List of new CPAN distributions – Jan 2019

dist author version abstract
AES128 JEFFZHANG 0.01 AES128 CTR mode encryption algorithms
Acme-AtIncPolice YTURTLE 0.01 The police that opponents to @INC contamination
Acme-CM-Get PERLANCAR 0.001 Shortcut to retrieve Acme::CPANModules list
Acme-CPANModules-API-Domain-Registrar PERLANCAR 0.001 API to domain registrars
Acme-CPANModules-AliasingModuleName PERLANCAR 0.001 Aliasing a (long) module name to another (shorter) name
Acme-CPANModules-ArrayClassBuilder PERLANCAR 0.001 Class builders for array-backed classes
Acme-CPANModules-Assert PERLANCAR 0.001 Assertion
Acme-CPANModules-CLIWithUndo PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities with undo feature
Acme-CPANModules-CheckingModuleInstalledLoadable PERLANCAR 0.001 Checking if a module is installed or loadable
Acme-CPANModules-CustomCPAN PERLANCAR 0.001 Creating your own CPAN-like repository
Acme-CPANModules-GettingTempDir PERLANCAR 0.001 Getting system-wide temporary directory in a portable way
Acme-CPANModules-HidingModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Simulate the unavailability of modules
Acme-CPANModules-LocalCPANIndex PERLANCAR 0.001 Creating an index against local CPAN mirror
Acme-CPANModules-LocalCPANMirror PERLANCAR 0.001 Creating a local CPAN mirror
Acme-CPANModules-MagicVariableTechnique PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules which employ magic variable technique to do stuffs
Acme-CPANModules-MooseStyleClassBuilder PERLANCAR 0.001 Moose-style (Perl 6-style) class builders
Acme-CPANModules-NonMooseStyleClassBuilder PERLANCAR 0.001 Non-Moose-style class builders
Acme-CPANModules-OneLetter PERLANCAR 0.001 One-letter CPAN modules
Acme-CPANModules-Org PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules related to Org format
Acme-CPANModules-PickingRandomLinesFromFile PERLANCAR 0.001 Picking random lines from a file
Acme-CPANModules-StructuredDATA PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules that give some structure to DATA
Acme-CPANModules-TextTable PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules that generate text tables
Acme-CPANModules-Unbless PERLANCAR 0.001 Unblessing a reference
Acme-CPANModules-UpsideDownTextWithUnicode PERLANCAR 0.001 Modules that can flip Latin text (make your text look upside down) using Unicode characters
Acme-CPANModules-WorkingWithTree PERLANCAR 0.001 Working with tree data structure in Perl
Acme-CPANModules-XSVersions PERLANCAR 0.001 XS versions of Perl modules
Acme-CPANModulesUtil-FeatureMatrix PERLANCAR 0.001 Draw features matrix of modules in an Acme::CPANModules::* list
Acme-PERLANCAR-DumpImportArgs PERLANCAR 0.001 Dump import arguments
Acme-PERLANCAR-Test-MetaCPAN-HTML PERLANCAR 0.001 Test HTML rendering on MetaCPAN
Alien-hiredis DBOOK 0.001 Alien wrapper for hiredis
App-BinPackUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Collection of CLI utilities related to packing items into bins
App-CPANCoverBadge RENEEB 0.01 Get badge for cpancover
App-Dothe YANICK 0.0.1 YAML-based task runner
App-GetoptLongExamples PERLANCAR 0.001 Collection of CLI examples related to Getopt::Long
App-ImageInfoUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Get information about image files
App-IncrementUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to increment/autoincrement
App-NumberUtilRangeUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLIs for Number::Util::Range
App-Perlambda MOZNION 0.01 A CLI tool for managing Lambda functions with Lambda Perl layer.
App-RenameUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Utilities related to renaming files
App-Spanel-TailWeblog PERLANCAR 0.001 Tail -f spanel HTTP and/or HTTPS access log
App-StringUtilRangeUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLIs for String::Util::Range
App-clipbored WOLDRICH v1.2.6 Daemon that continuously collects all selections in Xorg's clipboard buffers
App-html2text PERLANCAR 0.001 Render HTML as text using one of multiple backends
App-iperlmoddir PAVELSR 1.0 quick print info about modules in directory at CSV file
App-lcpan-Bootstrap PERLANCAR 20190107.0.0 Bootstrap database for lcpan
App-lsplusplus WOLDRICH 0.38 ls on steroids
App-pimpd WOLDRICH 0.312 Perl Interface for the Music Player Daemon 2
App-rel WOLDRICH 2.24 pretty-print flexget downloads
App-rgbterm WOLDRICH 0.022 show rgb values of defined terminal colors
App-tmclean SONGMU v0.0.1 backend class of tmclean
Bencher-Scenarios-ManipulatingSymbolTable PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark symbol table manipulation actions
Broadworks-OCIP NIGELM 0.08 API for communication with Broadworks OCI-P Interface
Build-Hopen CXW 0.000002 A build generator with first-class edges and explicit dependencies
Class-Data-Lite SONGMU 0.0010 a minimalistic class accessors
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-ClangFormat SHLOMIF 0.0.1 run clang-format using Code::TidyAll
Code-TidyAll-Plugin-TestCount SHLOMIF 0.0.1 ascertain that the test plan agrees with the Test::Count annotations
Complete-Spanel PERLANCAR 0.001 Completion routines related to Spanel
Data-Decrement PERLANCAR 0.001 Provide extra magic for auto-decrement
Data-TableReader-Decoder-HTML NERDVANA 0.009 HTML support for Data::TableReader
Date-Cutoff-JP WORTHMINE 0.01 Get the day cutoff and payday for in Japanese timezone
DateTime-Format-Text NHORNE 0.01 Find a Date in Text
Devel-CallTrace-PP PAVELSR 0.01 Main module of dctpp
Devel-MojoProf JHTHORSEN 0.01 Profile blocking, non-blocking a promise based Mojolicious APIs
Devel-Probe GONZUS 0.000003 Quick & dirty code probes for Perl
Devel-TRay PAVELSR 0.1 See what your code's doing
Dir-Manifest SHLOMIF 0.0.1 treat a directory and a manifest file as a hash/dictionary of keys to texts or blobs
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-TEAM TEAM 0.001 Defines common dist.ini config for distributions by TEAM
Enterprise-Licence LNATION 0.01 The great new Enterprise::Licence!
HTML-FormatText-Any PERLANCAR 0.001 Render HTML as text using one of multiple backends
KubeBuilder JLMARTIN 0.02 Module to help build the Perl Kubernetes client
Kubernetes-REST JLMARTIN 0.01 A Perl REST Client for the Kubernetes API
LCFG-Utils-Perl SJQUINNEY v1.13.4 Perl API for LCFG utilities
Locked-Storage SORBS 1.00 A locked in RAM memory region
Mac-OSA-Dialog-Tiny LNATION 0.01 The great new Mac::OSA::Dialog::Tiny!
MicroECC JEFFZHANG 0.01 Perl extension for the micro-ecc library
Module-List-Patch-Hide PERLANCAR 0.001 Hide some modules from Module::List
Mojolicious-Plugin-Minion-Workers MCHE 0.0907 does extend base Mojolicious::Plugin::Minion on manage Minion workers.
Mus SRCHULO 0.01 Mu but with slightly more typing and strict constructors
Music-KNRadio-NowPlaying WOLDRICH 0.002 Now playing metadata for Karlstad Rock 92.2
Number-Util-Range PERLANCAR 0.001 Find sequences in number arrays & convert to range (e.g. 100,2,3,4,5,101 -> 100,"2..5",101)
PERLANCAR-Module-List-Patch-Hide PERLANCAR 0.001 Hide some modules from PERLANCAR::Module::List
PMLTQ-CGI MATY 0.0.1 [DEPRECATED] This is html fronted for SQLEvaluator and is currently being replaced by PMLTQ::Server
PMLTQ-Commands MATY 0.0.1 PMLTQ command line interface
PMLTQ-PML2BASE MATY 3.0.1 Convert from PML to SQL
Package-Util-Lite PERLANCAR 0.001 Package-related utilities
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-DBI PERLANCAR 0.001 Completion routines related to DBI
Perinci-Sub-XCompletionBundle-lcpan PERLANCAR 0.001 Completion stuffs using local CPAN database
Quiq FSEITZ 1.129 Class library
Regexp-Pattern-Net PERLANCAR 0.001 Regexp patterns related to network
Sah-Schemas-DBI PERLANCAR 0.001 Schemas related to DBI
Sah-Schemas-DataSizeSpeed PERLANCAR 0.001 Sah schemas related to data sizes & speeds (filesize, transfer speed, etc)
Short-URL SRCHULO 0.014 Encodes and Decodes short urls by using Bijection
String-Util-Range PERLANCAR 0.001 Find sequences in arrays & convert to range (e.g. "a","b","c","d","x",1,2,3,4,"x" -> "a..d","x","1..4","x")
Swagger-Schema-Kubernetes JLMARTIN 0.01 Object model to Kubernetes Swagger / OpenAPI schema files
Sys-RunAlone-Flexible PERLANCAR 0.001 make sure only one invocation of a script is active at a time
Teng-Plugin-TmpSuppressRowObjects EGAWATA 0.01 add methods with temporary use of suppress_row_objects
Term-ExtendedColor-Dzen WOLDRICH 0.001 Color input and add dzen compatible attributes
Term-ExtendedColor-Xresources-Colorscheme WOLDRICH 0.010 Colorschemes for the terminal
Test-Mojo-Role-StopOnFail FVOX 0.01 Stop Mojolicious tests after first failure.
Test-NaiveStubs GENE 0.0100 Generate test stubs for methods
Types-RENEEB RENEEB 0.01 Several predefined Type::Tiny types
URI-ws_Punix AKALINUX 0.001 URI for ws+unix
WWW-CPAN-SQLite STRO 1.001 generate and provide precompiled CPAN::SQLite database
WWW-Google-Cloud-Auth-ServiceAccount LARION 1.000002 Service account based OAuth authentication for Google Cloud APIs
WebService-Auth0 JJNAPIORK 0.001 A Perl SDK for Auth0
WebService-DailyConnect PLICEASE 0.02 Web client to download events from Daily Connect
Win32-Backup-Robocopy LORENZO 7 a simple backup solution using robocopy
lcfg-build-pkgspec SJQUINNEY v0.2.5 Object-oriented interface to LCFG build metadata
lib-rabs RANDIR 0.01 lib that makes relative path absolute to caller, backwards.
voiceIt2 HASSANIS 3.12 Perl extension for blah blah blah
xprop2i3 ECARROLL 0.01 Easy display of i3 attributes

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