Hi, I’m perlancar, a programmer based in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ve dabbled in more languages than I can remember or willing to admit to, but by far my favorite and still most used one is Perl 5 (or 7). I’ve also released way too many CPAN modules, because it is so much fun. Aside from Perl, these are some of the languages I also use from time to time: JavaScript, Bash, Ruby, Python, C, R. Perl 6, D, Julia, and Red are currently on my list of languages to play.

I’m available for telecommute and part-time work. I have over 23 years of experience in Perl. My main area of interest include databases, text processing, linguistics, the CLI interface, API design.

My email, Github, Twitter, older blog on blogs.perl.org, perlmonks.

If you’re wondering about my nickname, it’s an Indonesian word which happens to contain the string “perl” in it. The root word is “lancar” meaning smooth/fluent and “perlancar” means to make smoother/more fluent. Many people seem to mistype the nickname as “perlancer”. Which is okay, because it’s just a nickname.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there …

    I found a question on https://www.reddit.com/, asked by a person also using your nick name. In case it’s you, I have an answer. (But I’m not registeres at reddit.).

    The question was:

    This tool (included in Gentoo Linux) might be the answer:


    P.S.: I do not understand the words “Surel” and “Nama”, I guessed it’s “eMail” and “Name”. I also don’t know what “Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email.” means and guess it might be something like “also sent this message as a mail to my own address”. So I activated the checkbox.

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