List of new CPAN distributions – Oct 2019

dist author version abstract
Acme-CPANModules-PickingRandomItemsFromList PERLANCAR 0.001 Picking random items from a list
Acme-September-Eternal CAVAC 1.0 Calculate the "eternal september" date string
Algorithm-Odometer-Tiny HAUKEX 0.02 Generate "base-N odometer" permutations
AnyEvent-Discord-Client TOPAZ 0.000001 A Discord client library for the AnyEvent framework.
App-Spec-Bash TINITA 0.001 App Module and utilities for appspec-bash
App-Zip-X DAMI 1.0 Simple zip/unzip utility with extra indentation features for XML members
Azure-Storage-Blob-Client UREE 0.04 Azure Storage Blob API client
Bencher-Scenario-TruncatingString PERLANCAR 0.001 Benchmark modules that truncate/elide string
Bio-Minimizer LSKATZ 0.1 minimizer package
CayleyDickson PEASWORTH 0.01 create and operate with hypercomplex numbers
Crypt-Paseto CARPENTIE 0.001 turns baubles into trinkets
DBIx-Class-ParseError WREIS 0.01 Extensible database error handler
Data-Clean-ForJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR 0.001 Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON
Data-Clean-FromJSON-Pregen PERLANCAR 0.001 Clean data from JSON encoder
Debug-Filter-PrintExpr SOMMREY 0.01 Convert comment lines to debug print statements
Dir-Flock MOB 0.02 advisory locking of a dedicated directory
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Perl-Critic-Subset PERLANCAR 3.001.000 Tests to check your code against best practices
Father-Son-HolySpirit BRTASTIC 1.00 write modules like a true Perl monk.
File-Slurper-Dash PERLANCAR 0.001 A fork of File::Slurper to grok "-" as stdin/stdout
Google-RestApi MVSJES 0.1 Oauth2 connection to Google APIs (currently Drive and Sheets).
IIIF VOJ 0.01 IIIF Image API implementation
IO-Concurrent KARUPA 0.01 Concurrent I/O framework
JIP-Spy-Events VLADIMIRZ v0.0.1
JSON-Eval TOBYINK 0.001 eval Perl code found in JSON
LWP-Protocol-Patch-CountBytesIn PERLANCAR 0.001 Count bytes in
LibreOffice_6.3.2_Linux_x86 PERLANCAR 64_
MIDI-RtMidi-FFI JBARRETT 0.01 Bindings for librtmidi – Realtime MIDI library
MP4-LibMP4v2 JIRO 0.01 Perl interface to the libmp4v2
Math-DCT DKECHAG 0.01 1D and NxN 2D Fast Discreet Cosine Transforms (DCT-II)
Mnet MMENZA 5.03 Testable network automation and reporting
Mojo-HTTPStatus MARGHI v0.0.1 Readeable HTTP status codes
Mojo-Pg-Role-PromiseClass WROG 0.001 Choose the Mojo::Promise class used by Mojo::Pg objects
Mojo-Promise-Role-Repeat WROG 0.001 Promise looping construct with break
Mojo-UserAgent-Role-PromiseClass WROG 0.001
Mojolicious-Command-Author-generate-automake_app OETIKER v0.1.0 An app generator for Mojolicious providing app skeletons with automake infrastructure.
Mojolicious-Command-Author-generate-role WROG 0.001 Role generator command
Mojolicious-Command-bcrypt SRCHULO 0.01 bcrypt a password using the settings in your Mojolicious app.
Mojolicious-Plugin-BcryptSecure SRCHULO 0.01 Securely bcrypt and validate your passwords.
Mojolicious-Plugin-CanonicalURL SRCHULO 0.01 Ensures canonical URLs via redirection
Mojolicious-Plugin-ModeHelpers SRCHULO 0.01 Mojolicious Plugin that adds helpers to determine the mode and avoid typos
Mojolicious-Plugin-SwaggerUI MARGHI v0.0.1 Swagger UI plugin for Mojolicious
MongoHosting OVNTATAR 0
MooX-Press TOBYINK 0.001 quickly create a bunch of Moo/Moose/Mouse classes and roles
Music-Duration-Partition GENE 0.0100 Partition a musical duration
MySQL-Dump-Parser-XS KARUPA 0.02 mysqldump SQL parser
Net-CIDR-Overlap VVELOX v0.0.1 A utility module for helping make sure a list of CIDRs don't overlap.
Net-DHCP-Windows-Netsh-Parse VVELOX v0.0.1 Parses the output from 'netsh dhcp server dump'
Net-IP-Perl6 TBROWDER v1.1.0
Net-Kafka AMIRONOV 1.05 High-performant Perl client for Apache Kafka
Object-Pad PEVANS 0.01 a simple syntax for lexical slot-based objects
Parqus DAVEWOOD 0.01 parse a search query string
Perl-RT2Github JKEENAN 0.01 Given RT ticket number, find corresponding Github issue
PostgreSQLHosting OVNTATAR 0
QQ-exmail YOURSELF 0.002 QQ::exmail – api for 腾讯ä¼ä¸šé‚®ç®±
RTF-Encode DLAMBLEY 1.00 Escapes string into RTF
Regexp-Pattern-Git PERLANCAR 0.001 Regexp patterns related to git
SMS-Send-Sendinblue JAJM 0.01 SMS::Send driver for Sendinblue
SQL-Abstract-Classic RIBASUSHI 1.90_01 Generate SQL from Perl data structures
Shell-Run SOMMREY 0.02 Execute shell commands using specific shell
String-Elide-Tiny PERLANCAR 0.001 A very simple text truncating function, elide()
System-Explain CXW 0.01 run a system command and explain the result
TAP-Formatter-EARL KJETILK 0.001 Formatting TAP output using the Evaluation and Report Language
Unix-ScriptUtil JMATES 0.01 some utility routines for scripts
Util-Medley GRAVATTJ 0.002 A collection of commonly used utilities.
WWW-Deduce-Ingest DEDUCE 1.1 an interface to Deduce Ingestion
With-Roles HAARG 0.001000 Create role/class/object with composed roles
dbedia-blob JKUTEJ 0.01 interface to (not only) blob storage
eval PERLANCAR 0.001 Eval code
methods-import TOBYINK 0.001 import methods to be used like keywords
routines AWNCORP 0.01 Typeable Method and Function Signatures

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