List of new CPAN distributions – Nov 2019

dist author version abstract
AVL-Tree TBROWDER v0.0.1
Acme-December-Eternal CAVAC 1.0 Calculate the "canadian eternal december" date string accoring to stevieb
Acme-LSD CONTRA 0.01 A dumb module that colorize your prints
Acme-Waterkip WATERKIP 0.001 You should never use this module unless you are a waterkip
Alien-Expat PLICEASE 0.01 Find or install the Expat stream-oriented XML parser
App-Codeowners CCM 0.40 A tool for managing CODEOWNERS files
App-CronUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities related to cron & crontab
App-FindUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to finding files
App-FirefoxUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to Firefox
App-Greple-subst UTASHIRO 1.01 Greple module for text substitution
App-RetroPAN DLAMBLEY 0.01 Makes a historic minicpan â³
App-bookmarks KALDOR 0.17 Export browser bookmarks as plain text.
Array-Pick-Scan PERLANCAR 0.001 Pick random items from an array, without duplicates
AsposeSlidesCloud ASPOSE v19.11.0 Aspose.Slides Cloud SDK
Bencher-Scenario-SamplingFromList PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark random sampling from a list
Bifcode2 MLAWREN 2.000_4 encode and decode BIFCODE2 serialization format
Bio-DB-RefSeq CJFIELDS 1.7.3 Database object interface for RefSeq retrieval
Bio-DB-SwissProt CJFIELDS 1.7.3 Database object interface to SwissProt retrieval
Bio-Procedural CJFIELDS 1.7.3 Perl modules for biology
Business-ID-POM PERLANCAR 0.001 Parse food/drug registration code published by the Indonesian National Agency of Drug and Food Control (POM)
Config-Eggdrop-Userfile MWILHELMY 0.01 Parser for userfiles generated by the Eggdrop IRC bot
D KIMOTO 0.01 Provides utility functions to encode data and dump it to STDERR.
DDCCI SKUPSY 0.001 Perl extension for control monitors via DDC/CI protocol
Data-ChineseESP JPENG 0.01 Chinese big email service providers
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami PERLANCAR 0.011 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami_EN PERLANCAR 0.011 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Alami_ID PERLANCAR 0.011 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Flexible PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Flexible
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-Natural PERLANCAR 0.009 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Natural
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami PERLANCAR 0.012 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami_en PERLANCAR 0.012 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-alami_id PERLANCAR 0.012 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-flexible PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Flexible
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_date-From_str-natural PERLANCAR 0.010 Coerce date from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Natural
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-Alami_EN PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-alami_en PERLANCAR 0.007 Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::EN
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_duration-From_str-alami_id PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce duration from string parsed by DateTime::Format::Alami::ID
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoCurrencyCode PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to code
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoCurrencySafename PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoExchangeCurrencyPair PERLANCAR 0.004 Coerce string into cryptoexchange currency pair, e.g. LTC/USD
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCryptoExchangeSafename PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce string containing cryptoexchange code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToCurrencyPair PERLANCAR 0.004 Coerce string into currency pair, e.g. USD/IDR
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToFiatOrCryptoCurrencyCode PERLANCAR 0.004 Coerce string containing fiat/cryptocurrency code/name/safename to uppercase code
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-ToUpper PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce string to upper case
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-Trim PERLANCAR 0.005 Trim whitespaces at the beginning and end of string
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR 0.007 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to code
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptocurrency_safename PERLANCAR 0.007 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptoexchange_currency_pair PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce string into cryptoexchange currency pair, e.g. LTC/USD
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_cryptoexchange_safename PERLANCAR 0.007 Coerce string containing cryptoexchange code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_currency_pair PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce string into currency pair, e.g. USD/IDR
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_fiat_or_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce string containing fiat/cryptocurrency code/name/safename to uppercase code
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-to_upper PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce string to upper case
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-To_str-From_str-trim PERLANCAR 0.006 Trim whitespaces at the beginning and end of string
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-CommaSep PERLANCAR 0.010 Coerce array from a comma-separated items in a string
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-IntRange PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce array of ints from string in the form of "INT1-INT2"
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-IntRangeAndCommaSep PERLANCAR 0.005 Coerce array of ints from comma-separated ints/int ranges
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-comma_sep PERLANCAR 0.011 Coerce array from a comma-separated items in a string
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-int_range PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce array of ints from string in the form of "INT1-INT2"
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_array-From_str-int_range_and_comma_sep PERLANCAR 0.006 Coerce array of ints from comma-separated ints/int ranges
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-Num_EN PERLANCAR 0.004 Use Parse::Number::EN to parse number
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-Num_ID PERLANCAR 0.004 Use Parse::Number::ID to parse number
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-num_en PERLANCAR 0.005 Use Parse::Number::EN to parse number
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-To_num-From_str-num_id PERLANCAR 0.005 Use Parse::Number::ID to parse number
DateTime-Format-EXIF LIOSHA 0.001 DateTime parser for EXIF timestamps
Devel-Cover-Report-BitBucketServer TOMK 0.1 BitBucket Server backend for Devel::Cover
Devel-Cover-Report-Codecovbash DROLSKY 0.01 Generate a JSON file to be uploaded with the codecov bash script.
Device-SDS011 FLAMEY 0.01 Module to work with SDS011 particulate matter laser sensor
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Data-Sah-Coerce PERLANCAR 0.001 Plugin to use when building Data::Sah::Coerce::* distribution
Dist-Zilla-Role-PluginBundle-Airplane WATERKIP 0.001 A role for building packages with Dist::Zilla in an airplane
Finance-Quote-Moex PARTIZAND 0.3 Perl module. Obtain quotes from Moex exchange.
Finance-Salary-Rate WATERKIP 0.001 Calculate hourly rates for small businesses
Font-PCF PEVANS 0.01 read an X11 PCF font file
FunctionalPerl PFLANZE 0.72 FP::FunctionalPerl – functional programming on Perl
Git-Diff MZIESCHA 0.000100 Git submodule to convert git diff into a perl hash-ref
IO-Handle-Packable PEVANS 0.01 add pack and unpack methods to an IO::Handle
Linux-FD-Pid LEONT 0.001 PID file descriptors
Mail-Milter-Authentication-Handler-Blocker MBRADSHAW 2.20191120 Block mail based on simple rules
Metabolomics-Fragment-Annotation GIACOMONI 0.01 Perl extension for fragment annotation in metabolomics
Mojo-Server-CGI-LegacyMigrate ECARROLL 0.01 Migrate older Legacy CGI scripts
Mojo-mysql-Database-Role-LoadDataInfile SRCHULO 0.01 Easy load data infile support for Mojo::mysql
Mojolicious-Plugin-AWS SCOTTW 0.10 AWS via Mojolicious
Mojolicious-Plugin-ReplyTime SADAMS 0.02 Reply with a simple response of just the current time
MouseX-AttributeTraitHelper NIKOLAS 0.9 Extend your attribute traits interface for Mouse
MouseX-AttributeTraitHelper-Merge NIKOLAS 0.9 Extend your attribute traits interface for Mouse
MsOffice-Word-Surgeon DAMI 1.0 tamper wit the guts of Microsoft docx documents
MsgPack-Raw JACQUESG 0.01 Perl bindings to the msgpack C library
Net-DHCP-Config-Utilities VVELOX v0.0.1 Works with DHCP information stored in INI files.
Net-RCON-Minecraft RJT 0.01 Minecraft RCON remote console
Parser-LR PRBRENAN 20191031 Create and use an LR(1) parser
Password-OWASP WATERKIP 0.001 OWASP recommendations for password storage in perl
Perl-Critic-Plicease PLICEASE 0.01 Some Perl::Critic policies used by Plicease
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Data-Sah-Coerce PERLANCAR 0.001 Plugin to use when building Data::Sah::Coerce::* or Data::Sah::CoerceBundle::* distribution
Software-License-BSD_1_Clause XENU 0.001 The 1-Clause BSD License
TTS-Flite RAJ 0.03 Perl extension for blah blah blah
Task-CoreModules ETHER 0.001 All the modules that should have been installed for your perl
Test-Perl-Critic-Git MZIESCHA 0.000100 Test module to run perl critic on changed git files
Tk-HyperlinkButton ASB 0.01 Create a clickable hyperlink button to open a web browser
Zeek-Log-Parse JOHANNA 0.08 Perl interface for parsing Zeek logfiles
doxygen-filter-perl JORDAN 1.73 A perl code pre-filter for Doxygen
ojo-ServeDir MEMOWE 0.01 Helper module to serve local files
portable-loader TOBYINK 0.001 load classes and roles which can be moved around your namespace
unconstant ECARROLL 0.01 sometimes you need to un- em'.

List of new CPAN distributions – Oct 2019

dist author version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-PickingRandomItemsFromList PERLANCAR 0.001 Picking random items from a list
Acme-September-Eternal CAVAC 1.0 Calculate the "eternal september" date string
Algorithm-Odometer-Tiny HAUKEX 0.02 Generate "base-N odometer" permutations
AnyEvent-Discord-Client TOPAZ 0.000001 A Discord client library for the AnyEvent framework.
App-Spec-Bash TINITA 0.001 App Module and utilities for appspec-bash
App-Zip-X DAMI 1.0 Simple zip/unzip utility with extra indentation features for XML members
Azure-Storage-Blob-Client UREE 0.04 Azure Storage Blob API client
Bencher-Scenario-TruncatingString PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark modules that truncate/elide string
Bio-Minimizer LSKATZ 0.1 minimizer package
CayleyDickson PEASWORTH 0.01 create and operate with hypercomplex numbers
Crypt-Paseto CARPENTIE 0.001 turns baubles into trinkets
DBIx-Class-ParseError WREIS 0.01 Extensible database error handler
Data-Clean-ForJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR 0.001 Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON
Data-Clean-FromJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR 0.001 Clean data from JSON encoder
Debug-Filter-PrintExpr SOMMREY 0.01 Convert comment lines to debug print statements
Dir-Flock MOB 0.02 advisory locking of a dedicated directory
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Perl-Critic-Subset PERLANCAR 3.001.000 Tests to check your code against best practices
Father-Son-HolySpirit BRTASTIC 1.00 write modules like a true Perl monk.
File-Slurper-Dash PERLANCAR 0.001 A fork of File::Slurper to grok "-" as stdin/stdout
Google-RestApi MVSJES 0.1 Oauth2 connection to Google APIs (currently Drive and Sheets).
IIIF VOJ 0.01 IIIF Image API implementation
IO-Concurrent KARUPA 0.01 Concurrent I/O framework
JIP-Spy-Events VLADIMIRZ v0.0.1
JSON-Eval TOBYINK 0.001 eval Perl code found in JSON
LWP-Protocol-Patch-CountBytesIn PERLANCAR 0.001 Count bytes in
LibreOffice_6.3.2_Linux_x86 PERLANCAR 64_
MIDI-RtMidi-FFI JBARRETT 0.01 Bindings for librtmidi – Realtime MIDI library
MP4-LibMP4v2 JIRO 0.01 Perl interface to the libmp4v2
Math-DCT DKECHAG 0.01 1D and NxN 2D Fast Discreet Cosine Transforms (DCT-II)
Mnet MMENZA 5.03 Testable network automation and reporting
Mojo-HTTPStatus MARGHI v0.0.1 Readeable HTTP status codes
Mojo-Pg-Role-PromiseClass WROG 0.001 Choose the Mojo::Promise class used by Mojo::Pg objects
Mojo-Promise-Role-Repeat WROG 0.001 Promise looping construct with break
Mojo-UserAgent-Role-PromiseClass WROG 0.001
Mojolicious-Command-Author-generate-automake_app OETIKER v0.1.0 An app generator for Mojolicious providing app skeletons with automake infrastructure.
Mojolicious-Command-Author-generate-role WROG 0.001 Role generator command
Mojolicious-Command-bcrypt SRCHULO 0.01 bcrypt a password using the settings in your Mojolicious app.
Mojolicious-Plugin-BcryptSecure SRCHULO 0.01 Securely bcrypt and validate your passwords.
Mojolicious-Plugin-CanonicalURL SRCHULO 0.01 Ensures canonical URLs via redirection
Mojolicious-Plugin-ModeHelpers SRCHULO 0.01 Mojolicious Plugin that adds helpers to determine the mode and avoid typos
Mojolicious-Plugin-SwaggerUI MARGHI v0.0.1 Swagger UI plugin for Mojolicious
MongoHosting OVNTATAR 0
MooX-Press TOBYINK 0.001 quickly create a bunch of Moo/Moose/Mouse classes and roles
Music-Duration-Partition GENE 0.0100 Partition a musical duration
MySQL-Dump-Parser-XS KARUPA 0.02 mysqldump SQL parser
Net-CIDR-Overlap VVELOX v0.0.1 A utility module for helping make sure a list of CIDRs don't overlap.
Net-DHCP-Windows-Netsh-Parse VVELOX v0.0.1 Parses the output from 'netsh dhcp server dump'
Net-IP-Perl6 TBROWDER v1.1.0
Net-Kafka AMIRONOV 1.05 High-performant Perl client for Apache Kafka
Object-Pad PEVANS 0.01 a simple syntax for lexical slot-based objects
Parqus DAVEWOOD 0.01 parse a search query string
Perl-RT2Github JKEENAN 0.01 Given RT ticket number, find corresponding Github issue
PostgreSQLHosting OVNTATAR 0
QQ-exmail YOURSELF 0.002 QQ::exmail – api for 腾讯ä¼ä¸šé‚®ç®±
RTF-Encode DLAMBLEY 1.00 Escapes string into RTF
Regexp-Pattern-Git PERLANCAR 0.001 Regexp patterns related to git
SMS-Send-Sendinblue JAJM 0.01 SMS::Send driver for Sendinblue
SQL-Abstract-Classic RIBASUSHI 1.90_01 Generate SQL from Perl data structures
Shell-Run SOMMREY 0.02 Execute shell commands using specific shell
String-Elide-Tiny PERLANCAR 0.001 A very simple text truncating function, elide()
System-Explain CXW 0.01 run a system command and explain the result
TAP-Formatter-EARL KJETILK 0.001 Formatting TAP output using the Evaluation and Report Language
Unix-ScriptUtil JMATES 0.01 some utility routines for scripts
Util-Medley GRAVATTJ 0.002 A collection of commonly used utilities.
WWW-Deduce-Ingest DEDUCE 1.1 an interface to Deduce Ingestion
With-Roles HAARG 0.001000 Create role/class/object with composed roles
dbedia-blob JKUTEJ 0.01 interface to (not only) blob storage
eval PERLANCAR 0.001 Eval code
methods-import TOBYINK 0.001 import methods to be used like keywords
routines AWNCORP 0.01 Typeable Method and Function Signatures

List of new CPAN distributions – Sep 2019

dist author version abstract
AWS-CDK JWRIGHT 0.001_01 The AWS Cloud Development Kit
App-CommentToPod KJKVINGE 0.002 Turns comment above functions to pod.
App-FileTestUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 More CLIs for file testing
App-ListLanguages PERLANCAR 0.001 List languages
App-ParseBounceMessage PERLANCAR 0.001 Parse a bounce email message and return a structure
App-Pfind MATHIAS 1.00 A Perl based find replacement
App-durseq PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate a sequence of durations
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-scripts PERLANCAR 0.001 More lcpan subcommands related to scripts
Bencher-Scenario-DataUndump PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark Data::Undump against eval() for loading a Data::Dumper output
Bencher-Scenarios-ListingModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark modules that list modules
Bifcode-V2 MLAWREN 2.000_1 Simple serialization format
Class-Accessor-Typed PAPIX 0.01 Class::Accessor::Lite with Type
Class-Simple-Cached NHORNE 0.01 cache messages to an object
Class-Simple-Readonly-Cached NHORNE 0.01 cache messages to an object
Complete-Currency PERLANCAR 0.001 Complete from list of ISO-4217 currency codes
Complete-Language PERLANCAR 0.001 Complete from list of ISO-639 language codes
DBIx-Insert-Multi JOHANL 0.001 Insert multiple table rows in a single statement
DNS-Zone-Struct-Common PERLANCAR 0.001 Common routines related to DNS zone structure
Data-Douglas_Peucker MIKEFLAN 0.01
Data-FDSet FELIPE 0.01 Syntactic sugar for select in select()|perlfunc masks
DateTime-Ordinal LNATION 0.01 The great new DateTime::Ordinal!
Device-Chip-CC1101 PEVANS 0.01 chip driver for a CC1101
Dita-GB-Standard-Types PRBRENAN 20190911 The Gearhart-Brenan Dita Topic Naming Standard Types.
Eval-Safe MATHIAS 0.01 Simplified safe evaluation of Perl code
FFI-Platypus-Record-StringArray PLICEASE 0.01 Array of strings for your FFI record
File-Collector STEVIED 0.021 Collects files and sets up file Processors
Getopt-O2 SCHIECHEO v1.0.19 Command line processing with extensive usage generation, object oriented
HC-HyCon VAXMAN 0.1 Perl interface to the Analog Paradigm hybrid controller.
IO-HyCon VAXMAN 0 Perl interface to the Analog Paradigm hybrid controller.
IO-IPFinder IPFINDER 1.0 The official Perl library for IPFinder
JSII JWRIGHT 0.001_01 Use javascript modules naturally from every programming language
JSON-Slurper SRCHULO 0.01 Convenient file slurping and spurting of data using JSON
Keyword-TailRecurse JLCOOPER 0.01 Enables true tail recursion
Locale-Codes-Country-FR NHORNE 0.01 French countries
Long-Jump EXODIST 0.000001 Mechanism for returning to a specific point from a deeply nested stack.
MS VOLKENING 0.008 Namespace for mass spectrometry-related libraries
Math-Polynomial-ModInt MHASCH 0.002 univariate polynomials over modular integers
Module-List-Tiny PERLANCAR 0.004001 A fork of Module::List that starts faster
Module-List-Wildcard PERLANCAR 0.004005 A fork of Module::List that supports wildcard
Mojolicious-Command-scaffold CRLCU v0.0.2 Scaffold command
Mojolicious-Plugin-Debugbar CRLCU v0.0.1
MooX-Role-CliOptions BOFTX 0.01 Wrapper to simplify using Moo with Getopt::Long
Net-Curl-Promiser FELIPE 0.01 A Promise interface for Net::Curl::Multi
Net-Prometheus-ServerStatusLiteCollector SLEUNG 0.01 It's new $module
Net-SNMP-Mixin-InetCidrRouteTable GAISSMAI 0.03 mixin class for the inetCidrRouteTable
POE-Component-FunctionBus DAEMON 0.01 Easily scalability
Proc-ProcessTable-piddler VVELOX v0.0.0 Display all process table, open files, and network connections for a PID.
SUNAT GPAREDES 0.01 Generador XML UBL2.1
Sub-Multi-Tiny CXW 0.000001 Multisubs/multimethods (multiple dispatch) yet another way!
Sweat JMAC 201909080 Library for the `sweat` command-line program
Sys-RunAlone-Flexible2 PERLANCAR 0.001 Make sure only one invocation of a script is active at a time
Tangle PEASWORTH 0.01
Telugu-Itrans RAJ 0.01 Itrans transliteration
Telugu-Utils RAJ 0.01 Utilities for Telugu strings.
Test-Auto AWNCORP 0.01 Test Automation, Docs Generation
UUID4-Tiny CVLIBRARY 0.001 Cryptographically secure v4 UUIDs for Linux x64
VMware-vCloudDirector2 NIGELM 0.100 Interface to VMWare vCloud Directory REST API
WebService-Discord-Webhook GREGK 1.00 A module for posting messages to Discord chat service
Windows1250 INA 1.23 Source code filter to escape Windows-1250 script
Windows1254 INA 1.23 Source code filter to escape Windows-1254 script
Windows1257 INA 1.23 Source code filter to escape Windows-1257 script
comment2pod KJKVINGE 0.001 Turns comment above functions to pod.
db-sql-migrations-advanced CRLCU v0.0.1 Scaffold command
devtools AFUERST 0.01 some simple subs helping during the development
libgetopt-oo-perl SCHIECHEO v1.0.19 Command line processing with extensive usage generation, object oriented
mojo-debugbar CRLCU v0.0.1
mojo-events CRLCU v0.0.1
obogaf-parser NOT 0.001 a perl5 module to handle obo and gaf file

List of new CPAN distributions – Aug 2019

dist author version abstract
AI-ML RUISTEVE 0.001 Perl interface to ML
Acme-Glue LEEJO 2019.08 A placeholder module for code accompanying a Perl photo project
App-Acmeman SGRAY 2.00 manages ACME certificates
App-DNSZoneUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Collection of CLI utilities related to DNS zones
App-GitFind CXW 0.000001 Find files anywhere in a Git repository
App-Greple-aozora UTASHIRO 0.01 Greple module for aozora-bunko proofreading
App-LanguageExprUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Collection of CLI utilities related to Language::Expr
App-LinguaIdentifyAnyUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Command-line utilities related to Lingua::Identify::Any
App-RGBColorUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities related to RGB color
App-Spanel-BuildBindZones PERLANCAR 0.001 Build BIND zones from YAML zones
App-Spanel-BuildBindZonesFromPowerDNSDB PERLANCAR 0.001 Build BIND zones from PowerDNS zones in database
App-TermAttrUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities related to querying terminal attributes
App-lcpan-CmdBundle-cwalitee PERLANCAR 0.001 More lcpan subcommands related to cwalitee
App-perldebs GGOLDBACH 0.001 List debian package names for Perl modules
App-scanrdeps PAVELSR 0.01 just main_module for
App-tpnotify SGRAY 1.0 Notifies about new POT file
Arabic INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Arabic script
Big5 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Big5 script
Box-Limited CHESNOKOV 0.01 Box with a limited capacity.
Bundle-Maintainer-MHASCH MHASCH 0.001 CPAN Modules maintained by Martin Becker (MHASCH).
CP932-R2 INA 0.02 provides minimal CP932 I/O subroutines by short name
CP932IBM-R2 INA 0.02 provides minimal CP932IBM I/O subroutines by short name
CP932NEC-R2 INA 0.02 provides minimal CP932NEC I/O subroutines by short name
CP932X-R2 INA 0.01 provides minimal CP932X I/O subroutines by short name
Catalyst-TraitFor-Request-Methods RRWO v0.1.0 Add enumerated methods for HTTP requests
Check-GlobalPhase ATOOMIC 0.001 Check::GlobalPhase fast XS checker for Perl GlobalPhase
Code-Quality MGV 0.001 use static analysis to compute a "code quality" metric for a program
Config-AST SGRAY 1.00 abstract syntax tree for configuration files
Config-Parser SGRAY 1.00 base class for configuration file parsers
Config-Parser-ldap SGRAY 1.00 configuration file parser for ldap.conf
Crypt-OpenSSL-Base-Func ABBYPAN 0.31 Base functions, using the OpenSSL libraries
Curses-Readline MDOM 0.9 Readline library for curses
Cyrillic INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Cyrillic script
DBIx-Class-Helper-TableSample RRWO v0.1.0 Add support for tablesample clauses
DBIx-Class-Helper-WindowFunctions RRWO v0.3.0 Add support for window functions to DBIx::Class
DD-Dummy PERLANCAR 0.007 A dummy module to pull DD
DNS-Zone-PowerDNS-To-BIND PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate BIND zone configuration from information in PowerDNS database
DNS-Zone-Struct-To-BIND PERLANCAR 0.002 Generate BIND zone configuration from structure
Daje-Sentinel JANESKIL 0.01
Daje-Sentinel-Api JANESKIL 0.12
Dancer2-UserAdmin TONKIN 0.9902 Administration for registered users and site memberships
Data-Clean-ForJSON PERLANCAR 0.392 Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON
Data-Recursive SYBER v1.0.0 array and hash merge, deep clone, recursive data compare, done very fast, with C++ API.
Data-Transmute-Rules-DNS-Zone-Struct-FromSpanel PERLANCAR 0.001 Convert Spanel DNS zone structure to that accepted by DNS::Zone::Struct::To::BIND (Sah::Schema::dns::zone)
DateTime-Duration-Patch-StringifyAsISO8601 PERLANCAR 0.001 Make DateTime::Duration objects stringify to ISO8601 duration
Dist-Banshee LEONT 0.001 A lean authoring tool
Dita-PCD PRBRENAN 20190810 Implementation of the Please Change Dita Language
Do AWNCORP 1.00 Modern Perl Development Framework
Doodle AWNCORP 0.01 Database DDL Builder
Export-XS SYBER v3.0.0 Replacement for + in XS, with C++ API.
Game-Life-Faster WYANT 0.000_90 <<< replace boilerplate >>>
Geo-Code-XYZEN ERUCI 1.0 Encode latitude,longitude,elevation into three random names and vice versa.
Geo-Geos DMOL v1.0.0_1 Perl interface for GEOS C++ library
Geoffrey MZIESCHA 0.000100 Continuous Database Migration
Geoffrey-Changelog-Database MZIESCHA 0.000100 module for Geoffrey::Changelog to load changeset from database tables.
Geoffrey-Changelog-Yaml MZIESCHA 0.000100 module for Geoffrey::Changelog to load changeset from YAML files.
Geoffrey-Converter-Pg MZIESCHA 0.000100 The great new Geoffrey::Converter::Pg!
Git-Hooks-CheckYoutrack DINESHD v1.0.0 Git::Hooks plugin which requires youtrack ticket number on each commit message
Google-CloudTasks EGAWATA 0.01 Perl client library for the Google CloudTasks API (unofficial).
Greek INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Greek script
IOas-CP932 INA 0.03 provides CP932 I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
IOas-CP932IBM INA 0.03 provides CP932IBM I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
IOas-CP932NEC INA 0.03 provides CP932NEC I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
IOas-SJIS2004 INA 0.03 provides SJIS2004 I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
Interact-Later SMONFF 0.03 Delay some tasks for later.
KOI8R INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape KOI8-R script
KOI8U INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape KOI8-U script
KPS9566 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape KPS9566 script
KSC5601 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape KSC5601 script
Latin10 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-10 script
Latin2 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-2 script
Latin3 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-3 script
Latin4 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-4 script
Latin5 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-5 script
Latin6 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-6 script
Latin7 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-7 script
Latin8 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-8 script
Latin9 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Latin-9 script
Lingua-Stem-Cistem WOLLMERS 0.01 Stemmer for German
MarpaX-Hoonlint JKEGL 0.001_000 Hoonlint
Math-CooGeo DEBOS v1.0.0 Coordinate geometry library for Perl.
Math-DifferenceSet-Planar MHASCH 0.002 object class for planar difference sets
Math-RPN-Simple DEBOS v1.0.0 Simpler implementation of Math::RPN.
Math-RPN-Tiny DEBOS v1.0.0 tiny implementation of Math::RPN.
Mega-Cli VRAG 0.01 simple wrapper for cli
Mojolicious-Command-static SADAMS 0.02 Run a quick and dirty static files web server
Mojolicious-Plugin-AWS-SNS SCOTTW v0.0.1-alpha Publish to AWS SNS topic
Mojolicious-Plugin-Model-DB LTM 0.01 It is an extension of the module Mojolicious::Plugin::Model for Mojolicious applications.
Moodle AWNCORP 0.01 Migrations for Mojo DB Drivers
Music-Cadence GENE 0.0100 Provides musical cadence chords
Net-Connection-ncnetstat VVELOX v0.0.0 a netstat like utility that supports color and searching
Net-POP3-XOAuth2 KIZASHI 0.0.1 It enables to use XOAUTH2 authentication with Net::POP3
OpenBSD-Checkpass NAVALNED 0.01 Perl interface to OpenBSD crypt_checkpass(3)
PartialApplication JLCOOPER 0.02 A small module that handle partially applying parameters to functions
Perl-Critic-PolicyBundle-SNEZ SNEZ 0.01 extra Perl::Critic policies
Proc-ProcessTable-InfoString VVELOX v0.0.1 Greats a PS like stat string showing various symbolic represenation of various flags/state as well as the wchan.
Proc-ProcessTable-Match VVELOX v0.0.0 Matches a Proc::ProcessTable::Process against a stack of checks.
Proc-ProcessTable-ncps VVELOX v0.0.0 Searches the process table and displays the results.
Proxy-Scraper DEBOS v2.0.0 Simple Perl script for scraping proxies from multiple websites.
Puppet-Classify MQTECH 0.003 Connects to the Puppet Classifier API (PE Console groups)
Puppet-DB MQTECH 0.001 Object for easily getting Puppet DB data (e.g. facts, reports, etc)
Puppet-Orchestrator MQTECH 0.001 Connects to the Puppet Orchestrator API (PE Console groups)
RF-HC12 STEVEB 0.01 Interface to the 433 MHz HC-12 Radio Frequency serial trancievers
SJIS2004-R2 INA 0.02 provides minimal SJIS2004 I/O subroutines by short name
Sah-Schemas-Str PERLANCAR 0.001 Various string schemas
Telemetry-Any IVANYCH 0.01 It's new $module
Template-Plugin-Filter-PlantUML RWI 0.01 A template toolkit plugin filter for encoding and processing PlantUML Diagrams using a PlantUML Server.
Test-Perl-Critic-XTFiles SKIRMESS 0.001 Perl::Critic test with XT::Files interface
Test-PerlTidy-XTFiles SKIRMESS 0.001 XT::Files interface for Test::PerlTidy
Test-UnixCmdWrap JMATES 0.01 test unix commands with various assumptions
Test2-MojoX ELCAMLOST 0.01 Testing Mojo
Test2-Plugin-DBIProfile EXODIST 0.002001 Plugin to enable and display DBI profiling.
Test2-Plugin-MemUsage EXODIST 0.002001 Collect and display memory usage information.
Test2-Plugin-TodoFailOnSuccess GSG 0.0.1 Report failure if a TODO test unexpectedly passes
Test2-Plugin-UUID EXODIST 0.002001 Use REAL UUIDs in Test2
Text-Layout JV 0.01 Pango style markup formatting
Time-XS SYBER v3.1.6 low-level and very efficient POSIX time/zone functions implementation in C.
UML-PlantUML-Encoder RWI 0.02 Provides PlantUML Language's Encoding in Perl
URI-XS SYBER v1.1.6 fast URI framework, compatible with classic, with C++ interface
WARC JCB v0.0.0_1 Web ARChive support for Perl
WWW-PlantUML RWI 0.01 a simple Perl remote client interface to a plantuml server.
Weasel-DriverRole EHUELS 0.04 API definition for Weasel's driver wrappers
WebService-GoShippo COLINK 0.0001 A simple client to Shippo's REST API.
Windows1252 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Windows-1252 script
Windows1258 INA 1.22 Source code filter to escape Windows-1258 script
XString ATOOMIC 0.001 Isolated String helpers from B
exact-class GRYPHON 1.01 Simple class interface extension for exact
exact-cli GRYPHON 1.01 Command-line interface helper utilities extension for exact
exact-conf GRYPHON 1.01 Cascading merged application configuration extension for exact
parent-versioned DAVIDO 0.001_02 Establish an ISA relationship with base classes at compile time, with version checking.

Dwindling CPAN releases

This couple of months I’ve been casually looking at daily CPAN uploads, because I entered the Once-a-day-releases game. I notice that the uploads are getting scarcer and scarcer. So today I decided to take a look at monthly upload statistics. The result is summarized in the chart below which shows the number of monthly CPAN releases, unique distributions, and unique authors up to July 2019.

Indeed, the uploads have been diminishing recently, from 1215 in Apr, to 980 in May, 886 in Jun, and 944 in Jul. Not counting my own releases, it’s 1076 in Apr, 888 in May, 793 in Jun, and 753 in Jul. It’s sad to see that I affect the stats so significantly. I can’t be the only one still using Perl that much or actively in the whole wide world, am I?

One thing I want to point out is that, ironically, the tipping point is Aug 2014, when the first CPAN Day was organized. The number of releases peaked that month, but then have been steadily dwindling ever since.

Nowadays, CPAN gets 20-30 daily uploads on average; it was around 60-100 in 2014. Meanwhile Python’s PyPI page indicates that it gets at least 700-800 daily uploads. Interpret that as you wish, but Python is clearly eating everybody’s lunch. First it was Perl, then Ruby, then R.

List of new CPAN distributions – Jul 2019

dist author version abstract
API-INSEE-Sirene CPANLNCSA 3.501 An interface for the Sirene API of INSEE
Alien-WhiteDB EGOR 0.1 Discover or download and install WhiteDB
Alien-libswe MBAAS 0.001 Build and install Swiss Ephemeris shared library
App-CPANChangesCwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI Utilities related to CPAN Changes cwalitee
App-KwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to Kwalitee
App-ListCurrencies PERLANCAR 0.001 List currencies
App-ModuleAbstractCwaliteeUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI Utilities related to module Abstract cwalitee
App-PaloAlto-PolicyVerify PUGLET 0.0.1 Test firewall rules using log files.
App-bwk-mn PERLANCAR 0.000 Some commands to manage Bulwark masternode
App-html-css-sel PERLANCAR 0.003 Select HTML elements using CSS selector syntax
App-p5find GUGOD 0.01 A collection of programs for locating certain constructs in Perl5 code.
App-part CORION 0.07 split up a single input file into multiple files according to a column value
App-podsel PERLANCAR 0.001 Select Pod::Elemental nodes using CSel syntax
App-ppgrep PERLANCAR 0.032 Look up parents' processes based on name and other attributes
App-ppisel PERLANCAR 0.001 Select PPI::Element nodes using CSel syntax
App-renwd PERLANCAR 0.001 REName current (Working Directory)
App-uricolor KALDOR 0.12 Colorize URIs with ANSI colors.
AsposeOmrCloud-OmrApi ASPOSE v19.7.0 constructs APIs to retrieve asposeomrcloud objects
CPAN-Changes-Cwalitee PERLANCAR 0.000 Calculate the cwalitee of your CPAN Changes file
Complete-Country PERLANCAR 0.001 Complete from list of ISO-3166 country codes
Complete-Cwalitee PERLANCAR 0.001 Completion routines for *::Cwalitee modules
Curio-Role-DBIx-Connector BLUEFEET 0.01 Build Curio classes around DBIx::Connector.
Cwalitee-Common PERLANCAR 0.001 Common Cwalitee routines
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-BooleanMethods MAT 0.03 Automatically create search methods for boolean columns.
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-EnumMethods MAT 0.01 Automatically create search methods for enum columns.
DNS-ZoneStruct-To-BIND PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate BIND zone configuration from structure
Data-Pageset-Exponential RRWO v0.1.0 Page numbering for very large page numbers
DataLoader RJH 0.01 Abstract data loading, auto batch and cache
DateTime-Format-Duration-ConciseHMS PERLANCAR 0.001 Format DateTime::Duration object as concise HMS format
Device-Chip-Adapter-UART PEVANS 0.01 a Device::Chip::Adapter implementation for
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-EmbedValidator PERLANCAR 0.250 Embed schema validator code in built code
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-GenSchemaV PERLANCAR 0.000 Generate Sah::SchemaV::* modules for all modules that contain Rinci function metadata
Encode-PDFDoc EUGEN 0.01 PDFDocEncoding support
Game-PseudoRand JMATES 0.01 pseudo random distribution functions
Geo-Code-XYZ ERUCI 1.0 The GeoCode of a latitude,longitude,elevation point is a ten byte string, three geonames, or a hybrid code. This Perl module converts between them.
Geo-IP6 GCORE 1.0 get country code for an ipv6 or ipv4 address
Git-PunchCard VVELOX v0.0.0 Generate a punchard plot for git commits.
Gmail-Mailbox-Validate PYH 0.01 Find out if the username has a valid gmail mailbox
Google-Ads-GoogleAds-Client WFANSH v2.0.0
Hash-Key-Quote PERLANCAR 0.001 Utility routines related to quoting of hash keys
Hash-Subset PERLANCAR 0.001 Produce subset of a hash
IO-BlockSync TSDH 0.001 Syncronize changed blocks
IO-FDpassData MIKER 0.03 send/receive data and/or file descriptor
IOas-CP932X INA 0.01 provides CP932X I/O subroutines for UTF-8 script
Lib-Log4cplus REHSACK 0.001 Perl interface to log via Log4cplus
Lingua-Identify-Any PERLANCAR 0.001 Detect language of text using one of several available backends
Log-Any-Adapter-Log4cplus REHSACK 0.001 Adapter to use Lib::Log4cplus with Log::Any
Map-Tube-Bielefeld VPEIL 2019.0718 interface to the Bielefeld Stadtbahn
Module-Abstract-Cwalitee PERLANCAR 0.001 Calculate the cwalitee of your module Abstract
Module-CPANfile-Writer AKIYM 0.01 Module for modifying the cpanfile
Mojo-Base-Tiny TEKKI 0.01 Minimal base class for !Mojo projects
Mojo-Path-Role-Relative KIWIROY 0.01 Relative operations on a Mojo::Path
Mojo-Promisify JHTHORSEN 0.01 Convert callback code to promise based code
Mojo-Transaction-HTTP-Role-Mechanize KIWIROY 0.01 Mechanize Mojo a little
MooX-TO_JSON JJNAPIORK 0.001 Generate a TO_JSON method from attributes.
Net-Connection VVELOX v0.0.0 Represents a network connection as a object.
Net-Connection-Match VVELOX v0.0.0 Runs a stack of checks to match Net::Connection objects.
Net-Connection-Sort VVELOX v0.0.0 Sorts array of Net::Connection objects.
Net-Connection-lsof VVELOX v0.0.0 This uses lsof to generate a array of Net::Connection objects.
Net-Iperf-Parser EBRUNI 0.01 Parse a single iperf line result
NewsExtractor GUGOD v0.0.1 – download and extract news articles from Internet.
OPTiMaDe-FilterParser MERKYS v0.1.0
PawsX-Waiter PRAJITH 0.01 A Waiter library for Paws
Perl-Phase DMUEY 0.01 Check if you are currently in compile time or run time
Progressive-Web-Application LNATION 0.01 Utility for making an application 'progressive'
Sah-Schemas-DNS PERLANCAR 0.001 Schemas related to DNS
Sah-Schemas-Date-ID PERLANCAR 0.001 Sah schemas related to date (Indonesian)
SqlBatch SADIB 1.000 Class for execution plan
Symlink-DSL SHLOMIF 0.0.1 a domain-specific language for setting up symbolic links.
Telugu-AsciiMap RAJ 0.06 Map Telugu chars to ascii chars to save space
Test-RandomResult PERLANCAR 0.001 Test that results of a running code look random
Time-FFI DBOOK 0.001 libffi interface to POSIX date and time functions
Time-Moment-Role-Strptime DBOOK 0.001 strptime constructor for Time::Moment
UTF8-R2 INA 0.01 makes UTF-8 scripting easy for enterprise use or LTS
Vote-Count BRAINBUZ 0.008 toolkit for implementing voting methods.
VoteCount BRAINBUZ 0.001 toolkit for implementing voting methods.
Web-NewsAPI JMAC 0.001 Fetch and search news headlines and sources from News API
WebService-DetectLanguage NEILB 0.01 interface to the language detection API at
WorkerManager-Gearman HATENA 0.1000 Gearman backend for WorkerManager
XS-Framework SYBER v1.0.0 Framework for building C++ XS modules with shared code, typemaps and C++ perl API.
XT-Files SKIRMESS 0.001 standard interface for author tests to find files to check
Yandex-Audience MCORVAX 0.01 a simple API for Yandex.Audience
sendmail-pmilter GWHAYWOOD 1.20_01 Perl binding of Sendmail Milter protocol

List of new CPAN distributions – Jun 2019

dist author version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-DataStructureWalker PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules that traverse your data structure
Acme-CPANModules-PortedFrom-Java PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules/applications that are ported from (or inspired by) Java
Alien-Z3 SIMCOP 0.001 Perl distribution for Z3 Solver
Alien-chromaprint PLICEASE 0.02 Alien for chromaprint
App-AlgorithmBackoffUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to Algorithm::Backoff
App-BambooCli IVANWILLS v0.0.1 The brains behind the bamboo command
App-HomeBank2Ledger CCM 0.002 A tool to convert HomeBank files to Ledger format
App-TimeTracker-Command-Git DOMM 3.000 App::TimeTracker Git plugin
App-TimeTracker-Command-RT DOMM 3.000 App::TimeTracker RT plugin
App-TimeTracker-Command-TellRemote DOMM 3.000 App::TimeTracker plugin for telling generic remotes
App-cpanm-namespace PERLANCAR 0.001 Install all modules from certain namespace from CPAN
Astro-Montenbruck KRUSHI 0.01 Lightweight Ephemeris
Audio-Chromaprint XSAWYERX 0.001 Interface to the Chromaprint library
Bencher-Scenario-FileWhichCached PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark File::Which::Cached
Bio-Palantir LMEUNIER 0.191620 core classes and utilities for Bio::Palantir CONTRIBUTOR: Denis
CSVJF PERLANCAR 0.1.0 CSVJF (CSV with JSON Fields) file format specification
Calendar-Dates-Perl PERLANCAR 0.001 Dates/anniversaries related to Perl
Calendar-DatesRoles-DataPreparer-CalendarVar-FromDATA-Simple PERLANCAR 0.003 Populate $CALENDAR from data in __DATA__
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-Spellunker KARUPA 0.01 Code::TydyAll plugin for Spellunker
Complete-Pod PERLANCAR 0.001 Complete with installed Perl .pod names
Crypt-OpenSSL-PKCS-Func ABBYPAN 0.31 PKCS functions, using the OpenSSL libraries
Data-Context-Loader-DB IVANWILLS v0.0.1 Loads a config from a table in a database
Devel-KYTProf-Profiler-AWS-CLIWrapper PAPIX 0.01 KYTProf prolifer for AWS::CLIWrapper
Device-AVR-UPDI PEVANS 0.01 interact with an AVR microcontroller over UPDI
Endoscope BTYLER 0.001 Dig into the guts of a live Perl program
Game-LevelMap JMATES 0.01 level map representation
Game-PlatformsOfPeril JMATES 0.01 the platforms of peril
HubSpot-Client IGIBBS 0.1 An object that can be used to manipulate the HubSpot API
IO-Uncompress-Untar CDRAKE 1.0 Pure-perl extension to read tar (and tgz and .tar.bz2 etc) files/buffers
JIRA-REST-OAuth SCHOBES 1.00 Sub Class JIRA::REST providing OAuth 1.0 support.
Linux-Capabilities AINFERNO 0.01 a class to manage capabilies in linux written in C.
Log-ger-Level-Like-Mojo PERLANCAR 0.001 Define logging levels like Mojo::Log
Method-Delegation OVID 0.02 Easily delegate methods to another object
Mojo-AsyncList JHTHORSEN 0.01 Process a list with callbacks
Mojolicious-Plugin-TrustedProxy KAGE 0.03 Mojolicious plugin to set the remote address, connection scheme, and more from trusted upstream proxies
Mozilla-IntermediateCerts RNEWSHAM v0.0001 Downloads and parses Mozilla intermediate certificates
Net-Async-OpenTracing TEAM 0.001 wire protocol support for the API
OpenTracing TEAM 0.001 supporting for application process monitoring as defined by
PDF-Cairo JGREELY 1.02 simple API for creating PDF files using the Cairo library
Perinci-CmdLineX-CommonOptions-SelfUpgrade PERLANCAR 0.001 Add –self-upgrade (-U) common option to upgrade program to the latest version on CPAN
Plack-App-GraphQL JJNAPIORK 0.001 Serve GraphQL from Plack / PSGI
RPi-EEPROM-AT24C32 STEVEB 0.01 Read and write to the AT24C32 based EEPROM ICs
RPi-OLED-SSD1306-128_64 STEVEB 2.3601 Interface to the SSD1306-esque 128×64 OLED displays
RPi-SysInfo STEVEB 0.01 Retrieve hardware system information from a Raspberry Pi
Retry-Backoff PERLANCAR 0.001 Retry a piece of code, with backoff strategies
Role-Random-PerInstance OVID 0.01 A role for dealing with random values, per instance
SMS-Send-CZ-Axima RADIUSCZ 1.000 SMS::Send driver for Axima – Czech Republic
Search-ESsearcher VVELOX v0.0.0 A utility for using templates for searching elasticsearch.
Search-QS EBRUNI 0.01 A converter between query string URI and search query
Sub-Meta KFLY 0.01 handle subroutine meta information
Test-Pod-LinkCheck-Lite WYANT 0.000_900 Test non-URL POD links
Test2-Aggregate DKECHAG 0.01 Aggregate tests
Try-Harder SSCAFFIDI 0.001 Try hard to get the functionality of Syntax::Keyword::Try
URI-Pure KNI 0.09 with Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) and Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRI) support.
VoIPms JOHNMERTZ 0.01 API wrapper for
WWW-AzimuthAero PAVELSR 0.1 Parser for
Web-Solid-Test-Basic KJETILK 0.001 Basic Solid Tests
WebService-LogDNA RMZG 0.001 Implements the ingest API call for
WebService-WordsAPI NEILB 0.01 a draft Perl 5 interface to the WordsAPI service
YAML-Safe RURBAN 0.80 Safe Perl YAML Serialization using XS and libyaml
Z3-FFI SIMCOP 0.001 Low level FFI interfaces to the Z3 solver/prover
homebank2ledger CCM 0.001 A tool to convert HomeBank files to Ledger format
mojo-console CRLCU v0.0.1
perlsnippets PERLANCAR 0.003 A collection of Perl idioms or short pieces of Perl code