List of new CPAN distributions – May 2018

dist author version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-BloomFilters PERLANCAR 0.001 Bloom filter modules on CPAN
Acme-CPANRatings PERLANCAR 0.001 A dummy module just so we can rate CPAN Ratings (the site itself)
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-Versioning PERLANCAR 0.001 Test versioning
Acme-UNIVERSAL-can-t TOBYINK 0.001 the opposite of UNIVERSAL::can
Action-CircuitBreaker HANGY 0.1 Module to try to perform an action, with an option to suspend execution after a number of failures.
Alien-TidyHTML5 RRWO v0.1.0 Download and install HTML Tidy
Alien-libdeflate KIWIROY 0.01 Fetch/build/stash the libdeflate headers and libs for libdeflate
Apache2-Camelcadedb MBARBON 0.01 mod_perl2 integration for Devel::Camelcadedb
App-Environ-Que KAKTUS 0.1 Perl library to enqueue tasks in Ruby Que
App-GnuplotUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to plotting data using gnuplot
App-Prove-Plugin-TermTable PLICEASE 0.02 Set the size of the console for Term::Table
App-Sandy TMILLER 0.17 A straightforward and complete next-generation sequencing read simulator
App-fiatx PERLANCAR 0.001 Convert two currencies using current rate
App-ypath BDFOY 0.012 Extract information from YAML
Authen-Passphrase-Argon2 LNATION 0.01 Store and check password using Argon2
Backup-Hanoi BORISD 0.001 select backup according to algo
Bencher-Scenarios-ProgressAny PERLANCAR 0.001 Scenarios to benchmark Progress::Any
Binance-API TASKULA 1.00 Perl implementation for Binance API
Bing-ContentAPI BGERRARD 1.00 Perl interface to the Bing Ads Content API
Business-OnlinePayment-Mock OAXLIN 0.001 A backend for mocking fake results in the Business::OnlinePayment environment
CLI-Files-Utils TULAMILI 0.103 File bunch utilies 'dirhier' and 'madeafter' to supplement the functionality of the "ls" and "find" commands.
CLI-LatexTable TULAMILI 0.116 Copy-paste almost any kind of table such as Excel
CLI-latextable TULAMILI 0.114 The great new CLI::latextable!
CXC-Optics-Prescription-LVS DJERIUS 0.01 a really awesome library
Cache-Method-Cache-FastMmap RRWO v0.1.0 Cache method results using Cache::FastMmap
Catmandu-HTML HOCHSTEN 0.01 Modules for handling HTML data within the Catmandu framework
Class-Method-Cache-FastMmap RRWO v0.1.1 Cache method results using Cache::FastMmap
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-Flake8 SHLOMIF 0.0.1 run flake8 using Code::TidyAll
DBIx-Class-Helper-ResultSet-WindowFunctions RRWO v0.1.0 Add support for window functions to DBIx::Class
DBIx-Class-Relationship-Abbreviate ALBATROSS 0.001 allows you to abbreviate result class names in your relationships
Data-MuFormX-Registry JJNAPIORK 0.001 Manage a hierachry of Data::MuForm classes
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to code
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_cryptocurrency_safename PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string containing cryptocurrency code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_cryptoexchange_safename PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string containing cryptoexchange code/name/safename to safename
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-App-cryp PERLANCAR 0.001 Coercion rules for the 'cryp' app family
Date-Indiction RPAVLOV 0.01 Compute a year's indiction as used in old Russian chronicles
Date-Vruceleto RPAVLOV 0.01 Compute year's vruceleto and solar cycle as used in old Russian calendar
Digest-HighwayHash MGV 0.000_001 fast strong hash function
Docker-Registry JLMARTIN 0.02 A client for talking to Docker Registries
Dot RSLOVERS v1.0.0 The beginning of a Perl universe
Email-Stuffer-TestLinks BINARY 0.01 validates links in HTML emails sent by Email::Stuffer>send_or_die()
Eval-Reversible GSG 0.90 Evals with undo stacks
File-ByLine JMASLAK 1.000 Line-by-line file access loops
Finance-Currency-FiatX PERLANCAR 0.001 Convert fiat currency using current rate
Float-Truncate MCCHEUNG 0.01 Ttruncate Float decimal length by special length
Games-Axmud ASLEWIS v1.1.0 Axmud, a modern Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) client written in Perl5 / GTK2
HTML5-DOM ZHUMARIN 1.00 Super fast html5 DOM library with css selectors (based on Modest/MyHTML)
IO-K8s JLMARTIN 0.01 Objects representing things found in the Kubernetes API
ISO-639_1 LDIDRY 0.01 ISO 639-1 Language informations
Image-Find-Loops PRBRENAN 20180502 Find loops in an image.
JTM-Boilerplate JMASLAK 1.020 Default Boilerplate for Joelle Maslak's Code
JavaScript-V8-CommonJS CAFEGRATZ 0.01 Modules/1.0 for JavaScript::V8
Koha-Contrib-ARK FREDERICD 1.0.0 ARK Management
Kubectl-CLIWrapper JLMARTIN 0.01 Module to use the Kubernetes API via the kubectl CLI
Lingua-RU-Declension MALLEN 0.001 Decline Russian pronouns, adjectives and nouns
Log-Log4perl-Layout-ColoredPatternLayout TOMGRACEY 0.01 multicolor log messages
Log-Log4perl-Shortcuts STEVIED 0.006 shortcut functions to make log4perl even easier
Log-ger-Level-Like-Syslog PERLANCAR 0.001 Define logging levels like those described in RFC 3164 (syslog protocol)
Math-Business-BlackscholesMerton BINARY 1.23 Algorithm of Math::Business::BlackScholesMerton for binary and non-binary options
Model-Envoy HOWARS 0.1 A Moose Role that can be used to build a model layer that keeps business logic separate from your storage layer.
Mojo-SAML JBERGER 0.01 A SAML2 toolkit using the Mojo toolkit
Mojolicious-Plugin-Cron DMANTO 0.014 a Cron-like helper for Mojolicious and Mojolicious::Lite projects
Mojolicious-Plugin-GistGithubProxy RENEEB 0.01 Mojolicious::Plugin::GistGithubProxy – a small proxy that can be useful when you embed gists in your website
Mojolicious-Plugin-GoogleFontProxy RENEEB 0.01 a small proxy that can be useful when you embed gists in your website
Mojolicious-Plugin-NoIndex RENEEB 0.01 add meta tag to HTML output to define a policy for robots
Mojolicious-Plugin-NoReferrer RENEEB 0.01 add meta tag to HTML output to define a referrer policy
Mojolicious-Plugin-PromiseActions MRAMBERG 0.01 Automatic async and error handling for Promises
Mojolicious-Plugin-SecurityHeader RENEEB 0.01 Mojolicious Plugin
MooX-AttributeFilter VRURG 0.001000 Implements 'filter' option for Moo-class attributes
MooseX-AttributeFilter KITTEN 0.01 MooX::AttributeFilter with cute antlers OwO
MooseX-Storage-MaybeDeferred UFOBAT v0.0.1 A role for the less indecesive programmers
MouseX-Types-Enum IKENOX 1.00 Object-oriented, Java-like enum type declaration based on Mouse
PMLTQ-Command-printtrees MATY 0.0.1 generate svg trees for given treebank
Parse-SSA DISI 1.0 SSA/ASS Parser
Path-Class-Tiny BAREFOOT 0.01 a Path::Tiny wrapper for Path::Class compatibility
Perinci-CmdLine-sero PERLANCAR 0.001 Perinci::CmdLine::Lite subclass for App::sero
Plack-Middleware-Auth-FCGI GUIMARD 0.01 authentication middleware that query remote FastCGI server
Plack-Middleware-Camelcadedb MBARBON 0.02 interactive debugging for Plack applications
Qgoda GUIDO v0.9.2 The Qgoda Static Site Generator
RPi-RTC-DS3231 STEVEB 0.01 Interface to the DS3231 Real-Time Clock IC over I2C
Sah-Schemas-App-cryp PERLANCAR 0.001 Various Sah schemas for the 'cryp' app family
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-mojito DRAGOSV 0.9 Serge Mojito translation server ( synchronization plugin
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-zanata DRAGOSV 0.9 Serge Zanata translation server ( synchronization plugin
Software-LicenseMoreUtils DDUMONT 0.001 More utilities and a summary for Software::License
Stor JASEI 0.10.2 Save/retrieve a file to/from primary storage
TaskPipe TOMGRACEY 0.01 A task management framework for building web scrapers and crawlers
Template-Plugin-Path-Tiny RRWO v0.1.0 use Path::Tiny objects from within templates
Test-Conditions MMCCLENN 0.8 test multiple conditions across a large data structure or list in a simple and compact way
Test-Spec-Acceptance MEIS 0.01 Aliases for acceptance-like testing using Test::Spec
Test2-Tools-JSON-Pointer PLICEASE 0.01 Compare parts of JSON string to data structure using JSON pointers VERSION
Test2-Tools-SkipUntil DFARRELL 0.01 skip tests until a date is reached
Text-PerlPP CXW v0.3.1 Perl preprocessor: process Perl code within any text file
Types-Bool FERREIRA 0.1.0 Booleans as objects for Perl
Unix-OpenBSD-Random JMATES 0.01 interface to arc4random(3) on OpenBSD
WebService-AcousticBrainz GENE 0.01 Access to the AcousticBrainz API
WebService-Pokemon KIANMENG 0.03 A module to access the Pokémon data through RESTful API from
WebService-RESTCountries KIANMENG 0.01 A Perl module to interface with the REST Countries ( webservice.
WebService-Swapi KIANMENG 0.1.6 A Perl module to interface with the Star Wars API ( webservice.
Webservice-Pokemon KIANMENG 0.001 A module to access the Pokémon data through RESTful API from
binance-perl-api TASKULA 1.00 Perl implementation for Binance API
cppAdaptive MFJONKER 0.01 cppAdaptive2 XS
cppAdaptive2 MFJONKER 0.01 cppAdaptive2 XS
ssa DISI 0

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