List of new CPAN distributions – Mar 2018

dist author version abstract
Acme-Keyakizaka46 OKAWARI 0.0.1 All about Japanse idol group "Keyakizaka46"
Acme-YAPC-Okinawa-Bus ANATOFUZ 0.01 It's Tweet shere
Alien-KentSrc KIWIROY 0.2 Fetch/build/stash Kent src from
Alien-Saxon ETJ 0.01 Distribute and make available as shared Saxon 9 JAR file
Alien-gdal SLAFFAN 1.00 Find or build gdal
AnyEvent-Connector TOSHIOITO 0.01 tcp_connect with transparent proxy handling
AnyEvent-SOCKS-Client ZLOBUS 0.01 AnyEvent-based SOCKS client!
AnyEvent-SparkBot AKALINUX 0.001 Cisco Spark WebSocket Client for the AnyEvent Loop
App-BloomUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to bloom filters
App-Egaz WANGQ 0.0.10 It's new $module
App-LocaleCodesUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to locale codes
App-Netsync DMTUCKER 3 network/database synchronization library
App-SpamcupNG ARFREITAS 0.001 module to export functions for spamcup program
App-diceware JOROL 0.01 A simple Diceware passphrase generator.
Bash-Completion-Plugins-Sqitch KWAKWA 0.01 bash completion for Sqitch
Bot-ChatBots-Trello POLETTIX 0.001 Trello adapter for Bot::ChatBots
Bundle-Locale-CLDR-Eurozone JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( )
Bundle-Locale-CLDR-Subsaharanafrica JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( )
Bundle-Locale-CLDR-Unitednations JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( )
Business-Inventory-Valuation PERLANCAR 0.001 Calculate inventory value/unit price (using LIFO or FIFO)
CLI-ComputerFiles-Util TULAMILI 0.101 dirhier and madeafter. To supplement Unix/Linux commands for handling Files.
Caller-Easy WORTHMINE 0.01 less stress to remind returned list from CORE::caller()
DBIx-Class-InflateColumn-DT NOHUHU v0.1.0 DBIx::Class column inflator into DT objects
Data-BLNS DCONWAY 20182514.062550 A Perl interface to the Big List of Naughty Strings
Data-DFA PRBRENAN 20180322 Deterministic finite state parser from regular expression.
Data-Dump-Sexp MGV 0.001 convert arbitrary scalars to s-expressions
Data-NFA PRBRENAN 20180328 Non deterministic finite state machine from regular expression.
Data-ObjectStore CANID 1.1 Object store
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_toupper PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string to upper case
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_trim PERLANCAR 0.001 Trim whitespaces at the beginning and end of string
Dist-Inkt-Profile-KJETILK KJETILK 0.100 a Dist::Inkt profile for KJETILK
Dist-Inkt-Role-Git KJETILK 0.001 Git functions for Dist::Inkt
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-UseBuildPL VLYON 0.1 BYOB (Bring Your Own Build.PL)
Ethereum-RPC-Client BINARY 0.02 Ethereum JSON-RPC Client
Eval-Util PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to eval()
Finance-Currency-Convert-ECBdaily DETAILS 0.01 convert currencies using ECBdaily
Float-Util PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to floating point numbers
Genealogy-Relationship DAVECROSS v0.0.1 calculate the relationship between two people
Google-ContentAPI BGERRARD 1.00 Interact with Google's Content API for Shopping
H EXODIST 0.001 Method wrappers for hash construction.
HTML-Tidy5 PETDANCE 0.01 HTML validation in a Perl object
HTTP-Upload-FlowJs CORION 0.01 handle resumable multi-part HTTP uploads with flowjs
ICC-Profile BIRKETT 0.6 A set of object-oriented modules implementing ICC profiles and related color functions
Ithumb-XS BRDUCH v0.1.0
Jacode INA Perl program for Japanese character code conversion
Jacode4e INA program for enterprise
JavaScript-Duktape-XS GONZUS 0.000030 Perl XS binding for the Duktape Javascript embeddable engine
Lingua-EN-Opinion GENE 0.01 Measure the positive/negative sentiment of text
List-Util-MaybeXS HAARG 1.50 List::Util but with Pure Perl fallback
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Ccp JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Chakma )
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Nds JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Low German )
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Sd JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Sindhi )
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Tg JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Tajik )
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Tt JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Tatar )
Locale-CLDR-Locales-Wo JGNI v0.32.0 Locale::CLDR – Data Package ( Perl localization data for Wolof )
Log-ger-Level-Set PERLANCAR 0.001 Set log level
Log-ger-LogException PERLANCAR 0.001 Log warn()/die()
Markua-Parser SZABGAB 0.01 Parsing Markua files and for writing books, generating DOM
Memorator POLETTIX 0.001 Remind of events via Minion
Mojo-IOLoop-Stream-Role-LineBuffer DBOOK 0.001 Read and write streams by lines
Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoRefresh PREACTION 0.001 Automatically reload open browser windows when your application changes
Mojolicious-Plugin-AutoReload PREACTION 0.001 Automatically reload open browser windows when your application changes
Mojolicious-Plugin-Events CRLCU 0.01 A plugin for dispatching and handling sync/async events
Mojolicious-Plugin-Facets CAFEGRATZ 0.01 Multiple facets for your app.
Mojolicious-Plugin-GetSentry CRLCU 1.0 Sentry client for Mojolicious
Mojolicious-Plugin-RoutesConfig BEROV 0.03 Describe routes in configuration
Mojolicious-Plugin-Validate-Tiny CRLCU 0.17 Lightweight validator for Mojolicious
MooX-Role-JSON_LD DAVECROSS v0.0.1 Easily provide JSON-LD mark-up for your objects.
MooseX-RelClassTypes TOMGRACEY 0.01 specify a class name in an attribute isa relative to the current class
Net-Address-IP-Cipher HUGUEI 0.1 IPv6 / IPv4 address encryption to a valid address, for pseudo anonymization.
Net-Pface XMOLEX 1.01 Perl extension for simple API
POE-Component-ElasticSearch-Indexer BLHOTSKY 0.001 POE session to index data to ElasticSearch
Package-Prototype CODEHEX 0.01 Super easily to create prototype object
Perinci-CmdLine-cryp PERLANCAR 0.001 Perinci::CmdLine::Lite to read entities from config
Perl-Critic-Policy-Variables-ProhibitLoopOnHash XSAWYERX 0.001 Don't write loops on hashes, only on keys and values of hashes
Plack-Middleware-ServerTiming AKIYM 0.01 Performance metrics in Server-Timing header
RPi-StepperMotor STEVEB 2.3601 Control a typical stepper motor with the Raspberry Pi
RT-Authen-OAuth2 BPS 0.10 RT-Authen-OAuth2 Extension
RT-Extension-BecomeUser MBP 0.04 RT-Extension-BecomeUser Extension
RT-Extension-BooleanCustomField GIBUS 0.01 RT-Extension-BooleanCustomField Extension
Regex-Range-Number LNATION 0.01 Generate number matching regexes
Regexp-Common-json PERLANCAR 0.001 Regexp patterns to match JSON
Regexp-Pattern-JSON PERLANCAR 0.001 Regexp patterns to match JSON
Release-Checklist HMBRAND 0.02 A QA checklist for CPAN releases
Sah-Schemas-Country PERLANCAR 0.001 Various Sah schemas related to country codes/names
Sah-Schemas-Currency PERLANCAR 0.001 Various Sah currency schemas
Sah-Schemas-Language PERLANCAR 0.001 Various Sah language schemas
SkewHeap JEFFOBER 0.01 A fast heap structure for Perl
Slovo BEROV v2018.03.24 В началѣ бѣ Слово
String-Validator-Language BRAINBUZ 1.95 Languages for String::Validator
Struct-Match LNATION 0.01 Exact Match (SCALAR|HASH|ARRAY)'s.
Switch-Again LNATION 0.01 Switch`ing
Sys-Linux-Syscall-Execve SIMCOP 0.10 A raw execve() wrapper that preserves memory addresses
Table-Hack TULAMILI 0.003 The great new Table::Hack!
Task-BeLike-SHLOMIF SHLOMIF 0.0.1 Be like SHLOMIF / Shlomi Fish.
Template-Nest TOMGRACEY 0.01 manipulate a generic template structure via a perl hash
Test-DocClaims SCOTTLEE 0.001 Help assure documentation claims are tested
Test2-Tools-xUnit CVLIBRARY 0.001 Perl xUnit framework built on Test2::Workflow
Text-Sprintf-Length PERLANCAR 0.001 Calculate length of sprintf()-formatted string
Time-Moment-Role-TimeZone DBOOK 0.001 Adjust Time::Moment with time zone objects
WWW-FCM-HTTP XAICRON 0.01 HTTP Client for Firebase Cloud Messaging
Webservice-GAMSTOP BINARY 0.001 GAMSTOP API Client Implementation
WordLists-Char-Latin1 PERLANCAR 0.001 Lists of Latin1 characters
WordLists-Password-10Million PERLANCAR 0.002 Lists of popular passwords (10_million_password_list)
WorldCat-API LOLOBOROS 0.001 turns baubles into trinkets
X11-XRandR DJERIUS 0.01 An interface to the X11 XRandR extension
XML-Saxon-XSLT3 ETJ 0.009 process XSLT 3.0 using Saxon 9.x.
YAML-Dump POLETTIX 1.81 Dump stuff, (simplified) YAML style
Zcash-RPC-Client CYCLENERD 1.00 Zcash JSON RPC Client
cli-crosstable TULAMILI 1.01 A simple script to produce crosstable (2-way contingency table) with various switch options.
cli-latextable TULAMILI 0.112
cli-numbers-random TULAMILI 0.01 CLIs for generating random numbers.
cli-numbers-util TULAMILI 0.31 Handling number stream input
cli-rows-util TULAMILI 0.31 Utiliites handling text stream segmented by "new line" characters.
cli-rows-venn TULAMILI 0.001 showing the cardinal concerning superposition of 2,3 or 4 sets.
cli-tsv-keyvalue TULAMILI 0.31 The great new cli::tsv::keyvalue!
cli-tsv-latextable TULAMILI 0.1
cli-tsv-util TULAMILI 0.51 The great new cli::tsv::util!

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