lcpan tips 006: lcpanm

About this series: a collection of short, daily blog posts about lcpan tips/recipes. Some posts will also end up in the upcoming App::lcpan::Manual::Cookbook POD to be included in the App-lcpan distribution.

About lcpan: an application to download and index a mini CPAN mirror on your local filesystem, so in effect you will have something like your own CPAN with a command-line tool (or perl API) to query and extract information from your mirror. I find it perfect for my own personal use when working offline.

lcpanm is a thin wrapper for cpanm and comes with the App-lcpan distribution (which means that when you install lcpan you automatically get lcpanm). It sets --mirror to your local CPAN mirror. Also, its tab completion uses the lcpan database to be able to complete CPAN module names.

Some examples:

% lcpanm -n File::Lock[tab]
Lock    Lock::    lockf    Lockfile

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