List of new CPAN distributions – Apr 2019

dist author version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-PERLANCAR-RsyncEnhancements PERLANCAR 0.001 List of my enhancements for rsync
Acme-CPANModules-VersionNumber-Perl PERLANCAR 0.001 Working with Perl version numbers (or version strings)
Algorithm-Backoff PERLANCAR 0.003 Various backoff strategies for retry
Algorithm-MinPerfHashTwoLevel YVES 0.01 construct a "two level" minimal perfect hash
Algorithm-Retry PERLANCAR 0.001 Various retry/backoff strategies
Alien-Build-Plugin-Decode-Mojo PLICEASE 0.01 Plugin to extract links from HTML using Mojo::DOM or Mojo::DOM58
Alien-Build-Plugin-Download-GitHub PLICEASE 0.01 Alien::Build plugin to download from GitHub
Alien-Plotly-Orca SLOYD 0.0000_01 Finds or installs plotly-orca
Alien-Proj4 ETJ 2.019103 Give install info for already-installed proj4
Alien-cmark DBOOK 0.001 Alien wrapper for cmark
Anansi-Script-JSON ANANSI 0.01 Defines the mechanisms specific to handling JSON-RPC.
Anansi-Script-XML ANANSI 0.01 Defines the mechanisms specific to handling XML-RPC.
Anansi-ScriptComponent ANANSI 0.01 A manager template for Perl script interface interactions.
AnyEvent-HTTPD-Router UFOBAT 1.0.0 Adding Routes to AnyEvent::HTTPD
App-FileCommonUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLIs for File::Common
App-FileCreateLayoutUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLIs for File::Create::Layout
App-HTTPUserAgentUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities related to HTTP User-Agent (string)
App-IniDiff SQUIRESJM 0.16 App::IniDiff, scripts to diff and patch INI files
App-IniDiff-IniFile SQUIRESJM 0.16 App::IniDiff, scripts to diff and patch INI files
App-LWPUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 Command-line utilities related to LWP
App-PTP MATHIAS 1.00 An expressive Pipelining Text Processor
App-Spoor RORYMCK 0.01 A CPanel client for the Spoor service
App-TSVUtils PERLANCAR 0.001 CLI utilities related to TSV
App-Task DMUEY 0.01 Nest tasks w/ indented output and pre/post headers
App-optex-textconv UTASHIRO 0.01 module to replace document file by its text contents
App-pcorelist TINITA 0.001 Wrapper around corelist with subcommands and tab completion
Arango-Tango AMBS 0.007 A simple interface to ArangoDB REST API
Bencher-Scenario-CSVParsingModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark CSV parsing modules
Bencher-Scenario-CallStack PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark different methods to produce call stack
Bencher-Scenario-Caller PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark some variations of caller()
Bencher-Scenario-INIParsingModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark INI parsing modules
Bencher-Scenario-TSVParsingModules PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark TSV parsing modules
Bencher-Scenarios-RangeIterators PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark various range iterators
CBOR-Free FELIPE 0.01 Fast CBOR for everyone
CSV-Examples PERLANCAR 0.001 Example CSV files
Catalyst-View-TT-Progressive LNATION 0.01 Control the wrapper
Convert-BER-XS MLEHMANN 0.0 very low level BER decoding
DBIx-Class-Events GSG 0.9.1 Store Events for your DBIC Results
DBIx-Class-Helper-SimpleStats RRWO v0.1.0 Simple grouping and aggregate functions for DBIx::Class
Database-Async-Engine-PostgreSQL TEAM 0.001 PostgreSQL support for Database::Async
Devel-Cover-Report-SonarGeneric TOMK 0.1 SonarQube generic backend for Devel::Cover
Devel-Optic BTYLER 0.001 JSON::Pointer meets PadWalker
Device-RAID-Poller VVELOX v0.0.0 Runs various RAID checks for polling purposes.
Dita-GB-Standard PRBRENAN 20190429 The Gearhart-Brenan Dita Topic Content Naming Convention..
FSM-Mouse POTATOGIM 0.1 Finite-State Machine with Mouse
File-Common PERLANCAR 0.001 List files that are found in {all,more than one} directories
File-TVShow-Info BANS v0.01.0.0 Perl meta data extractor from file name for TV Show file.
File-TVShow-Organize BANS 0.32 Perl module to move TVShow Files into their matching Show Folder on a media server.
Furl-PSGI MHOWARD 0.01 Furl, but wired to a PSGI app
Future-IO PEVANS 0.01 Future-returning IO methods
Geo-Index AKH v0.0.7 Geographic indexer
HTTP-Tiny-Cache_CustomRetry PERLANCAR 0.001 Cache response + retry failed request
HTTP-Tiny-CustomRetry PERLANCAR 0.001 Retry failed HTTP::Tiny requests
HTTP-Tiny-Patch-Delay PERLANCAR 0.001 Add sleep() between requests to slow down
HTTP-Tiny-Patch-Plugin PERLANCAR 0.001 Change use of HTTP::Tiny to that of HTTP::Tiny::Plugin
HTTP-Tiny-Patch-SetUserAgent PERLANCAR 0.001 Set User-Agent header
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin PERLANCAR 0.001 HTTP::Tiny with plugins
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin-Cache PERLANCAR 0.001 Cache HTTP::Tiny responses
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin-CustomRetry PERLANCAR 0.001 Retry failed request
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin-Delay PERLANCAR 0.001 Delay/sleep between requests
HTTP-Tiny-Plugin-Retry PERLANCAR 0.001 Retry failed request
HTTP-UserAgentStr-Util-ByNickname PERLANCAR 0.001 Get popular HTTP User-Agent string by nickname
INI-Examples PERLANCAR 0.001 Example INI configuration files
IO-Async-Process-GracefulShutdown PEVANS 0.01 controlled shutdown of a process
IPC-ReadpipeX DBOOK 0.001 List form of readpipe/qx/backticks for capturing output
IPC-Run-Patch-Setuid PERLANCAR 0.001 Set EUID
Inline-Pdlapp ETJ 2.019105 a simple PDLA module containing inlined Pdlapp code
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-Delay PERLANCAR 0.001 Sleep() between requests
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-Plugin PERLANCAR 0.001 Change use of LWP::UserAgent to that of LWP::UserAgent::Plugin
LWP-UserAgent-Plugin PERLANCAR 0.001 LWP::UserAgent with plugins
LWP-UserAgent-Plugin-Cache PERLANCAR 0.001 Cache LWP::UserAgent responses
LWP-UserAgent-Plugin-Delay PERLANCAR 0.001 Delay/sleep between requests
List-AutoNumbered CXW 0.000001 Add line numbers to lists while creating them
Log-Dispatch-Email-Siffra LUIZBENE 0.01 Module abstract (<= 44 characters) goes here
Math-Lapack RUISTEVE 0.001 Perl interface to LAPACK
Matrix-Simple OXJGOUO 1.04 Some simple matrix operations
Mojo-Graphite-Writer JBERGER 0.01 A non-blocking Graphite metric writer using the Mojo stack
Mojo-Redfish-Client JBERGER 0.01 A Redfish client with a Mojo flair
Mojolicious-Plugin-Statsd MHOWARD 0.03 Emit to Statsd, easy!
Mojolicious-Plugin-Syslog JHTHORSEN 0.01 A plugin for enabling a Mojolicious app to log to syslog
Mojolicious-Static-Role-Compressed SRCHULO 0.01 Role for Mojolicious::Static that serves pre-compressed versions of static assets
Net-Checkpoint-Management-v1 ABRAXXA 0.001001 Checkpoint Management API version 1.x client library
OpenStack-MetaAPI ATOOMIC 0.001 Perl5 OpenStack API abstraction on top of OpenStack::Client
PDLA-GIS ETJ 2.019104 Perl Data Language
PDLA-Rest ETJ 2.013004 Perl Data Language
PDLA-Transform ETJ 2.019106 Perl Data Language
Paubox_Email_SDK VIGHNESH 1.0 Perl wrapper for the Paubox Transactional Email API (
PerlIO-normalize COFFEE 0.001 PerlIO layer to normalize unicode strings on input and output
PerlX-ifor PERLANCAR 0.001 A version of for() that accepts iterator instead of list
Proch-Cmd PROCH 0.001 Execute shell commands controlling inputs and outputs
Proch-N50 PROCH 0.01 Calculate N50 from a FASTA or FASTQ file
QuadPres SHLOMIF 0.28.0 a presentation / slides manager.
Range-ArrayIter PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate a tied-array iterator for range
Range-Iter PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate a coderef iterator for range
Range-Iterator PERLANCAR 0.001 Generate an iterator object for range
SMS-Send-BudgetSMS TASKULA 0.01 SMS::Send driver to send messages via BudgetSMS (ttps://
SQL-Abstract-Prefetch ETJ 0.001 implement "prefetch" for DBI RDBMS
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-locize DRAGOSV 0.900.0 Locize ( synchronization plugin for Serge
Serge-Sync-Plugin-TranslationService-lokalise DRAGOSV 0.900.0 Lokalise ( synchronization plugin for Serge
Software-Catalog-SW-filezilla PERLANCAR 0.001 FileZilla
Software-Catalog-SW-phpmyadmin PERLANCAR 0.001 phpMyAdmin
Starwoman ASHLEYW 0.001 because Starman does the same thing over and over again expecting different results
TSV-Examples PERLANCAR 0.001 Example TSV files
Telugu-Keyword RAJ 0.03 Perl extension to provide Telugu keywords
Telugu-TGC RAJ 0.03 Perl extension for tailored grapheme clusters for Telugu script.
Test-FITesque-RDF KJETILK 0.001 Formulate Test::FITesque fixture tables in RDF
Test2-Harness-UI EXODIST 0.000001 Web interface for viewing and inspecting yath test logs
Text-CSV-FromAOH PERLANCAR 0.001 Convert an AoH (array of hashes) to CSV
Tie-Array-File-LazyRead PERLANCAR 0.001 Read a file record by record using tied array and for()
Tie-Array-Log PERLANCAR 0.001 Tied array that behaves like a regular array, but logs operations
URI-s3 KARUPA v0.01 s3 URI scheme
WordList-HTTP-UserAgentString-PERLANCAR PERLANCAR 0.001 A selection of some HTTP User-Agent strings
Yancy-Backend-Static PREACTION 0.001 Build a Yancy site from static Markdown files
cluster MDEHOON 1.58 Perl interface to the C Clustering Library.
p6-RandomColor CBWOOD 0
tap MHOWARD 0.01 add a tap method everywhere
version-dev PERLANCAR 0.001 Set $VERSION based on version from git tags

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