pericmd 048: Showing table data in browser as sortable/searchable HTML table

The latest release of Perinci::CmdLine (1.68) supports viewing program’s output in an external program. And also a new output format is introduced: html+datatables. This will show your program’s output in a browser and table data is shown as HTML table using jQuery and DataTables plugin to allow you to filter rows or sort columns. Here’s a video demonstration:

Your browser does not support the video tag, or WordPress filters the VIDEO element.

If the video doesn’t show, here’s the direct file link.


7 thoughts on “pericmd 048: Showing table data in browser as sortable/searchable HTML table

    • Yeah, there’s a little problem in the naming of the module: Perinci::CmdLine was split to two (now three) different implementations. When I say Perinci::CmdLine, most of the time I’m actually referring to Perinci::CmdLine::Lite, the “default” implementation, but that’s a bit longer to type. This is explained in the Perinci::CmdLine POD. Someday I’d like to merge the implementations again.

      Hm, I was not aware of Text::Table::Manifold before I wrote Text::Table::Any. But I was trying to reuse the Text::Table::Tiny (0.03) API, which is just a single function call. And Text::Table::Manifold’s deps are a bit too heavy for my needs (Moo, Types::Standard, Unicode::GCString). I explicitly exclude Unicode table output in Perinci::CmdLine and leave it for Perinci::CmdLine::Classic (the heavier implementation).

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