media files 2020-05-30T04:54:09
App-MetaCPANUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to MetaCPAN 2020-12-30T11:37:13
App-OfficeUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Office suite files (.doc, .docx, .odt, .xls, .xlsx, .ods, etc) 2020-08-21T10:23:37
App-OperaUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to the Opera browser 2020-03-29T00:05:06
App-OverlapUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to overlapping lines 2020-12-30T12:31:49
App-PP-Autolink SLAFFAN Pack PAR executables, finding dynamic libs automatically 2020-06-11T06:02:33
App-PPIUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to PPI 2020-10-02T10:05:46
App-PYX-Optimization SKIM PYX optimization tool. 2020-05-01T17:10:47
App-PasswordWordListUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to checking string against password wordlists 2020-10-18T00:05:47
App-PathNaiveUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Path::Naive 2020-04-23T00:06:01
App-PerlFuzzyTokenFinder UTGWKK It's new $module 2020-09-23T04:56:12
App-PerlTidy-Tk SZABGAB Tk based GUI to experiment with PerlTidy configuration options 2020-09-12T09:50:56
App-PhysicsUnitUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Physics::Unit 2020-04-04T09:56:00
App-PlatformMatchUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Devel::Platform::Match 2020-10-08T09:28:38
App-Prove-Plugin-MultipleConfig TAKAHITO set multiple configs for parallel prove tests 2020-05-11T06:37:48
App-ProveAuthor PERLANCAR Prove distributions of a CPAN author 2020-04-12T00:05:49
App-ProveDirs PERLANCAR Prove one or more directories 2020-03-06T03:08:31
App-ProveDists PERLANCAR Prove Perl distributions 2020-03-06T04:45:18
App-ProveMods PERLANCAR Prove Perl modules' distributions 2020-03-06T17:55:48
App-ProveRdeps PERLANCAR Prove all distributions depending on specified module(s) 2020-01-30T10:56:35
App-Rakubrew PATRICKB Raku environment manager 2020-03-13T19:14:56
App-Regather ZEUS regather – LDAP syncrepl consumer script to perform actions desired on syncrepl event 2020-09-11T19:42:34
App-Reorder-TSV IANSEALY Reorder columns of TSV file by template 2020-09-17T22:28:23
App-SimpleBackuper NOVOZHILV Just simple backuper app with incremental compressed encrypted backups stored on remote ssh server 2020-10-14T12:09:40
App-StringWildcardUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to wildcard strings 2020-02-10T11:14:58
App-SubtitleUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to video subtitles 2020-08-20T12:20:09
App-Tables-CLI PERLANCAR Manipulate Tables::* modules 2020-11-11T00:45:53
App-Tailor JEFFOBER easily tailor terminal output to meet your needs 2020-04-13T16:30:44
App-ThisDist PERLANCAR This CPAN {distribution,module,author,…} 2020-10-02T04:44:49
App-TimeTracker-Command-GitHub DOMM App::TimeTracker GitHub plugin 2020-08-10T07:09:34
App-Timestamper-WithElapsed SHLOMIF display the timestamp STDIN lines were received and the elapsed seconds since the last received line. 2020-06-09T14:40:10
App-Tk-Deparse SZABGAB Tk based GUI to experiment with B::Deparse 2020-10-17T17:07:37
App-Toolforge-MixNMatch SKIM Toolforge Mix'n'match tool app. 2020-12-19T11:19:03
App-TouchpadUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to touchpad 2020-02-16T00:05:38
App-TouchscreenUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to touchscreen 2020-03-08T00:05:55
App-URIUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to URI/URL 2020-10-30T04:00:51
App-Unicode-Block SKIM Distribution for unicode-block script. 2020-01-19T16:51:51
App-UnixUIDUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Unix UID/GID 2020-06-13T02:30:52
App-UpdateCPANfile HITODE cpanfile updater 2020-07-26T08:08:28
App-Utils VLADO an app that contain some useful command-line utilities 2020-05-13T19:25:21
App-VitaminUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to vitamins 2020-04-04T10:24:49
App-VivaldiUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to the Vivaldi browser 2020-03-22T00:05:15
App-YoutubeDlIf PERLANCAR Download videos using youtube-dl with extra selection/filtering 2020-06-14T00:06:32
App-YoutubeDlIfNotYet PERLANCAR Download videos using youtube-dl only if videos have not been donwnloaded yet 2020-06-14T00:06:54
App-YoutubeDlUtils PERLANCAR Utilities (mostly wrappers) related to youtube-dl 2020-08-13T04:12:18
App-ZFSCurses MONSIEURP curses UI to query and modify a ZFS dataset properties. 2020-08-02T14:42:03
App-ansicolumn UTASHIRO ANSI sequence aware column command 2020-11-12T10:37:08
App-column-run PERLANCAR Run several commands and show their output in multiple columns 2020-06-06T11:54:11
App-cpanel ETJ CLI for cPanel UAPI and API 2 2020-06-07T17:05:42
App-diffdb PERLANCAR Compare two databases, line by line 2020-04-19T17:04:05
App-eachperl PEVANS a wrapper script for iterating multiple perl binaries 2020-04-09T00:48:35
App-findeps WORTHMINE the Module to find dependencies for files you've selected 2020-09-21T07:40:47
App-geoip HMBRAND Show geological data based on hostname or IP address(es) 2020-01-16T13:50:05
App-gimpgitbuild SHLOMIF gimp build 2020-02-18T16:18:47
App-gqmt ZEUS a stub module for gqmt 2020-08-19T18:26:43
App-jupiter SCHROEDER an app that serves a river of news as a static page 2020-12-12T17:19:02
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-changes PERLANCAR lcpan subcommands related to Changes file 2020-10-04T06:21:22
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-colortheme PERLANCAR lcpan subcommands related to ColorTheme 2020-11-30T07:06:23
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-similar_authors PERLANCAR More lcpan subcommands related to finding similar authors 2020-01-11T00:05:10
App-lcpan-Manual PERLANCAR Manual for App::lcpan 2020-04-11T02:19:09
App-lupapona SCHROEDER a simple static Gemini server 2020-11-21T11:00:54
App-mkpkgconfig DJERIUS create pkg-config metadata files 2020-08-20T18:39:33
App-mojopaste-Backend-Mongo SKLUKIN backen for App::mojopaste 2020-09-14T21:17:25
App-mokupona SCHROEDER a feed aggregator for Gopher, Gemini, RSS and Atom 2020-11-20T14:21:28
App-oo_modulino_zsh_completion_helper HKOBA provides zsh completion for OO-Modulinos 2020-11-14T03:27:59
App-optex-xform UTASHIRO data transform filter module for optex 2020-11-07T14:59:57
App-perlmv-scriptlet-add_prefix PERLANCAR Add prefix to filenames 2020-08-22T04:52:35
App-perlmv-scriptlet-add_suffix PERLANCAR Add suffix to filenames 2020-08-22T04:52:57
App-perlmv-scriptlet-number_tracks PERLANCAR Add track number to filenames 2020-08-03T06:32:49
App-perlmv-scriptlet-prefix_with_number PERLANCAR Prefix filenames with number (usually to make them easily sortable) 2020-08-19T00:08:54
App-perlmv-scriptlet-to_random PERLANCAR Rename to random characters 2020-09-03T00:05:52
App-perlmv-scriptlet-to_uuid PERLANCAR Rename to UUID 2020-09-03T00:06:03
App-phoebe SCHROEDER an app that serves a wiki as a Gemini and web site 2020-11-13T14:11:40
App-pl PFEIFFER Swiss Army Knife of Perl One-Liners 2020-04-19T22:45:12
App-plasm PLICEASE Perl WebAssembly command line tool 2020-05-10T22:03:20
App-plx MSTROUT Perl Layout Executor 2020-05-20T16:01:58
App-pmhiderename PERLANCAR Hide modules by renaming them 2020-05-05T00:05:59
App-prefixintsumcol SHLOMIF prefix the running sum of decimal big integers from stdin or files 2020-03-13T15:04:49
App-rpgrep PERLANCAR Print lines matching a Regexp::Pattern pattern 2020-02-10T11:15:09
App-sersh JKUTEJ serial port shell 2020-10-08T16:18:13
App-size-dir-diff KASREYN find differences between two directories 2020-08-31T17:21:25
App-size_dir_diff KASREYN find differences between two directories 2020-08-30T18:40:59
App-supertouch PLICEASE Touch with directories 2020-03-07T15:02:55
App-swaks JETM Swiss Army Knife for SMTP testing 2020-10-10T16:26:07
App-tables PERLANCAR Manipulate Tables::* modules 2020-06-01T11:24:16
App-tkispell ASB Perl/Tk user interface for ispell. 2020-10-13T17:19:54
App-trash-all-empty-files-u PERLANCAR Trash all empty files in the current directory tree, with undo/redo capability 2020-06-03T07:57:35
App-turbocopy ART CLI utility to copying files in more effective way 2020-07-03T16:29:07
App-unbelievable CXW Yet another site generator (can you believe it?) 2020-01-27T02:49:06
App-url BDFOY format a URL according to a sprintf-like template 2020-01-03T04:10:44
App-week UTASHIRO colorful calender command 2020-03-24T12:14:56
App-wordstat PERLANCAR Return word statistics of a text 2020-10-10T00:36:47
Array-OverlapFinder PERLANCAR Find/remove overlapping items between two ordered sequences 2020-12-25T01:13:13
Art-World SMONFF An Art World simulator game 🎨 2020-09-12T22:24:59
Aspose3DCloud-3DApi ASPOSE Aspose.3D Cloud SDK 2020-05-28T07:40:52
Aspose3DCloud-ThreeDApi ASPOSE Aspose.3D Cloud SDK 2020-05-28T09:51:36
Aspose3DCloud-ThreeDCloudApi ASPOSE Aspose.3D Cloud SDK 2020-06-01T09:01:30
AsposeDiagramCloud-DiagramApi ASPOSE Aspose.Diagram Cloud SDK 2020-05-28T06:26:53
AsposeThreeDCloud-ThreeDApi ASPOSE Aspose.3D Cloud SDK 2020-05-29T02:23:51
AsposeThreeDCloud-ThreeDCloudApi ASPOSEAPI Aspose.3D Cloud SDK 2020-05-29T03:02:48
Astro-DSS-JPEG DKECHAG Download color JPEG images from the Digitized Sky Survey 2020-04-24T11:43:48
Async-Methods MSTROUT Helpers for async method work 2020-04-08T23:30:37
Async-Microservice JKUTEJ Async HTTP Microservice Moose Role 2020-10-14T08:57:29
Async-Template OKLAS Async Template Toolkit 2020-12-31T15:00:46
Atomic-Pipe EXODIST Send atomic messages from multiple writers across a POSIX pipe. 2020-12-08T06:55:49
AtteanX-Parser-JSONLD GWILLIAMS JSONLD Parser 2020-01-22T18:23:23
AtteanX-Store-DBI GWILLIAMS Database quad-store 2020-12-02T04:59:34
AtteanX-Store-LMDB GWILLIAMS LMDB-based RDF store 2020-11-25T22:52:01
Attribute-Handlers-Clean ZARABOZO Simpler definition of attribute handlers, without messing with UNIVERSAL. 2020-08-25T06:41:59
AudioFile-Info-Ogg-Vorbis-Header-PurePerl DAVECROSS Perl extension to get 2020-09-07T10:17:50
Authen-TOTP TCHATZI Interface to RFC6238 2FA 2020-06-16T18:41:18
Avro SEKIKN official Perl API for the Avro serialization and RPC framework 2020-07-02T04:23:02
Azure-SAS-Timestamp WHOSGONNA Creating timestamps for Azure Shared Access Signatures. 2020-06-25T05:09:42
B-Hooks-OP-Check-LeaveEval SNEZ call a subroutine when new code finishes compiling 2020-08-16T21:14:44
BRIANG-Dist-Perfect BRIANG A perfect distribution for a perfect year. Or perhaps not. 2020-11-19T18:45:49
Badge-Depot-Plugin-Githubactions CSSON Github Actions plugin for Badge::Depot 2020-12-27T22:10:45
Beam-Make PREACTION Recipes to declare and resolve dependencies between things 2020-05-13T03:44:25
Bencher-Scenario-AppSorted PERLANCAR Benchmark sorted vs is-sorted 2020-11-08T00:05:18
Bencher-Scenario-DataThrottling PERLANCAR Benchmark modules that do throttling 2020-02-19T05:40:56
Bencher-Scenario-FormattingISO8601DateTime PERLANCAR Modules that format DateTime as ISO8601 2020-08-21T03:40:54
Bencher-Scenario-PerlPhase PERLANCAR Benchmark Perl::Phase 2020-05-03T00:05:50
Bencher-Scenario-SortingByKey PERLANCAR Benchmark various techniques to sort array by some computed key 2020-04-05T00:05:37
Bencher-Scenario-StringInterpolate PERLANCAR Benchmark string interpolation 2020-02-23T03:12:04
Bencher-Scenario-StringSimpleEscape PERLANCAR Benchmark String::SimpleEscape 2020-11-15T00:05:06
Bencher-Scenario-strftimeq PERLANCAR Benchmark strftimeq() routines 2020-01-26T00:05:03
Bencher-Scenarios-HashSlicing PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark hash slicing 2020-02-09T00:05:14
Bencher-Scenarios-ModuleInstalledTiny PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark Module::Installed::Tiny 2020-01-13T01:01:35
Bencher-Scenarios-ParamsSah PERLANCAR Benchmark Params::Sah 2020-05-08T11:05:39
Bencher-Scenarios-PathNaive PERLANCAR Benchmark Path::Naive 2020-02-10T11:15:31
Bencher-Scenarios-TextTableTiny PERLANCAR Scenarios for benchmarking Text::Table::Tiny 2020-08-04T11:04:58
Bencher-Scenarios-Z PERLANCAR Scenarios for benchmarking Z 2020-09-21T06:48:01
BettingStrategy-MonteCarlo NQOUNET Monte Carlo method for gambling. 2020-01-16T18:55:33
Bio-CIPRES RVOSA Client for the CIPRES analysis portal 2020-04-14T09:29:39
Bio-DB-Taxonomy-sqlite CJFIELDS SQLite-based implementation of Bio::DB::Taxonomy::flatfile 2020-03-02T05:53:54
Bio-MUST-Apps-OmpaPa DBAURAIN Main class for ompa-pa tool 2020-06-29T08:28:32
Bio-MUST-Apps-Physeter DBAURAIN Dummy internal class for physeter tool 2020-10-22T14:00:58
Bio-Phylo-CIPRES RVOSA Client for the CIPRES analysis portal 2020-04-14T09:47:40
Bio-WGS2NCBI RVOSA module to assist in submitting whole genome sequencing projects to NCBI 2020-01-23T15:54:29
Block-NJH EXODIST Prevent your tests from running on NJH's broken smokers. 2020-03-08T22:43:48
BoardStreams KARJALA It's new $module 2020-03-30T20:35:19
Boost-UUID SYBER Perl interface for boost::uuid_generators 2020-06-19T18:47:33
BorderStyle PERLANCAR Border styles 2020-06-11T02:58:56
BorderStyleBase PERLANCAR A suitable base class for most BorderStyle::* modules 2020-06-11T02:59:07
BorderStyles-Standard PERLANCAR A standard collection of border styles 2020-06-11T07:12:41
BorderStyles-Test PERLANCAR A collection of border styles, mainly for testing 2020-06-11T02:59:29
Bosch-RCPPlus NICKCIS Perl 5 implementation of the Bosch RCP+ remote procedure call. 2020-08-03T17:17:24
BrandMeister-API RUNE Use the BM API from Perl 2020-03-15T18:57:24
CAD-AutoCAD-Detect SKIM Detect AutoCAD files through magic string. 2020-04-06T09:45:02
CAD-AutoCAD-Version SKIM Class which work with AutoCAD versions. 2020-04-05T11:33:59
CAD-Mesh3D PETERCJ Create and Manipulate 3D Vertexes and Meshes and output for 3D printing 2020-10-24T20:32:05
CGI-Application-Plugin-OpenTracing VANHOESEL Use OpenTracing in CGI Applications 2020-01-16T13:57:56
CGI-Application-Plugin-OpenTracing-DataDog VANHOESEL Simple CGI with DataDog tracing 2020-08-12T18:43:22
CLI-Meta-YoutubeDl PERLANCAR Metadata for youtube-dl CLI 2020-09-09T07:48:37
CLI-Meta-diff PERLANCAR Metadata for diff CLI 2020-12-01T12:17:57
CLI-MetaUtil-Getopt-Long PERLANCAR Routine related to Getopt::Long 2020-12-01T12:18:08
CPAN-Info-FromRepoName PERLANCAR Extract/guess information from a repo name 2020-10-02T03:48:37
CPAN-Meta-X PERLANCAR List of custom (x_*) keys in CPAN distribution metadata being used in the wild 2020-10-28T23:15:51
CPAN-MirrorMerger KARUPA CPAN Mirror index merger for many legacy company internal CPAN mirrors. 2020-04-16T07:56:24
CPAN-MirrorMerger-Storage-S3 KARUPA CPAN::MirrorMerger storage plugin for Amazon S3 2020-04-16T07:57:52
CPANfile-Parse-PPI PERLSRVDE Parse cpanfiles with PPI 2020-12-04T10:11:37
CSS-Object JDEGUEST CSS Object Oriented 2020-08-09T05:25:33
CSS-Struct SKIM Struct oriented CSS manipulation. 2020-08-09T10:07:34
CSS-Struct-Output-Indent SKIM Indent printing 'CSS::Struct' structure to CSS code. 2020-08-09T11:34:27
CSV-Reader CMANLEY CSV reader class 2020-05-29T23:13:02
Calendar-Dates-UnitedNations-InternationalDays PERLANCAR United Nations' International Days 2020-01-01T11:35:05
Calendar-DatesRoles-ReturnDateTimeObjects PERLANCAR Return DateTime objects in get_entries() 2020-02-17T02:50:38
Calendar-DatesRoles-ReturnTimeMomentObjects PERLANCAR Return Time::Moment objects in get_entries() 2020-02-17T02:53:29
Caller-First LNATION first|last caller from the stack. 2020-04-01T17:07:12
Caller-Hide SNEZ hide packages from stack traces 2020-10-08T18:01:09
Caller-Reverse LNATION reverse the caller stack. 2020-04-02T05:09:20
Captcha-reCAPTCHA-V3 WORTHMINE A Perl implementation of reCAPTCHA API version v3 2020-02-28T04:20:20
Catalyst-Authentication-Credential-RedmineCookie BOKUTIN Decode the redmine cookie _redmine_session 2020-01-09T06:00:28
Catalyst-Authentication-RedmineCookie BOKUTIN Decode the redmine cookie _redmine_session 2020-01-17T07:22:36
Catalyst-Plugin-DetachIfNotModified RRWO Short-circuit requests with If-Modified-Since headers 2020-07-30T17:14:08
Catalyst-Plugin-Digress ARISTOTLE A cleaner, simpler, action-only $c->forward 2020-10-15T04:48:27
Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-RedisFast VRAG Redis Session store for Catalyst framework 2020-03-05T13:45:37
Catalyst-View-MojoTemplate JJNAPIORK Use Mojolicious Templates for your Catalyst View 2020-05-05T01:34:13
Catalyst-View-Template ARISTOTLE Template Toolkit meets Catalyst 2020-10-24T18:28:19
Ceph-Rados-Striper KILINRAX Perl extension to wrap libradosstriper-dev and provide striping for Ceph::Rados. 2020-05-06T15:18:32
Chart-Colors CDRAKE Perl extension to return an endless stream of new distinct RGB colours codes (good for coloring any number of chart lines) 2020-01-20T10:56:51
Chart-Kaleido SLOYD Base class for Chart::Kaleido 2020-10-04T03:38:56
Chemistry-OpenSMILES MERKYS OpenSMILES format reader 2020-05-13T13:45:23
Chrome-Util-Profile PERLANCAR List available Google Chrome profiles 2020-04-19T01:19:53
Clang-CastXML PLICEASE C-family abstract syntax tree output tool 2020-06-28T22:01:49
Class-Measure-Scientific-FX_992vb IPENBURG units of measurement like the CASIO fx-992vb 2020-08-18T09:18:06
Cluster-SSH-Helper VVELOX Find the best machine via SNMP to run a command on. 2020-02-04T08:36:17
Code-ART DCONWAY Analyze/Rename/Track Perl source code 2020-06-25T09:02:18
Color-HSL-Util PERLANCAR Utilities related to HSL color space 2020-06-07T10:28:37
Color-HSV-Util PERLANCAR Utilities related to HSV color space 2020-06-07T10:28:48
ColorTheme PERLANCAR Color theme class and color theme structure 2020-06-07T10:52:18
ColorTheme-GraphicsColorNames PERLANCAR Display Graphics::ColorNames::* color scheme as color theme 2020-06-09T03:52:41
ColorTheme-Harmony-Analogous PERLANCAR Create color theme using analogous color harmony rule 2020-06-07T10:29:21
ColorTheme-Harmony-Monochromatic PERLANCAR Create a monochromatic color theme 2020-06-07T10:29:33
ColorTheme-Lens-Darken PERLANCAR Darken other theme 2020-06-09T10:42:31
ColorTheme-Lens-Lighten PERLANCAR Lighten other theme 2020-06-09T10:42:42
ColorTheme-Lens-Tint PERLANCAR Tint other theme 2020-06-09T03:53:14
ColorThemeBase-Static PERLANCAR Base class for color theme modules with static list of colors 2020-06-07T10:29:44
ColorThemeRole-ANSI PERLANCAR Roles for using ColorTheme::* with ANSI codes 2020-06-09T10:42:54
ColorThemeUtil-ANSI PERLANCAR Utility routines related to color themes and ANSI code 2020-06-09T10:43:05
ColorThemes-Standard PERLANCAR A standard collection of generic color themes 2020-06-19T06:38:06
ColorThemes-Test PERLANCAR A collection of color themes, mainly for testing 2020-06-09T10:43:16
ColorTransforms-Standard PERLANCAR Standard collection of color transforms 2020-06-13T08:01:02
CommonMark-Massage JV Manipulate CommonMark AST 2020-07-17T08:47:01
Compiled-Params-OO LNATION compiled params object oriented. 2020-04-14T10:36:55
Complete-Chrome PERLANCAR Completion routines related to Google Chrome 2020-04-19T01:20:27
Complete-Firefox PERLANCAR Completion routines related to Firefox 2020-04-18T01:09:19
Complete-Vivaldi PERLANCAR Completion routines related to Vivaldi browser 2020-07-29T00:05:16
Compress-Stream-Zstd PMQS Perl interface to the Zstd (Zstandard) (de)compressor 2020-07-20T19:15:16
Config-INI-Tiny ARISTOTLE Parse INI configuration in extremely little code 2020-08-23T18:20:23
Config-MorePerl SYBER Convenient and flexible config loader in perl format. 2020-11-24T23:41:20
Config-Reader QORG Very simple config reader 2020-07-08T18:10:48
Config-Registry BLUEFEET Settings bundler. 2020-01-19T15:54:32
Config-Structured MTYRRELL Provides generalized and structured configuration value access 2020-03-17T12:39:51
Config-UCL BOKUTIN Perl bindings for libucl 2020-02-03T06:33:56
Const-Introspect-C PLICEASE Find and evaluate C/C++ constants for use in Perl 2020-07-02T22:27:51
Container-Buildah IKLUFT wrapper around containers/buildah tool for multi-stage builds of OCI/Docker-compatible Linux containers 2020-09-24T22:29:33
Crypt-OpenSSL-Verify TIMLEGGE OpenSSL Verify certificate verification in XS. 2020-05-10T12:45:28
Crypt-PBE GDT Perl extension for PKCS #5 Password-Based Encryption Algorithms 2020-07-15T15:23:46
Crypt-RFC8188 ETJ Implement RFC 8188 HTTP Encrypted Content Encoding 2020-06-02T23:27:31
Crypto-ECC MICVU Elliptic Curve Cryptography Library 2020-05-16T21:02:51
Crypto-NanoRPC HACKTOR Perl module for interacting with Nano node 2020-01-16T15:17:14
DB-Object JDEGUEST A SQL Database object abstraction class 2020-03-28T06:15:09
DBD-SQLite-BundledExtensions SIMCOP Provide a series of C extensions for DBD::SQLite and some helper functions to load them 2020-07-19T16:30:38
DBIx-Class-Moo-ResultClass JJNAPIORK Moo-ify DBIx::Class Result (row) Classes 2020-04-19T23:57:12
DBIx-Class-StateMigrations VANSTYN Schema migrations via checksums instead of versions 2020-11-24T13:56:13
DBIx-Model MLAWREN DBI extension for table_info as objects 2020-12-31T15:19:02
DBIx-OpenTracing SNEZ automatically create OpenTracing spans around DBI queries 2020-07-24T19:14:58
DBIx-UpdateTable-FromHoH PERLANCAR Update database table from hash-of-hash 2020-05-06T13:42:11
DBIx-Util-Schema PERLANCAR Utility routines related to database schema 2020-05-06T02:32:49
DNS-Hetzner RENEEB Perl library to work with the API for the Hetzner DNS 2020-07-03T18:16:38
DNS-nsdiff FANF create an 'nsupdate' script from DNS zone file differences 2020-07-03T23:43:18
DTOne-Crypt ATANCASIS Cryptographic Toolkit 2020-07-18T10:15:27
Dancer2-Plugin-Argon2 BOR Handling Argon2 passwords in Dancer2 2020-04-09T07:40:23
Dancer2-Plugin-Minion CROMEDOME Use the Minion job queue in your Dancer2 apps. 2020-04-13T14:09:14
Dancer2-Session-Sereal CROMEDOME Dancer 2 session storage in files with Sereal 2020-04-11T00:30:30
Dancer2-Template-Handlebars GEEKRUTH Dancer2 wrapper for Handlebars templating engine 2020-04-12T04:39:50
Data-AnyXfer ALUCAS data transfer base class 2020-05-25T13:33:44
Data-CompactReadonly DCANTRELL a description of CompactReadonly data format, version 0. 2020-12-03T19:07:33
Data-Dataset-Classic-Titanic GENE Provide the classic titanic survivor dataset 2020-04-27T17:54:56
Data-DeepAccess DBOOK Access or set data in deep structures 2020-05-01T03:27:08
Data-Dmp-Prune PERLANCAR Dump Perl data structures as Perl code, prune some branches 2020-10-04T00:40:07
Data-Dump-ObjectAsString PERLANCAR Like Data::Dump but objects are stringified instead of dumped 2020-06-04T12:16:47
Data-Dump-Options PERLANCAR Like Data::Dump but with some more options 2020-06-04T12:16:58
Data-Dump-SExpression PERLANCAR Dump Perl data structures as S-expression 2020-04-10T08:50:38
Data-Dumper-AutoEncode-AsDumper TONKIN Dump encoded data with Dumper() 2020-04-12T03:34:59
Data-LnArray LNATION The great new Data::LnArray! 2020-04-07T18:06:46
Data-Object-Args AWNCORP Args Class for Perl 5 2020-03-20T03:25:01
Data-Object-Attributes AWNCORP Attribute Builder for Perl 5 2020-02-17T04:50:56
Data-Object-Cast AWNCORP Data Type Casting for Perl 5 2020-04-04T13:55:20
Data-Object-Class AWNCORP Class Builder for Perl 5 2020-02-17T04:53:45
Data-Object-ClassHas AWNCORP Attribute Builder for Data-Object Class 2020-03-03T02:09:22
Data-Object-Cli AWNCORP Command-line Interface Abstraction for Perl 5 2020-05-10T21:11:42
Data-Object-Data AWNCORP Podish Parser for Perl 5 2020-02-23T21:28:08
Data-Object-Exception AWNCORP Exception Class for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:33:05
Data-Object-Kind AWNCORP Abstract Base Class for Data::Object 2020-04-18T16:48:24
Data-Object-Name AWNCORP Name Class for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:35:54
Data-Object-Opts AWNCORP Opts Class for Perl 5 2020-03-20T03:25:13
Data-Object-Plugin AWNCORP Plugin Class for Perl 5 2020-03-09T18:58:30
Data-Object-Role AWNCORP Role Builder for Perl 5 2020-02-17T04:56:34
Data-Object-Role-Arguable AWNCORP Arguable Role for Perl 5 Plugin Classes 2020-04-19T17:56:20
Data-Object-Role-Buildable AWNCORP Buildable Role for Perl 5 2020-02-17T04:58:01
Data-Object-Role-Dumpable AWNCORP Dumpable Role for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:00:45
Data-Object-Role-Errable AWNCORP Errable Role for Perl 5 2020-04-15T17:16:28
Data-Object-Role-Formulatable AWNCORP Formulatable Role for Perl 5 2020-04-24T09:15:33
Data-Object-Role-Immutable AWNCORP Immutable Role for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:02:12
Data-Object-Role-Pluggable AWNCORP Pluggable Role for Perl 5 2020-03-09T20:28:18
Data-Object-Role-Proxyable AWNCORP Proxyable Role for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:04:56
Data-Object-Role-Stashable AWNCORP Stashable Role for Perl 5 2020-02-17T05:06:23
Data-Object-Role-Throwable AWNCORP Throwable Role for Perl 5 2020-03-09T02:18:26
Data-Object-Role-Tryable AWNCORP Tryable Role for Perl 5 2020-03-09T05:35:38
Data-Object-RoleHas AWNCORP Attribute Builder for Data-Object Role 2020-03-03T02:12:04
Data-Object-Space AWNCORP Namespace Class for Perl 5 2020-03-07T20:31:46
Data-Object-State AWNCORP Singleton Builder for Perl 5 2020-03-30T23:10:30
Data-Object-Struct AWNCORP Struct Class for Perl 5 2020-04-03T01:08:08
Data-Object-Try AWNCORP Try Class for Perl 5 2020-02-29T04:31:52
Data-Object-Types AWNCORP Data-Object Type Constraints 2020-03-06T05:35:40
Data-Object-Vars AWNCORP Env Vars Class for Perl 5 2020-03-20T03:26:40
Data-Org-Template MICHAEL template engine that plays well with iterators 2020-09-15T00:45:12
Data-Random-Structure-UTF8 BLIAKO The great new Data::Random::Structure::UTF8! 2020-04-15T17:20:46
Data-Record KAIEPI Create a t/ file from test output. 2020-04-01T13:58:45
Data-RingBuffer ZHMYLOVE A simple ring buffer data structure 2020-10-08T16:09:05
Data-RingBuffer-Time ZHMYLOVE Ring buffer data structure to keep time-series data 2020-10-09T13:11:02
Data-Roundtrip BLIAKO convert between Perl data structures, YAML and JSON with unicode support (I believe …) 2020-04-13T19:17:43
Data-Sah-Filter PERLANCAR Filtering for Data::Sah 2020-02-10T17:21:41
Data-Sah-Filter-perl-Str-replace_dashes_with_underscores PERLANCAR Replace dashes in string with underscores 2020-02-28T05:54:51
Data-Sah-Filter-perl-Str-replace_underscores_with_dashes PERLANCAR Replace underscores in string with dashes 2020-02-28T05:53:13
Data-Sah-Filter-perl-Str-try_decode_json PERLANCAR JSON-decode if we can, otherwise leave string as-is 2020-02-11T14:56:11
Data-Sah-Tiny PERLANCAR Validate Sah schemas with as little code as possible 2020-05-10T10:57:50
Data-Tersify-Plugin-DBIx-Class SKINGTON tersify DBIx::Class objects 2020-03-09T00:26:08
Data-Throttler_CHI PERLANCAR Data::Throttler-like throttler with CHI backend 2020-02-19T05:38:04
Data-Transmute-Rules-TreeNodeHash-StringifyChildren PERLANCAR Stringify children attributes in tree nodes to make the tree more dump-friendly 2020-02-13T08:35:22
Data-Transmute-Rules-TreeNodeHash-StringifyParent PERLANCAR Stringify parent attributes in tree nodes to make the tree more dump-friendly 2020-02-13T08:35:33
Data-Tree-Describe DAEMON Create annotated versions of complex data trees 2020-09-26T02:15:53
Data-Validate-Chemistry MERKYS Validate common chemical identifiers 2020-01-29T14:38:32
Data-Validate-WithYAML-Plugin-EmailMX RENEEB Plugin to check if a mx exists for the given mail address 2020-06-25T09:24:12
Data-Walk-More PERLANCAR Traverse Perl data structures, with more information during traversing 2020-04-15T10:26:35
Data-WeakMap KARJALA WeakMap that doesn't leak memory, and which you can operate on like a hash 2020-04-10T18:43:24
Data-xmute PERLANCAR Transmute (transform) data structure using rules modules 2020-02-13T08:49:46
Date-Extract-DE CED extract dates from german texts 2020-04-29T07:51:23
Date-Format-ISO8601 PERLANCAR Format date (Unix timestamp/epoch) as ISO8601 date/time string 2020-10-22T02:53:19
Date-Holidays-AW WATERKIP Aruba's official holidays 2020-06-14T05:40:38
Date-Holidays-NL WATERKIP The Netherlands official holidays 2020-06-14T18:13:27
Date-Holidays-TW GUGOD Determine whether it is Taiwan Holidays or not. 2020-05-17T15:13:14
Date-Holidays-UA DBOYS Holidays module for Ukraine 2020-04-18T16:07:11
Date-strftimeq PERLANCAR POSIX::strftime() with support for embedded perl code in %(…)q 2020-01-19T01:57:48
DateTime-Format-Strftimeq PERLANCAR Format DateTime object using DateTimeX::strftimeq 2020-01-12T00:05:08
DateTimeX-strftimeq PERLANCAR POSIX::strftime() with support for embedded perl code in %(…)q 2020-01-05T00:05:58
Debian-Releases-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List Debian releases 2020-02-21T03:11:59
Devel-Confess-Patch-UseDataDumpObjectAsString PERLANCAR Use Data::Dump::ObjectAsString to stringify reference 2020-06-19T09:03:03
Devel-Platform-Match PERLANCAR Match platform information with platform specification 2020-10-08T09:28:49
Devel-TraceRun ETJ Shows all the function calls and returns in a Perl program 2020-07-07T00:00:21
Devel-WatchVars TOMC trace access to scalar variables 2020-12-21T16:05:15
Devel-Wherefore MSTROUT Where the heck did these subroutines come from? 2020-03-29T14:26:22
Device-Chip-AD9833 PEVANS chip driver for AD9833 2020-10-30T12:58:57
Device-Chip-BME280 PEVANS chip driver for BME280 2020-12-28T14:46:06
Device-Chip-BNO055 PEVANS chip driver for BNO055 2020-05-02T22:59:47
Device-Chip-MAX31855 SACAVILIA chip driver for MAX31855 thermocouple amplifier 2020-10-09T02:07:33
Device-Chip-NoritakeGU_D PEVANS chip driver for Noritake GU-D display modules 2020-06-10T13:49:28
Device-Chip-TCS3472x PEVANS chip driver for TCS3472x-family 2020-11-28T01:33:17
Die-To-Stdout JAHERO Make die() print the error to both STDOUT and SDERR, then die. 2020-08-24T13:30:20
DigiByte-DigiID MICVU Digi-ID implementation 2020-05-16T22:43:30
Dist-Mgr STEVEB Distribution development cycle toolkit 2020-12-30T22:42:03
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Author-CSSON-GithubActions CSSON Ease creation of common Github Actions workflows 2020-12-25T18:20:14
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-CheckForUnwantedFiles CSSON Check for unwanted files 2020-12-29T17:20:25
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Code SKIRMESS dynamically create plugins from a bundle 2020-08-01T23:57:48
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ColorTheme PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building distribution that has ColorTheme modules 2020-06-08T08:14:19
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Data-Sah-Filter PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Data::Sah::Filter::* distribution 2020-02-10T17:22:03
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git-Checkout SKIRMESS clone and checkout a Git repository 2020-08-08T23:42:33
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PERLANCAR-Authority PERLANCAR Add the $AUTHORITY variable and metadata to your distribution 2020-08-10T16:45:51
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-PERLANCAR-CheckPendingRelease PERLANCAR Check for pending release before releasing 2020-08-14T05:28:27
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-ProveDeps PERLANCAR Add release test to run 'prove' on dependent distributions 2020-01-29T09:03:54
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-ProveRdeps PERLANCAR Add release test to run 'prove' on distributions that depend on us 2020-01-30T11:45:24
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-perlmv PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building App::perlmv and App::perlmv::scriptlet::* distribution 2020-08-18T01:47:59
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-DERIV DERIV Defines common dist.ini config for distributions by DERIV 2020-06-18T09:55:06
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-GTERMARS GTERMARS Plugin Bundle for distributions built by GTERMARS 2020-12-31T04:39:09
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-JACQUESG JACQUESG Plugin bundle used by JACQUESG 2020-04-19T12:18:21
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-MMCCLIMON MMCCLIMON BeLike::MMCCLIMON when you build your dists 2020-05-16T14:35:35
Dist-Zilla-Role-GetSharedFileURL PERLANCAR Get URL to a shared file 2020-06-18T02:20:42
Dist-Zilla-Role-PluginBundle-Zilla SKIRMESS adds the zilla object and the logger to your bundles 2020-08-06T19:09:32
Docker-CLI-Wrapper SHLOMIF a wrapper for the CLI of docker and compatible tools. 2020-04-03T17:08:20
Docker-Client MARGHI Docker client 2020-08-10T13:13:51
Docker-Construct CAMTAUXE Construct the filesystem of an exported docker image. 2020-08-12T14:50:03
Docker-Names-Random MIKKOI Create random strings like Docker does for container names. 2020-04-10T22:51:10
Duadua BAYASHI Detect User-Agent 2020-01-31T05:07:25
EAV-XS TVV Email Address Validation Library 2020-03-21T07:37:29
Eircode DRAXIL Validation and utilities for Eircodes / Irish postcodes 2020-01-20T11:11:18
Email-SendGrid-V3 GSG Class for building a message to be sent through the SendGrid v3 Web API 2020-02-10T19:08:39
Encode-Base2N SYBER fast base64, base32, base16 encode/decode functions 2020-03-24T18:04:46
English-Script GRYPHON Parse English subset and convert to data or code 2020-09-18T22:41:18
Excel-ValueReader-XLSX DAMI extracting values from Excel workbooks in XLSX format, fast 2020-06-01T14:31:13
Exception-Backtrace DMOL Get C and Perl backtraces 2020-03-16T18:04:50
ExtUtils-MakeMaker-PPPort ATOOMIC ExtUtils::MakeMaker when using Devel-PPPort 2020-07-22T22:31:11
FFI-C PLICEASE C data types for FFI 2020-05-02T23:16:44
FFI-Platypus-Declare PLICEASE (discouraged) Declarative interface to FFI::Platypus 2020-09-28T16:50:39
FFI-Platypus-Lang-Go PLICEASE Documentation and tools for using Platypus with Go 2020-05-02T23:03:53
FFI-Platypus-Type-Enum PLICEASE Custom platypus type for dealing with C enumerated types 2020-05-12T04:42:20
FFI-Platypus-Type-PtrObject PLICEASE Platypus custom type for an object wrapped around an opaque pointer 2020-04-24T18:40:06
FIDO-Raw JACQUESG Perl bindings to the libfido2 library 2020-05-04T12:27:32
FTN-Crypt PIETRO Encryption of the FTN messages. 2020-01-15T20:49:51
Feed-Data LNATION dynamic data feeds 2020-04-16T17:05:22
File-BackupCopy SGRAY create a backup copy of the file. 2020-01-20T07:48:10
File-Find-Rule-BOM SKIM Common rules for searching for BOM in files. 2020-02-27T12:19:54
File-Find-Rule-ConflictMarker BAYASHI Conflict markers finder 2020-03-01T18:44:55
File-Find-Rule-DMIDecode SKIM Common rules for searching for dmidecode files. 2020-02-27T11:11:09
File-Find-Rule-DWG SKIM Common rules for searching DWG files. 2020-04-06T10:03:25
File-FormatIdentification-Pronom ART Perl extension for parsing PRONOM-Signatures using DROID-Signature file 2020-07-22T15:27:04
File-Groups SHAW File extensions and media types, grouped by application and type 2020-05-14T01:34:29
File-ShouldUpdate SHLOMIF should files be rebuilt? 2020-11-15T21:50:16
File-Sticker RUBYKAT Read, Write file meta-data 2020-07-31T06:01:38
File-Symlink-Relative WYANT Create relative symbolic links 2020-03-26T16:40:05
File-Temp-Patch-NoCleanup PERLANCAR Disable File::Temp::tempdir's automatic cleanup (CLEANUP => 1) 2020-08-04T10:58:17
File-Trash-EmptyFiles-Undoable PERLANCAR Trash all empty files in the current directory tree, with undo/redo capability 2020-06-03T07:54:40
File-lockf PHENSON Perl module interface to the lockf system call 2020-06-04T04:31:06
Filename-Ebook PERLANCAR Check whether filename indicates being an e-book 2020-08-18T00:05:34
Filename-Executable PERLANCAR Check whether filename indicates being an executable program/script 2020-10-02T00:08:04
Finance-Crypto-Exchange-Kraken WATERKIP A Perl implementation of the Kraken REST API 2020-12-03T00:56:10
Finance-Currency-Convert-Esunbank GUGOD Query currency exchange rates from Esunbank 2020-05-31T11:27:12
Finance-Currency-Convert-SCSB GUGOD Query currency exchange rates from SCSB (Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank) 2020-05-23T12:58:32
Finance-IG MARKWIN – Module for doing useful stuff with IG Markets REST API. 2020-12-16T16:55:29
Finance-Tax-Aruba WATERKIP A package that deal with tax calculations for Aruba 2020-06-14T01:04:59
Firefox-Util-Profile PERLANCAR List available Firefox profiles 2020-04-18T01:09:30
FirewallManager PINGAN 2020-02-18T11:06:41
FlightRecorder AWNCORP Logging for Distributed Systems 2020-03-12T03:05:42
Font-Fontconfig VANHOESEL An Object Oriented interface to fontconfig 2020-01-20T16:38:30
Font-Selector VANHOESEL select the right font for rendering 2020-01-21T08:20:21
Foo-Bar PERLANCAR A Foo::Bar module for testing 2020-01-03T00:15:44
Form-Tiny BRTASTIC Input validator implementation centered around Type::Tiny 2020-09-27T19:36:02
Future-Buffer PEVANS a string buffer that uses Futures 2020-06-09T19:59:35
Future-IO-Impl-Glib PEVANS implement Future::IO using Glib 2020-05-10T14:03:30
GDB-bt DMOL Get perl backtraces from coredump files 2020-08-21T10:27:47
Game-RaycastFOV JMATES raycast field-of-view and related routines 2020-02-16T16:58:32
Game-RockPaperScissor SPAJAI object oriented Game::RockPaperScissor! 2020-05-06T20:45:02
Game-Xomb JMATES a game featuring @ versus the Xarci Bedo 2020-03-06T18:06:14
Genealogy-ObituaryDailyTimes NHORNE Compare a Gedcom against the Obituary Daily Times 2020-11-22T02:19:30
Geo-Coder-Abbreviations NHORNE Quick and Dirty Interface to 2020-09-28T17:00:00
Geo-Coder-DAMS BOKUTIN Perl bindings for Japanese Geocoder DAMS 2020-01-04T19:00:11
Geo-Compass-Direction STEVEB Convert a compass heading degree into human readable direction 2020-12-16T19:13:42
Geo-Elevation-HGT ULIBUCK Elevation service with terrain data provided by Mapzen and Amazon AWS S3 2020-05-05T19:15:49
Geo-LibProj-cs2cs AJNN Perl IPC interface to PROJ cs2cs 2020-05-13T02:23:01
Geo-METAR-Deduced IPENBURG deduce aviation information from parsed METAR data 2020-08-18T14:14:57
Getopt-Class JDEGUEST A class based approach for options of Getopt::Long 2020-04-26T15:13:34
Getopt-EX-autocolor UTASHIRO Getopt::EX autocolor module 2020-04-13T07:57:38
Getopt-EX-i18n UTASHIRO General i18n module 2020-06-04T10:13:44
Getopt-EX-termcolor UTASHIRO Getopt::EX termcolor module 2020-04-16T06:15:55
Git-Annex SPWHITTON Perl interface to git-annex repositories 2020-02-12T19:35:05
Git-Repository-Plugin-Diff MRSNDMN Add diff method to Git::Repository. 2020-02-13T09:34:14
Git-Sync SHLOMIF synchronize a git repository. 2020-02-27T09:53:08
Github-Email MOMOZOR Search and print particular Github user emails. 2020-10-01T10:14:26
Google-Ads-GoogleAds-Client WFANSH Google Ads API Client Library for Perl 2020-02-21T03:05:18
Google-Chat-WebHooks IGIBBS Send notifications to Google Chat Rooms 2020-10-26T15:35:34
Google-reCAPTCHA-v3 JJSIMONI A simple Perl API for Google reCAPTCHA v3 2020-03-19T20:23:33
Graph-Nauty MERKYS Perl bindings for nauty 2020-05-01T06:37:18
GraphQL-Client CCM A GraphQL client 2020-03-16T00:09:33
GraphQL-Plugin-Convert-MojoPubSub ETJ convert a Mojo PubSub server to GraphQL schema 2020-05-18T18:56:18
GraphViz2-DBI ETJ Use GraphViz2 to visualize a database schema 2020-09-27T13:29:05
GraphViz2-Data-Grapher ETJ Use GraphViz2 to visualize Perl data structures 2020-09-27T19:33:11
GraphViz2-Parse-ISA ETJ Use GraphViz2 to visualize Perl class hierarchies 2020-09-27T18:20:30
GraphViz2-Parse-RecDescent ETJ Use GraphViz2 to visualize a Parse::RecDescent grammar 2020-09-27T19:58:27
GraphViz2-Parse-XML ETJ Use GraphViz2 to visualize a database schema 2020-09-27T16:42:05
Graphics-ColorNames-HTML_ID PERLANCAR HTML color names and equivalent RGB values (Indonesian translation) 2020-06-07T02:37:12
Graphics-ColorNamesLite-All PERLANCAR Lots of color names and equivalent RGB values (lite version) 2020-06-09T10:43:38
Graphics-ColorNamesLite-HTML_ID PERLANCAR HTML color names and equivalent RGB values (Indonesian translation) (lite version) 2020-06-09T10:43:49
Graphics-ColorNamesLite-WWW PERLANCAR WWW color names and equivalent RGB values (lite version) 2020-06-10T09:43:40
Gtk3-ImageView RATCLIFFE Gtk3 port of the Gtk2::ImageView image viewer widget 2020-10-20T12:56:09
Gtk3-WebKit2 JCARTY WebKit2 bindings for Perl 2020-02-13T14:30:43
Guacamole XSAWYERX A parser toolkit for Standard Perl 2020-06-25T17:14:07
HEAT-Crypto TMM HEAT cryptographic routines 2020-12-07T15:05:43
HEAT-Crypto-X25519 TMM HEAT cryptographic routines 2020-12-03T11:28:19
HTML-DeferableCSS RRWO Simplify management of stylesheets in your HTML 2020-02-19T00:35:34
HTML-HTMLDoc ECHERNOF Perl interface to the htmldoc program for producing PDF Files from HTML content. 2020-08-11T16:57:22
HTML-Selector-Element BARTL Search for elements in a HTML::Element DOM tree using CSS selectors 2020-05-01T17:45:33
Hades LNATION The great new Hades! 2020-08-11T20:41:50
Hades-Macro-YAML LNATION Hades macro helpers for YAML 2020-09-02T19:50:04
Hades-Realm-Compiled-Params LNATION The great new Hades::Realm::Compiled::Params! 2020-08-18T21:01:36
Hades-Realm-Exporter LNATION Hades realm for Exporter 2020-08-29T20:40:18
Hades-Realm-Import-Export LNATION Hades realm for Import::Export 2020-08-29T20:43:05
Hades-Realm-Moo LNATION Hades realm for Moo! 2020-08-27T20:27:57
Hades-Realm-Moose LNATION Hades realm for Moose 2020-08-28T20:51:36
Hades-Realm-Mouse LNATION Hades realm for Mouse 2020-08-28T20:47:30
Hades-Realm-OO LNATION Hades realm for object orientation 2020-08-27T20:13:41
HarfBuzz-Shaper JV Use HarfBuzz for text shaping 2020-01-25T20:50:26
Hash-Digger JULIODCS Access nested hash structures without vivification 2020-09-16T17:07:51
Hash-DotPath GRAVATTJ Package for manipulating hashes via dot path notation. 2020-10-30T17:59:31
Hash-Util-Merge RRWO utility functions for merging hashes 2020-02-13T17:38:25
Health-BladderDiary-GenChart PERLANCAR Create bladder diary table from entries 2020-12-11T03:05:22
Health-BladderDiary-GenTable PERLANCAR Create bladder diary table from entries 2020-11-11T16:39:33
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-DBHCheck GSG Check a database handle to make sure you have read/write access 2020-04-28T16:51:34
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-DBHPing GSG Ping a database handle to check its health 2020-03-25T19:47:59
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-FilePermissions GSG Check the paths for expected permissions in a HealthCheck 2020-03-25T19:49:26
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-RabbitMQ GSG Check connectivity and queues on a RabbitMQ server 2020-04-03T22:19:49
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-Redis GSG Check for Redis connectivity and operations in HealthCheck 2020-05-12T17:14:32
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-SFTP GSG Check for SFTP access and operations in a HealthCheck 2020-04-03T22:23:56
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-SMTP GSG Verify connectivity to an SMTP mail server 2020-05-12T17:10:25
HealthCheck-Diagnostic-WebRequest GSG Make HTTP/HTTPS requests to web servers to check connectivity 2020-04-28T16:55:41
HealthCheck GSG A health check for your code 2020-02-21T20:19:33
Huawei-Info-Ipaddr PINGAN 2020-01-08T15:01:58
Hyperscan MSIKORA Perl bindings to the Intel hyperscan regular expression library 2020-09-02T02:14:27
IMDB-TitleID-SearchByTitle PERLANCAR Extract information from an IMDB title page 2020-04-10T09:18:54
IO-Compress-Zstd PMQS Write zstd files/buffers 2020-07-20T19:25:54
IO-EPP VADIML Object and procedure interface of the client-side for work with EPP API of registries and some resellers 2020-01-12T12:01:15
IP-Decimal LTM Convert IP to Decimal and Decimal to IP 2020-01-21T07:46:48
IPC-Simple JEFFOBER simple, non-blocking IPC 2020-04-27T21:09:21
ISBN-SearchByTitle PERLANCAR Search ISBN from book title 2020-08-02T00:05:33
ISO-15924 TIEDEMANN Language scripts 2020-06-24T18:43:58
ISO-639-3 TIEDEMANN Language codes and names from ISO::639 2020-06-24T18:44:09
ISO-639-5 TIEDEMANN Language groups 2020-06-24T18:44:20
InfluxDB-Client AASSAD The lightweight InfluxDB client 2020-04-27T14:04:38
InfluxDB-Client-Simple AASSAD The lightweight InfluxDB client 2020-04-27T14:44:12
Intertangle-API-Glib ZMUGHAL Helper for using Glib 2020-10-17T00:37:41
Intertangle-API-Gtk3 ZMUGHAL Provides helpers for dealing with Gtk3 code 2020-10-17T05:07:23
Intertangle-API-Kiwisolver ZMUGHAL API for Kiwisolver constraint solver 2020-10-17T05:13:28
Intertangle-Jacquard ZMUGHAL A high-level structured graphics library 2020-10-17T06:46:34
Intertangle-Punchcard ZMUGHAL A constraint modelling meta-system 2020-10-17T05:45:44
Intertangle-Taffeta ZMUGHAL Low-level graphics layer 2020-10-17T06:20:30
Intertangle-Yarn ZMUGHAL Geometry primitives for graphics 2020-10-17T05:59:34
Iterator-Records MICHAEL a simple iterator for arrayref record sources 2020-09-15T01:01:09
JS-AA LTM Encode and Decode AA 2020-01-24T00:59:33
JS-JJ LTM Encode and Decode JJ 2020-01-30T02:22:54
JSON-API-v1 WATERKIP A JSON API object according to v1 specification 2020-07-23T16:11:52
JSON-Conditional LNATION The great new JSON::Conditional! 2020-10-18T11:35:14
JSON-Encode-TableData PERLANCAR Encode table data to JSON (put each row on its own line) 2020-10-22T04:44:13
JSON-Immutable-XS ADDICT 2020-09-16T14:29:55
JSON-Karabiner STEVIED easy JSON code generaation for Karabiner-Elements 2020-05-14T06:27:57
JSON-Lines LNATION The great new JSON::Lines! 2020-10-23T21:17:03
JSON-Schema-Draft201909 ETHER Validate data against a schema 2020-05-21T15:52:10
JSON-Schema-Generate LNATION Generate JSON Schemas from data! 2020-04-28T20:49:43
JSON-SchemaValidator VTI JSON Schema Validator 2020-07-03T06:03:14
Jacode INA Perl program for Japanese character code conversion 2020-10-30T13:24:28
Jasonify BOBK Just Another Serialized Object Notation library. 2020-02-14T19:40:19
Java-Release SKIM Process Java releases. 2020-04-14T17:43:26
JavaScript-Const-Exporter RRWO Convert exported Perl constants to JavaScript 2020-12-16T17:46:35
Jig JRHUNT Tools for Crafting Code in Perl 2020-08-24T01:25:22
Kelp-Module-Symbiosis BRTASTIC manage an entire ecosystem of Plack organisms under Kelp 2020-02-18T05:39:39
Kelp-Module-WebSocket-AnyEvent BRTASTIC AnyEvent websocket server integration with Kelp 2020-02-18T05:42:21
KelpX-Hooks BRTASTIC Override any method in your Kelp application 2020-04-14T22:14:00
LWP-UserAgent-Plugin-Retry PERLANCAR Retry failed requests 2020-08-14T01:52:51
Lingua-FR-Numbers-Ordinate NHORNE go from cardinal number (3) to ordinal ("3e") 2020-01-03T03:04:16
Linux-Realtimed ACANFORA a drop-in daemon replacement for Incrond (see 2020-07-02T22:23:47
Linux-Utils GRAVATTJ Miscellaneous utilities for Linux. 2020-11-30T16:22:06
Linux-realtimed ACANFORA a drop-in daemon replacement for Incrond (see 2020-07-02T03:59:56
List-GroupBy JLCOOPER Group a list of hashref's to a multilevel hash of hashrefs of arrayrefs 2020-08-03T12:45:43
List-Uniqnum SISYPHUS a rendition of List::Util::uniqnum minus the bugs. 2020-01-27T11:35:40
LocalConf-Parser NICKNIU read config to an hashref from local conf files. 2020-12-29T15:11:41
Locale-AU NHORNE abbreviations for territory and state identification in Australia and vice versa 2020-05-18T21:27:13
Locale-Fluent NEVES A perl implementation of Project Fluent Translations. 2020-05-23T17:11:52
Locale-Places NHORNE Translate places using 2020-12-19T05:23:22
Loctools-Net AFAN Shared network-related modules 2020-01-15T21:38:52
Log-Any-Adapter-OpenTracing TEAM provides Log::Any support for OpenTracing spans 2020-06-28T16:56:18
Log-Any-Adapter-Sentry-Raven GSG Log::Any::Adapter for Sentry::Raven 2020-02-03T18:07:06
Log-Dispatch-TAP RRWO Log to TAP output 2020-03-11T21:36:39
Log-Dispatch-UnixSyslog RJBS log events to syslog with Unix::Syslog 2020-08-12T15:47:21
Log-JSON-Lines LNATION Log in JSONLines format 2020-10-24T13:18:52
Log-Log4perl-Appender-Redis FRAZAO Log to a Redis channel 2020-12-19T18:37:03
Log-Log4perl-OpenTracing VANHOESEL inject logs with OpenTracing SpanContext 2020-08-17T20:59:41
Log-ger-For-Builtins PERLANCAR Add logging to Perl builtins 2020-03-14T04:08:59
Log-ger-Format-Default PERLANCAR Use default Log::ger formatting style 2020-02-18T04:37:40
Log-ger-Format-Hashref PERLANCAR Format arguments as hashref 2020-02-18T07:07:39
Log-ger-Format-Join PERLANCAR Join arguments together as string 2020-02-18T04:38:02
Log-ger-Output-Test-Counter PERLANCAR Increase internal counter 2020-11-17T08:31:46
Log-ger-Plugin-Debug-DumpRoutines PERLANCAR Dump routines before Log::ger instals them 2020-03-04T03:03:09
Log-ger-Plugin-HashArgs PERLANCAR Log using hash arguments 2020-03-11T12:23:16
Log-ger-Plugin-Multisets PERLANCAR Create multiple sets of logger routines, each set with its own init arguments 2020-03-04T04:44:10
Log-ger-Plugin-Perl PERLANCAR Replace log statements with Perl's standard facility (warn, die, etc) 2020-03-11T12:24:01
Log-ger-Screen PERLANCAR Convenient packaging of Log::ger + Log::ger::Output::Screen + Log::ger::Level::FromEnv for one-liner 2020-03-10T12:22:14
Log-ger-UseBaheForDump PERLANCAR Use Data::Bahe to dump data structures 2020-12-06T00:06:01
Log-ger-UseDataDmpPrune PERLANCAR Use Data::Dmp::Prune to dump data structures 2020-10-04T00:49:17
Log-ger-UseDataDumpObjectAsString PERLANCAR Use Data::Dump::ObjectAsString to dump data structures 2020-06-04T12:17:09
Log-ger-UseDataDumpOptions PERLANCAR Use Data::Dump::Options to dump data structures 2020-06-04T12:17:20
Log-ger-UseDataDumperCompact PERLANCAR Use Data::Dumper::Compact to dump data structures 2020-11-29T00:05:12
Log-ger-UseDataPrinter PERLANCAR Use Data::Printer to dump data structures 2020-04-17T02:06:49
Log-ger-UseJSONForDump PERLANCAR Use JSON::MaybeXS to dump data structures (as JSON) 2020-12-13T00:05:17
Log-ger-UseYAMLForDump PERLANCAR Use YAML::PP to dump data structures (as JSON) 2020-12-13T00:05:28
Log4perlAppenderRedis FRAZAO Log to a Redis channel 2020-12-19T18:26:40
LogicMonitor-REST-Signature VVELOX Builds LMv1 token header info for Logicmonitor. 2020-12-02T11:08:42
LooksLike BOBK See if a number looks like a number, integer, numeric, infinity, not-a-number, zero, non-zero, positive, negative, even, or odd. 2020-02-14T19:05:33
Lox DFARRELL A Perl implementation of the Lox programming language 2020-08-09T01:03:16
LyricFinder TURNERJW Fetch song lyrics from several internet lyric sites. 2020-12-15T20:57:35
Lyrics-Fetcher-Genius BIGPRESH Get song lyrics from 2020-10-22T09:45:32
METS-Files SKIM Get page files from METS specification. 2020-02-13T20:27:29
METS-Parse-Simple SKIM METS parse class. 2020-02-13T20:22:07
MIDI-Chord-Guitar GENE MIDI pitches for guitar chord voicings 2020-10-27T15:02:45
MIME-Base32-XS LTM MIME::Base32::XS – Encoding and decoding Base32 2020-03-02T17:47:35
MLPerl WBRASWELL Machine Learning Algorithms & Applications in Perl 2020-01-02T05:38:40
Mac-OSA-Notification-Tiny LNATION native mac notifications 2020-10-25T21:37:58
Mail-SSLSigCheck BPSCHUCK The great new Mail::SSLSigCheck! 2020-10-27T16:07:10
Mail-TLSRPT MBRADSHAW TLSRPT object 2020-03-03T09:56:32
Markdown-Contents MIRK generate a table of contents from a Markdown file 2020-05-14T15:13:42
Markdown-Table PERLSRVDE Create and parse tables in Markdown 2020-09-19T06:57:49
Masscan-Scanner AVERNA Masscan::Scanner – A Perl module which helps in using the masscan port scanner. 2020-03-21T21:35:07
Math-BSpline-Basis LGEHLEN B-spline basis functions 2020-09-15T17:34:09
Math-BSpline-Curve LGEHLEN B-spline curves 2020-10-18T11:05:25
Math-FractionManip GENE Manipulate fractions 2020-04-22T08:06:57
Math-Giac VVELOX A perl interface to giac, a CAS(Computer Algebra System) 2020-05-28T15:14:55
Math-Image-CalcResized PERLANCAR Calculate resized dimensions of image/video 2020-09-23T06:20:35
Math-Matrix-Banded LGEHLEN non-zero entries confined to a diagonal band 2020-09-07T13:16:02
Math-Polynomial-Chebyshev PJACKLAM Chebyshev polynomials of the second kind 2020-03-10T08:39:12
Math-Revhash ZHMYLOVE Reversible hashes library 2020-08-05T10:12:20
Math-Sidef TRIZEN Perl interface to Sidef's mathematical library. 2020-12-04T04:10:57
Math-Spiral CDRAKE Perl extension to return an endless stream of X, Y offset coordinates which represent a spiral shape 2020-02-11T11:40:01
Math-StdDev CDRAKE Pure-perl mean and variance computation supporting running/online calculation (Welford's algorithm) 2020-01-20T09:50:44
Math-Summation PJACKLAM add numbers in ways that give less numerical errors 2020-02-09T13:25:19
Media-MediaInfoLib JIRO Perl interface to the MediaInfoLib 2020-07-27T02:56:46
MetaCPAN-Client-Pod-PDF LNATION The great new MetaCPAN::Client::Pod::PDF! 2020-04-11T23:00:28
Metabolomics-Fragment-Annotation GIACOMONI Perl extension for fragment annotation in metabolomics 2020-02-26T13:58:43
Metrics-Any PEVANS abstract collection of monitoring metrics 2020-04-27T21:27:57
Metrics-Any-Adapter-Prometheus PEVANS a metrics reporting adapter for Prometheus 2020-04-27T23:19:20
Metrics-Any-Adapter-Routable PEVANS configurable routing of reported metrics 2020-07-04T01:49:03
Metrics-Any-Adapter-Statsd PEVANS a metrics reporting adapter for statsd 2020-04-29T15:42:12
Minio GRIBUSER 2020-11-07T05:47:34
Minion-Backend-API LTM API Rest backend 2020-02-11T02:48:42
Mir-FileHandler GRUBERT An Mir module to handle files and folders… 2020-10-05T16:15:00
Mo-utils SKIM Mo utilities. 2020-12-11T09:21:04
Module-Build-Parse-Yapp MERKYS build Parse::Yapp parsers from source 2020-02-24T15:00:30
Module-Format-AsHTML SHLOMIF generate HTML links to metacpan module/dists pages. 2020-07-27T14:17:40
Module-Generate LNATION Assisting with module generation. 2020-04-15T18:23:21
Module-Generate-Hash LNATION The great new Module::Generate::Hash! 2020-04-27T20:12:57
Module-Generate-YAML LNATION Assisting with module generation via YAML. 2020-05-05T19:19:55
Module-Generic JDEGUEST Generic Module to inherit from 2020-03-26T05:10:53
Module-HideRename PERLANCAR Hide modules by renaming them 2020-05-01T00:05:23
Module-Installed STEVEB Check whether a module, or a file's list of includes are installed. 2020-12-07T18:42:13
Module-List-More PERLANCAR Module::List, with more options 2020-09-21T02:05:57
Module-List-Tiny-Patch-Hide PERLANCAR Hide some modules from Module::List::Tiny 2020-02-13T02:35:14
Module-List-Wildcard-Patch-Hide PERLANCAR Hide some modules from Module::List::Wildcard 2020-02-13T02:35:25
Module-Load-Util PERLANCAR Some utility routines related to module loading 2020-06-09T03:53:48
Mojo-DB-Connector SRCHULO Create and cache DB connections using common connection info 2020-01-26T01:25:31
Mojo-DB-Results-Role-MoreMethods SRCHULO More methods for DB Results, like Mojo::Pg::Results and Mojo::mysql::Results 2020-01-05T23:22:29
Mojo-DOM-Role-Analyzer STEVIED miscellaneous methods for analyzing a DOM 2020-08-04T22:48:59
Mojo-File-Role-Extension KIWIROY Access Mojo::File filename extensions 2020-03-18T20:59:01
Mojo-File-Share SRCHULO Better local share directory support with Mojo::File 2020-02-08T22:34:09
Mojo-InfluxDB GNZL Super simple InfluxDB async cappable client with a nice interface 2020-09-29T14:50:45
Mojo-JWT-Google VEESH Service Account tokens 2020-05-25T11:17:49
Mojo-Log-Role-Color JHTHORSEN Add colors to your mojo logs 2020-04-16T02:54:25
Mojo-Promise-Limiter SKAJI limit outstanding calls to Mojo::Promise 2020-05-06T11:06:38
Mojo-Promise-Limitter SKAJI limit outstanding calls to Mojo::Promise 2020-05-06T10:37:10
Mojo-Rx KARJALA It's new $module 2020-04-17T10:27:28
Mojo-Server-AWSLambda PRAJITH Mojolicious server for AWS Lambda 2020-03-30T13:34:00
Mojo-UserAgent-Role-Resume KARJALA Role for Mojo::UserAgent that provides resuming capability during downloads 2020-08-27T17:40:04
Mojo-UserAgent-Role-Signature SADAMS Automatically sign request transactions 2020-04-15T14:52:11
Mojo-WebService-LastFM TESMITH Non-blocking recent tracks information from Last.FM 2020-03-11T16:02:35
MojoX-Date-Local BWISTI Mojo::Date, but in my timezone 2020-05-28T04:15:42
Mojolicious-Command-Author-generate-cpanfile GRAF cpanfile generator command 2020-06-01T17:40:09
Mojolicious-Command-proxy ETJ Proxy web requests elsewhere 2020-06-06T16:47:14
Mojolicious-Plugin-Config-Structured MTYRRELL Mojolicious Plugin for Config::Structured: locates and reads config and definition files and loads them into a Config::Structured instance, made available globally as 'conf' 2020-03-20T00:56:24
Mojolicious-Plugin-ContextAuth RENEEB Role-based access with context 2020-05-13T09:38:17
Mojolicious-Plugin-CoverDb LDIDRY Mojolicious::Plugin::CoverDb – Mojolicious Plugin which exposes a directory (designed for a cover_db dir, created by Devel::Cover). 2020-08-18T16:47:46
Mojolicious-Plugin-Crud PINGAN 2020-02-16T03:38:38
Mojolicious-Plugin-DBI PINGAN 2020-02-17T07:31:16
Mojolicious-Plugin-DataTables GDT DataTables Plugin for Mojolicious 2020-03-26T22:00:14
Mojolicious-Plugin-EmailMailer LDIDRY Mojolicious Plugin to send mail through Email::Mailer. 2020-10-27T11:27:28
Mojolicious-Plugin-ExceptionSentry LTM Sentry Plugin for Mojolicious – Mojolicious::Plugin::ExceptionSentry 2020-04-24T06:14:20
Mojolicious-Plugin-Gallery SKLUKIN Blah blah blah 2020-09-13T22:39:42
Mojolicious-Plugin-Iconify GDT Iconify helpers. 2020-01-04T15:00:45
Mojolicious-Plugin-InlineJSON MSTROUT Bootstrap your app with inline JSON 2020-08-27T15:08:49
Mojolicious-Plugin-Minion-Overview CRLCU 2020-02-21T15:02:01
Mojolicious-Plugin-Minion-Tasks CRLCU 2020-02-21T15:02:12
Mojolicious-Plugin-MoreHelpers MONSTAR More helpers lacking in Mojolicious 2020-11-17T00:15:16
Mojolicious-Plugin-MultiLanguage MONSTAR Find available native language in your Mojolicious app 2020-08-14T00:21:50
Mojolicious-Plugin-Parametry ZOFFIX Mojolicious plugin providing param helpers 2020-12-01T15:51:23
Mojolicious-Plugin-Rex PINGAN The great new Mojolicious::Plugin::Rex! 2020-07-26T06:27:18
Mojolicious-Plugin-SNMP PINGAN The great new Mojolicious::Plugin::SNMP! 2020-07-26T06:39:46
Mojolicious-Plugin-ServerType JLCOOPER A Mojolicious Plugin that provides a helper that identifies the server type 2020-01-13T13:12:40
Mojolicious-Plugin-ServiceWorker ETJ plugin to aid real-time web push 2020-07-20T02:59:36
Mojolicious-Plugin-Sticker BLABOS turns baubles into trinkets 2020-03-31T18:24:36
Mojolicious-Plugin-StrictCORS MONSTAR Strict CORS routes in your Mojolicious app 2020-08-12T23:13:44
Mojolicious-Plugin-Systemd JHTHORSEN Configure your app from within systemd service file 2020-01-09T00:02:48
Mojolicious-Plugin-Vue PINGAN The great new Mojolicious::Plugin::Vue! 2020-07-26T06:35:32
Mojolicious-Plugin-WebPush ETJ plugin to aid real-time web push 2020-07-20T18:13:44
Mom TOBYINK Moo objects minimally 2020-07-26T23:23:43
MooX-Pression TOBYINK express yourself through moo 2020-01-16T00:50:32
MooX-Private-Attribute LNATION private attributes 2020-08-24T12:05:12
MooX-Role-RunAlone BOFTX prevent multiple instances of a script from running 2020-08-30T10:56:58
MooseX-Function-Parameters ROBFARR 2020-01-03T19:49:47
MooseX-amine GENEHACK Examine Yr Moose 2020-04-20T22:46:43
MsOffice-Word-Template DAMI treat a Word document as Template Toolkit document 2020-12-13T21:26:07
Multipart-Encoder DART encoder for mime-type multipart/form-data. 2020-04-09T14:33:43
Music-Chord-Progression GENE Create network transition chord progressions 2020-12-10T12:15:55
Music-MelodicDevice-Inversion GENE Apply melodic inversion to a series of notes 2020-12-15T09:41:36
Music-MelodicDevice-Ornamentation GENE Chromatic and diatonic musical ornamentation 2020-12-18T02:34:13
Music-MelodicDevice-Transposition GENE Apply chromatic and diatonic transposition to notes 2020-12-17T00:41:57
Mxpress-PDF LNATION The great new Mxpress::PDF! 2020-02-09T18:14:46
Mxpress-PDF-Mechanize LNATION Take a screenshot and add it to the pdf 2020-02-18T16:38:39
MySQL-Util-CLI GRAVATTJ A handy cli interface for MySQL::Util 2020-03-21T16:50:48
NIP-Generator STRZELEC generator of polish fiscal identifiers. 2020-07-21T20:29:03
Nano AWNCORP Minimalist Object Persistence 2020-12-30T20:25:11
Neo4j-Bolt MAJENSEN Neo4j server agent using Bolt protocol 2020-02-23T03:53:27
Neo4j-Client MAJENSEN Build and use the libneo4j-client library 2020-06-01T04:17:45
Net-API-REST JDEGUEST Implementation of RESTful API 2020-03-26T06:18:46
Net-API-Stripe JDEGUEST An interface to the Stripe API 2020-03-28T07:45:34
Net-API-Stripe-WebHook-Apache JDEGUEST A Stripe WebHook Implementation using Apache 2020-05-27T20:19:09
Net-API-Stripe-WebHook JDEGUEST A Stripe WebHook Implementation 2020-05-27T19:21:55
Net-API-Telegram JDEGUEST Implementation of Telegram API 2020-03-28T07:18:20
Net-AWS-SES PARTHA Perl extension for blah blah blah 2020-07-18T17:14:24
Net-AWS-SES-Signature4 PARTHA Perl extension that implements Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) API requests that are signed using Signature Version 4 processes 2020-07-18T17:44:31
Net-Camera-Sercomm-ICamera2 MRDVT Perl Interface for Sercomm ICamera2 network camera 2020-11-14T03:08:46
Net-Cloudflare-DNS WESLEY DNS API for Cloudflare API v4 2020-12-18T08:08:01
Net-DNS-DomainController-Discovery SAPERSKI Discover Microsoft Active Directory domain controllers via DNS queries 2020-02-17T02:47:49
Net-DNS-Resolver-DoH MBRADSHAW Experimental DNS over HTTPS for Net::DNS::Resolver 2020-02-20T01:07:56
Net GREENEG A object oriented Perl module to interact with the EtcD version 2 API 2020-08-11T00:54:48
Net-EtcDv2 GREENEG A object oriented Perl module to interact with the EtcD version 2 API 2020-08-11T01:20:36
Net-IANA-TLD WESLEY IANA TLDs database 2020-09-11T08:55:07
Net-IPAM-Block GAISSMAI A library for reading, formatting, sorting and converting IP-blocks. 2020-04-02T10:32:40
Net-IPAM-IP GAISSMAI A library for reading, formatting, sorting and converting IP-addresses. 2020-04-02T09:19:36
Net-IPAM-Tree GAISSMAI A CIDR/Block tree library for fast IP lookup with longest-prefix-match. 2020-04-02T10:54:32
Net-Kalk FACILA Perl extension for calculate addresses and networks IP 2020-09-02T13:30:47
Net-Matrix-Webhook DOMM A http->matrix webhook 2020-04-09T21:38:02
Net-MyIP RAJ Get ip address from 2020-01-24T10:48:45
Net-OAuth2Server ARISTOTLE A light, simple, flexible OAuth2 server framework 2020-05-31T01:01:41
Net-OAuth2Server-OIDC ARISTOTLE An OpenID Connect server on top of Net::OAuth2Server 2020-05-31T01:01:53
Net-OAuth2Server-PKCE ARISTOTLE A PKCE extension for Net::OAuth2Server 2020-11-01T22:44:37
Net-OAuth2Server-TokenExchange ARISTOTLE A Token Exchange extension for Net::OAuth2Server 2020-12-17T07:11:53
Net-OpenVAS GDT Perl extension for OpenVAS Scanner 2020-03-14T23:34:48
Net-Prometheus-Pushgateway VRAG client module for pushing metrics to prometheus exporter (pushgateway, prometheus aggregation gateway) 2020-01-17T15:03:05
Net-PublicSuffixList BDFOY The Mozilla Public Suffix List 2020-01-08T03:56:52
Net-SNMP-Mixin-CiscoDot1qVlanStatic GAISSMAI mixin class for static Cisco vlan info 2020-05-31T16:42:21
Net-SNMP-Mixin-NXOSDot1dBase GAISSMAI mixin class for some Bridge base values from NXOS switches. 2020-11-04T16:18:40
Net-SNMP-Mixin-NXOSDot1dStp GAISSMAI mixin class for 802.1D spanning tree information from Cisco NXOS devices. 2020-11-16T20:58:44
Net-SNMP-Mixin-NXOSDot1qFdb GAISSMAI mixin class for 802.1-Q switch forwarding databases 2020-11-04T16:18:52
Net-Saml2 TIMLEGGE SAML bindings and protocol implementation 2020-04-10T13:08:56
Net-SockAddr SYBER Socket address OO-wrapper with Perl and C++ interface. 2020-01-22T16:15:12
Net-SyslogNg VRAG client module for writing to syslog server (rfc5424) 2020-01-10T09:59:11
Net-Z3950-DBIServer MIRK Gateway between Z39.50 and the RDBMS of your choice 2020-09-19T10:49:32
Net-Z3950-FOLIO MIRK Z39.50 server for FOLIO bibliographic data 2020-09-17T15:22:12
Netconf PINGAN The great new Netconf! 2020-07-26T06:28:46
NewFangle PLICEASE Unofficial Perl NewRelic SDK 2020-05-14T21:38:52
Nice-Try JDEGUEST A real Try Catch Block Implementation Using Perl Filter 2020-05-20T08:46:25
Number-Stars SKIM Class for conversion between percent number to star visualization 2020-08-04T12:29:07
Number-Textify VAL turn number into some string. 2020-05-11T07:10:28
Nuvol TEKKI A cloud toolkit 2020-02-12T17:14:22
OCR-OcrSpace SPAJAI Perl Interface to access 2020-05-06T17:21:59
OOP-Private ANONYMOUS Private and protected methods 2020-07-10T10:38:29
OPCUA-Open62541 BLUHM Perl XS wrapper for open62541 OPC UA library 2020-02-12T16:50:54
OPTIMADE-Filter MERKYS OPTIMADE filter language parser/composer 2020-03-25T06:31:23
OPUS-Tools TIEDEMANN a collection of tools for processing OPUS corpora 2020-08-26T09:34:28
Object-Adhoc TOBYINK make objects without the hassle of defining a class first 2020-01-24T17:12:36
Object-Depot BLUEFEET Decouple object instantiation from usage. 2020-01-20T20:33:21
Object-GMP MICVU Moo Role for any object has GMP field 2020-05-16T13:33:10
Object-Instant TOBYINK make objects without the hassle of defining a class first 2020-01-24T16:56:57
OpenAPI-Render MERKYS Render OpenAPI specifications as documents 2020-01-31T10:56:36
OpenBSD-KvmFiles DOHNUTS OpenBSD kvm_getfiles. 2020-09-16T19:16:10
OpenSMTPD-Password NAVALNED Perl extension for creating password hashes 2020-06-08T14:31:43
OpenSMTPD-Password-XS NAVALNED OpenBSD XS backend for OpenSMTPD::Password 2020-06-08T14:31:54
OpenTelemetry TEAM supporting for application process monitoring, as defined by 2020-06-28T16:04:16
OpenTracing-AutoScope VANHOESEL Automagically create and close scoped spans. 2020-01-16T14:24:42
OpenTracing-Implementation VANHOESEL Use OpenTracing with a specific implementation 2020-01-08T15:02:09
OpenTracing-Implementation-DataDog VANHOESEL Sending traces to DataDog using Agent 2020-01-15T20:12:38
OpenTracing-Implementation-NoOp VANHOESEL Stops Crashing, doing nothing else 2020-01-10T15:41:16
OpenTracing-Integration-DBI TEAM OpenTracing APM support for DBI-based database interaction 2020-07-12T17:53:26
OpenTracing-Integration-Email-Sender TEAM OpenTracing APM support for email sent via Email::Sender 2020-07-12T17:51:49
OpenTracing-Integration-RedisDB TEAM OpenTracing APM support for RedisDB-based database interaction 2020-07-12T17:52:00
OpenTracing-Interface VANHOESEL API definition for OpenTransport implementations 2020-06-12T20:27:01
OpenTracing-Manual VANHOESEL A quick overview about Perl5 and OpenTracing 2020-03-26T15:18:52
OpenTracing-Role VANHOESEL common attributes and methods for OpenTracing 2020-01-14T14:16:07
Orbital-Transfer ZMUGHAL Software project manager 2020-11-06T03:25:05
Org-Dump PERLANCAR Show Org document/element object in a human-friendly format 2020-02-05T18:01:00
Org-FRDCSA-AIE ANDREWD Automatic Information Extraction 2020-04-23T17:40:53
Org-Shell PERLANCAR Navigate and manipulate in-memory Org document tree using a CLI shell 2020-02-21T10:21:46
Otogiri-Plugin-SelectWithColumns YTURTLE Otogiri plugin to search row-data that contains only specific columns from database 2020-01-16T11:26:10
P2-Scheduler GRUBERT This module helps organizing monthly tests at component level. 2020-08-26T15:36:37
PDF-API2-XS SSIMMS Optional PDF::API2 add-on using XS to speed up expensive operations 2020-08-27T21:01:10
PDF-QRCode OETIKER Add QRCode method to PDF::API2 2020-12-09T08:50:20
PERLANCAR-Foo-Bar PERLANCAR Foo, Bar, Foo::Bar, etc modules for testing 2020-01-03T00:28:57
PINE64-GPIO CREDO Perl interface to PineA64 and PineA64+ GPIO pins 2020-05-18T00:56:48
PINE64-MAX7219 CREDO 2020-05-21T03:39:58
PINE64-MCP23008 CREDO Perl interface to the MCP23008 GPIO extender. Can be used on any single board computer that has I2C capabilities. 2020-09-19T04:25:49
PINE64-MCP300x CREDO Perl interface to the MCP300x family of 10-bit analog to digital converters. 2020-06-18T03:22:07
PINE64-MCP3208 CREDO Perl interface to the MCP3208 12-bit SPI analog to digital converters. 2020-06-27T19:41:00
PINE64-MCP9808 CREDO The great new PINE64::MCP9808! 2020-08-14T03:41:26
POE-Component-MetaCPAN-Recent BINGOS Obtain uploaded CPAN dists via MetaCPAN. 2020-05-01T12:15:34
POE-Component-SmokeBox-Recent-HTTP BINGOS an extremely minimal HTTP client 2020-05-04T20:00:13
POE-Component-TLSify BINGOS Makes using SSL/TLS in the world of POE easy! 2020-08-03T17:26:47
PYX-Optimization SKIM PYX optimization Perl class. 2020-05-01T16:18:10
Package-CopyContents PERLANCAR Copy (some) contents from another package 2020-02-16T03:25:35
Package-CopyFrom PERLANCAR Copy (some) contents from another package 2020-02-16T02:54:31
Package-Role-ini MRDVT Perl role for "ini" object the returns a Config::IniFiles object 2020-11-10T02:28:32
Parallel-ForkManager-Segmented-Base SHLOMIF base class for Parallel::ForkManager::Segmented 2020-09-29T08:32:46
Parallel-Map MSTROUT Multi processing parallel map code 2020-04-05T03:00:47
Parallel-Map-Segmented SHLOMIF use Parallel::Map on batches / segments of items. 2020-09-29T11:44:46
Pass-OTP JBAIER Perl implementation of HOTP / TOTP algorithms 2020-06-27T21:32:05
Pb BAREFOOT a workflow system made from Perl and bash 2020-02-03T11:41:58
PeekPoke-FFI PLICEASE Perl extension for reading and writing to arbitrary memory locations 2020-04-09T17:00:10
Pegex-TOML INGY Pegex Loader for TOML 2020-01-16T06:07:13
Pepper ECHERNOF Quick-start kit for learning and creating microservices in Perl. 2020-09-07T20:12:08
Perinci-Class-Base PERLANCAR Base class for your Rinci-metadata-containing classes 2020-02-14T08:07:13
Perinci-CmdLine-Base-Patch-DumpConfigAfterRun PERLANCAR (DEPRECATED) Patch Perinci::CmdLine::Base's run() to dump config after run 2020-10-16T22:50:01
Perinci-CmdLine-Lite-Patch-ShowArgsAfterValidation PERLANCAR Patch Perinci::CmdLine::Lite's hook_before_action() to show arguments after validation 2020-01-01T22:26:03
Perinci-Package-CopyContents PERLANCAR Copy (some) contents from another package (with Rinci metadata awareness) 2020-02-16T03:28:41
Perinci-Package-CopyFrom PERLANCAR Copy (some) contents from another package (with Rinci metadata awareness) 2020-02-16T02:55:04
Perl-Critic-Policy-ControlStructures-ProhibitReturnInDoBlock UTGWKK Do not "return" in "do" block 2020-11-12T11:55:34
Perl-Critic-Policy-ProhibitOrReturn UTGWKK Do not use `or return` 2020-11-12T05:56:33
Perl-Critic-Policy-RegularExpressions-ProhibitEmptyAlternatives WYANT Beware empty alternatives, because they always match. 2020-02-24T16:43:52
Perl-LineNumber-Comment PERLANCAR Add line number to Perl source as comment 2020-11-27T12:16:27
Perl7-Handy INA Handy Perl7 scripting environment on Perl5 2020-09-05T07:55:19
PerlIO-bom LEONT Automatic BOM handling in Unicode IO 2020-12-11T01:45:07
PerlIO-via-YAML LNATION PerlIO layer for YAML 2020-05-05T18:22:57
PerlIO-via-xz HMBRAND PerlIO layer for XZ (de)compression 2020-11-07T10:28:35
Plack-App-Directory-PYX SKIM Plack PYX directory application. 2020-04-29T23:39:56
Plack-App-DirectoryIndex DAVECROSS Serve static files from document root with an index file. 2020-12-09T16:13:29
Plack-App-Env SKIM Plack env dump application. 2020-08-07T18:00:43
Plack-App-File-PYX SKIM Plack PYX file application. 2020-05-21T17:42:35
Plack-App-Login SKIM Plack login application. 2020-09-21T22:00:08
Plack-App-Prerender RRWO a simple prerendering proxy for Plack 2020-10-12T21:33:59
Plack-Handler-Feersum-SS EGOR Server::Starter adapter for Feersum Plack handler 2020-05-19T18:53:26
Plack-Middleware-Acme-AAHTTPHeader BAYASHI Add ASCII Art into HTTP Header 2020-07-04T03:24:26
Plack-Middleware-HealthCheck GSG A health check endpoint for your Plack app 2020-02-21T20:28:42
Plack-Middleware-Security-Simple RRWO A simple security filter for Plack 2020-03-07T00:14:29
Plack-Middleware-Text-Minify RRWO minify text responses on the fly 2020-12-11T12:16:40
Plasp SLEUNG PerlScript/ASP 2020-09-17T16:43:19
Playwright TEODESIAN Perl client for Playwright 2020-11-02T21:46:01
Pluto AWNCORP Functional Scripting for Perl 5 2020-06-01T04:36:12
Pod-Cookbook PERLANCAR Recipes for working with POD 2020-04-14T09:08:10
Pod-Definitions WLINDLEY extract main sections and contained definitions from Pod 2020-10-19T20:19:21
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-BorderStyle PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building distribution which has BorderStyle::* modules 2020-06-11T07:42:00
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-ColorTheme PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building distribution which has ColorTheme::* modules 2020-06-08T08:15:46
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Data-Sah-Filter PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Data::Sah::Filter::* or Data::Sah::FilterBundle::* distribution 2020-02-10T17:22:15
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-perlmv PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building App::perlmv and App::perlmv::scriptlet::* distribution 2020-08-18T01:48:21
Preprocess-Ops PRBRENAN Preprocess â–· and â–¶ as method dispatch operators in ANSI-C. 2020-08-12T16:26:02
Primesieve OESI Perl extension for primesieve 2020-03-20T21:13:06
Progress-Any-Examples PERLANCAR Examples for Progress::Any 2020-06-20T14:13:49
Protocol-HTTP SYBER very fast HTTP protocol incremental parser and serializer 2020-03-14T14:05:05
Protocol-HTTP-Compression-Brotli SYBER Broli compression plugin for Protocol::HTTP 2020-03-14T14:29:06
Protocol-WebSocket-Fast SYBER very fast WebSocket protocol implementation 2020-04-03T15:34:59
Protocol-WebSocket-XS SYBER very fast WebSocket protocol implementation 2020-04-02T17:42:08
Psonpath ARFREITAS XPath for JSON|> is an article about JSONPath. Useful to start learning how to use it. 2020-02-16T04:22:04
QQ-weixin-work YOURSELF 2020-03-12T13:52:02
Qiime2-Artifact PROCH A parser for Qiime2 artifact files 2020-01-23T15:16:12
Qiime2-Reader PROCH A parser for Qiime2 artifact files 2020-01-23T14:28:28
Quantum-Superpositions-Lazy BRTASTIC Weighted QM-like superpositions with lazy evaluation 2020-08-06T20:45:57
RT-Extension-AssetAutoName PUCK RT-Extension-AssetAutoName Extension 2020-05-17T23:56:01
RT-Extension-AuditLog LENDL RT-Extension-AuditLog Extension 2020-07-30T16:31:41
RT-Extension-DisableOtherTransaction MITHR RT-Extension-DisableOtherTransaction Extension 2020-01-24T15:06:17
RT-Extension-ToggleTheme CRAIGKAI RT-Extension-ToggleTheme Extension 2020-11-09T16:14:38
RT-Extension-TravisCI BPS RT-Extension-TravisCI Extension 2020-09-04T21:51:18
RedisScript FRAZAO Perl extension to help load and run Lua script in Redis server. 2020-04-17T15:03:06
Regexp-Common-Markdown JDEGUEST Markdown Common Regular Expressions 2020-08-14T04:47:36
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Archive PERLANCAR Archive filename 2020-06-21T00:05:25
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Audio PERLANCAR Audio filename 2020-05-24T00:06:11
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Backup PERLANCAR Backup filename 2020-06-28T00:05:31
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Compressed PERLANCAR Compressed data filename 2020-07-05T00:06:02
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Ebook PERLANCAR Ebook filename 2020-10-24T00:05:54
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Image PERLANCAR Image filename 2020-07-12T00:05:04
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Media PERLANCAR Media (image/audio/video) filename 2020-06-07T00:05:19
Regexp-Pattern-Filename-Video PERLANCAR Video filename 2020-05-31T00:05:20
Regexp-Pattern-Float PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to floating (decimal) numbers 2020-10-05T00:05:28
Regexp-Pattern-Int PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to integers 2020-10-03T00:05:59
Regexp-Pattern-OS PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to OS names and Perl's $^O 2020-02-10T11:15:42
Regexp-Pattern-Palindrome PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to palindrome 2020-02-10T11:46:49
Regexp-Pattern-Path PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to path 2020-01-01T22:26:37
Regexp-Pattern-Perl PERLANCAR Regexp patterns related to Perl 2020-06-16T05:21:49
Regexp-Pattern-Test-re_engine PERLANCAR Regexp patterns to test loading under re::engine::* 2020-01-04T05:39:49
Renard-API-MuPDF-mutool ZMUGHAL Retrieve PDF image and text data via MuPDF's mutool 2020-10-17T07:18:12
Renard-Block-Format-Cairo ZMUGHAL A document format for Cairo surfaces 2020-10-17T07:31:19
Renard-Block-Format-PDF ZMUGHAL Provides a Document and Page for PDF files. 2020-10-17T08:07:28
Renard-Block-NLP ZMUGHAL Natural language processing for English 2020-10-17T08:08:55
Require-Hook-More PERLANCAR Load module like perl, with more options 2020-01-04T05:31:55
Require-Hook-Source-DzilBuild PERLANCAR Load module source code from Dist::Zilla build files 2020-11-13T02:56:06
Require-Hook-Source-MetaCPAN PERLANCAR Load module source code from MetaCPAN 2020-11-13T02:56:17
RestAPI GRUBERT a base module to interact with a REST API interface 2020-08-12T17:18:17
Return-Deep CINDY deeply returns through multiple layers at once 2020-04-04T07:24:58
Return-Type-Lexical CCM Same thing as Return::Type, but lexical 2020-03-10T04:51:56
Rewire AWNCORP Dependency Injection Container for Perl 5 2020-05-08T02:56:04
Rex-Dondley-ProcessTaskArgs STEVIED easier Rex task argument handling 2020-05-01T13:37:27
Rex-Hook-File-Diff FERKI show diff of changes for files managed by Rex 2020-05-16T16:27:44
Rex-Hook-File-Impostor FERKI execute Rex file management commands on a copy of the original file 2020-09-28T17:59:08
RogueCurses KOBOLDWIZ game system for RPG/Adventure games using Curses. 2020-12-06T23:18:57
RogueQuest KOBOLDWIZ game system for RPG/Adventure games using SDL for graphics. 2020-12-07T03:00:06
Role-Declare SNEZ declarative parameter and return type checking 2020-05-26T19:17:17
Role-Hooks TOBYINK role callbacks 2020-02-18T12:41:58
Role-RunAlone BOFTX prevent multiple instances of a script from running 2020-09-05T04:26:51
Role-TinyCommons-TermAttr-Color PERLANCAR Determine color depth and whether to use color or not 2020-06-05T12:59:31
Role-TinyCommons-TermAttr-Interactive PERLANCAR Determine whether terminal application is running interactively 2020-06-06T04:06:57
Role-TinyCommons-TermAttr-Size PERLANCAR Determine the sane terminal size 2020-06-05T12:25:41
Role-TinyCommons-TermAttr-Software PERLANCAR Find out information about terminal (emulator) software we run on 2020-06-05T12:46:31
Rtmgr-Gen-Db CLEM Connect to rTorrent/ruTorrent installation and get a list of torrents, storing them to a database.! 2020-03-13T03:47:31
RundeckAPI XAVIERH Queries Rundeck's REST API 2020-02-27T10:10:19
RxPerl-AnyEvent KARJALA AnyEvent adapter for RxPerl 2020-09-22T22:13:16
RxPerl-IOAsync KARJALA IO::Async adapter for RxPerl 2020-09-22T20:42:53
RxPerl-Mojo KARJALA Mojo::IOLoop adapter for RxPerl 2020-09-22T20:14:54
RxPerl KARJALA It's new $module 2020-05-08T22:44:18
SExpression-Decode-Marpa PERLANCAR S-expression parser using Marpa 2020-04-10T07:59:26
SMS-Send-Adapter-Node-Red MRDVT SMS::Send Adapter to Node-RED JSON HTTP request 2020-12-28T04:47:23
SMS-Send-UK-GovUkNotify ANDREWISH 2020-06-16T10:30:31
SMS-Send-VoIP-MS MRDVT SMS::Send driver for 2020-06-29T05:07:29
SPVM-AI-Util KIMOTO AI Utilities for array operations, matrix operations, activate function, and cost function etc. 2020-09-26T01:57:04
SQL-Bind VTI SQL flexible placeholders 2020-04-28T10:11:12
SQL-Engine AWNCORP SQL Generation for Perl 5 2020-08-12T04:18:09
SQL-PatchDAG ARISTOTLE A minimal DB schema patch manager 2020-12-23T06:18:38
SQL-Validator AWNCORP Validate JSON-SQL Schemas 2020-07-25T05:24:07
STEVEB-Dist-Mgr STEVEB My distribution release cycle toolkit 2020-12-22T16:43:26
SU-API-Icinga2-perl THESEAL REST integration with icinga2 2020-05-25T10:59:58
Sah-PSchema PERLANCAR Retrieve and resolve parameterized Sah schema 2020-06-05T14:45:13
Sah-PSchemas PERLANCAR Convention for Sah-PSchemas-* distribution 2020-06-06T00:13:36
Sah-PSchemas-Perl PERLANCAR Parameterized schemas related to Perl 2020-06-04T12:34:12
Sah-Schemas-Chrome PERLANCAR Various Sah schemas related to Google Chrome 2020-04-19T01:20:38
Sah-Schemas-Firefox PERLANCAR Various Sah schemas related to Firefox 2020-04-18T01:37:46
Sah-Schemas-Git PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to git 2020-03-26T13:13:14
Sah-Schemas-GraphicsColorNames PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to Graphics::ColorNames 2020-06-11T03:00:03
Sah-Schemas-Math PERLANCAR Math-related Sah schemas 2020-10-06T00:05:13
Sah-Schemas-PhysicalQuantity PERLANCAR Various Sah schemas to represent physical quantities (length/distance, mass, etc) 2020-03-20T00:06:02
Sah-Schemas-RegexpPattern PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to Regexp::Pattern 2020-01-03T08:59:01
Sah-Schemas-Tables PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to the Tables module family 2020-11-10T04:31:43
Sah-Schemas-Vivaldi PERLANCAR Various Sah schemas related to Vivaldi browser 2020-07-31T00:05:30
Sah-Schemas-WordList PERLANCAR Sah schemas related to WordList 2020-10-17T00:06:02
ScriptX PERLANCAR A plugin-based script framework 2020-09-03T06:59:09
ScriptX-Rinci PERLANCAR Run Rinci function 2020-09-03T08:48:28
ScriptX_Util PERLANCAR Utilities for ScriptX 2020-10-01T06:42:17
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-6_0 EZIMUEL Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 6.x APIs 2020-03-25T18:00:19
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-6_0-Async EZIMUEL Thin async client with full support for Elasticsearch 6.x APIs 2020-03-25T18:00:47
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-7_0 EZIMUEL Thin client with full support for Elasticsearch 7.x APIs 2020-09-15T13:38:09
Search-Elasticsearch-Client-7_0-Async EZIMUEL Thin async client with full support for Elasticsearch 7.x APIs 2020-09-15T13:39:36
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-phrase DRAGOSV Phrase ( synchronization plugin for Serge 2020-02-06T20:30:52
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-weblate DRAGOSV Weblate ( synchronization plugin for Serge 2020-03-26T22:52:41
Service-Engine RBUSH a framework for getting things done! 2020-05-26T18:02:39
Shell-Cap PERLANCAR Probe shell's capabilities 2020-03-10T07:07:28
ShellQuote-Any-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR Escape strings for the shell on Unix or MSWin32 2020-03-10T07:07:39
Shout NIKOLAS Perl glue for libshout MP3 streaming source library 2020-01-23T19:15:18
SignalR JWRIGHT Perl SignalR Implementations 2020-07-15T01:22:09
SkewHeap-PP JEFFOBER a fast and flexible heap structure 2020-06-25T15:37:43
Smaz LNATION compression for very small strings! 2020-10-06T04:53:08
Software-Catalog-SW-kdenlive PERLANCAR KDEnlive 2020-10-02T00:42:52
Soo GEOJS Simple object oriented system for Perl 2020-07-19T19:42:35
Sort-Sub-by_dmp PERLANCAR Sort data structures by comparing their dump (using Data::Dmp) 2020-02-18T00:05:25
Sort-Sub-by_example PERLANCAR Sort by example 2020-05-24T17:06:02
Sort-Sub-data_struct_by_data_cmp PERLANCAR Sort data structures by Data::Cmp 2020-02-22T00:05:09
Sort-SubBundle-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR PERLANCAR's Sort::Sub subroutines 2020-04-29T00:05:21
Stance-GitHub JRHUNT A Perl Interface to GitHub 2020-06-28T19:56:04
Stance-Vault JRHUNT A Perl Interface to Hashicorp Vault 2020-06-28T20:11:42
Statistics-Covid BLIAKO Fetch, store in DB, retrieve and analyse Covid-19 statistics from data providers 2020-03-26T18:41:27
Statocles-Plugin-AudioTag GENE Change mp3 anchors to audio elements 2020-12-05T21:31:20
Stencil AWNCORP Code Generation Tool for Perl 5 2020-05-30T04:52:42
Stencil-Source-Awncorp AWNCORP Personal Perl 5 Stencil Generators 2020-05-31T19:09:33
Stewbeef-TestModule STEWBEEF Stewbeef's test module 2020-04-07T01:19:39
StorageDisplay VDANJEAN Collect and display storages on linux machines 2020-04-03T22:05:24
String-Binary-Interpolation DCANTRELL 2020-11-20T18:47:25
String-Locale LNATION display text locally. 2020-08-31T21:58:31
String-Mask LNATION The great new String::Mask! 2020-10-20T15:17:34
String-Numeric-Whatever WORTHMINE It's a test implement to ignore the difference between E<lt=gt> and cmp 2020-08-02T03:30:11
String-Secret KARUPA secret string wrapper to mask secret from logger 2020-05-21T11:28:35
String-SimpleEscape PERLANCAR Simple string escaping & unescaping 2020-11-15T00:06:33
String-TtyLength NEILB calculate length of string excluding ANSI tty codes 2020-09-06T22:34:44
Struct-Conditional LNATION A Conditional language within a perl struct. 2020-10-20T19:52:52
Sub-Attribute-Prototype PEVANS polyfill for :prototype attribute on older perls 2020-06-29T13:00:59
Sub-Daemon ITRUNAEV base class for a deamons 2020-08-02T06:12:33
Sub-HandlesVia TOBYINK alternative handles_via implementation 2020-01-21T12:20:29
Sub-MultiMethod TOBYINK yet another implementation of multimethods 2020-01-28T12:59:32
Sub-Operable TOBYINK apply Perl built-in operators to coderefs 2020-10-02T16:30:57
Sub-SymMethod TOBYINK methods that act a little like BUILD and DEMOLISH 2020-10-10T14:57:33
Sub-WrapInType MPOLIIU Wrap the subroutine to validate the argument type and return type. 2020-02-24T19:51:00
Superluminal MLEHMANN provisioning, deployment and generic task execution toolkit 2020-07-30T18:55:40
Syntax-Check STEVEB Wraps 'perl -c' so it works even if modules are unavailable 2020-12-06T18:59:35
Sys-Linux-KernelVersion SIMCOP Gives tools for checking the current running linux kernel version 2020-12-29T21:02:22
Sys-Pipe FELIPE pipe2() in Perl 2020-06-22T23:42:47
TOML-Tiny JEFFOBER a minimal, pure perl TOML parser and serializer 2020-01-17T19:29:54
TSQL-FlatFile DEDMEDVED secret module by Ded MedVed 2020-03-27T10:23:40
Tables PERLANCAR Module that contains table data 2020-05-31T18:26:28
Tables-Locale-US-States PERLANCAR US states 2020-05-31T18:36:16
Tables-Quotes-JamesFT PERLANCAR Quotes from JamesFT github repository 2020-11-04T00:05:25
Tables-WordList PERLANCAR Table from a WordList module 2020-11-10T04:41:20
TablesRoles-Standard PERLANCAR Standard set of roles for Tables 2020-05-31T18:29:25
Tags-HTML-Messages SKIM Tags helpers for HTML messages. 2020-08-11T22:25:21
Tags-HTML-Page-Begin SKIM Tags helpers for HTML page begin. 2020-08-09T12:40:51
Tags-HTML-SendMessage SKIM Tags helper for send message form. 2020-09-16T19:43:22
Tags-HTML-Stars SKIM Tags helper for stars evaluation. 2020-08-04T14:05:42
Task-ModernPerlBook-4e CHROMATIC Install CPAN modules for the Modern Perl book, 4e 2020-10-15T22:50:38
Template-Plugin-Lingua-EN-Inflexion DAVECROSS 2020-03-19T19:28:45
Template-Plugin-RPM2 DAVECROSS Template Toolkit plugin for RPM2 2020-09-07T20:31:36
Term-ANSIColor-WithWin32 PERLANCAR Use Term::ANSIColor and load Win32::Console::ANSI on Windows 2020-03-21T11:49:03
Term-App-Util-Color PERLANCAR Determine color depth and whether to use color or not 2020-06-06T04:07:30
Term-App-Util-Interactive PERLANCAR Determine whether terminal application is running interactively 2020-06-06T04:08:57
Term-App-Util-Size PERLANCAR Determine the sane terminal size (width, height) 2020-06-06T02:01:03
Term-Clear DMUEY `clear` the terminal via a perl function 2020-01-21T15:39:57
Term-ProgressSpinner LNATION Terminal Progress bars! 2020-10-11T14:44:15
Term-Scroller CAMTAUXE Display text in a scrolling viewport in your terminal 2020-08-31T20:57:37
Termbox SANKO Create Text-based User Interfaces Without ncurses 2020-07-11T04:42:27
Termux-API LNATION Termux::API wrapper 2020-04-25T10:44:05
Test-Ability AWNCORP Property-Based Testing for Perl 5 2020-04-09T03:20:07
Test-Arrow BAYASHI Object-Oriented testing library 2020-02-18T17:14:07
Test-Class-Simple OKYSIL simplify your unit tests writing based on Test::Class 2020-04-30T13:01:09
Test-DB AWNCORP Temporary Databases for Testing 2020-04-05T00:27:47
Test-ExpectAndCheck PEVANS expect/check-style unit testing with object methods 2020-11-25T02:14:34
Test-Future-IO PEVANS unit testing on Future::IO 2020-11-24T14:53:00
Test-Interface VANHOESEL Test if a class implements an interface 2020-01-28T16:29:58
Test-Metrics-Any PEVANS assert that code produces metrics via Metrics::Any 2020-05-05T12:10:21
Test-Mojo-Role-DOMinizer ZOFFIX Test::Mojo role to examine DOM mid test chain 2020-12-17T21:44:27
Test-Mojo-Role-HTTPstatus DCANTRELL 2020-09-19T20:41:09
Test-Mojo-Role-Log OETIKER Testing Mojo Log messages 2020-09-03T09:28:04
Test-OpenTracing-Integration VANHOESEL Easy Testing of OpenTracing Integrations 2020-06-25T01:28:20
Test-OpenTracing-Interface VANHOESEL Test OpenTracing::Interface compliance 2020-04-16T09:06:26
Test-OpenTracing VANHOESEL In-Memory OpenTracing Test Implementation 2020-06-25T00:56:45
Test-PostgreSQL-Docker YTURTLE A Postgresql mock server for testing perl programs 2020-03-07T08:48:20
Test-ProveDeps PERLANCAR Test using App::ProveDeps 2020-01-29T08:50:57
Test-ProveRdeps PERLANCAR Test using App::ProveRdeps 2020-01-30T11:15:50
Test-Ratchet ALTREUS Mocking helper that swaps out implementations automatically 2020-02-20T17:59:36
Test-SQLite GENE SQLite setup/teardown for tests 2020-01-12T21:57:40
Test-Sah-Schema PERLANCAR Test Sah::Schema::* modules in distribution 2020-03-01T19:14:32
Test-WWW-WebKit2 JCARTY Perl extension for using an embedding WebKit2 engine for tests 2020-02-10T08:45:04
Test-WWW-WebKit2-Catalyst JCARTY Perl extension for using an embedding WebKit engine for Catalyst tests 2020-02-10T08:45:15
Test-ZZZ STDCRM This class is the common SDKException object. This stands as a POJO for the SDKException thrown. 2020-09-03T13:01:09
Test2-Plugin-Cover EXODIST Fast and Minimal file coverage info. 2020-06-25T05:34:06
Test2-Plugin-GitHub-Actions-AnnotateFailedTest UTGWKK Annotate failed tests with GitHub Actions workflow command 2020-05-26T04:00:28
Test2-Plugin-GitHub-Actions-AnnotateWarnings UTGWKK Annotate warnings with GitHub Actions workflow command 2020-06-19T10:26:09
Test2-Plugin-IOEvents EXODIST Turn STDOUT and STDERR into Test2 events. 2020-02-20T05:45:45
Test2-Roo DJERIUS Composable, reusable tests with roles and Moo 2020-05-12T19:23:26
Test2-Tools-LoadModule WYANT Test whether a module can be successfully loaded. 2020-02-01T15:11:22
Test2-Tools-PerlCritic PLICEASE Testing tools to enforce Perl::Critic policies 2020-05-01T15:41:41
Text-ANSI-Fold-Util UTASHIRO Text::ANSI::Fold utilities 2020-07-13T08:19:02
Text-ANSI-Printf UTASHIRO printf function for string with ANSI sequence 2020-10-11T07:30:59
Text-Column-Util PERLANCAR Utilities for displaying text in multiple columns 2020-06-06T11:54:22
Text-Conceal UTASHIRO conceal and recover interface for text processing 2020-11-19T00:35:52
Text-Indent-Tiny SIBERIAN tiny and flexible indentation across modules 2020-10-18T22:32:29
Text-Levenshtein-BV WOLLMERS Bit Vector (BV) implementation of the Levenshtein Algorithm 2020-07-05T08:37:25
Text-Minify-XS RRWO Simple text minification 2020-12-09T13:59:35
Text-Mrkdwn-Escape DLAMBLEY Escape text for inclusion in mrkdwn 2020-06-28T22:05:11
Text-Table-Sprintf PERLANCAR Generate simple text tables from 2D arrays using sprintf() 2020-08-10T03:31:33
Text-Table-TinyBorderStyle PERLANCAR Text::Table::Tiny + support for colored text 2020-06-11T03:00:14
Tickit-App-Plugin-EscapePrefix PEVANS Tickit application plugin for Escape-prefixed shortcut keys 2020-01-27T22:18:25
Tickit-Widget-Entry-Plugin-History PEVANS add readline-like history to a Tickit::Widget::Entry 2020-10-02T23:39:13
Timer-Milestones SKINGTON measure code execution time succinctly by setting milestones 2020-02-04T16:09:08
Tk-Zinc ASB a canvas offering groups, tranformations, transparency, color gradient… 2020-11-25T20:16:46
Toolforge-MixNMatch-Diff SKIM Toolforge Mix'n'match tool diff. 2020-12-19T01:39:21
Toolforge-MixNMatch-Object SKIM Toolforge Mix'n'match tool objects. 2020-12-18T19:13:25
Toolforge-MixNMatch-Print SKIM Toolforge Mix'n'match tool object print routines. 2020-12-19T10:11:51
Toolforge-MixNMatch-Struct SKIM Toolforge Mix'n'match tool structures. 2020-12-19T16:20:50
Touchpad-Any PERLANCAR Common interface to touchpad 2020-02-16T00:06:11
Touchscreen-Any PERLANCAR Common interface to touchscreen 2020-03-08T00:06:06
Translate-Fluent NEVES A perl implementation of Project Fluent Translations. 2020-06-18T14:32:56
Tree-FSMethods PERLANCAR Perform filesystem-like operations on object tree(s) 2020-02-13T12:20:57
Tree-From-FS PERLANCAR Create a tree object from directory structure on the filesystem 2020-02-04T12:09:29
Tree-From-Struct PERLANCAR Build a tree object from hash structure 2020-02-04T12:09:40
Tree-From-Text PERLANCAR Build a tree object from text 2020-02-04T12:09:51
Tree-Ops PRBRENAN Tree operations. 2020-06-26T12:34:31
Tree-Shell PERLANCAR Navigate and manipulate in-memory tree objects using a CLI shell 2020-02-13T12:32:41
Tree-To-FS PERLANCAR Create a directory structure using tree object 2020-02-04T12:10:02
Tree-To-Text PERLANCAR Show a tree object structure as text 2020-04-14T06:30:39
Twitter-Text UTGWKK Perl implementation of the twitter-text parsing library 2020-10-28T17:49:48
Types-Algebraic SEBBE Algebraic data types in perl 2020-07-04T09:18:51
Types-TypedCodeRef MPOLIIU Type constraint for any typed subroutine. 2020-09-26T18:23:55
URI-Escape-Any PERLANCAR Use XS-based URI escape module, fallback to URI::Escape 2020-06-18T02:20:53
URI-Escape-Path PERLANCAR Like URI::Escape, but does not escape '/' 2020-06-18T02:21:04
URI-Signature-Tiny ARISTOTLE Mint and verify server-signed URIs 2020-10-27T23:06:10
UniEvent SYBER Object-oriented, fast and extendable event loop abstraction framework with Perl and C++ interface. 2020-03-17T13:11:56
Util-H2O HAUKEX Hash to Object: turns hashrefs into objects with accessors for keys 2020-05-16T12:28:06
VAPID LNATION Voluntary Application Server Identification 2020-10-16T21:54:14
Validate-Simple ANDREIP (Relatively) Simple way to validate input parameters 2020-01-01T19:54:43
Var-Mystic DCONWAY my scalars tracked in colour 2020-02-05T20:01:44
Vivaldi-Util-Profile PERLANCAR List available Vivaldi profiles 2020-07-28T00:05:48
Vue-Crud PINGAN The great new Vue::Crud! 2020-02-18T10:59:45
WARC JCB Web ARChive support for Perl 2020-04-17T01:48:44
WG-Status JOEYKELLY Perl module to parse WireGuard VPN instances 2020-05-05T01:40:55
WWW-Amazon-Book-Extract PERLANCAR Extract information from an Amazon book page 2020-08-02T00:05:56
WWW-Picnic GETTY Library to access Picnic Supermarket API 2020-12-13T20:48:43
WWW-Trello-Lite RBWOHLFAR Simple wrapper around the Trello web service. 2020-04-19T22:25:32
WWW-WTF CHA 2020-10-30T08:32:04
WWW-WebKit2 JCARTY Perl extension for controlling an embedding WebKit2 engine 2020-02-10T08:35:30
Wasm PLICEASE Write Perl extensions using Wasm 2020-04-10T23:41:46
Wasm-Hook PLICEASE Automatically load WebAssembly modules without a Perl wrapper 2020-04-11T03:10:39
Weather-MOSMIX CORION Reader for MOSMIX weather forecast files 2020-02-16T21:56:03
Weather-NHC-TropicalCyclone DANX Provides a convenient interface to NHC's Tropical Cyclone JSON format. 2020-09-03T13:46:40
Weather-PurpleAir-API TTKCIAR Client for using the air quality sensor API 2020-09-20T18:39:07
Web-Solid-Test KJETILK Solid Test Scripts 2020-03-13T00:42:44
WebService-AbuseIPDB HOUSTON Client for the API (version 2) of AbuseIPDB 2020-01-22T15:52:16
WebService-Mailgun MIKIHOSHI API client for Mailgun ( 2020-01-02T08:42:44
WebService-Pornhub YUSUKEBE Perl interface to the API. 2020-01-19T22:24:05
Whim JMAC A webmention multitool 2020-06-22T18:38:31
Wikibase-Datatype SKIM Wikibase data types. 2020-12-11T10:47:29
Wikibase-Datatype-Struct SKIM Wikibase data types struct conversions. 2020-12-11T16:09:14
Win32-Mechanize-NotepadPlusPlus PETERCJ Automate the Windows application Notepad++ 2020-02-14T00:50:25
Win32-Vcpkg PLICEASE Interface to Microsoft Vcpkg 2020-03-07T21:22:32
Win32-WindowGeometry PHATWARES Simple module to search for open windows by title and move/resize them 2020-06-25T07:27:15
Wireless-Radar BASEBAND 2020-07-23T17:32:09
Wireless-Scanner BASEBAND Wireless-Scanner is a small script which scan both bluetooth and wifi devices near you ( BETA 0.01 ) 2020-07-26T16:02:40
Word-Rhymes STEVEB Takes a word and fetches rhyming matches from 2020-12-19T07:19:42
WordList-Color-Any PERLANCAR Wordlist from any Graphics::ColorNames::* module 2020-06-07T02:37:24
WordList-ColorName-Any PERLANCAR Wordlist from any Graphics::ColorNames::* module 2020-12-27T00:05:34
WordList-DBI PERLANCAR Wordlist that get its list from a DBI query 2020-05-24T02:21:54
WordList-EN-Color-CSS PERLANCAR Color names from Graphics::ColorNames::CSS 2020-06-07T02:37:35
WordList-EN-Color-WWW PERLANCAR Color names from Graphics::ColorNames::WWW 2020-06-09T10:44:12
WordList-EN-Color-X PERLANCAR Color names from Graphics::ColorNames::X 2020-06-07T02:37:46
WordList-EN-Common-COCA-Top1000 PERLANCAR 1000 most common English words, from COCA 2020-09-06T00:05:55
WordList-EN-Common-EF-Top1000 PERLANCAR 1000 most common English words, from EF 2020-08-30T00:05:44
WordList-EN-Common-EF-Top3000 PERLANCAR 3000 most common English words, from EF 2020-09-13T00:05:14
WordList-EN-Corncob PERLANCAR Corncob word list 2020-11-01T00:05:52
WordList-EN-CountryName PERLANCAR English country names 2020-05-04T08:48:14
WordList-EN-Oxford3000-Learner PERLANCAR The most important words to learn in English 2020-09-27T00:05:21
WordList-EN-PersonName-Bible PERLANCAR All men mentioned in the bible 2020-05-04T08:48:26
WordList-FR-ODS3 PERLANCAR ODS3 wordlist 2020-10-25T00:05:44
WordList-HTTP-UserAgentString-Browser-Chrome PERLANCAR Collection of Chrome browser User-Agent strings 2020-05-01T03:31:15
WordList-HTTP-UserAgentString-Browser-Firefox PERLANCAR Collection of Firefox browser User-Agent strings 2020-05-01T03:38:07
WordList-HTTP-UserAgentString-Browser-Safari PERLANCAR Collection of Safari browser User-Agent strings 2020-05-01T03:36:40
WordList-HTTP-UserAgentString-Firefox PERLANCAR Firefox User-Agent strings 2020-05-01T03:14:04
WordList-ID-Animal-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of animals in Indonesian 2020-10-04T00:05:43
WordList-ID-Color-HTML_ID PERLANCAR List of color names from Graphics::ColorNames::HTML_ID 2020-06-07T02:37:57
WordList-ID-Color-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of color names in Indonesian 2020-06-07T02:38:08
WordList-ID-Fruit-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR List of fruit names in Indonesian 2020-10-11T00:05:33
WordList-MetaSyntactic-Any PERLANCAR Wordlist from any Acme::MetaSyntactic::* module 2020-05-04T13:30:27
WordList-Password-10Million-Top100000 PERLANCAR Top 100,000 passwords from 10_million_password_list 2020-10-18T00:05:58
WordList-Password-10Million-Top1000000 PERLANCAR Top 1,000,000 passwords from 10_million_password_list 2020-10-18T00:06:32
WordList-Password-RockYou PERLANCAR RockYou password wordlist (~14.3mil passwords) 2020-10-18T00:06:57
WordList-Password-RockYou-BloomOnly PERLANCAR RockYou password wordlist (~14.3mil passwords) (bloom-only edition) 2020-10-18T00:07:10
WordList-PersonName-Bible-EN PERLANCAR All men mentioned in the bible 2020-05-01T08:27:04
WordList-Phrase-EN-Quote-JamesFT PERLANCAR Famous quotes from JamesFT github repository 2020-11-04T00:05:36
WordList-Tables PERLANCAR Wordlist from a column of table from Tables::* module 2020-06-01T04:25:42
WordList-Test-Dynamic-RandomWord-1000 PERLANCAR 1000 random words 2020-08-23T00:05:11
WordListBase-MetaSyntactic PERLANCAR Base class for WordList::MetaSyntactic::* 2020-05-01T14:07:41
WordListMod PERLANCAR Modified wordlist 2020-05-01T14:09:42
WordListMod-BinarySearch PERLANCAR Provide word_exists() that uses binary search 2020-05-01T14:07:52
WordListMod-Bloom PERLANCAR Provide word_exists() that uses bloom filter 2020-05-01T14:08:03
WordListMod-RandomSeekPick PERLANCAR Provide a pick() implementation that random-seeks DATA 2020-05-22T02:09:24
WordListMod-ScanPick PERLANCAR Provide the default scan pick() 2020-05-22T09:50:34
WordListRole-BinarySearch PERLANCAR Provide word_exists() that uses binary search 2020-05-22T10:40:03
WordListRole-Bloom PERLANCAR Provide word_exists() that uses bloom filter 2020-05-22T10:40:14
WordListRole-RandomSeekPick PERLANCAR Provide a pick() implementation that random-seeks DATA 2020-05-22T10:40:25
WordListUtil-CLI PERLANCAR Some utility routines related to WordList::* and the CLI 2020-05-22T10:40:47
WordLists-EN-CommonException PERLANCAR Collection of English common exception words 2020-07-01T06:46:13
WordLists-EN-PersonName-PopularBabyName-GB_EAW-ONS PERLANCAR Popular baby names in England and Wales (from ONS) 2020-05-22T11:06:17
WordLists-EN-PersonName-PopularBabyName-US-SSA PERLANCAR Popular baby names in the USA (from Social Security Administration) 2020-05-22T11:06:28
WordLists-EN-PersonName-PopularBabyNames-GB_EAW-ONS PERLANCAR Popular baby names in England and Wales (from ONS) 2020-05-04T10:43:57
WordLists-EN-PersonName-PopularBabyNames-US-SSA PERLANCAR Popular baby names in the USA (from Social Security Administration) 2020-05-04T08:54:07
WordLists-PersonName-PopularBabyNames-GB_EAW-ONS PERLANCAR Popular baby names in England and Wales (from ONS) 2020-05-03T03:33:57
WordLists-PersonName-PopularBabyNames-US-SSA PERLANCAR Popular baby names in the USA (from Social Security Administration) 2020-05-01T14:08:14
XLog SYBER Unified logging API, without performance penalties. 2020-08-26T14:20:32
XLog-File SYBER XLog backend for logging to file 2020-08-26T14:23:46
XML-BindData SARGIE Bind Perl data structures into XML 2020-03-30T00:37:48
XML-Minifier CONTRA A configurable XML minifier. 2020-03-28T17:42:20
XML-Minify CONTRA It's a configurable XML minifier. 2020-03-16T10:28:40
XS-Manifesto DMOL Shared XS modules manifesto 2020-02-06T07:51:30
XS-Parse-Sublike PEVANS XS functions to assist in parsing sub-like syntax 2020-03-15T13:08:25
XS-boost-mini SYBER C++ Boost library for XS. 2020-01-30T13:07:27
XS-catch SYBER Catch test library for XS 2020-01-30T13:22:55
XS-libboost-mini SYBER C++ Boost library for XS (most common subset). 2020-01-30T15:51:05
XS-libbrotli DMOL Brotli compression library for XS. 2020-01-31T17:11:01
XS-libcares SYBER c-ares C library for XS. 2020-01-31T12:21:26
XS-libcatch SYBER Catch test library for XS 2020-01-30T15:57:44
XS-libdwarf DMOL DWARF debugging information for XS modules 2020-01-31T17:34:09
XS-libgeos SYBER geos C++ library for XS 2020-01-31T12:59:53
XS-libpanda SYBER panda::lib C++ library for XS. 2020-01-30T17:17:30
XS-libpanda-backtrace DMOL C++ runtime backtraces library for XS 2020-11-24T09:40:36
XS-librangeV3 SYBER C++ range v3 library for XS 2020-03-14T13:49:39
XS-libunievent SYBER unievent C++ library for XS. 2020-10-09T12:56:34
XS-libuv SYBER libuv shared library for XS. 2020-01-31T12:09:28
YAML-Conditional LNATION The great new YAML::Conditional! 2020-10-20T19:59:58
YAML-Parser INGY Generated Reference Parser for YAML 1.2 2020-10-30T19:02:39
YAML-Tidy TINITA Tidy YAML files 2020-09-25T23:41:27
YANG PINGAN The great new YANG! 2020-07-26T12:06:02
Yahoo-Finance SPAJAI 2020 Yahoo::Finance 2020-04-28T19:10:21
Yang PINGAN The great new Yang! 2020-07-26T06:34:04
YouTube-Util PERLANCAR YouTube-related utilities 2020-04-01T06:56:35
Youri-Package-RPM-Updater-release PTERJAN Update RPM packages 2020-05-12T18:35:30
Z TOBYINK collection of modules for rapid app development 2020-09-16T21:39:15
ZZZ-SDK STDCRM This class to initialize Zoho CRM SDK 2020-09-04T05:41:45
Zing AWNCORP Multi-Process Management System 2020-06-17T22:10:01
Zing-Encoder-Json AWNCORP JSON Serialization Abstraction 2020-12-19T02:20:01
Zing-Encoder-Jwt AWNCORP JWT Serialization Abstraction 2020-12-26T02:31:56
Zing-Store-Mysql AWNCORP Mysql Storage Abstraction 2020-12-19T05:58:06
Zing-Store-Pg AWNCORP Postgres Storage Abstraction 2020-12-19T05:42:40
Zing-Store-Redis AWNCORP Redis Storage Abstraction 2020-12-19T02:49:37
Zing-Store-Sqlite AWNCORP Sqlite Storage Abstraction 2020-12-19T02:32:55
Zing-Zang AWNCORP Callback-based Zing Processes 2020-12-26T06:16:41
Zodiac-Angle SKIM Class for zodiac angle manipulation 2020-08-11T12:27:13
Zydeco TOBYINK Jazz up your Perl 2020-02-14T23:18:00
Zydeco-Lite-App TOBYINK use Zydeco::Lite to quickly develop command-line apps 2020-11-08T16:14:11
cPanel-APIClient CPANEL cPanel APIs, à la TIMTOWTDI! 2020-07-04T02:18:30
class-with-roles PERLANCAR Shortcut for using a class and applying it some Role::Tiny roles, from the command line 2020-06-05T11:07:54
config-parser NICKNIU read config to an hashref from local conf files. 2020-12-29T14:32:20
crazy-fast-media-scan ART methods to identify files using random sampling 2020-12-21T13:43:11
credsman RODAGU is a simple Pel extension to work with 'Windows Credential Manager'. 2020-02-24T04:38:06
data-object-attributes AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:23:57
data-object-class AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:34:21
data-object-role AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:35:28
data-object-role-buildable AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:34:32
data-object-role-dumpable AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:34:43
data-object-role-immutable AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:34:54
data-object-role-proxyable AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:35:05
data-object-role-stashable AWNCORP 2020-02-17T04:35:17
exact-lib GRYPHON Compile-time @INC manipulation extension for exact 2020-10-14T19:15:11
exact-me GRYPHON Original program path locations extension for exact 2020-10-14T20:43:45
file BOBK Perl module to load files at compile-time, without BEGIN blocks. 2020-01-07T18:52:54
filename BOBK Perl module to load files at compile-time, without BEGIN blocks. 2020-01-07T21:30:51
fs-Promises HUGMEIR Promises interface to nonblocking file system operations 2020-04-21T14:05:02
ful RWILLIS A fülish "find upper lib" pragma 2020-06-11T06:07:54
getopt PERLANCAR Shortcut for using Getopt::Std's getopt() from the command line 2020-04-07T17:19:03
gqmt ZEUS Graphql Query Mutation Tool 2020-08-19T17:31:57
http-session TOKUHIROM simple session 2020-02-13T14:47:27
isa TOBYINK isn't the isa operator 2020-09-04T16:49:26
kateb KIAVASH indtsll and update Farsi free fonts 2020-03-12T18:45:08
lib-hiderename PERLANCAR Hide modules by renaming them 2020-05-06T00:05:37
lib-relative-to DCANTRELL 2020-02-21T20:11:27
mb INA run Perl script written in MBCS 2020-07-07T14:32:40
md2toc MIRK generate a table of contents from a Markdown file 2020-05-13T23:28:18
minion-task CRLCU A task boilerplate for Minion 2020-02-21T15:02:24
modproxyperlhtml DAROLD rewrite HTTP headers and HTML links for reverse proxy usage 2020-05-11T16:29:37
new MSTROUT Object instantiation sugar for one-liners 2020-03-28T18:42:33
notice AWNCORP Breaking-Change Acknowledgement Enforcement 2020-11-21T16:00:11
open-layers DBOOK Set default PerlIO layers 2020-02-20T00:33:17
ore AWNCORP Sugar for Perl 5 one-liners 2020-03-29T02:21:31
perl-Bosch-RCPPlus NICKCIS Perl 5 implementation of the Bosch RCP+ remote procedure call. 2020-08-03T14:36:35
perl-Mail-Exim-MainLogParser RGLAUE Parse log lines from the Exim Main Log 2020-06-22T21:19:35
perl-RundeckAPI XAVIERH simplifies authenticate, connect, request a Rundeck instance via REST API 2020-02-18T08:53:01
rdf-ldf HOCHSTEN Linked Data Fragments client 2020-11-30T09:27:26
realtimed ACANFORA a drop-in daemon replacement for Incrond (see 2020-07-02T04:37:38
regather ZEUS LDAP syncrepl consumer script to perform actions desired on syncrepl event. 2020-08-26T18:48:38
service.engine RBUSH a framework for getting things done! 2020-05-26T18:23:32
smallnum LNATION Transparent "SmallNumber" support for Perl 2020-02-21T03:53:29
standard XSAWYERX Standard 2020-05-09T22:02:45
usw WORTHMINE use utf8; use strict; use warnings; in one line. 2020-10-02T14:48:11
v GREENEG A object oriented Perl module to interact with the EtcD version 2 API 2020-08-11T00:12:13


Number of new CPAN distributions this period: 1287

Number of authors releasing new CPAN distributions this period: 329

Authors by number of new CPAN distributions this period:

No Author Distributions
4 SKIM 32
5 SYBER 26
11 ETJ 12
12 GSG 12
13 PINGAN 11
16 DMOL 9
19 GENE 9
20 RRWO 9
28 LTM 6
29 CREDO 6
31 TEAM 5
39 BOBK 4
41 ZEUS 4
43 MIRK 4
44 GDT 4
47 SNEZ 4
52 MRDVT 4
55 CSSON 3
57 ART 3
58 WYANT 3
60 GUGOD 3
74 VRAG 3
75 CRLCU 3
78 INA 3
85 MICVU 3
86 RVOSA 3
91 CXW 2
97 DAMI 2
98 DOMM 2
101 BOFTX 2
102 JKUTEJ 2
104 JMATES 2
106 PMQS 2
111 NEVES 2
116 PROCH 2
121 ZOFFIX 2
123 JV 2
124 TMM 2
125 LDIDRY 2
129 SLOYD 2
131 RBUSH 2
132 INGY 2
133 STDCRM 2
135 FERKI 2
136 DBOOK 2
137 AASSAD 2
138 VTI 2
140 CCM 2
141 BDFOY 2
149 ASB 2
150 SKAJI 2
153 TEKKI 1
155 SADAMS 1
157 BARTL 1
161 DAEMON 1
163 DART 1
164 FACILA 1
165 DANX 1
166 VADIML 1
167 RAJ 1
168 SLEUNG 1
169 GRAF 1
170 MARGHI 1
174 CED 1
179 JBAIER 1
180 SANKO 1
182 LENDL 1
183 DBOYS 1
186 VAL 1
188 RUNE 1
189 BLABOS 1
190 BRIANG 1
191 CLEM 1
192 SEBBE 1
194 IKLUFT 1
195 VEESH 1
197 JETM 1
198 KIMOTO 1
200 WFANSH 1
201 IGIBBS 1
202 VLADO 1
203 OKLAS 1
206 HITODE 1
208 CPANEL 1
210 ETHER 1
213 TRIZEN 1
217 TONKIN 1
219 TVV 1
220 RJBS 1
221 WANGQ 1
224 OESI 1
227 AJNN 1
228 AVERNA 1
229 TINITA 1
230 NEILB 1
231 CORION 1
232 HKOBA 1
233 PUCK 1
235 ALUCAS 1
236 OKYSIL 1
237 DMUEY 1
239 ADDICT 1
242 RGLAUE 1
245 KAIEPI 1
246 GETTY 1
247 MITHR 1
248 TOMC 1
249 JIRO 1
252 QORG 1
255 EGOR 1
256 JCB 1
261 FANF 1
264 SHAW 1
268 DERIV 1
269 BBB 1
272 SMONFF 1
276 HAUKEX 1
277 CINDY 1
278 JAHERO 1
281 SGRAY 1
282 AFAN 1
287 BOR 1
290 CHA 1
291 RODAGU 1
292 DRAXIL 1
293 JMAC 1
296 PIETRO 1
297 SEKIKN 1
303 BLUHM 1
305 BWISTI 1
312 GNZL 1
313 LEONT 1
317 DAROLD 1
319 BPS 1
321 SARGIE 1
323 SSIMMS 1
324 MIKKOI 1
326 FELIPE 1
327 GEOJS 1

List of new CPAN distributions in 2019

dist author abstract date
A1z-HTML5-Template CEEJAY Fast/easy Web Apps in Perl 2019-11-07T12:50:29
A1z-Html CEEJAY Html for Perl 2019-05-31T11:41:12
AES128 JEFFZHANG AES128 CTR mode encryption algorithms 2019-01-25T09:10:04
AI-ML RUISTEVE Perl interface to ML 2019-08-31T09:25:42
API-INSEE-Sirene CPANLNCSA An interface for the Sirene API of INSEE 2019-07-09T10:12:05
API-MikroTik ANPARKER Non-blocking MikroTik API interface 2019-02-23T13:42:52
AVL-Tree TBROWDER 2019-11-14T17:21:26
AWS-CDK JWRIGHT The AWS Cloud Development Kit 2019-09-11T07:40:28
AWS-Lambda SHOGO It's Perl support for AWS Lambda Custom Runtime. 2019-03-10T06:02:54
AWS-Lambda-Quick MARKF quickly create a REST accesible AWS Lambda function 2019-12-15T04:58:20
Acme-AtIncPolice YTURTLE The police that opponents to @INC contamination 2019-01-25T10:59:04
Acme-Backwards LNATION One line fi, esle, fisle, sselnu 2019-02-10T22:47:22
Acme-CM-Get PERLANCAR Shortcut to retrieve Acme::CPANModules list 2019-01-15T06:32:24
Acme-CPANAuthors-Malaysian KIANMENG We are Malaysian CPAN authors (Kami para penulis CPAN Malaysia). 2019-05-05T12:39:57
Acme-CPANModules-API-Domain-Registrar PERLANCAR API to domain registrars 2019-01-13T10:47:15
Acme-CPANModules-AliasingModuleName PERLANCAR Aliasing a (long) module name to another (shorter) name 2019-01-09T05:42:05
Acme-CPANModules-ArrayClassBuilder PERLANCAR Class builders for array-backed classes 2019-01-09T05:42:16
Acme-CPANModules-Assert PERLANCAR Assertion 2019-01-09T05:42:27
Acme-CPANModules-CLIWithUndo PERLANCAR CLI utilities with undo feature 2019-01-09T05:42:39
Acme-CPANModules-CPANModules PERLANCAR Modules related to Acme::CPANModules 2019-12-29T00:06:12
Acme-CPANModules-CheckingModuleInstalledLoadable PERLANCAR Checking if a module is installed or loadable 2019-01-09T05:42:50
Acme-CPANModules-ConvertingFromRegex PERLANCAR Convert a regular expression to various stuffs 2019-02-17T10:13:34
Acme-CPANModules-ConvertingToRegex PERLANCAR Convert various stuffs to regular expression 2019-02-17T10:13:45
Acme-CPANModules-CustomCPAN PERLANCAR Creating your own CPAN-like repository 2019-01-09T05:43:01
Acme-CPANModules-DataStructureWalker PERLANCAR Modules that traverse your data structure 2019-06-30T12:58:04
Acme-CPANModules-EscapingAndQuoting PERLANCAR Various modules that escape/quote data to make it safe 2019-12-23T13:29:43
Acme-CPANModules-GettingTempDir PERLANCAR Getting system-wide temporary directory in a portable way 2019-01-09T05:43:12
Acme-CPANModules-HidingModules PERLANCAR Simulate the unavailability of modules 2019-01-10T11:06:57
Acme-CPANModules-LocalCPANIndex PERLANCAR Creating an index against local CPAN mirror 2019-01-09T05:44:50
Acme-CPANModules-LocalCPANMirror PERLANCAR Creating a local CPAN mirror 2019-01-09T05:45:02
Acme-CPANModules-MagicVariableTechnique PERLANCAR Modules which employ magic variable technique to do stuffs 2019-01-09T05:45:05
Acme-CPANModules-ModernPreambles PERLANCAR Modules that offer modern preambles 2019-03-03T10:18:27
Acme-CPANModules-MooseStyleClassBuilder PERLANCAR Moose-style (Perl 6-style) class builders 2019-01-09T05:45:07
Acme-CPANModules-NonMooseStyleClassBuilder PERLANCAR Non-Moose-style class builders 2019-01-09T05:45:08
Acme-CPANModules-OneLetter PERLANCAR One-letter CPAN modules 2019-01-09T05:45:08
Acme-CPANModules-Org PERLANCAR Modules related to Org format 2019-01-27T00:53:25
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-ForkedModules PERLANCAR List of my modules which are forked from others 2019-12-01T00:06:12
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-RsyncEnhancements PERLANCAR List of my enhancements for rsync 2019-04-01T05:02:09
Acme-CPANModules-Parse-UnixCommands PERLANCAR Modules that parse output of Unix commands 2019-03-10T02:40:06
Acme-CPANModules-Parse-UnixConfigs PERLANCAR Modules that parse Unix config (or related) files 2019-03-10T02:38:38
Acme-CPANModules-PickingRandomItemsFromList PERLANCAR Picking random items from a list 2019-10-16T00:18:03
Acme-CPANModules-PickingRandomLinesFromFile PERLANCAR Picking random lines from a file 2019-01-09T05:45:19
Acme-CPANModules-PortedFrom-Java PERLANCAR Modules/applications that are ported from (or inspired by) Java 2019-06-02T01:53:24
Acme-CPANModules-StructuredDATA PERLANCAR Modules that give some structure to DATA 2019-01-09T06:10:19
Acme-CPANModules-TextTable PERLANCAR Modules that generate text tables 2019-01-11T03:17:32
Acme-CPANModules-Unbless PERLANCAR Unblessing a reference 2019-01-09T05:45:30
Acme-CPANModules-UpsideDownTextWithUnicode PERLANCAR Modules that can flip Latin text (make your text look upside down) using Unicode characters 2019-01-09T05:45:42
Acme-CPANModules-VersionNumber-Perl PERLANCAR Working with Perl version numbers (or version strings) 2019-04-28T01:47:19
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithTree PERLANCAR Working with tree data structure in Perl 2019-01-09T05:45:53
Acme-CPANModules-XSVersions PERLANCAR XS versions of Perl modules 2019-01-15T06:19:23
Acme-CPANModulesUtil-Bencher PERLANCAR Generate/extract Bencher scenario from information in an Acme::CPANModules::* list 2019-02-24T02:01:18
Acme-CPANModulesUtil-FeatureMatrix PERLANCAR Draw features matrix of modules in an Acme::CPANModules::* list 2019-01-11T03:00:50
Acme-CXW-vars-i CXW Perl pragma to declare and simultaneously initialize global variables. 2019-03-25T17:02:26
Acme-Cow ELIZABETH Talking barnyard animals (or ASCII art in general) 2019-03-28T12:01:21
Acme-December-Eternal CAVAC Calculate the "canadian eternal december" date string accoring to stevieb 2019-11-27T15:54:31
Acme-Glue LEEJO A placeholder module for code accompanying a Perl photo project 2019-08-14T07:04:13
Acme-KemonoFriends-Color YUKINEA Colorfull output. 2019-03-04T16:26:14
Acme-LSD CONTRA A dumb module that colorize your prints 2019-11-22T10:04:18
Acme-PERLANCAR-DumpImportArgs PERLANCAR Dump import arguments 2019-01-31T07:22:26
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-MetaCPAN-HTML PERLANCAR Test HTML rendering on MetaCPAN 2019-01-22T12:45:31
Acme-September-Eternal CAVAC Calculate the "eternal september" date string 2019-10-18T09:00:40
Acme-Test-LocaleTextDomain PERLANCAR Test Locale::TextDomain 2019-12-26T03:19:52
Acme-Test-LocaleTextDomainIfEnv PERLANCAR Text Locale::TextDomain::IfEnv 2019-12-26T03:44:41
Acme-Test-LocaleTextDomainUTF8IfEnv PERLANCAR Text Locale::TextDomain::UTF8::IfEnv 2019-12-26T04:43:51
Acme-Text-Viceversa WORTHMINE ÉsɹÇÊŒÇɔᴉΛ::ʇxÇ⊥::Çɯɔ∀ 2019-03-31T15:02:31
Acme-Waterkip WATERKIP You should never use this module unless you are a waterkip 2019-11-01T18:19:02
Algorithm-Backoff PERLANCAR Various backoff strategies for retry 2019-04-10T05:28:31
Algorithm-MinPerfHashTwoLevel YVES construct a "two level" minimal perfect hash 2019-04-08T21:04:46
Algorithm-Odometer-Tiny HAUKEX Generate "base-N odometer" permutations 2019-10-04T22:59:25
Algorithm-Retry PERLANCAR Various retry/backoff strategies 2019-04-08T11:58:58
Alien-Build-Plugin-Decode-Mojo PLICEASE Plugin to extract links from HTML using Mojo::DOM or Mojo::DOM58 2019-04-23T08:00:26
Alien-Build-Plugin-Download-GitHub PLICEASE Alien::Build plugin to download from GitHub 2019-04-09T00:53:01
Alien-Expat PLICEASE Find or install the Expat stream-oriented XML parser 2019-11-02T02:15:18
Alien-Plotly-Orca SLOYD Finds or installs plotly-orca 2019-04-01T16:59:04
Alien-Proj4 ETJ Give install info for already-installed proj4 2019-04-26T05:23:28
Alien-SNMP OLIVER Build and install Net-SNMP 2019-02-24T14:44:27
Alien-WhiteDB EGOR Discover or download and install WhiteDB 2019-07-04T11:11:04
Alien-Z3 SIMCOP Perl distribution for Z3 Solver 2019-06-02T10:38:04
Alien-chromaprint PLICEASE Alien for chromaprint 2019-06-25T16:09:31
Alien-cmark DBOOK Alien wrapper for cmark 2019-04-01T17:33:24
Alien-hiredis DBOOK Alien wrapper for hiredis 2019-01-31T02:20:03
Alien-libbrotli DMOL Brotli compression library. 2019-12-25T14:07:04
Alien-libswe MBAAS Build and install Swiss Ephemeris shared library 2019-07-05T00:09:33
Alien-libtickit PEVANS Alien wrapping for libtickit 2019-02-17T01:57:53
Alien-unzip PLICEASE Find or build Info-ZIP unzip 2019-02-22T16:14:53
Alt-Data-Frame-ButMore SLOYD Alternative implementation of Data::Frame with more features 2019-03-03T14:54:40
Alt-FFI-Raw-Platypus PLICEASE Alternate FFI::Raw implementation powered by FFI::Platypus 2019-02-16T14:45:29
Alt-NewRelic-Agent-FFI-Empty PLICEASE NewRelic::Agent::FFI interface that doesn't do anything 2019-03-13T02:22:29
Alt-Template-Plugin-JSON-Moo JWRIGHT Adds a .json vmethod for all TT values. 2019-03-25T06:59:37
AltRegex SNOVAKOV 2019-12-26T17:38:16
Amazon-PAApi5-Signature BAYASHI Amazon Product Advertising API(PA-API) 5.0 Helper 2019-12-01T16:21:26
Amazon-S3-Thin-ResponseParser AKIYM A parser for S3 XML responses 2019-05-24T10:30:00
Anansi-Script-JSON ANANSI Defines the mechanisms specific to handling JSON-RPC. 2019-04-28T22:03:14
Anansi-Script-XML ANANSI Defines the mechanisms specific to handling XML-RPC. 2019-04-28T22:40:05
Anansi-ScriptComponent ANANSI A manager template for Perl script interface interactions. 2019-04-28T20:59:26
Ansible PINGAN The great new Ansible! 2019-12-07T09:54:05
AnyEvent-Discord-Client TOPAZ A Discord client library for the AnyEvent framework. 2019-10-04T06:35:35
AnyEvent-HTTPD-Router UFOBAT Adding Routes to AnyEvent::HTTPD 2019-04-29T12:11:46
AnyEvent-XSPromises TVDW Another Promises library, this time implemented in XS for performance 2019-02-07T13:12:02
App-AVR-Fuses PEVANS a commandline fuse value calculator for AVR microcontrollers 2019-02-12T22:10:50
App-Acmeman SGRAY manages ACME certificates 2019-08-26T11:15:44
App-AlgorithmBackoffUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Algorithm::Backoff 2019-06-08T00:13:07
App-BambooCli IVANWILLS The brains behind the bamboo command 2019-06-07T01:55:07
App-BinPackUtils PERLANCAR Collection of CLI utilities related to packing items into bins 2019-01-16T12:14:33
App-CPANChangesCwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR CLI Utilities related to CPAN Changes cwalitee 2019-07-03T06:21:27
App-CPANCoverBadge RENEEB Get badge for cpancover 2019-01-13T15:24:19
App-CSV2Chart SHLOMIF generate charts on the command line. 2019-03-01T23:52:41
App-CalendarDatesUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Calendar::Dates 2019-02-13T08:45:24
App-Codeowners CCM A tool for managing CODEOWNERS files 2019-11-10T00:39:46
App-CommentToPod KJKVINGE Turns comment above functions to pod. 2019-09-08T09:52:14
App-CronUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to cron & crontab 2019-11-03T02:43:08
App-DNSZoneUtils PERLANCAR Collection of CLI utilities related to DNS zones 2019-08-19T14:15:14
App-DTWMIC ILUX disable touchpad when a mouse is connected 2019-02-08T23:52:10
App-Dothe YANICK YAML-based task runner 2019-01-30T00:40:37
App-FileCommonUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for File::Common 2019-04-16T07:11:42
App-FileCreateLayoutUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for File::Create::Layout 2019-04-16T04:34:55
App-FileTestUtils PERLANCAR More CLIs for file testing 2019-09-29T00:39:28
App-FindUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to finding files 2019-11-24T00:06:19
App-FirefoxUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Firefox 2019-11-29T09:28:33
App-GetoptLongExamples PERLANCAR Collection of CLI examples related to Getopt::Long 2019-01-30T12:27:38
App-GitFind CXW Find files anywhere in a Git repository 2019-08-03T18:03:22
App-Greple UTASHIRO extensible grep with lexical expression and region handling 2019-09-18T08:06:04
App-Greple-aozora UTASHIRO Greple module for aozora-bunko proofreading 2019-08-20T02:31:01
App-Greple-subst UTASHIRO Greple module for text substitution 2019-11-26T02:35:59
App-HTTPUserAgentUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to HTTP User-Agent (string) 2019-04-02T12:06:05
App-HomeBank2Ledger CCM A tool to convert HomeBank files to Ledger format 2019-06-13T05:40:18
App-IMDBUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to IMDB (Internet Movie Database) 2019-12-22T10:10:07
App-ImageInfoUtils PERLANCAR Get information about image files 2019-01-28T13:15:22
App-IncrementUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to increment/autoincrement 2019-01-25T14:04:05
App-IniDiff SQUIRESJM App::IniDiff, scripts to diff and patch INI files 2019-04-04T08:15:37
App-IniDiff-IniFile SQUIRESJM App::IniDiff, scripts to diff and patch INI files 2019-04-04T08:29:54
App-KwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Kwalitee 2019-07-03T01:41:26
App-LTSVUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to LTSV 2019-12-19T12:33:46
App-LWPUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to LWP 2019-04-15T12:54:10
App-LanguageExprUtils PERLANCAR Collection of CLI utilities related to Language::Expr 2019-08-13T01:22:56
App-LinguaIdentifyAnyUtils PERLANCAR Command-line utilities related to Lingua::Identify::Any 2019-08-18T00:10:37
App-ListCurrencies PERLANCAR List currencies 2019-07-28T01:14:26
App-ListLanguages PERLANCAR List languages 2019-09-22T00:47:54
App-LocaleTextDomainUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to Locale::TextDomain 2019-12-26T02:53:04
App-ModuleAbstractCwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR CLI Utilities related to module Abstract cwalitee 2019-07-03T06:23:05
App-NumberUtilRangeUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for Number::Util::Range 2019-01-25T11:31:03
App-OSSEC-Jabber BYTERAZOR script to send ossec alerts through jabber as an active response 2019-12-20T19:37:57
App-PDF-Link JV Utility to insert file links into PDF documents 2019-07-26T05:58:16
App-PTP MATHIAS An expressive Pipelining Text Processor 2019-04-14T20:54:16
App-PaloAlto-PolicyVerify PUGLET Test firewall rules using log files. 2019-07-31T00:03:15
App-ParseBounceMessage PERLANCAR Parse a bounce email message and return a structure 2019-09-19T10:56:28
App-Perlambda MOZNION A CLI tool for managing Lambda functions with Lambda Perl layer. 2019-01-26T01:52:40
App-Pfind MATHIAS A Perl based find replacement 2019-09-01T16:02:51
App-PhotoDB JGAZELEY App to manage a collection of film cameras & lenses 2019-03-21T23:33:03
App-PowerManagementUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to power management 2019-05-22T08:35:35
App-Prove-Plugin-PassEnv HURRICUP a prove plugin to pass environment variables 2019-03-14T05:38:24
App-Qmail-DMARC FANY verify using DMARC and queue a mail message for delivery 2019-03-18T23:31:39
App-RGBColorUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to RGB color 2019-08-25T00:03:09
App-RenameUtils PERLANCAR Utilities related to renaming files 2019-01-15T09:06:49
App-RetroPAN DLAMBLEY Makes a historic minicpan ⏳ 2019-11-23T23:11:47
App-ScriptXUtils PERLANCAR Collection of CLI utilities for ScriptX 2019-12-30T08:07:38
App-SortByLines PERLANCAR Sort lines of text by other lines of text as keys 2019-05-18T14:59:00
App-SortSubUtils PERLANCAR CLIs related to Sort::Sub 2019-05-26T00:20:35
App-Spanel-BuildBindZones PERLANCAR Build BIND zones from YAML zones 2019-08-28T12:53:40
App-Spanel-BuildBindZonesFromPowerDNSDB PERLANCAR Build BIND zones from PowerDNS zones in database 2019-08-29T13:03:04
App-Spanel-TailWeblog PERLANCAR Tail -f spanel HTTP and/or HTTPS access log 2019-01-30T13:20:01
App-Spec-Bash TINITA App Module and utilities for appspec-bash 2019-10-27T13:25:42
App-Spoor RORYMCK A CPanel client for the Spoor service 2019-04-01T09:05:05
App-SpreadRevolutionaryDate GIBUS Spread date and time from Revolutionary (Republican) Calendar on Twitter, Mastodon and Freenode. 2019-03-06T17:57:13
App-StringUtilRangeUtils PERLANCAR CLIs for String::Util::Range 2019-01-25T11:31:15
App-SystemdUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to Systemd 2019-05-22T07:10:38
App-TSVUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to TSV 2019-04-23T13:03:50
App-Task DMUEY Nest tasks w/ indented output and pre/post headers 2019-04-03T03:06:07
App-TermAttrUtils PERLANCAR CLI utilities related to querying terminal attributes 2019-08-20T10:16:22
App-TimeTracker-Command-Billing DOMM Add a billing point as a tag to tasks 2019-12-11T18:29:41
App-TimeTracker-Command-Git DOMM App::TimeTracker Git plugin 2019-06-16T13:25:20
App-TimeTracker-Command-RT DOMM App::TimeTracker RT plugin 2019-06-16T13:12:20
App-TimeTracker-Command-TellRemote DOMM App::TimeTracker plugin for telling generic remotes 2019-06-16T13:10:53
App-ValidateBankAccount MANWAR App to validate bank account number. 2019-03-17T04:54:44
App-ValidateSortCode MANWAR App to validate bank sort code. 2019-03-17T03:51:17
App-Zip-X DAMI Simple zip/unzip utility with extra indentation features for XML members 2019-10-29T18:28:42
App-aep DAEMON Module abstract placeholder text 2019-12-07T16:47:02
App-bookmarks KALDOR Export browser bookmarks as plain text. 2019-11-06T20:32:10
App-bwk-mn PERLANCAR Some commands to manage Bulwark masternode 2019-07-08T06:16:02
App-calx PERLANCAR Display a calendar 2019-02-13T09:42:02
App-clipbored WOLDRICH Daemon that continuously collects all selections in Xorg's clipboard buffers 2019-01-01T13:33:10
App-cpanm-namespace PERLANCAR Install all modules from certain namespace from CPAN 2019-06-21T00:29:58
App-durseq PERLANCAR Generate a sequence of durations 2019-09-15T00:12:03
App-govproc-pericmd PERLANCAR Perinci::CmdLine-based variant of govproc CLI 2019-05-22T03:23:28
App-hopen CXW hopen build system command-line interface 2019-02-25T02:36:21
App-host-struct PERLANCAR host alternative that returns data structure 2019-05-24T08:40:58
App-html-css-sel PERLANCAR Select HTML elements using CSS selector syntax 2019-07-26T16:21:48
App-html2text PERLANCAR Render HTML as text using one of multiple backends 2019-01-14T11:07:27
App-httpstatus-more PERLANCAR Display HTTP status code information 2019-12-24T10:06:32
App-id3shit WOLDRICH less sucky cli id3 tag editor 2019-02-01T08:01:41
App-inplace PERLANCAR Replace a file with command output 2019-02-21T13:42:03
App-iperlmoddir PAVELSR quick print info about modules in directory at CSV file 2019-01-31T16:27:08
App-jl BAYASHI Recursive JSON decoder 2019-05-05T01:26:08
App-lcpan-Bootstrap PERLANCAR Bootstrap database for lcpan 2019-01-07T12:20:08
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-cpanauthors PERLANCAR lcpan subcommands related to Acme::CPANAuthors 2019-12-26T06:38:59
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-cpanmodules PERLANCAR lcpan subcommands related to Acme::CPANModules 2019-12-27T00:05:40
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-cwalitee PERLANCAR More lcpan subcommands related to cwalitee 2019-08-11T00:27:45
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-scripts PERLANCAR More lcpan subcommands related to scripts 2019-09-19T09:07:37
App-linerange PERLANCAR Retrieve line ranges from a filehandle 2019-03-17T14:00:56
App-lrrr GSG Little Restart Runner (Really) 2019-12-10T19:00:41
App-lsplusplus WOLDRICH ls on steroids 2019-01-09T14:07:35
App-mycnfdiff PAVELSR compare MySQL server configs. 2019-02-19T18:14:35
App-optex-textconv UTASHIRO module to replace document file by its text contents 2019-04-04T07:22:51
App-p5find GUGOD A collection of programs for locating certain constructs in Perl5 code. 2019-07-23T22:35:40
App-part CORION split up a single input file into multiple files according to a column value 2019-07-22T18:08:24
App-pcorelist TINITA Wrapper around corelist with subcommands and tab completion 2019-04-22T22:36:45
App-perldebs GGOLDBACH List debian package names for Perl modules 2019-08-27T09:41:18
App-perlutils WOLDRICH utils for perl development 2019-03-06T08:01:12
App-pimpd WOLDRICH Perl Interface for the Music Player Daemon 2 2019-01-01T09:47:08
App-podsel PERLANCAR Select Pod::Elemental nodes using CSel syntax 2019-07-29T16:27:23
App-ppgrep PERLANCAR Look up parents' processes based on name and other attributes 2019-07-04T08:35:15
App-ppisel PERLANCAR Select PPI::Element nodes using CSel syntax 2019-07-29T15:42:42
App-ppll BIFFEN Command runner 2019-03-18T18:38:54
App-realpath PERLANCAR Print the resolved path 2019-12-08T00:05:32
App-rel WOLDRICH pretty-print flexget downloads 2019-01-01T13:20:15
App-renwd PERLANCAR REName current (Working Directory) 2019-07-24T12:23:25
App-resolvetable PERLANCAR Produce a colored table containing DNS resolve results of several names from several servers 2019-05-28T08:52:18
App-rgbterm WOLDRICH show rgb values of defined terminal colors 2019-01-01T09:43:04
App-rmcd WOLDRICH remotely control a daemonized mplayer process 2019-02-17T09:33:28
App-rmshit WOLDRICH Keep a directory structure clean at all times 2019-02-18T11:02:22
App-rshasum SHLOMIF recursive shasum. 2019-03-09T14:45:02
App-rsync-retry PERLANCAR Rsync wrapper to retry on transfer errrors 2019-03-27T08:29:45
App-scanrdeps PAVELSR just main_module for 2019-08-14T22:48:07
App-sorted PERLANCAR Check if lines of a file are sorted 2019-12-15T14:02:40
App-term-hr WOLDRICH define a thematic change in the content of a terminal session 2019-03-18T09:49:56
App-termpub MDOM read epubs in the terminal 2019-02-01T21:09:34
App-timecalc PERLANCAR Time calculator 2019-05-19T07:58:32
App-tmclean SONGMU backend class of tmclean 2019-01-02T15:50:38
App-tpnotify SGRAY Notifies about new POT file 2019-08-26T22:45:21
App-ucpan KPEE improved CPAN modules updater 2019-03-05T09:11:54
App-uricolor KALDOR Colorize URIs with ANSI colors. 2019-07-06T20:07:28
App-wget-retry PERLANCAR Wget wrapper to retry harder 2019-03-28T04:12:03
App-whichdll PLICEASE Find dynamic libraries 2019-02-16T14:45:40
App-xspf2m3u SHLOMIF convert .xspf playlists to .m3u ones. 2019-12-17T07:26:06
Arabic INA Source code filter to escape Arabic script 2019-08-28T16:42:36
Arango-DB AMBS A simple interface to ArangoDB REST API 2019-03-22T21:22:43
Arango-Tango AMBS A simple interface to ArangoDB REST API 2019-04-24T16:50:09
Archive-Ar-Ng MITHR 2019-12-20T14:04:51
Archive-Raw JACQUESG Perl bindings to the libarchive library 2019-12-13T12:01:39
Array-Pick-Scan PERLANCAR Pick random items from an array, without duplicates 2019-11-10T00:09:09
Arrays-Same TOBYINK Test if two arrays are identical 2019-03-13T15:47:05
AsposeOmrCloud-OmrApi ASPOSE constructs APIs to retrieve asposeomrcloud objects 2019-07-04T14:25:42
AsposeSlidesCloud ASPOSE Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK 2019-11-29T14:34:56
Astro-Montenbruck KRUSHI Lightweight Ephemeris 2019-06-04T08:41:38
Audio-Chromaprint XSAWYERX Interface to the Chromaprint library 2019-06-23T22:02:28
Avolution-Emoji CHOIBOI 2019-03-03T23:22:18
Azure-Storage-Blob-Client UREE Azure Storage Blob API client 2019-10-15T12:37:49
Backblaze-B2V2Client ECHERNOF Client library for the Backblaze B2 Cloud Storage Service V2 API. 2019-05-05T03:07:31
Banal-Dist-Util TABULO General purpose utility collection mainly used by <Dist::Zilla::*::Author::TABULO> 2019-02-02T22:17:51
Banal-Mini-Utils TABULO Provide several MUNGER functions that may be use in conjunction with MooseX::MungeHas. 2019-02-02T12:56:04
Banal-Moosy-Mungers TABULO Provide several MUNGER functions that may be use in conjunction with MooseX::MungeHas. 2019-02-02T22:43:56
Banal-Role-Fallback TABULO A Moo/Moose compatible incarnation of Banal::Role::Fallback::Tiny 2019-02-02T22:45:31
Banal-Util-Mini TABULO Provide several utility functions with minimal dependencies. 2019-02-02T22:27:10
Bencher-Scenario-CSVParsingModules PERLANCAR Benchmark CSV parsing modules 2019-04-23T07:21:47
Bencher-Scenario-CallStack PERLANCAR Benchmark different methods to produce call stack 2019-04-14T16:32:26
Bencher-Scenario-Caller PERLANCAR Benchmark some variations of caller() 2019-04-14T00:24:03
Bencher-Scenario-ComparingArrays PERLANCAR Modules that compare arrays 2019-03-24T02:06:52
Bencher-Scenario-DataUndump PERLANCAR Benchmark Data::Undump against eval() for loading a Data::Dumper output 2019-09-06T17:58:06
Bencher-Scenario-FileWhichCached PERLANCAR Benchmark File::Which::Cached 2019-06-09T00:38:25
Bencher-Scenario-INIParsingModules PERLANCAR Benchmark INI parsing modules 2019-04-23T06:39:01
Bencher-Scenario-RegexpPatternGit PERLANCAR Benchmark Regexp::Pattern::Git 2019-12-15T00:05:56
Bencher-Scenario-SamplingFromList PERLANCAR Benchmark random sampling from a list 2019-11-17T00:05:38
Bencher-Scenario-StringPodQuote PERLANCAR Benchmark String::PodQuote 2019-12-17T00:18:13
Bencher-Scenario-TSVParsingModules PERLANCAR Benchmark TSV parsing modules 2019-04-23T07:58:59
Bencher-Scenario-TruncatingString PERLANCAR Benchmark modules that truncate/elide string 2019-10-27T00:23:56
Bencher-Scenario-preloadable PERLANCAR Benchmark 2019-03-19T11:53:03
Bencher-Scenarios-DateTimeOfDay PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark Date::TimeOfDay 2019-02-06T18:31:53
Bencher-Scenarios-HTTPTinyPlugin PERLANCAR Scenarios to benchmark HTTP::Tiny::Plugin 2019-05-05T09:22:25
Bencher-Scenarios-ListingModules PERLANCAR Benchmark modules that list modules 2019-09-02T10:16:10
Bencher-Scenarios-LocaleTextDomainIfEnv PERLANCAR Scenarios for benchmarking Locale::TextDomain::IfEnv 2019-12-26T04:27:39
Bencher-Scenarios-LoggingModules PERLANCAR Benchmark logging modules 2019-02-22T03:00:43
Bencher-Scenarios-ManipulatingSymbolTable PERLANCAR Benchmark symbol table manipulation actions 2019-01-06T13:08:00
Bencher-Scenarios-OrgParsers PERLANCAR Benchmark various Org parsers 2019-12-30T14:44:09
Bencher-Scenarios-RangeIterators PERLANCAR Benchmark various range iterators 2019-04-17T13:25:12
Bifcode-V2 MLAWREN Simple serialization format 2019-09-02T13:56:47
Bifcode2 MLAWREN encode and decode BIFCODE2 serialization format 2019-11-08T22:31:04
Big5 INA Source code filter to escape Big5 script 2019-08-28T16:39:10
BigIP-GTM-ParseConfig PINGAN F5/BigIP GTM configuration parser 2019-12-18T14:06:53
BigIP-LTM-ParseConfig PINGAN 2019-12-16T13:48:45
Bio-DB-BioFetch CDIESH Database object interface to BioFetch retrieval 2019-02-19T18:16:02
Bio-DB-EMBL CJFIELDS Database object interface for EMBL entry retrieval 2019-03-01T18:36:15
Bio-DB-GFF CDIESH Storage and retrieval of sequence annotation data 2019-02-19T19:18:29
Bio-DB-NCBIHelper CJFIELDS A collection of routines useful for queries to NCBI databases. 2019-03-03T05:06:53
Bio-DB-RefSeq CJFIELDS Database object interface for RefSeq retrieval 2019-11-28T06:45:22
Bio-DB-SeqFeature CDIESH Normalized feature for use with Bio::DB::SeqFeature::Store 2019-02-19T19:27:56
Bio-DB-SwissProt CJFIELDS Database object interface to SwissProt retrieval 2019-11-28T00:56:40
Bio-MUST-Apps-FortyTwo DBAURAIN Main class for forty-two tool 2019-03-23T17:23:14
Bio-Minimizer LSKATZ minimizer package 2019-10-10T01:30:25
Bio-Palantir LMEUNIER core classes and utilities for Bio::Palantir CONTRIBUTOR: Denis 2019-06-12T06:45:07
Bio-Procedural CJFIELDS Perl modules for biology 2019-11-29T20:37:15
Bio-Sketch LSKATZ 2019-03-12T15:11:22
Bio-Sketch-Mash LSKATZ 2019-03-13T18:46:13
Bio-Variation CJFIELDS Handler for sequence variation IO Formats 2019-12-07T22:41:09
Box-Limited CHESNOKOV Box with a limited capacity. 2019-08-19T15:05:24
Broadworks-OCIP NIGELM API for communication with Broadworks OCI-P Interface 2019-01-04T11:53:58
Browser-Start PLICEASE Open a URL in a web browser 2019-05-29T16:58:04
Build-Hopen CXW A build generator with first-class edges and explicit dependencies 2019-01-02T02:37:38
Bundle-Camelcade HURRICUP Bundle of modules used by Perl5 plugin for IntelliJ IDEs 2019-03-14T18:38:55
Bundle-Maintainer-MHASCH MHASCH CPAN Modules maintained by Martin Becker (MHASCH). 2019-08-12T20:15:22
Business-ID-POM PERLANCAR Parse food/drug registration code published by the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (POM) 2019-11-21T09:05:24
Business-Tax-Withholding-JP WORTHMINE auto calculation for Japanese tax and withholding 2019-03-31T10:45:00
C-Mlock SORBS A locked in RAM memory region 2019-02-22T03:50:59
CAM-PDFTaxforms TURNERJW CAM::PDF wrapper to also allow editing of checkboxes (ie. for IRS Tax forms). 2019-05-30T22:54:58
CBOR-Free FELIPE Fast CBOR for everyone 2019-04-27T05:35:44
CBOR-PP FELIPE CBOR in pure Perl 2019-05-11T02:51:26
CLI-Driver GRAVATTJ 2019-03-30T03:19:03
CP932-R2 INA provides minimal CP932 I/O subroutines by short name 2019-08-04T06:49:47
CP932IBM-R2 INA provides minimal CP932IBM I/O subroutines by short name 2019-08-04T06:49:58
CP932NEC-R2 INA provides minimal CP932NEC I/O subroutines by short name 2019-08-04T06:50:09
CP932X-R2 INA provides minimal CP932X I/O subroutines by short name 2019-08-04T03:25:30
CPAN-Changes-Cwalitee PERLANCAR Calculate the cwalitee of your CPAN Changes file 2019-07-03T06:21:38
CPP-catch SYBER Catch test library 2019-02-06T12:44:54
CPP-geos SYBER geos C++ library (alien, without perl-adapters). 2019-02-06T13:04:23
CSV-Examples PERLANCAR Example CSV files 2019-04-23T07:15:06
CSVJF PERLANCAR CSVJF (CSV with JSON Fields) file format specification 2019-06-23T00:22:35
Cache-SimpleDir MPOURASG Cache, time consuming subroutines or paid api calls 2019-02-01T23:21:06
Calendar-Dates PERLANCAR Modules that contain calendar dates 2019-02-13T08:18:16
Calendar-Dates-Academic-ID-UT-PPs PERLANCAR Academic calendar of Universitas Terbuka (postgraduate programs, program pascasarjana) 2019-02-14T15:49:00
Calendar-Dates-CFA PERLANCAR CFA exam calendar 2019-02-13T09:28:01
Calendar-Dates-FRM PERLANCAR FRM exam calendar 2019-02-13T13:54:28
Calendar-Dates-ID-Holiday PERLANCAR Indonesian holiday calendar 2019-02-13T08:24:53
Calendar-Dates-Perl PERLANCAR Dates/anniversaries related to Perl 2019-06-25T01:15:32
Calendar-DatesRoles-DataPreparer-CalendarVar-FromDATA-Simple PERLANCAR Populate $CALENDAR from data in __DATA__ 2019-06-25T01:15:43
Calendar-DatesRoles-DataPreparer-CalendarVar-FromData PERLANCAR Populate $CALENDAR from data in __DATA__ 2019-02-15T12:10:23
Calendar-DatesRoles-DataUser-CalendarVar PERLANCAR Provide Calendar::Dates interface from consumer's $CALENDAR 2019-02-15T12:16:04
Calendar-DatesRoles-FromData PERLANCAR Provide Calendar::Dates interface to consumer which has @ENTRIES 2019-02-13T08:02:22
Calendar-DatesRoles-FromEntriesVar PERLANCAR Provide Calendar::Dates interface to consumer which has @ENTRIES 2019-02-14T14:54:38
Catalyst-Action-Serialize-SimpleXLSX MBAAS Serialize to Microsoft Excel 2007 .xlsx files 2019-02-23T04:51:32
Catalyst-Model-Curio BLUEFEET Curio Model for Catalyst. 2019-05-09T06:56:25
Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-Methods RRWO Add enumerated methods for HTTP requests 2019-08-12T12:21:21
Catalyst-View-TT-Progressive LNATION Control the wrapper 2019-04-12T19:09:53
CatalystX-Action-Negotiate DORIAN ActionRole for content negotiation 2019-03-19T15:30:10
CayleyDickson PEASWORTH create and operate with hypercomplex numbers 2019-10-18T07:03:10
Cfn JLMARTIN An object model for CloudFormation documents 2019-02-15T11:06:56
Chart-GGPlot SLOYD ggplot2 port in Perl 2019-03-10T17:03:05
Check-GlobalPhase ATOOMIC Check::GlobalPhase fast XS checker for Perl GlobalPhase 2019-08-12T22:36:27
Chess-Opening GUIDO Read chess opening books in polyglot format 2019-02-22T18:27:15
Cisco-ACI PINGAN Perl interface to the Cisco APIC API. 2019-12-08T01:43:12
Class-Accessor-Typed PAPIX Class::Accessor::Lite with Type 2019-09-19T02:22:41
Class-Data-Lite SONGMU a minimalistic class accessors 2019-01-28T12:37:05
Class-Simple-Cached NHORNE cache messages to an object 2019-09-18T13:24:07
Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached NHORNE cache messages to an object 2019-09-22T14:03:49
Class-Tiny-ConstrainedAccessor CXW Generate Class::Tiny accessors that apply type constraints 2019-03-12T18:13:53
Class-Tiny-Immutable DBOOK Minimalist class construction, with read-only attributes 2019-02-10T19:58:53
Code-Quality MGV use static analysis to compute a "code quality" metric for a program 2019-08-10T12:28:59
Code-Style-Kit DAKKAR build composable bulk exporters 2019-05-23T09:56:40
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-ClangFormat SHLOMIF run clang-format using Code::TidyAll 2019-01-23T23:29:57
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-Spellunker KARUPA Code::TydyAll plugin for Spellunker 2019-06-20T16:35:34
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-TestCount SHLOMIF ascertain that the test plan agrees with the Test::Count annotations 2019-01-26T08:50:59
Complete-Country PERLANCAR Complete from list of ISO-3166 country codes 2019-07-17T18:08:00
Complete-Currency PERLANCAR Complete from list of ISO-4217 currency codes 2019-09-08T01:09:06
Complete-Cwalitee PERLANCAR Completion routines for *::Cwalitee modules 2019-07-07T00:02:08
Complete-Language PERLANCAR Complete from list of ISO-639 language codes 2019-09-01T00:53:56
Complete-Pod PERLANCAR Complete with installed Perl .pod names 2019-06-04T00:12:51
Complete-Sah PERLANCAR Sah-related completion routines 2019-12-18T00:46:51
Complete-Sequence PERLANCAR Complete string from a sequence of choices 2019-12-15T03:47:24
Complete-Spanel PERLANCAR Completion routines related to Spanel 2019-01-30T12:57:48
Config-AST SGRAY abstract syntax tree for configuration files 2019-08-20T13:46:01
Config-Eggdrop-Userfile MWILHELMY Parser for userfiles generated by the Eggdrop IRC bot 2019-11-25T23:03:46
Config-Parser SGRAY base class for configuration file parsers 2019-08-20T14:00:23
Config-Parser-ldap SGRAY configuration file parser for ldap.conf 2019-08-28T21:34:38
Config-Tree CHOHAG Simple API for accessing configuration data 2019-02-16T09:00:56
Convert-BER-XS MLEHMANN very low level BER decoding 2019-04-19T16:20:41
Convert-Base81 JGAMBLE Encoding to and decoding from Base 81 strings 2019-02-09T22:12:04
Convert-Base85 JGAMBLE Encoding to and decoding from Base 85 strings 2019-02-09T22:01:42
Crypt-LibSCEP MRSCOTTY Perl extension for blah blah blah 2019-02-06T11:36:50
Crypt-OpenSSL-Base-Func ABBYPAN Base functions, using the OpenSSL libraries 2019-08-18T08:19:52
Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS-Func ABBYPAN PKCS functions, using the OpenSSL libraries 2019-06-07T22:14:32
Crypt-Paseto CARPENTIE turns baubles into trinkets 2019-10-15T13:52:02
Curio BLUEFEET Procurer of fine resources and services. 2019-05-09T00:45:25
Curio-Role-CHI BLUEFEET Build Curio classes around CHI. 2019-05-10T07:47:18
Curio-Role-DBIx-Connector BLUEFEET Build Curio classes around DBIx::Connector. 2019-07-16T22:32:27
Curio-Role-GitLab-API-v4 BLUEFEET Build Curio classes around GitLab::API::v4. 2019-05-11T19:05:14
Curses-Readline MDOM Readline library for curses 2019-08-08T13:03:14
Cwalitee-Common PERLANCAR Common Cwalitee routines 2019-07-07T00:02:19
Cyrillic INA Source code filter to escape Cyrillic script 2019-08-28T16:42:47
D KIMOTO Provides utility functions to encode data and dump it to STDERR. 2019-11-09T02:37:13
DBIx-Class-Events GSG Store Events for your DBIC Results 2019-04-01T15:40:04
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-BooleanMethods MAT Automatically create search methods for boolean columns. 2019-07-05T14:04:57
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-EnumMethods MAT Automatically create search methods for enum columns. 2019-07-05T15:13:31
DBIx-Class-Helper-SimpleStats RRWO Simple grouping and aggregate functions for DBIx::Class 2019-04-04T12:46:27
DBIx-Class-Helper-TableSample RRWO Add support for tablesample clauses 2019-08-31T15:49:45
DBIx-Class-Helper-WindowFunctions RRWO Add support for window functions to DBIx::Class 2019-08-31T22:18:28
DBIx-Class-ParseError WREIS Extensible database error handler 2019-10-31T23:38:45
DBIx-Class-ResultDDL NERDVANA Result class declaration syntactic-sugar that looks like DDL 2019-05-05T04:14:05
DBIx-Insert-Multi JOHANL Insert multiple table rows in a single statement 2019-09-10T14:55:12
DBIx-NamedParams TAKEASH use named parameters instead of '?' 2019-12-08T18:02:41
DD-Dummy PERLANCAR A dummy module to pull DD 2019-08-12T11:26:20
DDCCI SKUPSY Perl extension for control monitors via DDC/CI protocol 2019-11-23T00:26:24
DNS-Unbound FELIPE A Perl interface to NLNetLabs’s Unbound recursive DNS resolver 2019-03-22T01:31:40
DNS-Zone-PowerDNS-To-BIND PERLANCAR Generate BIND zone configuration from information in PowerDNS database 2019-08-19T13:56:05
DNS-Zone-Struct-Common PERLANCAR Common routines related to DNS zone structure 2019-09-09T11:03:30
DNS-Zone-Struct-To-BIND PERLANCAR Generate BIND zone configuration from structure 2019-08-19T12:58:16
DNS-ZoneStruct-To-BIND PERLANCAR Generate BIND zone configuration from structure 2019-07-29T13:08:56
DTA-CAB MOOCOW "Cascaded Analysis Broker" for robust linguistic analysis 2019-02-12T13:27:55
Daje-Sentinel JANESKIL 2019-08-19T13:46:45
Daje-Sentinel-Api JANESKIL 2019-08-19T14:18:08
Dancer-Plugin-RPC-RESTISH ABELTJE Simple plugin to implement a restish interface. 2019-05-14T13:11:43
Dancer2-Plugin-MobileDevice CXW Make a Dancer2 app mobile-aware 2019-12-09T03:47:36
Dancer2-UserAdmin TONKIN Administration for registered users and site memberships 2019-08-17T05:18:23
Dash PABLROD Analytical Web Apps in Perl (Port of Plotly's Dash to Perl) 2019-12-30T12:28:04
Data-ChineseESP JPENG Chinese big email service providers 2019-11-21T02:45:04
Data-Clean-ForJSON PERLANCAR Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON 2019-08-08T14:41:56
Data-Clean-ForJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON 2019-10-06T00:28:11
Data-Clean-FromJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR Clean data from JSON encoder 2019-10-13T01:32:33
Data-Context-Loader-DB IVANWILLS Loads a config from a table in a database 2019-06-01T20:53:08
Data-Decrement PERLANCAR Provide extra magic for auto-decrement 2019-01-25T14:04:16
Data-Douglas_Peucker MIKEFLAN 2019-09-07T11:45:21
Data-Dumper-Compact MSTROUT Vertically compact width-limited data formatter 2019-05-09T01:53:02
Data-Edit-Xml-Reuse PRBRENAN Reuse Xml via Dita conrefs. 2019-12-22T00:28:12
Data-FDSet FELIPE Syntactic sugar for select in select()|perlfunc masks 2019-09-13T13:47:35
Data-Faker-Country TEAM Provides country and ISO country code generation 2019-03-09T19:58:38
Data-Hopen CXW A build generator with first-class edges and explicit dependencies 2019-02-13T15:47:07
Data-MethodProxy BLUEFEET Inject dynamic data into static data. 2019-02-14T17:32:01
Data-Pageset-Exponential RRWO Page numbering for very large page numbers 2019-07-20T13:11:00
Data-Promise AKALINUX simple promise like interface 2019-05-24T23:37:01
Data-Recursive SYBER array and hash merge, deep clone, recursive data compare, done very fast, with C++ API. 2019-08-03T12:24:58
Data-SSHPubkey JMATES utility function to parse SSH public keys with 2019-02-28T14:31:36
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami 2019-11-28T23:50:18
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami_EN PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN 2019-11-28T23:50:29
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami_ID PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID 2019-11-28T23:50:40
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Flexible PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Flexible 2019-11-28T23:50:51
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Natural PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Natural 2019-11-28T23:51:03
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami 2019-11-28T23:51:14
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami_en PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN 2019-11-28T23:51:25
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami_id PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID 2019-11-28T23:51:36
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-flexible PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Flexible 2019-11-28T23:51:47
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-natural PERLANCAR Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Natural 2019-11-29T02:47:44
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-Alami_EN PERLANCAR Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN 2019-11-28T23:51:58
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-alami_en PERLANCAR Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN 2019-11-28T23:52:09
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-alami_id PERLANCAR Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID 2019-11-28T23:52:21
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoCurrencyCode PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to code 2019-11-28T23:52:32
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoCurrencySafename PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to safename 2019-11-28T23:52:36
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoExchangeCurrencyPair PERLANCAR Coerce string into cryptoexchange currency pair, e.g. LTC/USD 2019-11-28T23:52:37
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoExchangeSafename PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptoexchange code/name/safename to safename 2019-11-28T23:52:48
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCurrencyPair PERLANCAR Coerce string into currency pair, e.g. USD/IDR 2019-11-28T23:52:59
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToFiatOrCryptoCurrencyCode PERLANCAR Coerce string containing fiat/cryptocurrency code/name/safename to uppercase code 2019-11-28T23:53:10
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToUpper PERLANCAR Coerce string to upper case 2019-11-28T23:53:21
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-Trim PERLANCAR Trim whitespaces at the beginning and end of string 2019-11-28T23:53:32
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to code 2019-11-28T23:53:44
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptocurrency_safename PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to safename 2019-11-28T23:53:55
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptoexchange_currency_pair PERLANCAR Coerce string into cryptoexchange currency pair, e.g. LTC/USD 2019-11-28T23:54:04
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptoexchange_safename PERLANCAR Coerce string containing cryptoexchange code/name/safename to safename 2019-11-28T23:54:08
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_currency_pair PERLANCAR Coerce string into currency pair, e.g. USD/IDR 2019-11-28T23:54:10
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_fiat_or_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR Coerce string containing fiat/cryptocurrency code/name/safename to uppercase code 2019-11-28T23:54:21
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_upper PERLANCAR Coerce string to upper case 2019-11-28T23:54:32
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-trim PERLANCAR Trim whitespaces at the beginning and end of string 2019-11-28T23:54:43
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-CommaSep PERLANCAR Coerce array from a comma-separated items in a string 2019-11-28T23:55:16
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-IntRange PERLANCAR Coerce array of ints from string in the form of "INT1-INT2" 2019-11-28T23:55:27
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-IntRangeAndCommaSep PERLANCAR Coerce array of ints from comma-separated ints/int ranges 2019-11-28T23:55:39
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-comma_sep PERLANCAR Coerce array from a comma-separated items in a string 2019-11-28T23:55:50
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-int_range PERLANCAR Coerce array of ints from string in the form of "INT1-INT2" 2019-11-28T23:56:01
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-int_range_and_comma_sep PERLANCAR Coerce array of ints from comma-separated ints/int ranges 2019-11-28T23:56:12
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-Num_EN PERLANCAR Use Parse::Number::EN to parse number 2019-11-28T23:56:23
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-Num_ID PERLANCAR Use Parse::Number::ID to parse number 2019-11-28T23:56:34
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-num_en PERLANCAR Use Parse::Number::EN to parse number 2019-11-28T23:56:45
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-num_id PERLANCAR Use Parse::Number::ID to parse number 2019-11-28T23:56:56
Data-TableReader-Decoder-HTML NERDVANA HTML support for Data::TableReader 2019-01-02T19:49:38
Data-Transmute-Rules-DNS-Zone-Struct-FromSpanel PERLANCAR Convert Spanel DNS zone structure to that accepted by DNS::Zone::Struct::To::BIND (Sah::Schema::dns::zone) 2019-08-23T10:11:46
Data-Unique FDULAU Module to check for duplicate item with time expiration and disk persistence. 2019-05-23T12:50:04
Data-Unixish-DNS PERLANCAR dux functions related to DNS 2019-05-30T12:30:06
Data-Validate-CSV TOBYINK read and validate CSV 2019-12-16T01:17:32
DataLoader RJH Abstract data loading, auto batch and cache 2019-07-21T03:50:09
DataStruct-Flat JLMARTIN Convert a data structure into a one level list of keys and values 2019-02-08T16:41:20
Database-Async-Engine-PostgreSQL TEAM PostgreSQL support for Database::Async 2019-04-14T22:30:31
Date-Cutoff-JP WORTHMINE Get the day cutoff and payday for in Japanese timezone 2019-01-23T13:43:36
Date-Names-Perl6 TBROWDER 2019-02-09T23:50:40
DateTime-Duration-Patch-StringifyAsISO8601 PERLANCAR Make DateTime::Duration objects stringify to ISO8601 duration 2019-08-04T00:23:22
DateTime-Format-Duration-ConciseHMS PERLANCAR Format DateTime::Duration object as concise HMS format 2019-07-14T00:29:38
DateTime-Format-EXIF LIOSHA DateTime parser for EXIF timestamps 2019-11-04T18:51:40
DateTime-Format-Text NHORNE Find a Date in Text 2019-01-10T15:35:46
DateTime-Ordinal LNATION The great new DateTime::Ordinal! 2019-09-29T16:44:51
Debug-Filter-PrintExpr SOMMREY Convert comment lines to debug print statements 2019-10-14T10:40:37
Devel-CallTrace-PP PAVELSR Main module of dctpp 2019-01-18T14:46:44
Devel-Cover-Report-BitBucketServer TOMK BitBucket Server backend for Devel::Cover 2019-11-30T12:34:18
Devel-Cover-Report-Codecovbash DROLSKY Generate a JSON file to be uploaded with the codecov bash script. 2019-11-17T18:38:52
Devel-Cover-Report-SonarGeneric TOMK SonarQube generic backend for Devel::Cover 2019-04-01T11:27:00
Devel-KYTProf-Profiler-AWS-CLIWrapper PAPIX KYTProf prolifer for AWS::CLIWrapper 2019-06-25T13:18:31
Devel-KYTProf-Profiler-Fluent-Logger FUJIWARA KYTProf profiler for Fluent::Logger 2019-05-06T14:57:17
Devel-KYTProf-Profiler-Redis-Fast FUJIWARA KYTProf profiler for Redis::Fast 2019-05-06T16:26:07
Devel-MojoProf JHTHORSEN Profile blocking, non-blocking a promise based Mojolicious APIs 2019-01-29T04:46:00
Devel-Optic BTYLER JSON::Pointer meets PadWalker 2019-04-10T23:18:19
Devel-Probe GONZUS Quick & dirty code probes for Perl 2019-01-15T17:03:16
Devel-TRay PAVELSR See what your code's doing 2019-01-12T17:40:56
Devel-TraceCalls TOBYINK which subs were called by which test scripts? 2019-12-02T18:51:26
Devel-vscode BJOERN Debug with perl-debug in Visual Studio Code 2019-03-05T21:16:56
Device-AVR-UPDI PEVANS interact with an AVR microcontroller over UPDI 2019-06-02T21:11:54
Device-Chip-Adapter-UART PEVANS a Device::Chip::Adapter implementation for 2019-07-02T12:40:36
Device-Chip-CC1101 PEVANS chip driver for a CC1101 2019-09-10T12:03:34
Device-Firewall-PaloAlto PUGLET new module 2019-03-26T21:37:37
Device-Manager PINGAN The great new Device::Manager! 2019-12-08T01:47:17
Device-NTCChip-GPIO MQTECH Control the GPIO pins on the original NTC Chip 2019-03-01T21:20:13
Device-RAID-Poller VVELOX Runs various RAID checks for polling purposes. 2019-04-23T15:10:53
Device-SDS011 FLAMEY Module to work with SDS011 particulate matter laser sensor 2019-11-22T17:22:31
Device-Yeelight JBAIER Controller for Yeelight smart devices 2019-03-12T12:25:44
Digest-QuickXor TEKKI The QuickXorHash 2019-12-03T05:34:01
Dir-Flock MOB advisory locking of a dedicated directory 2019-10-07T20:40:29
Dir-Manifest SHLOMIF treat a directory and a manifest file as a hash/dictionary of keys to texts or blobs 2019-01-14T18:44:38
Dist-Banshee LEONT A lean authoring tool 2019-08-26T22:50:38
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Calendar-Dates PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Calendar::Dates::* distribution 2019-02-14T13:52:19
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Data-Sah-Coerce PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Data::Sah::Coerce::* distribution 2019-11-28T23:57:07
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Prereqs-SetMinimumVersion-FromPmVersions PERLANCAR Set minimum version of prereqs from pmversions.ini 2019-02-26T09:12:32
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-EmbedValidator PERLANCAR Embed schema validator code in built code 2019-07-04T13:55:45
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-GenSchemaV PERLANCAR Generate Sah::SchemaV::* modules for all modules that contain Rinci function metadata 2019-07-04T16:58:30
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ScriptX PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building ScriptX::* distribution 2019-12-30T08:07:50
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Sort-Sub PERLANCAR Plugin to use when building Sort::Sub::* distribution 2019-12-15T14:12:01
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Perl-Critic-Subset PERLANCAR Tests to check your code against best practices 2019-10-20T01:26:33
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-GSG GSG Grant Street Group CPAN dists 2019-03-28T14:41:52
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-TEAM TEAM Defines common dist.ini config for distributions by TEAM 2019-01-01T16:15:35
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-WCS WCS WCS distribution build 2019-05-01T18:29:29
Dist-Zilla-Role-PluginBundle-Airplane WATERKIP A role for building packages with Dist::Zilla in an airplane 2019-11-01T16:42:02
Dita-GB-Standard PRBRENAN The Gearhart-Brenan Dita Topic Content Naming Convention.. 2019-04-30T03:17:58
Dita-GB-Standard-Types PRBRENAN The Gearhart-Brenan Dita Topic Naming Standard Types. 2019-09-10T19:28:53
Dita-PCD PRBRENAN Implementation of the Please Change Dita Language 2019-08-10T04:04:57
Do AWNCORP Modern Perl Development Framework 2019-08-22T20:05:42
Doodle AWNCORP Database DDL Builder 2019-08-16T21:08:02
Dotenv BOOK Support for dotenv in Perl 2019-03-20T09:55:34
Dua BAYASHI Detect User-Agent 2019-12-07T22:29:17
Encode-PDFDoc EUGEN PDFDocEncoding support 2019-07-11T22:16:04
Endoscope BTYLER Dig into the guts of a live Perl program 2019-06-19T22:10:16
Enterprise-Licence LNATION The great new Enterprise::Licence! 2019-01-10T10:01:21
Eval-Quosure SLOYD Evaluate within a caller environment 2019-02-19T16:02:58
Eval-Safe MATHIAS Simplified safe evaluation of Perl code 2019-09-28T23:36:08
Export-XS SYBER Replacement for + in XS, with C++ API. 2019-08-03T11:09:01
ExtUtils-ModuleMaker-Siffra LUIZBENE Module abstract (<= 44 characters) goes here 2019-03-15T08:17:46
FASTX-Abi PROCH Read Sanger trace file (chromatograms) in FASTQ format 2019-05-15T11:52:00
FASTX-Parser PROCH A lightweight FASTA and FASTQ parser 2019-05-07T15:14:21
FASTX-Reader PROCH A lightweight FASTA and FASTQ parser 2019-05-07T16:09:30
FFI-Platypus-Legacy-Raw PLICEASE Perl bindings to the portable FFI library (libffi) 2019-02-16T14:45:52
FFI-Platypus-Record-StringArray PLICEASE Array of strings for your FFI record 2019-09-18T09:43:16
FP PFLANZE functional programming on Perl 2019-02-27T21:44:47
FSM-Mouse POTATOGIM Finite-State Machine with Mouse 2019-04-09T10:54:08
Father-Son-HolySpirit BRTASTIC write modules like a true Perl monk. 2019-10-07T18:33:11
File-Collector STEVIED Collects files and sets up file Processors 2019-09-07T19:06:37
File-Common PERLANCAR List files that are found in {all,more than one} directories 2019-04-16T06:53:21
File-Find-Rule-UnixPermissions VVELOX Use unix permissions for searching for files with File::Find. 2019-02-14T14:04:17
File-IsSorted SHLOMIF check if the lines of a file are sorted lexicographically 2019-12-14T21:13:43
File-Open-NoCache-ReadOnly NHORNE Open a file and clear the cache afterward 2019-05-06T14:54:29
File-Open-ReadOnly-NoCache NHORNE Open a file and clear the cache afterward 2019-05-06T01:47:21
File-Record FREEDOG Read file by record! 2019-05-29T13:14:34
File-Slurper-Dash PERLANCAR A fork of File::Slurper to grok "-" as stdin/stdout 2019-10-08T01:08:23
File-TVShow-Info BANS Perl meta data extractor from file name for TV Show file. 2019-04-26T13:05:39
File-TVShow-Organize BANS Perl module to move TVShow Files into their matching Show Folder on a media server. 2019-04-27T23:59:11
Finance-Quote-Moex PARTIZAND Perl module. Obtain quotes from Moex exchange. 2019-11-06T11:26:18
Finance-Salary-Rate WATERKIP Calculate hourly rates for small businesses 2019-11-09T08:55:04
Firewall-Manager PINGAN The great new Firewall::Manager! 2019-12-08T01:47:28
Font-PCF PEVANS read an X11 PCF font file 2019-11-09T23:43:20
Foo-Bar GRAVATTJ A collection of helpful utilities. 2019-10-25T22:17:21
Foreign-Sort MOB subroutine attribute to allow call to sort routine from other package 2019-02-23T20:36:44