List of new CPAN distributions – Jun 2018

dist author version abstract
AWS-XRay FUJIWARA 0.01 AWS X-Ray tracing library
Acme-CPANModules-Import-CPANRatings-User-perlancar PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules mentioned by CPANRatings user perlancar
Acme-CPANModules-Import-CPANRatings-User-stevenharyanto PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules mentioned by CPANRatings user stevenharyanto
Alt-Devel-CallParser-ButWorking TOBYINK 0.002 Devel::CallParser patched to fix RT#110623
Apache2_4-AuthCookieMultiDBI DETAILS 0.01 An AuthCookie module backed by a DBI database for apache 2.4.
App-ConMenu MMUELLER 1.00 Very simple Menu For Console commands Platform Agnostic
App-Cpanx JACOBG 0.01 A CPAN downloader script
App-CreateAcmeCPANModulesImportCPANRatingsModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Create Acme::CPANModules::Import::CPANRatings::User::* modules
App-ExifUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to EXIF
App-Greple-msdoc UTASHIRO 0.01 Greple module for access MS office documents
App-JC-Client BYTERAZOR 0.001 command line client for JIRA
App-ListPerlReleases PERLANCAR 0.001 List Perl releases
App-MarkFiles BRENNEN v0.0.1 some utility functions for marking and operating on files
App-Prove-Plugin-Elasticsearch TEODESIAN 0.001 Prove Plugin to upload test results to elastic search as they are executed
App-ReportPrereqs SKIRMESS 0.001 Report prerequisite versions
App-Unding BORISD 0.001 dark magic encrypted wallet
App-boxmuller TULAMILI 0.23 Provides the command which produces Gaussian distributed random numbers, as well as log-normal distributed numbers.
App-buffer TULAMILI 0.01 Reads the whole input and then writes into STDOUT. Useful to copy/paste operation.
App-cryp-arbit PERLANCAR 0.001 Cryptocurrency arbitrage utility
App-linenum PERLANCAR 0.001 Add line number to lines
App-np05bctl TTKCIAR 1.03 Command line utility for controlling NP-05B networked power switch
App-optex-msdoc UTASHIRO 0.01 module to replace MS document by its text contents
App-readbuffer TULAMILI 0.02 Reads the whole input and then writes into STDOUT. Useful to copy/paste operation.
App-saikoro TULAMILI 0.22 A random number (matrix) generator of uniform distributions. Saikoro is a Japanese dice.
App-showreverse KLPTWO 0.0.2 given an ip block in cidr notation, show all reverse IP lookups
App_JC BYTERAZOR 0.001 command line client for JIRA
App_JC_Client BYTERAZOR 0.001 command line client for JIRA
App_JIRA_Client BYTERAZOR 0.001 command line client for JIRA
Bencher-Scenarios-MemoryCacheModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Scenarios to benchmark memory cache modules
Bot-BasicBot-Pluggable-Module-DateTimeCalc GENE 0.01 Calculate date-time operations
CLI-Coin-Toss TULAMILI 0.32 Several random number generators by CLI (Command Line Interface) are provided.
CLI-Contingency-Table TULAMILI 0.51 Command line programs for making a contingency tables in 1-way, 2-way.
CLI-KeyValue-Hack TULAMILI 0.07 Provides CLI commands for key-value text data files in TSV.
CLI-LaTeX-Table TULAMILI 0.51 The great new CLI::LaTeX::Table!
CLI-Numbers-Hack TULAMILI 0.21 commands for handling a bunch of numbers for `finding denominator', `N-th min/max', `cumulative sum' and so on.
CLI-Table-Key-Finder TULAMILI 0.31 These CLIs help you to find key column(s) of a table, as fast as possible, hopefully.
CLI-Table-Util TULAMILI 0.05 If you are given table text file, what would you do? This provides CLI commands "colsummary", "colsplit", "colchop" and so on.
CLI-TextLines-Hack TULAMILI 0.06 The great new CLI::TextLines::Hack!
CLI-TextLines-Utils TULAMILI 0.08 The great new CLI::TextLines::Utils!
CPAN-Cpanorg-Auxiliary JKEENAN 0.01 Methods used in infrastructure
CPP-Boost-Mini MRAQ v1.67.0 C++ Boost library (no perl interface).
Catmandu-FileStore HOCHSTEN 1.10 Namespace for packages that can make files persistent
Class-XSConstructor TOBYINK 0.001 a super-fast (but limited) constructor in XS
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-TSLint SHLOMIF 0.001 Use tslint with tidyall
Commandable PEVANS 0.01 utilities for commandline-based programs
Const-Dual BAMBR 0.01 numeric constants that know their names
DBD-MariaDB PALI 0.90_01 MariaDB and MySQL driver for the Perl5 Database Interface (DBI)
DBIx-TextTableAny PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate text table from SQL query result using Text::Table::Any
Dancer2-Plugin-FontSubset YANICK 0.0.1 Generate font subsets on-the-fly
Dancer2-Plugin-Showterm YANICK 0.0.1 Replay terminal typescript captures
Dancer2-Session-DatabasePlugin AKALINUX 1.0001 Dancer2 Session implementation for databases
Dancer2-Template-Mustache YANICK 0.0.1 Wrapper for the Mustache template system
Data-Edit-Conversion PRBRENAN 20180610 Perform a restartable series of steps in parallel
Data-Format ROZCOVO 0.2 Perl module to format data
Data-Format-Validate ROZCOVO 0.1 Perl module to validate data
Data-MuForm-Model-DBIC GSHANK 0.01 MuForm class with DBIC model already applied
Data-Random-NL WATERKIP 1.0 Tools for generating random Dutch numbers
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_cryptoexchange_currency_pair PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string into cryptoexchange currency pair, e.g. LTC/USD
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_currency_pair PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string into currency pair, e.g. USD/IDR
Data-Sah-Coerce-perl-str-str_to_fiat_or_cryptocurrency_code PERLANCAR 0.001 Coerce string containing fiat/cryptocurrency code/name/safename to uppercase code
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-Num-str_num_en PERLANCAR 0.001 Use Parse::Number::EN to parse number
Data-Sah-CoerceBundle-Num-str_num_id PERLANCAR 0.001 Use Parse::Number::ID to parse number
Data-Validate-DNS-SSHFP MSCHOUT 0.01 Validate DNS SSH Fingerprint (SSHFP) Record Values
Data-Validate-DNS-TLSA MSCHOUT 0.01 Validate DNS Transport Layer Security Association (TLSA) Record Values
DateTime-Format-ISO8601-Format PERLANCAR 0.001 Format DateTime as ISO8601 date/time string
Devel-KYTProf-Logger-XRay FUJIWARA 0.01 Logger for AWS::XRay
Device-GBA ATHREEF 0.001 Perl Interface to the Gameboy Advance
Device-Power-Synaccess-NP05B TTKCIAR 1.02 Manage and monitor the Synaccess NP-05B networked power strip
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ContributorCovenant KYZN 0.01 Add Contributor Covenant as Code of Conduct
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-XSVersion JEFFOBER 0.01 a thing
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-JMASLAK JMASLAK 0.001 JMASLAK's Plugin Bundle
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-MINTLAB WATERKIP 0.01 An plugin bundle for all distributions by MINTLAB
Dist-Zilla-Role-CheckPackageDeclared PERLANCAR 0.001 Role to check if a package is provided by your distribution
Dita-Project PRBRENAN 20180530 Dita conversion utilities.
Elasticsearch-Model AMIRI 0.0.1 Does one thing only: helps to deploy a Moose model and accompanying document classes to Elasticsearch.
Electronics-SigGen-FY3200 PEVANS 0 control a FeelTech FY32xx signal generator
Email-SendGrid-V3 GSG 0.90 Class for building a message to be sent through the SendGrid v3 Web API
EventStore-Tiny MEMOWE 0.2 A minimal event sourcing framework.
FFI-TinyCC-Inline PLICEASE 0.27_01 Embed Tiny C code in your Perl program
File-Update SHLOMIF 0.0.1 update/modify/mutate a file only on change in contents.
Finance-AMEX-Transaction THINC 0.001 Parse AMEX transaction files: EPRAW, EPPRC, EPTRN, CBNOT, GRRCN
Finance-Currency-Convert-BCA PERLANCAR 0.152 Convert currency using BCA (Bank Central Asia)
Format ROZCOVO 0.2
HiD-BibtexPage BYTERAZOR 0.001 HiD Bibtex publication list page generator
HiD-Generator-GitRepositories BYTERAZOR 0.1 HiD GitRepository listing generator
Log-ger-UseDataDumper PERLANCAR 0.001 Use Data::Dumper (with nicer defaults) to dump data structures
Log-ger-UseJSON PERLANCAR 0.001 Use JSON::MaybeXS to dump data structures (as JSON)
Module-Extract-DeclaredVersion BDFOY 1.021 Extract the version of Perl a module declares
MojoX-ConfigAppStart GRYPHON 1.01 Start a Mojolicious application with Config::App
Mojolicious-Command-generate-DBIxCustomModel WFSO v1.0.1 generate DBIx::Custom model directory structure
Mojolicious-Plugin-Prometheus-Shared-FastMmap TYLDUM 0.1_01 Mojolicious Plugin
MooX-XSConstructor TOBYINK 0.001 glue between Moo and Class::XSConstructor
Net-Mattermost-Bot MIKEJONES 0.01 A base class for Mattermost bots.
Net-RDAP GBROWN 0.1 an interface to the Registration Data Access Protocol (RDAP).
Net-TL1UDP PCARTER 1.02 Transaction Language 1 (TL-1) UDP Interface
OpenGL-Sandbox NERDVANA 0.01_1 Easy access to a variety of OpenGL prototyping tools
OpenGL-Sandbox-V1 NERDVANA 0.01_1 Portions of OpenGL::Sandbox which depend on OpenGL 1.x API
OpenGL-Sandbox-V1-FTGLFont NERDVANA 0.01_1 Wrapper around FTGL Font library which renders TrueType in OpenGL 1.x
OpenOffice-OODoc-HeadingStyles VANHOESEL 0.01 utilities for manipulating OpenOffice::OODoc objects
OpenOffice-OODoc-InsertDocument VANHOESEL 0.01 insert, merge or append OpenOffice::OODoc objects
PAUSE-Permissions-MetaCPAN SKAJI 0.001 get module permissions from MetaCPAN API
PMVersions-Util PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to pmversions.ini
Parse-Date-Month-ID PERLANCAR 0.001 Parse month name from Indonesian text
Password-Policy-Rule-Pwned HOUSTON 0.00 Compare text to known pwned passwords list
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-App-cryp PERLANCAR 0.001 Completion routines for the 'cryp' app family
Perl-Critic-Policy-Variables-RequireHungarianNotation MZIESCHA v0.0.1 prohibit hungarian notation
Perl-Critic-TooMuchCode GUGOD 0.01 perlcritic add-ons that generally check for un-needed stuffs.
Plack-Middleware-LogStderr-StderrToLogger AMALEK 0.001 Everything printed to STDERR sent to psgix.logger or other logger
Plack-Middleware-XRay FUJIWARA 0.01 Plack middleware for AWS X-Ray tracing
Python-Version SLOYD 0.0000_01 Python PEP440 compatible version string parser in Perl
Python-Versions SLOYD 0.0000_01 Python PEP440 compatible version string parser in Perl
RPi-GPIOExpander-MCP23017 STEVEB 0.01 Interface to the MCP23017 GPIO Expander Integrated Circuit over I2C
SMS-Send-CZ-Bulkgate RADIUSCZ 1.000 SMS::Send driver for Bulkgate – Czech Republic
Search-Natural ROZCOVO 0.1
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-phraseapp DRAGOSV 0.900.0 Serge PhraseApp translation server ( synchronization plugin
Task-FreecellSolver-Testing-MultiConfig SHLOMIF 0.0.1 install the CPAN dependencies of the Freecell Solver multi-config test suite.
Template-Plugin-Filter-IDN MSCHOUT 0.01 Template Toolkit plugin for encoding and decoding International Domain Names.
Test-RequiredMinimumDependencyVersion SKIRMESS 0.001 Require a minimum version for your dependencies
Test-Spelling-Comment SKIRMESS 0.001 TODO
Test2-Tools-HTTP PLICEASE 0.07 Test HTTP / PSGI
Test2-Tools-HTTP-UA-Mojo PLICEASE 0.02 Mojo user agent wrapper for Test2::Tools::HTTP
TestML1 INGY 0.55 A Generic Software Testing Meta Language
Text-Editor-Perl PRBRENAN 20180616 Perl source code head-less editor written in Perl.
Text-NGrammer NIDS 0.01 Pure Perl extraction of n-grams and skip-grams
Text-Shingle NIDS 0.01 Pure Perl implementation of shingles for pieces of text
Text-Table-LTSV PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate LTSV
Text-Table-TSV PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate TSV
Tie-Reduce TOBYINK 0.001 a scalar that reduces its old and new values to a single value
WWW-YNAB DOY 0.01 Wrapper for the YNAB API
WebService-HIBP DDICK 0.01 An interface to the Have I Been Pwned webservice at
device-power-synaccess-np05b TTKCIAR 1.00 Manage and monitor the Synaccess NP-05B networked power strip
voiceIt-voiceIt2 HASSANIS 0

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