List of new CPAN distributions – Jul 2018

dist author version abstract
AI-MXNet-Gluon-Contrib SKOLYCHEV 1.3 Perl interface to MXNet Gluon Contrib
AI-MXNet-Gluon-ModelZoo SKOLYCHEV 1.3 Perl interface to MXNet Gluon ModelZoo
Acme-CPANModules-CLI-Sort PERLANCAR 0.001 Various CLIs to perform sorting
Acme-JTM-Experiment JMASLAK 1.182080 Testing Perl Constructs on CPAN Testers
Alien-Build-Plugin-Cleanse-BuildDir SLAFFAN 0.01 Alien::Build plugin to cleanse the build dir
Alien-caca YANICK 0.0.1 Alien package for the Colored ASCII Art library
Alt-Alien-cmake3-System PLICEASE 0.0401 Simplified alternative to Alien::cmake3 that uses system cmake
App-SlowQuitApps DCONWAY 0.000002 Simplify configuration of SlowQuitApps app on MacOS
App-ansifold UTASHIRO 0.01 fold command handling ANSI terminal sequences
App-cointoss TULAMILI 0.12 The command "cointoss" for a Bernoulli and a binomial distribution as well is provided.
App-colorplus TULAMILI 0.31 The great new App::colorplus!
App-csv2tsv TULAMILI 0.51 A command line utility "csv2tsv" for easy and fairly properly transforming from CSV to TSV.
App-freqtable PERLANCAR 0.001 Print frequency table of lines/words/characters/bytes/numbers
App-githook_perltidy MLAWREN v0.11.9 run perltidy and podtidy before Git commits
App-horsekicks TULAMILI 0.13 The great new App::horsekicks!
App-keycommon TULAMILI 0.0010 You can combine multiple TSV (also machine-readable CSV) files which share a common key column.
App-lensort PERLANCAR 0.001 Sort lines of text by their length
App-matrixpack TULAMILI 0.0012 The great new App::matrixpack!
App-randskip TULAMILI 0.0003 Samples lines randomly with an efficient internal mechanism – a random number is generated per a output line not per an input line – both with replacement and without replacement.
App-shufflerow TULAMILI 0.32 A command utility of shuffling the lines (even the paragraphs) with many useful functions together.
App-summ PERLANCAR 0.001 Print summary statistics of a series of numbers
App-t1generate TULAMILI 0.23 The generator of random numbers obeying the Cauchy distribution (t distribution with df = 1).
App-t2generate TULAMILI 0.23 The generator of random numbers obeying the Cauchy distribution (t distribution with df = 2).
App-unichar BDFOY 0.012 get info about a character
Astro-Coord-ECI-TLE-Iridium WYANT 0.099_01 Class to compute Iridium Classic flares
Bencher-Scenarios-DateTimeFormatDurationISO8601 PERLANCAR 0.001 Scenarios to benchmark DateTime::Format::Duration::ISO8601
Bencher-Scenarios-DateTimeFormatISO8601 PERLANCAR 0.001 Scenarios to benchmark DateTime::Format::ISO8601
Bencher-Scenarios-DateTimeFormatISO8601Format PERLANCAR 0.001 Scenarios to benchmark DateTime::Format::ISO8601::Format
BioSAILs-Command JILLROWE 1.0 Command line wrapper for the BioX-Workflow-Command and HPC-Runner-Command libraries.
CellBIS-Random YUSRIDEB 0.1 Tool for Randomize characters in strings.
CellBIS-SQL-Abstract YUSRIDEB 0.1 SQL Abstract
Config-HAProxy SGRAY 1.00 Parser for HAProxy configuration file
DBIx-CSV PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate CSV from SQL query result
DBIx-Class-Helper-Row-Enumeration RRWO v0.1.0 Add methods for emum values
DBIx-Conn-MySQL PERLANCAR 0.001 Shortcut to connect to MySQL database
DBIx-Conn-Pg PERLANCAR 0.001 Shortcut to connect to PostgreSQL database
DBIx-Conn-SQLite PERLANCAR 0.001 Shortcut to connect to SQLite database
DBIx-TSV PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate TSV from SQL query result
Devel-MAT-Dumper PEVANS 0.36 write a heap dump file for later analysis
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-TestML1Includer INGY 0.0.1 Ship your TestML1 version
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-ATOOMIC ATOOMIC 1.00 ATOOMIC's plugin bundle
EPFL-Net-SSLTest WILLBELL 1.00 Website SSL accessibility validator
EPFL-Net-ipv6Test WILLBELL 1.00 Website IPv6 accessibility validator API
Email-Extractor PAVELSR 0.01 Fast email crawler
File-AddInc HKOBA 0.001 FindBin(+ use lib) alike for *.pm modulino (instead of *.pl)
File-Find-CaseCollide SHLOMIF 0.0.1 find collisions in filenames, differing only in case
Finance-Currency-Convert-Mandiri PERLANCAR 0.001 Convert currency using Bank Mandiri
Git-LowLevel BYTERAZOR 0.1 LowLevel Blob/Tree/Commit operations on a GIT Repository
HO-class SKNPP 0.06 class builder for hierarchical objects
HiD-Generator-BibtexPage BYTERAZOR 0.2 HiD Bibtex publication list page generator
JavaScript-V8-XS GONZUS 0.000002 Perl XS binding for the V8 JavaScript engine
Model-Envoy-Storage-Redis HOWARS v0.1.0 A Model::Envoy plugin for peristing model information in a Redis store.
Mojolicious-Plugin-InputValidation FROGGS 0.01 Validate incoming requests
Mojolicious-Plugin-Loco WROG 0.001 launch local GUI via default web browser
Mojolicious-Plugin-Status SRI 0.01 Mojolicious server status
MooX-Enumeration TOBYINK 0.001 shortcuts for working with enum attributes in Moo
Net-EGTS RSHADOW 0.01 Perl Interface to EGTS protocol. GOST R 56360-2015.
Net-IP-Checker PAVELSR 0.01 IPv4/IPv6 addresses validator
Net-Statsd-Client-Telegraf PVIGIER 0.1 Send data to the statsd plugin of telegraf, with support for influxDB's tagging system
Net-Wireless-802_11-Scan-FreeBSD VVELOX v0.0.0 A interface to the wireless interface AP scanning built into ifconfig on FreeBSD
OmniDisco-Prometheus ADUITSIS 0.001 Class representing a Prometheus metric
POE-Filter-ThruPut BINGOS 1.00 a POE filter that passes data through unchanged whilst counting bytes sent and received
Perl-Critic-MergeProfile SKIRMESS 0.001 merge multiple Perl::Critic profiles into one
Perl-LanguageServer GRICHTER 0.01 Language Server for Perl
Plack-Middleware-LogStderr AMALEK 0.001 Everything printed to STDERR sent to psgix.logger or other logger
Prometheus-Tiny ROBN 0.001 A tiny Prometheus client
Prometheus-Tiny-Shared ROBN 0.001 A tiny Prometheus client backed by a shared memory region
QuickTermChart-QuickTermChart SHADKAM 0.01 QuickTermChart/
SemanticWeb-Schema RRWO v0.0.1 Moo classes for classes
Sport-Analytics-NHL ROMM 1.00 Interface to the National Hockey League data
Template-Plugin-URI DBOYS 0.01 A Template Plugin To Use URI Objects
Test-Deep-HashRec RJBS 0.001 test hash entries for required and optional fields
Tex-Hyphen-Pattern IPENBURG 0.100 class for providing a collection of TeX hyphenation
Text-ANSI-Fold UTASHIRO 0.01 Text folding with ANSI sequence and Asian wide characters.
Text-Locus SGRAY 1.00 text file locations
Text-Table-ASV PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate TSV
Time-Random LNATION 0.01 Generate a random time in time.
Transport-AU-PTV PUGLET 0.01 access Melbourne public transport data.
Types-HTML5 TOBYINK 0.001 types for parsing strings of HTML into DOMs
WebService-Hexonet-Connector HEXONET 1.01 Connector library for the insanely fast Hexonet Backend API.
WebService-KvKAPI WATERKIP 0.001 Query the Dutch Chamber of Commerence (KvK) API
WordPress-DBIC-Schema MELMOTHX 1.00 Database schema for WordPress
Yandex-Geo PAVELSR 0.01 Performs queries using Yandex Maps Company Search API
getemails PAVELSR 0.01 Fast email crawler
githook-perltidy MLAWREN v0.11.7_1 run perltidy and podtidy before Git commits
quick_term_chart SHADKAM 180718 a light perl script to quickly draw chart within the terminal input data can be piped to it
ygeo PAVELSR 0.01 command line utility based on Yandex::Geo that prints data to csv

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